Should You?

She’s slept with your husband. Fucked him in the very bed in which you sleep. Her pussy juices have left permanent stains your pillows, and lingering tastes on the lips of the man who you married. You hate her with every fiber of your being – so much that you can’t even describe it in words. The very sight of her makes you nauseous, and the smell of her makes you gag.

But now she has you, held tightly between her thighs. You’ve tried to escape with your hands but could not. You’ve tried to leverage your way out, but failed. And so you are left to it – left with it, a decision that strikes fear into your very soul.

You could be released – free to re-engage her once again, if you were to simply put your mouth on her. Your teeth on her. Biting at her sex, which lingers not an inch from you and your last available weapon.

Should you? Will you? Can you stomach it? The taste? The thought? Or will you submit. Succumb. Leaving your precious husband, and beautiful children in the adulteress’ hands.

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