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The Fight Before Christmas by Diane Smith

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Diane pulled her car into the circular driveway and stopped looking out at the huge house. the house where her ex husband now lived with their young daughter DeeDee and his new wife. Roberta or Bobbi as she liked to be called. They should call her Bitch or Home Wrecker Diane mumbled aloud. She was 10 years younger than him.

She got out of the Mercedes Coupe pulling the long fur coat tight around her and walked on heels to the back of the car opening the trunk and taking out the two gift wrapped presents. Black dress pants and a very low cut red short sleeve blouse completed her outfit. She knew the blonde bitch was going to think the blouse was a tempt on her husband but the fact was she had to travel on Christmas Eve for work and had to leave as soon as she delivered her daughters Christmas presents. She gazed up at the sky. the snow was really starting to come down now. It already coated her long dark brown hair.

She walked gingerly thru the inch or so snow to the front door and rang the bell. She waited and waited punching the button again and again. Looking up at the snow which seemed to have increased immensely since she got out of the car. She brushed it off the shoulders of the fur coat and shook her hair which already felt damp from the melting snow.

Great just fucking great…..

The door finally opened to show the new dirty blonde haired wife. Her long dirty blonde hair pulled back in a tie. Not quite a pony tail. A short yellow colored sundress that emphasized her huge breasts, at least she got the ass hole husband to buy her implants giving her a 36C chest before he went off fucking his way. Bobbi also had an apron on.

The two women regarded each other like two alley cats in a narrow hallway. Diane glanced at the sky blinking away snow.

Are you going to let me in….

Bobbi glance out the door at the now heavy snow coming down.

Yeah I guess…….

She stood back and let the brunette in. Diane didn’t bother to wipe her feet or shake off the snow but dripped it on the floor inside. She looked around at the cheerfully decorated living room. Fireplace with a roaring fire going, stockings hung up the mantel gaily decorated. A large decorated Christmas tree in the corner of the room with what seemed like endless wrapped gifts under it. A sad feeling came over her as she looked at the two gifts in her hand. She wished she could have brought more. Just for the competition.

I brought these gifts over for DeeDee because I have to travel and won’t be here tomorrow. I thought she could have them tonight…

Oh that’s so nice. I’m sorry you’re going to be without family on Christmas Eve but, she’s not here…….
What do you mean she’s not here? Its Christmas Eve where the hell is she…….

Bobbi’s hands went on her hips in a defiant position.

Her father took her to his sister’s house so she could get her presents from them and exchange with her cousins. They will be home for Christmas Eve dinner which I am preparing sooooo. if your done……

She held out her hands for Diane to give her the gifts. She then tucked them back in the corner behind the tree and hidden.

I’ll tell her you were here if you want….

Diane began to see red.

If I want? Yes thank you please tell her I was here. She pulled her cell phone out of her fur coat pocket and dialed. Bobbi folder her arms under her breasts waiting. Diane looked at the phone.

He’s not answering…..

Probably the service because of the storm..

If I need your mechanical advice I’ll ask for it……

Bobbi took a hesitant step towards the woman.

And I’ll ask that you have a little more respect in my house….

YOUR HOUSE……Your house… listen you…

The ringing phone interrupted what was about to be a very brutal argument.

Excuse me……

Bobbi came back wiping her hands on the apron.

They may not make it back tonight the interstate is closed…

The two women turned and looked out the big bay window. It was still light out but seemed foggy. They both walked over to the window gazing outside. The snow was coming down so hard they could just barely see Diane’s car which was just about buried under snow. There was no site of the driveway just one big blanket of white.

They both turned back. Diane smiled at the blonde.

I guess you’re going to be without family on Christmas Eve also…..

Bobbi gritted her teeth.

Only a bitch like you would say something like that….

What did you call me….

You heard me you bitch….


Diane hit her hard.


Bobbi hit her right back.


Diane got a good fist to the blondes face.


Bobbi hit her back equally hard.

That was it.

Diane shrugged out of the fur coat letting it fall to the floor and flew at the younger blonde. They grabbed each other by the arms and began twisting and turning. Both women knew this moment was coming from the divorce and re marriage and both welcomed it.

You fuck you….

You cunt I’ll kill you…..

Not if I kill you first bitch….

Hands left arms and went into each other’s hair yanking and pulling. Diane got the tie out of the blondes long hair and dug her hands in deep. They pulled and tugged each other around the living room kicking off their high heels. Both women knew there was no one coming to break this up. It was going to be up to them to end it.

They went up against the fireplace twisting and turning one another pulling each other’s hair letting go to slap or scratch or punch each other. They both felt the heat from the fire. Bobbi got a hand on Diane’s blouse ripping it open.

Oh you fuck you….

You wanted to show those tits I just helped you out…..


Diane tore Bobbi’s top off her shoulder.

You fuck….

The two battling women went onto the sofa kneeling. Yanking hair and heads this way and that discarding handfuls of each other’s hair and going back for more. Diane’s head was burning up from the young blonde’s hair pulling. She dug her nails into the woman’s scalp hearing her cry out. Bobbi’s huge one breast exposed the brunette latched onto it scratching. Bobbi grabbed Diane’s wrist pushing up and the two women went over the back of the sofa to the floor. Over and over they wrestled rolling into the dining room. Their intense fight kept them from hearing the phone ringing. Their only thought right now was to destroy the other woman.

Picking each other up by the hair they went hard into the china closet. Glasses fell over and dishes rattled. Coming off the closet they went onto the table. Plates and glasses scattered and fell on the floor some breaking. A turn and they rolled off the table to the floor turning one another over and over.





Breathing hard panting out of breath they got up parting. Bobbi rushed the brunette taking them back into the living room. Arms around each other in a tight bear hug. Bobbi’s sundress and apron down around her waist. Diane’s blouse tore open down the front her bra somewhere amid the mess. Their huge breasts mashed together hugging one another tight they stumbled into the big bay widow tearing down the drapes and curtains. Coming off the window they crashed into the tree knocking it over into the wall. Ornaments broke. The tree lights flickered and went out. the two fighting women went down under the tree crushing presents and pushing them out of their way as they wrestled out onto the floor. Rolling over and over out of breath. Picking one another up by their now tangled knotted hair they went onto the sofa Bobbi on top of the brunette. They struggled breast to breast tits mashed together. Bobbi grabbed a pillow and pushed it over Diane’s face. Diane struggle hard under the younger blonde. Her efforts got weaker and weaker.

When she opened her eyes she was on the sofa. She flung the pillow on her face off her. The fireplace fire was embers. Decorations scattered around it. From the big bay window with the drapes and curtains hanging askew the morning sun shown in. The Christmas tree leaning against the wall. Many of the presents under it crushed or torn open. Some thrown across the room. She sat up. Her head throbbed from the hair pulling she got last night. getting up on unsteady feet, her blouse torn open only God knows where her bra was. She went into the powder room and looked in the mirror. A monster looked back at her. Her hair would never see a brush thru it again. Her face red from the constant slapping Bobbi gave her. Some bright red welts down her neck from nails. A sound behind her startled her and she spun around putting her fists up.

The blonde stood there in one of her husband’s dress shirts. Diane had to admit she looked sexy and hot. Her hair was brushed. No red hand marks or welts could be seen and Diane knew she delivered some good hits and scratches.

Bobbi held out a coffee cup.

I made coffee….

Diane took the cup sipped it then looked at it.

The blonde laughed.

It’s just coffee. Don’t worry If I couldn’t kill you last night I’m not going to try today. its Christmas…….

She reached to the side and brought around another white dress shirt of her husband’s.

Here put this on. Sorry about your blouse….

Diane donned the shirt and they went back into the living room.

I guess I have a lot of cleaning up to do before DeeDee gets home….

Diane looked at the blonde. You did not just play that hand.

She bit her lip then said.

I’ll help you. I don’t want DeeDee to come home and see this either…..

They went to work together getting everything back to somewhat normal and were sitting having a drink when they heard a horn. The landscapers had come and cleared the driveway and cleaned off Diane’s Mercedes. Her ex and DeeDee just arrived. Dian threw on the fur coat to hide the dress shirt she was wearing. Bobbi opened the front door but DeeDee ran past her.

Mom, Mom Merry Christmas….

Diane hugged her daughter and mouthed thank you to the blonde…..

Look at the presents Mom…..

DeeDee went over to the tree scanning all the colored gifts. her father came in and looked from ex wife to current wife.

Ok what gives…….


Diane kissed Bobbi on the cheek and went out. he walked her to her car.

You two are getting along…

Hey its Christmas….

Yeah right. Something very fishy about this my ex wife and current wife getting together and liking each other…
No one said I liked her. I hate the blonde bitch but its Christmas……
She got in the car and drove away. Bobbi was standing on the steps watching. He reached her hugging her and kissing her cheek.

So you two get along…

Get along. No fucking way. I hate the bitch. I’d scratch her eyes out if you give me the chance….

They put an arm around each other and stepped inside.

Think we can invite her for our New Years Eve gala….

Hmmmmm…I’ll think about it. Bobbi smiled.

The End

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