Sarah: “I can’t believe we are in fucking jail! JAIL, Celeste! What were you thinking!?”

Celeste: “What was I thinking? What were YOU thinking? Why didn’t you back me up in there!? She was sleeping with David! MY BOYFRIEND! And you didn’t even lift a finger when her friend jumped in? What the fuck kind of best friend are you?”

Sarah: “So what she was sleeping with David. Everyone is sleeping with David. I have been telling you that he is a cheat, you should have just believed me!”

Celeste: “Everyone? Like who!? Who else is my loser boyfriend fucking? Tell me, so I can kick their ass too when I get out.”

Sarah: “You don’t want to know. You just need to let it go, calm the fuck down, and focus on us getting us out of here. Isn’t your dad a lawyer or something?”

Celeste: “Oh no. No, no, no. You can’t pop off with that shit about him “sleeping with everybody”, and then not tell me.”

Sarah: “Just drop it, Celeste.”

Celeste: “See, you don’t even know anybody, because it’s all a bunch of lies, made up by hoes who want my man for themselves.”

Sarah: “No, it isn’t”

Celeste: “Prove it.”

Sarah: “FINE, you wanna know who is fucking David!? Who gets him off when you’re working!? Who sucks his dick so good he calls in the middle of the night to have them come over, while you’re asleep in his fucking bed? Me….”

Celeste: “What? Bullshit.”

Sarah: “I could taste you on him last night. Lay off the strawberry lotion.”

Celeste: “You fucking bitch!”

Sarah: “Look, don’t get mad, C, it’s not my fault you suck in bed. It has been good for me though. You date ‘em, and I fuck em behind your back. All of them. Every last one, Celeste. David, Mark, Julio, Diggs, do I really need to list them all? Or are you going to back up all that shit you were talking, get over here, and show me what you got…?”

Celeste: “Alright, cunt, if that’s what you want, I’ll fuck you until you beg me to stop. Then I’ll give you another taste of that strawberry lotion you liked so much.”

Sarah: “Alright, bitch, talk that shit. But if I win, you get your daddy to get me out of here. And if you win….”

Celeste: “Then I leave you to rot in here, and when you get out, you’re my bitch – so I’ll be making the calls in the middle of the night. Got it?

Sarah: “Just shut up, and kiss me, slut.”

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