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What Kind of Punishment?

Some women know, before a catfight even begins, exactly what they want to do with their opponent’s broken body upon earning victory. Some women, however, wait until they have won, deciding only at the moment their enemy lies straddled beneath them, quivering and afraid, what vengeance they will enact, and what methods of humiliation and punishment they will inflict.

But regardless of the time of invention, there are several different methods of choosing what and how. Listed here, are the most common:

  1. They may be derived from the victor’s own fetishes and desires. What they have secretly wanted to do to their rival? What has secretly guided their hand at night, when the lights go out, and their husbands have fallen into a blissfully unaware asleep.
  2. Further, they may be chosen from those acts the winner knows her enemy would most fear and loath, either because the conquered finds such manipulations repugnant as a matter of course, or because it represents to them subjugation and the dominance of the winner.
  3. Or lastly, a punishment crafted in the shape of the crime. A lash, and a seared-in memory, that will most remind the defeated of the mistake they have made, and why they should never, EVER repeat their vile act.
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