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Do You Still Writhe

Your mascara has run, your clothes have been torn to shreds, and your hair is more matted and sweaty than it has been in your entire life, and yet … your only focus, your only wish, is to hurt her – Is to make her submit to you. And with each moment that passes, every blow of yours she blocks, and every strike on you she lands, you become more and more committed – more and more determined to battle her until she breaks.

All of which your rival feels too. In her stomach, as hate-fueled nausea. In her blood, as her veins burn with rage.

And so together, half-naked, and near breathless, do you two still writhe, intent on fighting each other to the very end, each assuring with every attack, and every curse, that the winner will have no mercy, when the time for punishment and humiliation comes.

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