Curiosity That Grips Them

It is curiosity that grips these two brunettes, each having only just discovered that they share the same man.

What does he see in her? Are her breasts better than mine? Is it her ass? Is she a better kisser?

Those are the questions that drive each of them as they slowly, and without any intention of interrupting the other, examine each other – part-by-part – inch-by-inch.

But they will not be able to stop there – not after such thoughts of competition have entered their mind. No, not after they have gone this far. For they will feel compelled to not just see, but feel. Not just smell, but taste. Not just compare, but test.

And though afterward, one will weep, and one will cheer. One will become fixture, and the other memory. They will each remember this moment for the rest of their lives. The moment they found a rival, studied her body, and faced her.

The memory, and the passion of it will accompany them ever onward, going with them on every night spent alone in their bed, and into every candlelit bath, manifesting itself in flashback, every time fingers drift and linger too close to their waiting clit.

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