This Was a Special Day

This was a special day. You had planned a surprise for your boyfriend, intending to arrive at his apartment at around 10:00 AM, on cooking him dinner, cleaning his apartment, and then, preparing yourself for a incredible night of sex, to reward him for all that he does for you. But when you arrived, and after having disrobed, you found her in his bed – a girl – a stranger to you – sleeping peacefully and unaware, he having already left for work hours ago.

Before you could think of how to react or begin to cry at your lover’s act of betrayal, you jumped atop her, and shoved her face into the blankets bunched beneath her. She struggled, and squirmed, and yet still … you did not release. She tried to force herself up, but you straddled her, making sure that she could not escape, or raise up enough to even breathe.

Now, after minutes of she thrashing wildly to free herself, all movement has stopped, she no longer resisting your hold upon her. From the feel of your hands around her neck, you can tell she is not dead, only sleeping, and so you again set yourself to prepare. This time, not for a night of sex with your boyfriend, but instead, for a day of torture and torment.

Removing her clothing, and yours.

Binding her hands behind her back with knotted pillowcases.

Tying each of her ankles to the bedpost on either side of the foot of the bed with bed sheets.

Then, when she has no chance to escape you, you crawl atop her, and let hover your pussy, just inches above her face. Once there, you wait….

For her to wake, for her eyes to open, and for exactly the right moment to lower yourself upon her, so that her punishment and your fun may begin.

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