Party fight 2

Corporate 2.

After a fight at a corporate party, many girls were also not against this way of sorting things out. They provoked me more than once, but they themselves were afraid to get into a fight. I wanted revenge, but there was no reason and place for this. employee pissed me off now more than others. She got a job here through pull, just came and wiped her pants, her mink coat and outfits. She was paid for nothing. We divided bonuses and bonuses into her, because she is also our employee. ..more than once I wanted to punch her in her insolent face. She was 35, dyed blonde with hair just below the shoulders, straight and beautiful. She was slim, slender, with gorgeous third size breasts. ..she took advantage of her appearance and position, and this infuriated many. Once we had a year for the company, and we all got together for a walk. I drank a little, and from the boiled one I sent her a text message. It was like, let’s talk bitch, seriously today. ..she wrote ok, wait for the evening when everyone leaves. She carried on well all evening as if nothing had happened

… The guests dispersed closer to 11, only we remained. I imperceptibly closed the office from the inside while this Lena went to the sartier. ..I was dressed in a dark green wrap dress, with a shallow neckline, emphasizing my third size breasts, and a juicy ass. ..I had my hair down and chic shoes with heels, the dress was pulled at the waist with a belt, the length was almost to the knees, with a slit at the bottom. ..Lena came in a similar dress with a cut under the neckline, but with buttons and without a belt. Black color, slightly below her slender bottom, but well-fitting her slender body. I was slightly larger, but we were the same height. ..I was sure that I would kick her ass, but I didn’t know yet what tactics to choose. I went to the sartier, but Lena had already left there and we ran into a long corridor without any furniture. Ideal, I thought. We stood opposite each other, two meters away. ..Lena fingered the rings on her hands and smiled. I was beside myself. I wanted to throw myself in and smash her head against the wall.

“Will you beat me?” She asked.

..I leaned forward and grabbed her by the bars, she gave in, but then grabbed me in response to the bars, and forcefully knocked my back against the wall. I was indignant, but immediately got a fist in the stomach. The blow was not bad. soon as I thought about it, she hit me again and again. I doubled over in pain, still bewildered. Lena grabbed my hands and pressed them against the wall with a forceful knee hit in the stomach. I gasped, this bitch is not as simple as I thought. ..she hit me again. I freaked out, and snatching one of my hands, hit her in the chest. Lena did not expect this, as well as the next knee blow to the stomach. She let go of me and bent over, holding her hand on her stomach, backed away. ..I went at her, grabbing her throat with my hand. Lena grabbed my hand, in her eyes there was a shock. With my right hand, I planted her under the belly.

Lena wheezed in pain. I hit it again, and again ..the fourth and fifth blows in the gut were strong, Lena was already bouncing on her heels from the blow, bent over in pain, and holding her hands on my hand, which squeezed her throat. She coughed and groaned. I grabbed her by the bars and kicked her in the nose with a full swing. ..She stepped back abruptly, a blood flowed from her nose, her arms hung down, her head hung down. I raised my fists and walked towards her. I punched her three straight inserts. She only managed to gasp and step back a step from the blow. ..then I prepared a good hook on the right, then on the left. Her head tilted from the impact with the body, a small trickle of blood flowed from her mouth. I hit her hard in the gut. Lena doubled over from the blow, groaning in pain, exposing her face for an apercode. went smoothly and accurately. Lena stood up abruptly and threw up her arms and collapsed to the floor. I sat on top of her, pressed her hips with my feet. I did not have time to hit. Lena abruptly grabbed me by the shoulders and forcefully threw off her, and sat on top of me. ..the situation had changed dramatically, now I was under it. Lena was furious, she pressed my one hand to the floor, and with the other, with a scream, she began to beat me in the face. She smashed my lip and scratched my cheek with a ring. ..I tried to twist and throw it out of myself, but immediately passed it into the jaw with her other hand. It hurt, she knew how to hit hurt. ..she began to hit me on a swing, then with the right or the left in my face, my mouth filled with blood, I missed five hits, the sixth was so strong that I spat out a clot of blood with saliva from my mouth. I was slightly stunned. ..Lena paused, apparently already celebrating victory. It saved me. I strained all my muscles, and forcefully pulled her out of myself. Lena quickly jumped to her feet, faster than me. She punched me in the jaw, then another and another ..I stepped back, arms raised to protect my face. I hardly caught her hands, and pulling on myself with force hit her forehead in the nose. She cried out in pain and stepped back. ..I wiped the blood from my face with the sleeve of my dress, and raised my hands as in a stance, preparing for the attack. Lena went forward, hit with a hook from the right, I repulsed him, but did not reflect a direct jab in the nose, and a blow in the stomach. ..I dodged her next hook and hit the liver juicy from below. Lena gasped, then got in the jaw from below. Then we grabbed each other by the bars and started fighting on the spot, trying to knock each other to the ground. ..I leaned forward slightly, and got a knee in the stomach, then another … I tried to throw Lena over my thigh, but she twisted, and took me by the throat with one hand, and with the other hand behind the collar, pressed me against the wall. ..I got delicious in the stomach, then another … I was furious, this bitch pressed me against the wall and knocked all the crap out of me. She hit hard, right under the chest, from the very bottom. She seemed to put all her strength into the blows. ..I moaned in pain, tried to scream, but only hoarse sounds came from my mouth. I don’t remember how much she beat me like that in the gut, probably not yet tired. Everything inside me hurt, it was difficult to breathe, blood was flowing from my mouth, falling on my chest. ..Lena took me behind the bars from the wall and let me go. I could hardly stand on my feet, my strength was leaving me. Lena hit me with a hook on the right, turned me around a little, blood splattered on the tiles. I straightened up, looking at her. She smiled. ..her face and teeth were bleeding, but she was winning. I received a blow from the right, again almost falling, the blow turned me around. Everything floated before my eyes. I lost again, again … Uppercode knocked me down, I collapsed on my back on the tiles and passed out. …

..a few days later, when I went to work, Lena had already quit, depriving me of all chances for revenge. Many girls laughed with me, calling each other a pear. I expected an attack from almost everywhere. ..the boss was angry with me, and I realized that the next fight might be with her …

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