A Debate in the Guild

When the debates over the guild’s Vent server became too heated, when the leaders of their online clan couldn’t decide who should be put in the role of “main healer”, and two priests set their sights on working their way into the main tank’s heart: a decision had to be made.

Not easily.

Not quickly.

No, it took months of typing furiously to one another in messages, in all caps, every other word being an accusatory expletive. After a myriad of threats, insults, and promises of retribution were typed out, both written and read by two women with rage-and-tear-filled eyes. Only then, only after they had driven each other to near madness – when neither could stand the stalemate, the frustration, and the awkward moments in guild chat a second longer, did they decide to settle it.

Each then agreed to meet the other halfway between their states of residence, at the home of their unsuspecting guild leader. Said leader having only been told that they would talk things out: calmly, peacefully – that they just needed a neutral and private site in which to meet.

But as the door closed behind them, their feigned smiles faded.

As the leader stepped away to give them a moment alone, they disrobed.

As their naked bodies were revealed, they were brought together.

Tit-to-tit. Nose-to-nose. Clit-to-clit.

Each knowing that whomever came first, would become the other’s subordinate.

That they who released upon the body of the other would abandon their own ambitions and hopes – doing not from that point on but aiding those of their enemy.

That whoever defeated their rival in this glorious contest of crossed thighs, and locked eyes would be the the undisputed queen of the priests, and the other’s master: merciful or no.

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  1. Giannis says:

    HOT !!
    I can never have enough of hot trib photos !


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