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A writer of erotic femfighting fiction covering all major forms of this exhilarating and exotic genre, including catfights, titfights and sexfights.

Ragnor0k’s stories detail the lives, loves and rivalries of combative, strong-willed alpha females willing to put all their sexual powers, fighting skills and feminine wiles on the line to beat aggressive, lusty rivals in hard-fought contests where the goal is to defeat and dominate an opponent by demonstrating superior will power, stamina and strength.

Story settings vary from contemporary ‘girl-next-door’ tales to historical and fantasy-based sagas.

A regular contributor to Hostboard’s Titfighting and Sexfighting forum, Ragnar0k also commissions, collects and publishes femfighting literature and artwork (also under the pen name Excalib).

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Ragnar0k’s Stories

Kicking off my spot with Rivals Rapture with a blast from the past: the first story I ever published online.

When I subscribed to Entropy’s ground-breaking Basement Wrestling League site back in the day, I was intrigued by a story he had posted about those perennial rivals for Archie’s affections: Betty and Veronica (amended to Betsy and Veronique for copyright reasons). Entropy’s original story is still accessible here: (Author’s note: Probably best to read Entropy’s story first as they are sequential.)

I was so impressed by the story that I contacted Entropy and he was happy to collaborate on a sequel that I would write (under the pen name Walker) and he would illustrate. I think the story still stands up very well and highlights many of the themes I return to in my later work.

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From what I am given to understand, quite a few people like to fantasize about titfights, even though few have even seen them take place in real life let alone participated in one. I’ve even written a few stories myself that deal with this undoubtedly painful but somewhat erotic form of female combat. But I’ve never had the opportunity to discuss what it feels like for a woman to fight breast to breast in real life before…that is until I met Tanya G recently on a forum.

Twenty-nine-year-old Tanya informed me that since the age of nineteen she had participated in no fewer than 12 titfights, with different women each time.  Although I have no means of verifying the authenticity of the account I am about to relate, I do hope that the tale of Tanya’s First Titfight will entertain at least.

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“One thing’s for sure. This is going to be a cunt battle like we haven’t seen in a long time,” Janice confided in her friend as they quickly finished their furtive activity and joined the other girls in the shower.

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Mhairi had to admit that the sight of Helen’s exceptionally hairy bush had dented her confidence slightly, as rarely before had she fought a girl who could match her pube for pube. However, she quickly rationalised that it was okay: even if the contest was closer than she had first imagined, it would make her ultimate victory all the more convincing, helping her to win the allegiance of the other Cardugan girls more readily.

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Mirroring each other’s movements, they traced their fingers lightly from the tip of the vulva – where the labia minora join at the top to enclose the clitoris – all the down to the perineum as if measuring the vulva along its entire length (which was, in fact, exactly what their practised fingers were now doing).

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“Ah yes, I forgot about that. As I explained already, the CATS rules were devised many years ago to help settle all disputes among Cardugan girls through trial by sexual combat.

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