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No Other Way to Purge

You know she will….

Escape your squeezing and merciless thighs. Turn in and on you, throwing her body atop yours, as she seizes back control with a wrenching of hair and sharing of glare.

That when she does, your face will contort in pain and anger, just as her’s does now.

Know though you do — certain though you are, you look not to the door or for escape — for a way to deescalate or reach peace.

Because her anger, her fury, her commitment to your war is what you want — is what you need….

As there is no other way to purge what poisons your soul. No other way to quell the demons that eat at you both.

You must fight — must punish — must struggle, with and against each other until an end comes.

With you atop her, victorious and cruel — wanting and insistent in your right to humiliate her to tears and then past them. Or she above you, no less ready to claim the spoils she has earned.

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