No Man Needed

There needs not always be man over which two women must be fight.

No promotion at work must hang, dangling between them like a juicy steak between starving tigresses.

Words need not even be spoken, insults or otherwise.

No, some women, without spark or discernible reason, find themselves drawn, inexplicably into hating – into loathing each other. From the moment their eyes first meet, they feel it in their bones – in their blood.. Their minds lock and focus on one another, pushing them each to near madness. Their every sense tingles, and every nerve yearns to engage, dominate, and compel obedience from she over who they find themselves obsessing.

In such meetings and moments, should no restraints be present, they will slowly approach, and quickly entangle. Each rival-without-cause knowing that every move made, glance taken, and breath inhaled is done in preparation for the moment when fingers shall lace into, and grab hair – the moment when each will purge their irresistible desire to fight, using the body and screams of the other as salve.

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3 thoughts on “No Man Needed

    1. rivalsrapture says:

      Luckily there are SOO many of them! Before I wrote my first story I think I had written about 70 sexy blog posts, and by now I think there are 300+?

      So though I can’t speak for their quality, I can speak for their quantity! So glad you enjoy them!


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