He Will Never Forget

It was nothing like the movies Tom had purchased and watched for years – nothing like the way he had always imagined it. But despite the differences, it was still perfect.

The room was shabby, unkempt, and without decoration, and yet it played its part. The women, his current and former girlfriend, were models by no means, but were both pretty and sexy, at least in his eyes. Their moves and advances on each other were awkward, timid, and unsure, and yet as one’s body met the other’s, the excited young man was in absolute heaven watching them.

Each cupping their smaller breasts, so that they could bring them together in a meeting of half-hard nipples, guided by nerve-shaken hands. Their fear of losing, looking foolish, and trying something so new and taboo glimmering in their eyes, which fished and darted, avoiding eye contact like such an occurrence would be the death of whoever engaged first. Each whimper and moan of pleasure let loose by one leading to a gleeful and obvious celebration in the other.

But even in its differences from the films he had watched, or from a battle of womanhood between two more experienced sexfighters, as his two little rivals led each other down to the carpet, finally locking lips, both upper and lower, he who watched was enthralled beyond words and reason. His cock throbbing in his pants, his heart pounding in his chest, and the sound of his near-deafening heartbeat filling his blood-reddened ears.

It is true that as they writhe there before him, testing each other’s bodies, and doing everything they can to earn him as their own, and prove to Tom that it is they who truly deserve him, they have already proven as much. Already fulfilled his deepest fantasy. Already etched a memory so deep in his subconscious that he will never forget either of them, or have a sexual encounter that he does not compare to this moment.

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