Only in Those Moments

In the basement of their mutual in-laws house, two wives hurriedly disappear, hoping desperately to steal a moment together, one without interruption from any grandpas, grandmas, or cousins seeking to introduce themselves to the family’s newest members.

They seek not to chit chat or gossip, only to finish something. Something that began during dinner. Something started when the respectfully bare foot of one, oh so gently touched the equally un-shoed foot of the other.

Such a simple beginning, to such an epic struggle, and yet, there it is.

And there they are, each expending every ounce of energy to force their newly found rival to cum against her will.

They tell themselves they fight for honor or pride – respect or something equally dramatic, but really, truthfully, they fight to stay sane. To distract themselves and each other from the madness of the family that surrounds them. And though on this night, one wife drags a devastating and earth-shattering release from their rival, this is only their first battle. Only their first meeting of tongues and cunts, one they shall repeat and rematch, at every family get together, and every visit their husbands make to each other’s house.

It is only in those moments – only when they find themselves locked in each others’ arms, bodies press together, each fearing defeat, and hoping for victory, that either of them feel truly alive – truly happy.

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