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Just as Little — Just as Much

Since first you began to tear at each other’s clothes, and use body to test body on this fateful day, it was a race. You had both set out trying desperately to lock each other in a sleeper hold. The reason is simple, you were afraid.

Not just of the pain you might have inflicted upon you, but also the depth of the passions that drove you both. That fear pushed you to try and end the fight as soon as possible, with a move known to end such affairs quickly, but in so doing, you left your rival with no choice but to seek the same.

Now, however, her forearm is dug in beneath your chin, tightening ever harder against your throat. Her breasts press against your back, and you can feel and hear her breathing in your ears.

You are fading, as she rises.

You have lost, to the woman you hate most in the world.

As she has you now and when you wake, she will have you again, in whatever way she pleases.

What will she do to you? What will she force you to do to her? The answers to such questions might be found in what you would do to her, had you found yourself where she is. If you had locked in the hold you sought, before she did. If the answer you find in your own dimming intentions scares you, then prepare yourself. If you would have no mercy on her, then expect just as little and just as much.

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