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A Sexy Fight With the Neighbor by Diane Smith

I don’t really know the people across the street. They moved in a while back. We said hello, exchanged names and that was it. They have been at my house maybe twice in I don’t know how many years. They are both teachers, I guess in their early maybe mid 30’s and to me seem like frumpy geeks. They have two small kids. I’m taking a guess at 5yrs and 3yrs but that’s just a guess.

Couldn’t tell you the kids names but I remember when they came home from the hospital with each of them. I was walking the dog the other day passing the front of their house. He was out with the kids. I was wearing cutoff jeans shorts and a white “wife-beater t-shirt that was a bit small for my 36C’s besides not wearing a bra and I stopped to chat like a good neighbor. Then she came out to join us.

I couldn’t believe the change in her from the last time I really saw her. I see her getting in her car in the garage or wave as she drives by but not in a while have I seen her this close. Kristin was her name. She lost a whole lot of weight. Her hair was light brown and to her shoulders but now it was down over her shoulders semi curly and with blonde high lights. She was very good looking now. She needed bigger boobs. If I had to guess, I would say she was pushing a 34B. She had on tan shorts, and a dark blue sleeveless button front blouse. She took over the kids as he had to go somewhere. She and I continued the chat and the kids played with the dog, until I heard the dog yelp. The 5yr old, a girl was sitting next to the dog. “Don’t hurt the dog”. I said maybe a bit too loud and in and in an angry tone. She got right in my face.

‘Don’t you yell at my kids” she said. “Then tell your kids not to hurt my dog”. I gave back to her.” Then take the dog inside”. She countered. “Take your kids inside”. I recounted her counter. We stood there face to face like two professional boxers waiting for the bell. “Take the dog inside”. She repeated with a calmer voice. We stood for a few seconds before I picked up the dog and crossed street to my house. I checked the dog over and gave her a treat then marched back across the street. I didn’t knock on the door I pounded on it. It took two beatings before she flung it open. I didn’t wait for an invitation but marched into the foyer.

“We need to have a talk” I said.

“By all means”. She replied sarcastically. We both glanced down at the two little kids next to her looking up at both of us. She didn’t say anything just turned and went into the kitchen half dragging the little boy with her till he sat down in the hallway. The girl just stood there staring at me. Kristin returned, retrieved the boy and handed a bowl of dry cheerios to the girl.

“Here.” She said. “Take your brother downstairs and watch tv with him”. She led them by hand and opened the door to the downstairs rec room and watched them go down. She left the door partially open and came back to me.

We again stood there in a staring contest. I broke the tension when I smacked her hard across her left cheek with my right hand making a very loud SLAP sound in the foyer. Kristin’s head flung sideways, her light colored hair flying and causing her to groan.

“Aaaaggghhhhh…….” She returned an equally hard slap to the left side of my face giving me a chance to catch my balance and make moaning sides.

“Ohhhhhh……”. My mid back length dark brown hair fell half out of its pinned up position on the top of my head. I cracked her back with my left hand which wasn’t as hard because I’m a righty.

“Bitch” she moaned. And gave me a good one with her left hand.

“Fuck” I cried holding my right cheek. Both our faces bright red from being slapped hard. Again we went into that staring mode as the stinking began to subside. Neither of us said anything. It wasn’t needed to be said.

We both knew the slapping part was over. Now came the hair pulling. I grabbed hers first but she got mine just as fast pulling the rest of it down off my head covering her fingers. We twisted each other’s head left and right, back and forth trying to keep it as quite as possible. I rammed her hard against the wall making her shudder.

“aww…fuck” she moaned. I dug my hands deeper into her hair twisting it around my fingers and yanking. She gave another cry and let go of my hair to get her hand under my chin. She pushed my head backwards while pulling my hair that way also. I felt like my neck was going to break. She forced me backwards onto the stairs leading up and came down on top of me. I covered her mouth and nose with one of my hands trying to smother her. She threw her head back and forth as I tried to keep my hand over her face. I managed to get her over on her side on the steps.

We slid down to the foyer floor. Grabbing hair again we pulled each other up and began a hair yanking waltz around the small room. Both of us giving as good as we got. I slipped an arm around her neck and she slid hers around mine. We bent each other over at the waist trying to pull one another’s heads to the floor.

“ohhhhh…. you bitch Kristin” I mumbled.

“Fucking cunt Diane” she replied. We stumbled bent like this into the living room and flung each other onto the sofa. I kept a good headlock on her as we struggled and wrestled on the sofa. We got to our knees and almost stood up when she twisted us around and we fell over the back of the sofa to the floor. By some miracle, we kept our hair holds and headlocks on each other and rolled over and over into the dining room.

“Agghhhhhh…….” “Ohhhhh…mmmmmm…” We were both breathing pretty hard now. Small grunts and groans coming from both of us. We got up yanking hair which was all knotted and tangled now hanging in our faces and flying about. Handfuls of her light brown hair and my dark brown hair left a trail on where the fight had been. We fell against the dining room table she bending me backwards over it. I hugged her neck tight trying to pull her onto the table with me.

She fought me back and we slipped to the floor again. Still locked in headlocks and pulling hair we rolled into the kitchen. We almost made a full circle around her house from where the fight began.

We wrestled on the tiled floor rolling each other back and forth. First across one way then back across the other. I got her hand from my hair at the expense of a large clump and held her wrist tight. I rolled on top of her.

“Give up bitch”. I asked.

“Fuck you” she answered. She wrestled me over and pulled her arm from around my neck and grabbed a tit. She then pulled on my shirt trying to rip it. It wouldn’t tear just stretched so she let go and grabbed my boob again. I grabbed at her tit thru her shirt and we rolled. She locked our legs together entwining them in a grapevine like hold. I pushed and pulled on her tit thru her blouse and bra.

We rolled more slowly now with effort back and forth across the kitchen floor. Her hand pushed on my breast. I could feel my nipple trying to poke thru the material into her palm. Our moaning and groaning was getting louder and louder.

“ohhhh…ohhhh”.” Bitch…ohhhhhh…ohhhhh you bitch you”. I pulled her hand from my breast entwining our fingers. She got my hand doing the same. Our free hands soon followed suit clasping.

Over we rolled each other, then back. Bodies rubbing together. Breasts mashed. I am not a lesbian and I don’t think she is either but two women locked tight together rolling each other over bodies rubbing together something has to happen. It did. She had me down pinning my hands to the floor. Our legs grapevine when she pushed her knee up into my crotch and began rubbing back and forth.

I struggled hard and got her over getting back on top thinking we are still fighting. Kristin wrestles me over again and keeps up her knee in my cunt. We are both sweaty now panting like hell, look like two wild women.

Her hand now goes on my tit again. I grabbed her wrist trying to pry it free then went for her tit. She got her hand under the side of my stretched out t-shirt and grabbed my bare breast. I tore at her shirt but managed only to pop a few buttons. I dug my hand in her shirt and pushed her bra aside grabbing her 34B breast.

We rolled over and her lips brushed mine. We rolled again and she kissed me. I was so shocked and dumbfounded I forgot to fight back and wound up under her. She stared down at me her hair hanging down. I started to say something and her lips pressed into mine. Her tongue forced its way into my mouth and tongue fought mine. I don’t know why but I kissed her back.

That’s when her hips started rubbing mine. I pulled my hand from her blouse and tore my other hand from her grip. One arm went around her neck the other around her shoulders. I rolled over on top of her. Her arms encircled me holding tight. She pushed her hips up to me and I forced mine down to meet them.

We pressed and rubbed our chests together even thru our tops. I couldn’t stop myself. I lip locked her again and she wrestled us over. Her hips were pumping harder now grinding into mine. I arched my back and met every downward thrust she made.

Our moaning got extremely loud and we both paused thinking we heard the kids. Seconds seemed like hours. Then we were back humping each other. I could feel myself already aroused and getting hotter and hotter. I told myself she did this not you. I had her down and we just broke a kiss.

We were both going at it hot and heavy. Under me her head was back eyes squinted shut.

“No Diane. Stop”. I kept it up and she rose to meet me.

“No,” she said again.

“No stop. I can’t. You should have thought of that before” I panted at her. She managed enough strength to get back on top of me. Once there she went on me hard.

“Fuck,” I thought, “she’s going to make me cum”. I wrestled her over. W squirmed against each other rubbing cunts, grabbing tits and kissing till finally, she stiffened under me. When she released I lost it.

I rolled off her and we laid on our backs side by side on the kitchen floor.

“The kids,” she said.

“I have to go shower”.

“I’ll watch the kids; you go shower”.

She got off the floor and went without a look back. I got up and opened the rec room door. I heard the tv going and left the door open. I sat on the steps and thought about what happened. Starting as an argument turned into a lesbian sex encounter.

A short while later Kristin came down. A change of clothes, her long hair still wet. “I’m sorry,” she said at the rec room steps. Then she went down. I went across the street to my house still a little dazed and confused at what happened. I showered and changed, grabbed a glass of wine and sat on my deck. I haven’t seen Kristin since.

The End.

Thank you for reading! For more of Diane Smith’s Stories: Click Here!

1 thought on “A Sexy Fight With the Neighbor by Diane Smith

  1. very9look says:

    Nice story…wondering if you write one about a catfight that turns into one sided sexual dominance between a cute but bitchy cheerleader and the over weight plain looking school lesbian


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