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You Both Watch

For nearly two years, you and your bro have built towards this moment.

Planting seeds in your girlfriends, Alley and AJ’s minds. You and he making comments and suggestions — allusions and offered bribes.

Going out of your way to make sure that they became friends and felt comfortable together.

Excluding others who wanted to hang out, so that it was only you four, night after night. Both on the town and in your living rooms thereafter.

In that privacy, you made sure that they sat next to each other. And that when they did, they remained thigh-to-thigh.

Now finally, the moment has come. Where gentle touches and soft hugs became more. And as the fruits of your many labors grow before your very eyes, you both wait.

You both watch.

Knowing that when you make your move to twist your girlfriends’ passion and desire into contest, you do so carefully.

Making sure that they know, the sexfight you suggest will still be soft and comfortable — safe and fun.

But before you can enact you and your buddy’s plan, the fire starts without your prompting.

The two of them, mid-cunnilingus, looking to each other and then winking.

“It’s my turn….” Alley complains as she reaches down between her legs to pull AJ head up and from her sex.

But as that attempt is made, she who eats shakes her head quickly left and then right, before swatting those reaching hands away.

“Bitch! I need to make you cum first!” Alley whines in a comically sudden hostility, her words being an obvious show.

“No-mmmrrppph” AJ responds, as she pulls her mouth back only a centimeter, “you’re going to cum for me, cunt.” She adds a moment later, though she giggles as she says it.

At the sight and the scene, you and your friend’s eyes go wide, as your already hard cocks strain against the denim of your jeans. Not knowing, though it is obvious. Or understanding, though it is clear.

That they discovered your secret preferences. Each having found your “well-hidden” stashes of videos and pictures. Those you and he keep buried deep in the sub-folder of a sub-folder, in the Windows partition of your desktops.

Obtuse and innocent though you both are, AJ and Alley’s willingness is no less real. They two loving and devoted girlfriends having come to the agreement to make your fantasies real, not just once, but from hereon.

And though on this first night, they play and giggle. Before too long, their competitions will become real.

Never hateful. Never destructive.

But still intense and incredible. Their competition of sexual prowess and bodies lasting past you and your buddy.

Their engagements of intimacy, surviving your breakups.

Their bodies coiled and crashing together in your absence, though still in your dreams.

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