Rival’s Preview: London Nights: First Bidder

Style: Arranged Catfight with Host

Description: There is a mansion in London that is more than it seems. One in which women who have made mistakes in life are taken. Women who need money or aid — clemency or untraceable absence.

This provided for a cost. By a society of the rich, who ask only that those who need such help battle for their amusement and excitement. Battles arranged and led by Mrs. Pierce, who forges those struggles to be whatever the highest bidder most desires.

This is the tale of one such bidder and the women who for them perform.

The Idea: So before I had even written my first released story, I had imagined women from my own past being taught to catfight, titfight, and/or sexfight.

And since then, the idea of an instructor or fight leader has been interesting to me. Also, though I really dislike the “underground fight league” concept, I recognize there is a desire for stories of that type.

So, I decided to come up with a version that would be more palatable for me. One where there is a crowd but they cannot be seen or heard. And there is an organization, but it is perceptible only in the presence of one. Mrs. Pierce.

A character I CANNOT WAIT(!) to bring to life for all of you. She is both master and mother — torturer and friend. A dichotomy I am sure you will all love, once I get it written and on page.

Link to Google Doc

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