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Quietly They Whisper

Quietly they whisper to each other, discussing terms, making threats contingent on betrayal, and forging promises neither thought they would ever be willing to accept. They do so because they see the end coming.

They had agreed to their mutual boyfriend’s terms. They two would sexfight, putting their body and womanly wiles to the test against their rival’s, and the man they both loved would choose the winner to take as his girl, and leave the loser as a footnote in his past. But, he added smartly, that if neither could force the other to cum, or if they came simultaneously, he could keep them both.

Both girls being confident – both certain that they would win, agreed without question – not believing for a moment that their bodies would give into exhaustion, before they achieved victory. But now, as fatigue takes them, and each finds themselves only barely able to keep their fingers on the sex of their rival, let alone using their fingers to please, they have realized their combined and terrible fate.

That though they despise each other, and want their quarry for they alone, they are now attached, not just to he, but together. Lovers that hate. Rivals bound by and in their equality.

From this draw, forward. Forever. For always.

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