Behind the Mask by CatGirl Anna

Note by the Author:

This was born from a heated late night exchange. The threats and promises of what would happen if we ever met the way we wanted to meet. The frustrated cyber booty call for a battle that real life never would allow to occur. A splinter of it remained in my mind, refusing to allow me to forget until I somehow found a way to express what I felt.

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Tanya’s rental car—an expensive European touring sedan—pulled off the frontage road that ran parallel to the highway and into a dusty parking lot. She had received the message just after concluding a contentious business meeting that left her latest customer reeling. Although they were openly seething as she confidently left the conference room with out looking back, Tanya texted her boss to expect a call that would confirm her crushing assessment was correct and that they needed her assistance. His playful response that he was already on the phone with them and that they were asking about her availability sent a surge through her body that was hard to conceal while still in their lobby. She told him to say that she’d be back in the office on Monday and let a grin form on her sexily pouting lips.

It was time to celebrate!

She paused at the rotating doors leaving the high rise, staring at her phone’s lists of contacts, selecting one that did not have an associated name or information. She bit her lower lip for a second, then made a decision and fired off a short text asking if there was any availability in her current location. The text sent, she slipped her phone into her purse and walked to her car. There was not much of a chance that she would get a positive reply. That frustrated her. Tanya was not used to being told no or—even worse—being ignored.

She got into the rental car and pressed the start button. The engine purred into a throaty, restrained sound of power and she started to follow the dashboard map’s directions when there was a chirping sound and the anonymous number she just texted popped up on the car’s console. The conversation was brief and the professional voice on the other side hid the purpose with vague terms.

A short term request was currently active. The location was relatively close. Could she make it to the location on time? Tanya did some mental estimations on how long it would take to get to her hotel and then drive the distance. She said yes.

Tanya’s fingers almost trembled as she hung up. This was a service she would never admit to using. It was the sort of thing you could never admit to wanting. But she wanted it and shivered as she considered the promised experience. The voice provided assurances that this time would be far better than the disappointing first encounter.

Now she turned off the frontage road and into the parking lot of a squat, bunker-like building that revealed nothing to the outside world. Solid metal barriers covered the bays where trucks once backed in, opening up their trailers to be loaded and unloaded. Sections of darker, less weathered paint over the loading bays confirmed the former existence of now obsolete business signs. The tires of the car crushed sparse patches of weeds that grew up in the cracks of the asphalt as Tanya drove around the building. The directions texted to her phone said to pull around to the back. Behind the building she found a fenced-in enclosure. Savage looking loops of razor wire ran along the top of the eight foot chain links. Tanya checked the clock on her car dashboard. Five minutes before her check in time. She smiled. Perfect! Pulling up to the pole holding up the keypad by the gate to the enclosure and punched in the code she had been provided. The chain tightened and the gate ratcheted back out of the way. Tanya pulled into the parking spot on the right side of the steps leading up to a steel door and parked. It was hot outside as she bent and grabbed her small bag. Expensive heels clicked rapidly on the metal steps as her slim but strong calves flexed from under her charcoal grey pencil skirt. A matching wide brimmed hat hid her black hair and large sunglasses hid her face from the security camera’s unyielding glare. Carefully manicured fingers extended to punch in the provided code and there was a metalic click as the door unlocked. With a sense of relief, Tanya stepped inside to the small foyer and out of sight of anyone who might be looking. The heavy door swung slowly shut behind her as Tanya inspected the small room. The yellow linoleum floor was dingy and curled up away from the wall in some places; the light brown paint on the walls was faded and bore scuff marks. There was no furniture, only two doors. Tanya tried the knob of the right hand door and it swung open. Taking a deep breath, she entered.

Well, here I am, she thought to herself.

Melodie wheeled her F-150 around to the back of the warehouse, letting the tires kick up a spray of loose gravel as she punched the gas around the corner. The truck was not new. It was something her father left her, but the tires had excellent tread and the power that they spun with brought a grin to her bee stung lips and a short yelp of pure joy as her hands danced quickly over the steering to keep control. Checking the the solid wrist watch on her right wrist, she verified that she was arriving just in time. She had provided a reasonable time frame when she initially made her request, but there had been a deafening silence from the other end before they responded. It had been no easy feat to arrange for her son to be picked up after school and arrange a sleepover with family friends. The excuse she left on her husband’s voicemail sounded strained and weak to her, even though she knew the details would not be verified. Then there was the matter of getting home, gathering what she needed and driving the distance to the warehouse. But, like everything else in her life, Melodie managed to overcome these obstacles. She made them disappear in the same manner she always did; in the way that created an illusion that her life was always perfect and in control. Here I am, she thought to herself, feeling a slight thrill flutter through her core. Melodie dressed in raggedy, skin tight jeans and a white tank top. A brindle colored Stetson with a rattlesnake skin band rested next to her on the bench seat and cowboy boot shod feet smoothly manipulated the clutch and accelerator. Long blond hair cascaded down her back and metal framed sunglasses shaded her green eyes.

As she pulled into the fenced parking area in the back, she looked over at the expensive European sedan. Her bee stung upper lip curled into a sneer. Good, she thought to herself. It was exactly the type of car the other person should drive: one that projected exclusive prerogative and conspicuous consumption into your mind. Exactly what I want, Melodie thought to herself as she got out of her truck. Following the same routine as Tanya, Melodie entered the building. Her fingers closed around the door on the right, but it did not budge enough to even provide a rattle. The door on the left opened and revealed an sparse dressing room.

Both women undressed, each pausing for a moment to check her naked bodies in the mirror. Both women were satisfied. They were about the same size, with long, strong legs and slightly broad shoulders. Melodie’s skin was a tawny gold and Tanya’s was a pure alabaster. Melodie twisted her blonde hair into a quick bun while Tanya took more time to pull her long black hair into a precise French braid. Melodie opened her bag and pulled a small bottle of baby oil, a towel and a roll of tape. Her hands applied generous amounts of oil to her skin, letting droplets fall to the floor. When her tawny skin gleamed she dried her hands with the towel and applied black lengths of tape to her hands and then her feet. In her dressing room, Tanya followed a similar routine, but did not let any oil splatter to the floor. She applied the white tape to her hands and ankles with a ruthless precision. When she finished, she looked at her gleaming body in the mirror. She smacked her right fist into her left palm and felt a tingle of excitement when she heard the thick, meaty sound.

At roughly the same time, each woman fished out their prized possession from their bags.

Tanya’s mask was black, with sharp ears pricking up from each side of the head. It had slanted, teardrop shaped eyes were covered by hard grey colored lenses that hid her blue eyes but allowed her to see. Red slashes of color helped define feline cheeks and a stylized snout protruded out just a bit above her upper lip. The space around her mouth was open, revealing her plump lips colored a black glossy shade. She pulled on the mask, shifting into a comfortable position, then she reached back and pulled the drawstrings tight in the back, getting the snug fit that would ensure the hunting cat mask would not slip. Her perfectly manicured nails were painted black to match her lipstick. When she finished she smiled and stared at the mirror. Strong but graceful, she had been a collegiate volleyball player and her nude body showed that she still followed a strict fitness regimen. Her height and her nature did more than just intimidate other women. The last attempt to use this service proved that point. What she wanted was far beyond what the other woman could deliver. The service acknowledged that a mistake had been made, but also shared that there were complications and Tanya had the distinct impression that—despite their claims—she might require things that they could not provide. She replayed the assurances that this time they had found her perfect match in her mind. Heart pounding, she smacked her fist into her palm again, turned and headed toward the door to enter the main room.

Melodie’s mask was a bright explosion of green, gold, white and red. The green made up the top and flared cheeks and the rims of the sharp, pointed ears. A red membrane of cloth stretched tautly between the edges of the ears. Gold slashes streaked from below the eyes along the slightly built up snout of her jungle jaguar. Two long, white triangles flowed from the central nose piece and outlined the red plastic lenses that covered the eyes. An upside down, red U traced around the open section around her mouth. It revealed pouty lips, painted a dangerous shade of red. 36c breasts jiggled just a bit as she pulled the drawstring tight on her mask, and her thighs rippled with strength as she shifted her hips to the right and then the left as she looked over her nude body in the mirror. An active, hard working life gave her body a tone that women spent hours in the gym trying to match. That life also gave her an inner strength that was matched to achieving goals other than moving weights with cables. As she stared at her naked body, Melodie experienced a thrill that she rarely allowed herself to feel. Her hands traced along her curves, lightly kneading her firm 36c breasts, her tight abs, and then the taut trail down to her bare, puffy folds. She felt a twinge that thrummed through her core and down her legs as she touched herself and smiled. She would never admit what this meant to her, but once she put on her mask, she did not have to admit to anything. She stared at herself in the mirror and took a deep breath. There would be no acceptable explanation for this if she was ever caught. Nothing about this could exist in her everyday life. For a moment she wondered if the money had changed her. They had led a simpler life on the small farm her husband inherited prior to the discovery of oil. Maybe that simpler life would have protected her from these urges. Then she remembered the secret trips she used to take as a teen, the midnight walks along the dirt road that ran parallel to the railroad tracks. She remembered what she was really looking for back in those days. Using the service was a product of the money—it was an expensive indulgence—but the desire had always been there. Hidden behind the plastic lenses that covered the mask’s eye holes, her eyes hardened. This was part of her and she needed to embrace it as she embraced the other parts of her life. Putting doubts behind her, she turned, naked body swaying with the powerful grace of a hunting cat as she opened the door and entered the main room.

The room was a fifteen by fifteen foot square. Thick, firm green and yellow mats—fitted together with tightly interlocking tabs and grooves—covered the floor and the walls. No matter what happened, they would not slip or move. Two lengths of fluorescent lights ran parallel to each other across the ceiling, providing harsh light for a harsh room. Both women felt as if they had stepped into a cell as their bare feet moved silently over the padded floor. Warily circling each other, the tape across their arches and toes gave them a tacky surface that would not slip on sweat or oil. Fingers stretched out to full length, then curled into fists. Chests rose and fell. Nipples slowly stiffened as the two women looked at each other for the first—and last—time. The masks hid them, removing any need for mercy or humanity. They had become two hybrid creatures: part animal, part woman. The only visible piece of their faces, their painted lips, curled into mocking sneers.

“Did wifey get permission from her husband to be here?” Tanya taunted, seeking to confirm that this woman was exactly what she ordered from the service. It was against the rules of the service to ask personal questions, but she needed to know.

“A woman doesn’t need permission to defend her family from some cheap slut mistress,” Melodie growled back, happy to break the rules, to clearly define herself. “Did the paper warrior bring her legal representation and an HR department to hide behind?”

The challenge brought out a hiss from Tanya.

“I don’t need any help. This is a takeover, you pathetic bitch,” she replied. “A hostile takeover!”

There was a pause. It was as if time stopped—or maybe slipped back a few thousand years—as the women stared at each other. When they lunged together, locking up tight, it was to test each other in as primitive a way as possible. Foreheads nearly touched as hands pressed and fingers gripped bare, slick shoulders and elbows. Feet quickly shifted over the mats. Both women inhaled and smelled the scent, the musk, of her opponent. They grunted as biceps swelled and fingers left brief red marks as they shifted their grips on bare skin. The oil made them slick, but the tape allowed solid holds and turned flesh red from the pressure. Rippling power flowed through their bodies, muscles responded and revealed that neither would be easily overpowered.

There was an ebb and flow to their movements. One woman would press into the other, then the other would press back, maintaining a stalemate as their shoulders dipped, twisted and then rolled back up. Feet shuffled in a circle. Melodie sensed a change, felt her opponent shift her balance. There was just a slight twist of hips as the pale skinned woman gathered herself, but it was enough. Melodie’s hand tugged Tanya’s elbow out just a bit, then released its hold as she dropped her arm under and inside, down to her belly as she bent her knees and then started to roll her hips forward. Her forearm rocketed up between them as she stepped forward and a meaty smack echoed as it crashed into Tanya’s firm breasts, painfully flattening them against her chest. Tanya grunted in pain, stumbled backwards. Her feet struggled to regain balance as she let go of Melodie and tried to regroup. Now it was Melodie twisting her hips, strong thighs rippling and full breasts jiggling slightly as she bent her knees and quickly pirouetted. Her right arm reached up and back, curling around Tanya’s head, fingers gripping the laces on back of her mask. It looked like a gentle embrace as she leaned back into her foe, feeling Tanya’s breasts and stiff nipples softly mash into her back. Pulling the other woman’s chin forward so that it rested on her shoulder, their cheeks pressed together. Melodie paused. The two naked bodies nestled together in an intimate way. Then there was a slight jump up. Melodie came down with all the speed of dead weight. Her knees flashed up to her chest as jerked Tanya down with her. Grunting in pain, she felt her opponent’s jaw slam into her collarbone. Tits bounced, jostling together and her ass thumped hard on the mats and a jolt shot up her spine. Feet whispered on the mat as she pushed up and twisted around onto her knees, performing a twisting release her rival from the hold.

Tanya, trying to backpedal and regroup, could not resist as the other woman turned and pulled her head forward. She felt the slight hiss as her mask rubbed against the competing mask and there was a brief sensation of pleasure as her oily boobs pressed and rubbed into a strong, warm back. Her hands slipped down and gripped the flaring hips of the tawny woman, fingers feeling the ripple of power as she hopped up. Tanya realized this was the fateful moment, the split second when a rollercoaster’s slow chug up the impossible incline halts and teeters at the crest. Everything, including her breath, paused for just that second. Then there was the horrible, hurtling sensation. She bit her tongue hard when her jaw slammed into the shoulder of her foe and her teeth rammed together. An explosion of lights erupted behind her eyes as her mind was disconnected from her body. All control disappeared over her muscles and she could not think for a moment as shock and pain radiated through her jaw and a debilitating electrical storm swept through her body. When Melodie pushed Tanya’s chin off her shoulder and rose to her feet, the dark haired woman slumped to the ground in a heap, landing lifeless lay on her side, limp legs and arms splayed about.

Bending down, Melodie’s reached across her body with her left hand and grabbed Tanya’s left upper arm with a grip tight enough to leave a brief red mark on her pale skin. Jerking the other woman up, Melodie stepped forward, pushing Tanya backwards by shoving her arm away, letting her hand slide down to Tanya’s wrist. Setting her feet wide, Melodie turned sidewards and twisted her hips like a discus thrower building power for a toss. She pulled Tanya forward, the pale woman’s stumbling feet struggling to keep up. Her right hand pressed against the dark haired woman’s lower back, providing additional support and power. Using her foe’s arm as a fulcrum, Melodie twisted her body and snapped her wrist as she sent Tanya hurtling toward the wall. The dark haired woman’s legs moved on pure instinct and Melodie had a brief second to watch the woman’s strong thighs and ass move as she almost flew toward the padded wall of the room. The forward momentum was strong enough so that Tanya only just began to rotate when her journey came to a sudden, violent end. Her cheek and shoulder took most of the brunt of the blow against the mats fastened against the wall. A thumping sound echoed in the room, and a sobbing groan followed as the pale woman bounced backwards. For just a second her body teetered, still erect, then it tumbled backwards. Her balance crumbled like a wall collapsing to the ground.

Melodie watched, hands on cocked hips, a cruel smile playing across her lips. Her nipples jutted out and a primitive emotion coursed through her body as she saw her foe fall to the ground. It might have been the base emotion that would eventually split and be refined into joy, rage and lust as humans evolved, but what she felt was more primitive than any of those. As she stared at the crumpled body, however, her feelings were tinged with a sense of disappointment. This was too easy. She hungered for victory over this idea of a type of woman—this confident, single woman who worked and never allowed herself to defined by traditional roles. The type of woman her life could not allow to exist. The type that made her lust for the descent into a battle madness where all the pressures and duties of being a wife and mother would melt under the intense flame of unrestrained violence. She watched Tanya attempt to push up with her hands, attempt to get her knees under her so that she could start to rise. She was almost sad to see the first attempt fail. Instinct told Melodie to press her attack, to not give the other woman any chance to gather herself, but her fight lust held her back. She needed to feel the back and forth of battle even more than she needed to win.

Tanya, mind reeling, felt a sense of panic as her feet slipped out from under her as she struggled to crawl up on all fours. Her very survival depended on a forceful response to this opening attack and her body, usually so powerful, failed. She felt dizzy—almost sick. Her entire body ached and she tasted her own blood. Gritting teeth, she forced her feet back up under her again and slowly pushed herself up to a sprinter’s crouch. Breath flowed in ragged gasps as her ribs and chest shuddered from every attempt. The mask hid her eyes, so she could tilt her head just a bit and secretly focus on the woman who had dealt this pain to her. Confidently standing a few steps away, her golden skin gleaming in the harsh light, she watched Tanya struggle against her own body. Even though it hid her features, the colorful mask seemed to be a mocking indication that this proud bitch gloated; savored the advantage she had gained in this battle.

Tanya paused for a second, trying to gather herself. If she stood, she would have no initiative, no power. Instead, she launched herself from this crouched position, forcing strength to her legs so that she exploded up off the floor. Firm boobs heaved and jostled together from the quickness of the movement. Strong thighs rippled and quivering waves flowed along her round asscheeks as bare feet dug into the mat and she flew like a porcelain projectile toward the other woman. Melodie’s hands moved from her hips as she tried to shift into a position to meet this charge, but Tanya’s shoulder slipped under her spread fingers and crashed into the tawny woman just above the curve of her pelvic bones with a meaty thud. Arms wrapped tightly around the other woman’s thighs just below her curving ass. Tanya’s cheek pressed against Melodie’s hip as her toes spread and dug into the slightly giving surface of the mat. Pale legs found their former power as they pistoned her body through the spear.

Melodie landed hard on her ass, a hard jolt that shook all the air from her lungs as her head snapped back from the force and then whipped down to the mats. All the confident power that she felt just a second ago was slammed out of Melodie’s stunned body along with her breath. Tanya fell down to her knees, Melodie’s shins pressing tightly against her boobs as she struggled to keep a grip on them. For a second, neither woman could move from the concussion of that impact. Then Tanya let go of Melodie’s right leg and struggled to get back to her feet. Her left leg snaked over Melodie’s trapped thigh and behind her calf as she rose. Twisting the leg around hers—trapping it—Tanya cranked the golden skinned woman’s knee around painfully as she stood up and leaned forward. Melodie screamed in agony as the hold was completed, kicking wildly at Tanya with her right leg, but the pale skinned warrior twisted her shoulders away from Melodie, lessening the target area and causing the other woman’s foot to bounce off her gleaming back without any power or leverage. Tanya eased the pressure and faced Melodie for a second, then cruelly cranked the pressure again, feeling a thrumming pulse of pleasure radiating from her womanhood to her toes and swelling tits as another moan of echoed through the small room. She panted with excitement as now she was the one savoring the damage she inflicted in this battle.

Melodie’s hands slapped down onto the mat in pained frustration. Her head whipped from side to side as each cranking pressure on her knee tore a new grunting moan from her lips. Powerful hips writhed as she tried to twist her way out of this hold, but she could not move this pale skinned bitch with the black mask. Fixing her hidden eyes on the face of her opponent, she was forced to watch the black painted lips twist into a sneer of cruel pleasure.

“You bitch,” Melodie hissed between the rhythmic application of pressure to her knee. “You fucking whore.”

Tanya glared down at her foe. Unable to see her face, her eyes, she had to look at the golden skinned body; watch how even the quiver of her firm boobs as she writhed reflected pain. The plump lips, painted a bold red, twisted back, revealing teeth that bit off the grunts of pain with a savage hatred. Tanya straightened up as she eased the pressure on this other woman’s leg, observing the change in her body and listening to the insult hurled at her with all the verbal power the woman could muster. Their hidden eyes stared for a second. Then Tanya rolled her shoulders, enjoying the feeling of her strong, naked upper body twisting. Lowering herself, her leg pressing into the trapped lower limb of her foe, she turned Melodie’s own knee against herself, making it a weapon of pain as she lowered her smooth, pale hips sliding back up as she leaned forward. She could almost taste the agony in the other woman’s gasping grunt. She knew that this hold would not end this war, but could not resist feeling the power of dealing out pain one more time.

“You fucking cxnt,” Tanya panted down to this other woman, this nameless foe. Their hidden identities and faces granted both permission to unleash all their savage instincts. “You’re nothing but a fucking cxnt, a breed cow spreading her legs on demand.”

Then Tanya straightened up again, stepping around so that her back was exposed to her foe for a second as she uncurled her leg from Melodie’s and freed her from the hold. Standing, she hurled her body backwards, wheeling her arm in a circular move and slamming her elbow down into the tawny woman’s chest as her back smacked the ground, Her other arm slapped the mat just before she landed, adding another sound to the meaty smack she delivered. It mixed with the gasping moan of pain torn from the plump lips of the other woman. Tanya lay there for a second, allowing herself the chance to recover and enjoy the latest moan from her opponent as Melodie’s arms curled up over her bruised tits and chest. The pale skinned woman then rolled up onto her hands and knees. She relished her revenge for the blow delivered to her chest. A primitive arousal coursed through her body as she slowly rose to her feet.

Melodie bit her lip to keep from groaning again. She looked up at the shapely ass and legs of her opponent as she rose disdainfully to her feet, not even bothering to look at her fallen enemy. Gritting her teeth, the tawny warrior pushed herself up, gathering her balance and then leaping onto the back of her foe. Her left arm circled around the neck of the other woman. Her left leg, still weak from the punishment it endured, hooked around pale skinned woman’s waist for balance. Tanya staggered under the sudden weight, her hands moving up to grip Melodie’s forearm as it tightened around her throat. The tawny woman extended her right leg and sent her heel snapping back. There was a cracking sound as it struck Tanya’s shin and the pale woman’s leg buckled, sending her down to her hands and knees. Melodie tightened her choke hold, pulling Tanya’s head up as her right leg hooked Tanya’s left and pulled it out from under her. They both fell down to the mat, Melodie’s body driving the wind out of her foe. Legs wrestling for control, Tanya struggled to get free and Melodie fought to wrap up her foe and trap her. Both women sweated and grunted with effort. The claustrophobic, stuffy room began to smell of not just old sweat from earlier battles, but absorbed their primal musk as well. Melodie could not ignore the sensation of Tanya’s toned ass pressing up and rubbing into her as their legs struggled. Her dampness was turning to wetness as she angrily tightened her choke hold on the other woman. Furious at her body’s response, she slithered her other hand down under the other woman until her fingers slipped over Tanya’s wet mound. Sliding her cheek down along her foe’s until her lips were even with her ear.

“What a useless piece of meat,” she hissed in Tanya’s ear as she kneaded her sex. “It doesn’t serve any purpose and I bet it hasn’t been used for years!”

Tanya groaned and shifted her hips, desperately trying to get away from the rough hold and furious squeeze on her folds, which were full of her dripping nectar and open to attack from this bitch. She shuddered as she felt the other woman’s hot breath through her mask and smelled her rival’s musk. Hatred for this woman grew. An attempted reply was cut off by the increased pressure against her throat. A wave of instinctive fear flowed along with her sex juices as Tanya struggled to breathe.

“What’s the matter, career woman?” Melodie hissed, feeling excitement flow through her as she was now able to dominate her foe. “No more quips?”

As she spoke, Melodie pressed her hips and chest down into the ass and back of the other woman. Their legs kept struggling, but she managed to get her’s outside of Tanya’s and pressed against them. It was not a quite a grapevine, but it limited Tanya’s options.

Tanya fought the urge to reply, realizing she needed to save her breath. The choke hold tightened as her opponent leaned back, pulling her head up further from the mat. Taped fingers roughly kneaded her sex, forcing a response that shamed the pale woman. Letting go of Melodie’s forearm, Tanya pushed down with her arms to try and relieve the pressure as she struggled to get her knees under her and push her curvy hips up from the mats.

Melodie struggled to hook her legs around her foe’s as the other woman fought to push herself up. She managed to snake her left leg back around Tanya’s thigh, hooking her foot on the calf and grunted as she tried to jerk her leg out. Half risen, Tanya lost her balance and fell down on her left hip. Melodie’s right leg hooked over Tanya’s. Both women struggled, their naked bodies pressed together as Melodie now gripped her left elbow with her right hand and increased the pressure on her rival’s throat. She detected a slight gurgle in the resulting grunt from Tanya and felt a ebbing in the other woman’s strength.

“Almost done, career girl,” she cooed in the other woman’s ear, her breathy voice barely audible over the light hiss of their masks as they rubbed together. She licked the material covering the Tanya’s ear and purred. “Thought you were so strong, didn’t you; felt so confident, so sure that you would humiliate the housewife. Now you’re trapped. Maybe you wake up after I’m done, maybe you don’t.”

Melodie’s heart skipped a beat as she uttered the last sentence. It was meant only as a taunt, but she felt a thrill flow through her body as she realized that power was hers.

Tanya felt fear. Her hand was about to tap the bulging forearm of her opponent as her words slowly twisted in her consciousness like a deadly snake. She gasped, struggling to breathe and feeling herself starting to slip away. As the words from Melodie sunk in, she suddenly realized that there would be no tapping out in this encounter. Barely thinking, her hand slithered down along her side, hiding her intention from her foe until it paused by her hip. Tanya shoved her ass into Melodie, pushing her back just a bit, then pulled away. Her hand shot into the small gap between them before Melodie could press back and now she roughly gripped her foe’s sex. Desperately, blindly, her middle finger probed for the puffy lips and then forced itself between them. Melodie’s hold slackened for just a second, and Tanya felt the other woman’s head jerk away from beside hers as the tawny fighter bellowed in shock. Tensing her neck and shoulders, Tanya drove her head straight backwards and grunted in pain as it rammed into the masked face of her nemesis.

Melodie felt a growing excitement as her foe weakened. Her hips writhed into the thick, pliable meat of the other woman’s ass, stealing a pleasure from her enemy even as she was stealing her power. She was starting to reach the edge of more than just victory. Suddenly the pale woman bucked against her. Then there was a star burst of violating pain as Melodie’s increasingly engorged folds were suddenly mauled. Then there was a further shock as her aroused sex was roughly penetrated. Screaming, Melodie felt her hold weaken as a blind instinct to get away overrode her mind. This was followed by a sharp crack and a lightning bolt of agony. The mask provided a bit of protection, but Melodie felt her nose burst as the blow hit, tears exploding from her eyes, blinding her completely as the shockwave stole the strength from her body and she found herself groping weakly for an opponent that seemed to evaporate from her grip. Hands clutched only air as Melodie rolled over onto her back.

Tanya grunted as she felt a harsh jolt of pain. For a moment she felt sickly dizzy and a fresh taste of blood in her mouth warned that her desperate attempt to escape came with a price. But she did escape! The stranglehold disappeared as her enemy’s arm seemed to lose strength for a moment. Mind screaming that she needed to move quickly, she planted both hands and pushed away from the limp form beside her, twisting her shoulders and hips as she rolled up to her knees. Coughing, she turned to face her foe. Melodie lay on her back, hands covering her face. Still gasping for air, Tanya stumbled up to her feet and backed up a couple steps. She knew she needed to attack, press her advantage, but it was if her mind was shrouded in fog and she couldn’t think of anything except buying time to gather herself.

Melodie curled into a ball. Shock and pain radiated through her body, making it was impossible to think. Unable to wipe the tears that flooded her eyes due to her mask, she shook her head and furiously blinked over and over. The head movement made her feel sick as she tasted the blood that streamed from her nose. Her mask became her enemy as it made it more difficult to wipe away. She felt exposed and vulnerable, open to any attack that this other woman— this BITCH—might try. A fear she never felt before flowed through her veins. With panicked energy, she forced herself up to her feet as she desperately looked about to find the other woman.

The two women silently eyed each other, chests rising and falling, both realizing that they had bloodied the other. The hatred both carried before they even met fanned into an even greater heat, but—for a moment—they could not act on those emotions.

“I should have known that you’d resort to a perverted, lesbian attack,” Melodie hissed at the other woman, needing to vent some of the feelings rushing through her mind. “Did it get you off when you mauled my pussy?”

“You mean like how you attacked me? And I should have known that a repressed brood cow like you would already be wet when I touched you,” Tanya hissed back. Her eyes hotly devoured the nude body of the woman facing her, and her pale cheeks—hidden by her mask—flushed as she realized that it was not just to try and identify a weak spot. “Is that why you came here, bitch? Are you just finding a sick way to give into feelings your little life won’t let you express? Is this what you think about when you tuck those precious little kids into bed?”

Melodie’s mask could hide the shocked expression that rippled across her face like a sudden microburst of emotion, but it could not hide the sharp intake of breath and she feared that the sudden ooze of fluids from her pussy was somehow obvious as well. She clenched her fists and the two women poised to lunge, but neither could quite summon the energy yet.

“Don’t think I can’t tell how much this is turning you on, you wanton slut,” Melodie hissed back, hating the ragged, husky rasp in her voice. “Is that why you’re a home wrecker? You need to destroy the things you can’t have? Do you already know that trying to have a real relationship with a man will just reveal your filthy little secret?”

A gasp escaped Tanya’s lips before she could stifle it. She felt a lava-like flow of shame, anger and arousal move through her body and turn into a hot, thick seepage of fluids from her engorged pussy. Her pale cheeks and upper chest flushed, the latter obvious against her sweaty, bruised skin.

Both women lunged together with cries of rage and frustration. Their naked bodies slammed into a mass of flesh, arms circling around each other’s bodies as the cries turned into choked moans as they felt skin on skin. Bruised lips mashed together in a rough kiss and their tongues tangled like snakes. With one arm laced inside her foe’s and the other outside, neither woman could exert all the pressure they wanted with their bearhugs. Their first kiss was broken by an abrupt grunt of pain as their upper bodies twisted against each other and hard nipples dug deeply into battered breasts.

“I hate you,” Melodie gasped during this brief pause, her voice quivering with uncontrollable emotion and labored breathing.

“I hate you even more,” Tanya panted back, her voice betraying the mix of emotions that she could no longer contain.

Both women shuddered and groaned, feeling a sense of release in those words as their lips found each other again. Hands slapped and roughly groped as they ground their bodies together. Fingers clenched into fists and short, hard punches dug into ribs and sides while stinging slaps cracked against ass cheeks and backs. Shame over what they were doing pulsed through their bodies, but nothing could break apart the hot kiss and sloppy tongue war that erupted between them. Thick, ropes of saliva drooled from their bruised lips and dripped from their chins as their feet shifted, both committed to push her body harder into the other woman’s. Stumbling, they finally gave into impulses they hated but could not control and they slipped down to the ground, a thigh slipping between a foe’s legs and both groaning as they felt hot, slick skin rubbing into their sex as their bodies rocked from side to side, then slowly rolled over and over.

Slowly revolving on top of her nameless enemy, Melodie broke off their fevered kiss. Throwing another punch into the her rival’s ribs, she gasped for air, no longer able to breathe through her nose. She looked down and saw that her bright red lipstick smeared over the plump lips of type other woman, mixing with her black lipstick and creating a swirled, sweaty mess. She assumed her lips looked the same and that fact enraged her.

“Everything about you is filthy,” she panted, her hips still writhing into the other woman, escalating the war between their sexes since she could not continue their kiss fight. “You make everything you touch disgusting.”

Recovering from the punch, Tanya fired her own fist back up into Melodie’s left side, making the other woman groan. She pushed up with her hips, her left hand gripping the back of Melodie’s mask, pulling her face back down and forcing the tawny skinned woman into another suffocating kiss. She shoved her tongue deep in the other woman’s mouth and slowly turned them over. Once on top, she started to use her weight and mouth to make it impossible for Melodie to breathe. She moaned as the rising sense of pleasure flowing through her, twisting with the embedded hatred that always simmered in her mind like two snakes tangling in a furious death struggle.

Fighting just to breathe, Melodie tried to control herself and not give into panicked thrashing that would only weaken her further. She shifted and twisted under her opponent. Thick saliva filled her mouth, making her feel like she was drowning as she struggled to breathe. She tangled her legs with Tanya’s, grinding up into her, gasping as the molten pleasure spread through her body from their naked contact even as she started to feel lightheaded. Desperate, she finally bit Tanya’s tongue, making the other woman jerk back. It gave her enough space to push her hands up under the other woman’s chin and force her lips away. Sliding her right forearm across her foe’s throat, Melodie reached her left hand around up and gripped the lacing of her mask. Grabbing her left forearm finished off the hold, her lips twisted in a wicked grin of smeared lipstick, sweat and blood as her rival’s own weight assisted her choke hold.There was a hard punch to her side, then another, and Melodie groaned in pain. Realizing she couldn’t continue to take this sort of punishment, Melodie grabbed Tanya’s mask with both hands and twisted their bodies over onto their sides. The two women paused for just a second, then Melodie broke her hold and slammed the palm of her right hand into the black mask of her foe. There was a satisfying smack and groan from her enemy as Melodie pushed away, suddenly revolted by the body to body contact she had just taken part in.

Tanya fought a wave of panic as she felt the powerful choke hold applied. She resisted the urge to futilely grab at the forearm of the other woman, knowing she could not pry that hold apart. Instead she balled up her fists and began to fire hard, short punches into the tawny skinned woman’s side. Each blow earned a loud grunt and she knew that she was hurting her rival. The pressure eased, then she was blinded by her foe’s hand as they rolled over onto their sides. Tanya managed to get one gulp of fresh air before the other woman’s hand slammed into her nose. Now it was her turn to feel the flashing shock and pain. Tears filled her eyes as her head snapped back and as she felt the tawny skinned woman’s body slither away from her. Stunned and shaking her head, she blindly rolled, desperately trying to clear her head and eyes. Groaning, she slowly pushed up from the floor, her left hand behind her as she backed up until she felt the wall. Blinking furiously, she managed to clear her eyes of tears and see the other woman as her open mouth gulped down air.

The two women stared at each other. Initially they both brought their secret, hidden hatred for a type of person with them. Now it was now laser focused on an individual. They both were injured and the fight, which had started with a level of skill and precision to their attacks collapsed into a brutal, physical war. Lines had been crossed. Both were hurt and panting for breath like panicked animals. Tanya licked a trickle of blood from her upper lip, tasting the copper, but also the salty sweat and the smeared lipstick from both their lips. She felt the surface of the mats glued to the wall lightly brush against her fingertips as she slowly rose, sliding to the right as she moved. The naked body of the masked woman she had been battling slowly shuffled to maintain the same distance. The only features Tanya could see were the bruised, bloody lips and chin. She did not know this woman. She could never identify her on the street if they were to meet. Smiling, Tanya stepped away from the wall, crouching and raising her hands before her. She had never felt so free.

Melodie watched her opponent, her firm boobs rising and falling with each breath. Both women had to breathe through opened mouths now. When the woman in the black mask smiled, flashing her pearly white teeth like a predator, Melodie smiled back. She also crouched, hands up. There was a slight scraping sound as taped feet shuffled over the mats. Both women struggled to suppress a sigh as they locked up again. They stared into the featureless mask of their foe, as their fingers gripped and squeezed bare flesh, testing the strength and will of the other woman as they twisted shoulders and shifted their feet.

Tanya’s fingers probed, her eyes devouring the naked form of her foe—not just out of the sense of lust that she could not hide any more—but to try and understand her next move. This woman had been quicker than her; countering and initiating; ripping control from her. She felt an almost fearful need to do something, seize control and finally bring this hellcat down. She timed her movement for the moment when her foe twisted her right shoulder forward, dipping down and stepping forward with her right foot. Tanya stepped back, moving with her. Her left hand gripped the strong right bicep of her enemy and pulled her forward, using her momentum against her as she twisted to the side. A sharp, snapping shake of her right arm tore it free from Melodie’s grasp and she wrapped it hard around the back of the other woman’s head. Spreading her feet and leaning back, Tanya pressed her upper body weight down on the back of the neck and head of her foe as she wrapped her up into a headlock. Twisting Melodie’s chin and mouth into her side, she tightening her forearm against the covered ear of her foe and squeezed as she twisted Melodie around in a half circle.

In a heightened state, Melodie felt like the world shifted under her feet as she was pulled slightly off balance. Tanya’s arm clubbed against the side of her head and then felt like a python as it slipped around her head and squeezed. Her injured nose throbbed in pain as her head was twisted and it was ground into the hot, sweaty side of the pale woman. The taste of warm sweat smeared over her lips and she gasped as the thick smell of her opponent assaulted her wounded nostrils and she was pressed into darkness, struggling to breathe. Her fingers dug futilely along the flesh of her foe’s back and ass, looking for any place where she could inflict pain. Pulling back her hand, she bent her wrist and delivered damply smacking palm strike after palm strike into Tanya’s back, blindly aiming for organs not protected by ribs. The sound of each blow earned a grunt from her opponent, but Melodie realized that this would not free her. Sensing her next move, Tanya pressed her thighs together so that Melodie could not reach between her legs and attack her sex. It lessened some of the pressure, but she was still able to jam Melodie’s face into her side, grinding her nose so that jolts of pain shot through her body while she struggled to breathe. Off balance and stumbling, Melodie felt as if the very room was shrinking, suffocating her.

The thudding sounds of repeated palm strikes echoed through the room. Tanya jerked the tawny woman toward the wall, an internal clock ticking, warning her that continuing to use this hold would just give her rival a chance to gather herself and figure out a counter. Feeling her own pain, Tanya knew she could not continue to trade punishment with this woman. She had to end this now. Grinding her arm into the side of Melodie’s head, pressing her tighter into her ribs, Tanya suddenly skipped quickly and sprang toward the nearest wall. She measured the distance in her mind so that her legs did not extend to full length as her taped feet met the mat on the wall. Taking short, quick steps and using Melodie’s stumbling body to provide support, Tanya sprinted along the wall for five steps, building up speed as her breasts bounced and her thighs rippled with power. Sensing that the staggering tawny woman was about to fall, she pushed off hard from the wall, sending them both plummeting to the mats on the floor. Twisting as they went down, Tanya aimed her foe’s head toward the mats and there was a loud, thud as they hit. The shock of the blow ran up through Tanya’s arm to her shoulder in a violent wave of pain that took all the strength from that side. She felt Melodie’s body arch up straight above her, then fall back down to the mat. Groaning, she rolled away. When she managed to get her feet under her and rise on shaky feet, her arm hung limply, a prickling numbness wrapping around it like a blanket. If Melodie moved, she would be defenseless. But the other woman still lay face down, arms and legs splayed out.

Her face grinding into the sweaty side of her foe, Melodie could only feel the other woman’s movements. Her bruised lips tasted the oil and sweat covering the pale woman’s body as she struggled to keep up. The tawny woman’s arms flailed wildly as she instinctively tried to keep her balance, but her feet were slipping out from under her. Then there was a dark, hurtling second before the horrifically stunning blow to her head struck as the two women crashed down to the mats. Dazed, Melodie could not even feel the pain yet as her consciousness struggled to remain barely afloat in a swirling sea of darkness. More from some remaining survival instinct rather than some active decision, her hands and knees tried to push up against the mats, but she could not summon the strength. Gasping for air, she paused for just a moment to try and gather herself for another attempt, barely aware of the hands that gripped the sides of her mask and turned her head.

Tanya scooted across the floor, covering the distance between her and Melodie like a predator moving in for the kill. Twisting onto her hip and facing her rival’s feet, she gripped Melodie’s head, cradling it in her hands as she lifted it up so that her left leg could slide underneath and her right wrapped around the top of the motionless woman. She tugged on the mask, pulling Melodie’s face up until her nose pressed into her bare ass. She crooked her left leg up and pressed it tight up behind her right knee. Grunting with effort, she flexed her thighs, bending her left leg to tighten the scissor hold with a pulse of power. There was a barely audible sound from Melodie, but it was drown out by the gasp that came from Tanya’s bloodied lips. Rocking her hips, she slowly ground her plump, swollen folds and naked, sweaty ass into the masked face of her opponent. Soft leather just above the lips of the mask spread her open and the bridge of the nose piece split her lips, forcing its way into her and making the pale woman release a sharp, shocked yip of pleasure. Sliding back down, she felt the nosepiece track along her crack until she moaned as it pressed against her puckered bud.

Barely conscious, Melodie barely registered what was happening at first. Her body barely responded to commands to move and her world was dark. That suddenly changed as she felt a hard slap connect between her legs. Her hips jerked from the contact and it was as if her entire body was jumpstarted by the rippling shock of the impact. Strong fingers probed her swollen mound and she shuddered and tried to gasp as they dug into the firm but yielding folds of her tight pussy. A wave of shame flowed over her, surpassing the shocked impulses of pleasure that echoed out from her soaked pussy and spread like a disgraced flower through her body. Tears sprang from her hidden eyes as she bit her lower lip and groaned, a failed attempt to stifle a louder moan of pleasure as her hips betrayed her and began to rock against Tanya’s forceful touch. She felt a taped thumb flick against her swelling clit and her entire body shuddered. The hurt from the degradation of being exposed and exploited by her enemy surpassed any pain Tanya physically inflicted and it was a humiliating matter of only a few moments before the pale woman had her gasping and writhing through the most agonizingly pleasurable orgasm that Melodie ever felt.

Feeling her defeated enemy surrender in a manner almost too primitive to be understood, Tanya groaned, finally giving into the pleasure she earned in this small, stuffy room. Her body ached. She knew it would be days before the marks from this fight would begin to fade. Yet as her hips began to move, the deepening surges of pleasure that she had been previously struggling to control during the fight finally had their way with her and made it all seem worth while. There was a muffled scream as she felt Melodie’s soft tongue flick out to not only taste her pussy, but to tease her tight pucker as well. Tanya could not tell if it came from her or the tawny woman that she had tamed. She teased and tortured the other woman’s sex. She chose to ease the pressure of her legs, then slowing the grind of her own hips to drag out the inevitable just a bit longer. She felt hands grip her thighs, claws digging in as Melodie tried to survive this slow, hellish ride. Tanya slapped her pussy again, laughing as she felt the lurch of the other woman’s body. Melodie, barely aware of what was happening now, moaned as her hot gasps for air gushed over Tanya’s pussy and pushed her opponent into an shattering orgasm.

Gasping and moaning, Tanya’s hips moved without her control. Her body took what belonged to it. She screamed as the orgasm finally rocked her body. Seismic spasms of muscles spread out from her core, flowed through her body, curling fingers and toes as she collapsed on her side. Sobbing at the release of such primitive passions and the pent up emotions of the fight, Tanya twisted and writhed, forcibly kicking away the body of the other woman as she curled into a tight ball and laid on the floor alone.

When she could finally move, Tanya rolled up to a sitting position, then struggled up to her feet. The other woman lay still, cast off and face down on the mats. Staring, Tanya finally discerned a slow, slight, rhythmic movement along her sides. The pale woman walked to her, reaching down and struggling with the knot holding the snug laces in place along the back of the mask. Spreading open the tightly cinched sides, Tanya wiggled the mask, slowly working it off the head of her rival. Long blonde hair, matted with sweat and being confined in the mask, spread out. Melodie did not move. Tanya got to her feet, looking at the mask, then at the prone body before her. For a moment she was tempted to roll the other woman over, see her face. But she finally turned and moved slowly toward the door she entered what seemed like a lifetime ago. The woman on the floor was just a piece of meat to her now. A detail she would leave for the service to resolve.

The End

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