Fight Community: When Fantasy Almost Becomes

So, I saw this on Twitter and figured I’d share it with those who didn’t catch it.

This is a text conversation between Tilly McReese (Tillys Video Site) and Keri Spectrum (Keris Videos) — two of the community’s top video producers and fighters.

The screenshot mostly speaks for itself, in that it describes Keri almost getting into a real life fight with another woman.

Somehow, I doubt that the mid-roadway battle would look anything like the videos they produce, but still … a sexy and humorous happening, nonetheless.

And something for you to imagine next time you’re without the time or space to read.

3 thoughts on “Fight Community: When Fantasy Almost Becomes

  1. drewpowell says:

    In light of recent events, the elephant is in the room, so from where I’m standing she’s lucky she didn’t initiate something she couldn’t gauge beforehand.

    I’ve seen road rage videos, the potential sexiness comes from unfiltered violence.


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