Captain Monty J Falcon and the Creatures in the Forest by Claire Bear

Log Entry 832-1

Captain Monty J.Falcon

The ship survived the storm, but just barely. The right wing had been trimmed a little too short for comfort and the hull is breached in three different places. If I am to leave this planet, I am going to have to track down materials.

Before the ship hit the gravity storm, it indicated the planet was called Ultar. The air is breathable. There is water. But no word on life forms. I am detaching the ships log and bringing it along to gather data. More to follow shortly.

Log Entry 832-2

Captain Monty J Falcon

Not much to speak of regarding intelligent life. It has been several hours since my last entry…reminds me of confessional…forgive me oh great galactic federation, it has been three hours since my last confession…

Must make jokes to keep my spirits high. The situation, at the moment, seems dire.

Log Entry 832-3

Captain Monty J Falcon

The topography contains plenty of water and vegetation, but very little in the way of

sustenance. The good news is that I have discovered evidence of intelligent life. Back in school, we learned that one of the earliest mistakes the human race made was to develop agriculture. It was said to lead us to an finite dependency.

Well it looks like whoever lives here is just as stupid as we are!

Rows and rows of crop have been planted along the bank of a river. I am leaving a sample in the ship for analysis and should have the result in the next few hours. What I can tell you is that it is not a pleasant taste.

There are woods near the river and they are my next step. Perhaps the farmers have made the woods their home.

Log Entry 835-1

Capitan Monty J Falcon

It had been three days since I entered the forest. Not woods at all…but a fucking forest.

Lovely, Dark. And deep as hell. I got too bold and didn’t turn back to see the light fading behind me and now…

Now I am being hunted.

There is something in here that is tracking me down and I don’t know what it is. I heard it just as I realised I was lost that first night; a sort of growling deep in the woods behind me. I ran and burrowed into a fox hole. From there, I have crept through the woods at a maddeningly slow pace, hoping to keep the creature off my trail.

But everytime I think I have lost it, I hear he wail of the thing again. With no compass, canteen, or rations, I can only hope that starvation will spare me from the death such a monster will have in store for me.

Log Entry 835-1

Captain Monty J Falcon

Thank the gods. I am back. I’ve managed to seal the door to the ship and can finally sleep. Once I have recovered…I have to tell…what …I…

Log Entry 835-2

Captain Monty J Falcon

Passed out. No wonder; my system has been in shock for days, not to mention the things I have seen in the last twenty four hours. I will try to recp them as best I can. I am still not within my right mind and may say some things that…well…sound odd.

For the first time in three days, I saw the thing that had been stalking me.

I had hidden in a fox hole just across from a river bank. My hope, again, was to hide my scent using the river and for a time, it seemed to be working. But then, through the underbrush across the river, I saw her.

At first, I thought it was a woman. And what a woman she would have been…

She crawled out of the brush on her hands and knees and I swear, if I had been at a club back home, she would have had the most amazing figure I have ever seen; petite, save for her round ass and her heavy breasts. But then I noticed that the red hair on her head continued down her entire body in a fine down, the skin underneath visible, yet protected.

She went to a tree, stood, and began to rake at a tree with her nails. Her nails turned the

bark of the tree into ribbons.And as she stretched under the tree, I saw that her face had a strange feline quality to it that reminded me of a lioness on the prowl.

That was when I realized that she was the thing pursuing me and I let out a hopeless moan. She must have heard me because suddenly her ears — slightly pointed–twitched and she turned to look directly toward my hiding spot. I threw a hand to my mouth and tried not to breath. Her deep emerald eyes looked right at me, I am sure.

She crept up to the edge of the river bed and at that moment I knew I was going to be torn to shreds by this strange catwoman.

But then, something lowered itself from the branches above her.

It was another catwoman, this one nearly yellow in color with amber eyes and the same, perfect figure. It was then I caught a whiff of something on the wind. A smell I remember from my last journey to the Planet of the Amazons. The sell of a woman in heat.

The red catwoman must have smelled it two, for she spun around and hissed at the interloper. When she turned, the smell grew stronger and I suddenly realized that there was about to be a pretty serious catfight.

The two began to circle each other, not taking their eyes off one another as they slowly began to close the gap between them. The hair on the back of their necks stood up on end and they began to hiss as they neared each other.

Red was the first to attack, clearly pissed off that her hunt for a mate had led her to a challenger. She swung her hand out and slapped the blonde across the face. This must have been a warning because her razor sharp nails didn’t leave any marks on the other’s face.

Blondie wasn’t as friendly. She slashed her right hand across Red’s chest, leaving a vicious mark across her perfect breasts. Red howled and then lunged for Blondie, wrapping her hands around her throat. Blondie buried her hands in her opponent’s mane of red hair and the two began to struggle along the rocky bank.

It was around this time I felt myself get hard. Normally I would have welcomed such a seen and my reaction, but if I let myself get too excited the two cat women would forget their quarrel and detect me, Whether I was to be ate or mate, I didn’t want to find out.

One of Blondie’s hands went from the thick mane of red hair and began to drag down the side of Red’s face. Red shrieked and sank her nails into the back of Blondie’s neck. Blondie yowled and then drove Red into the tree above them, driving the air out of her lungs. Red released her hold on Blondie’s neck and moved her grasp to the two, large orbs on Blondie’s chest.

Blondie screamed and began to attack Red’s own large tits. Their nails sank viciously into the tit flesh beneath the thin fur and the two cat women. For a moment, it was like being at a bar back on Earth. It seems that no matter what planet you are on, humanoid women love to ruin each other’s breasts.

Blondie’s large tits were mashed up to her chin, blood trickling down in five little lines while Red’s were being pulled down to her stomach, the nipples half carved through. As they mauled their breasts, their legs worked hard to wrap around the other, desperately trying to get the other to the ground.

Then, Red lunged forward and bit into Blondie’s right breast. That was enough to get break the stalemate and the two fell to the ground, rolling across the stones as they continued to mashe their tits into the ground and scratch at each other’s face.

Soon, Blondie overpowered Red and managed to wrap her legs around her body, and began to maul her breasts from behind with one hand. The other hand was pulling her hair back, allowing her to sink her teeth into her neck. It looked like Red was done for, her thin fur matted down with her blood.

But then she drove a hand behind her back and sank her claws into Blondie’s,,,pussy…I suppose that is the best name for it… Blondie cried out in agony, releasing her throat and tits and going straight for Red’s bare cunt. The two rolled around on the ground like that for a time,

Blondie wrapped around Red’s back while she clawed at her pussy. But soon, they were back on even footing, facing each other, claws buddied in cunt and faces.

The fight took an interesting turn when they rolled into the river’s edge. As soon as the water hit them, they began to scream so loudly and violently that I thought they were about to die. But then Red grabbed hold of Blondie’s head and shoved it into the water. Blondie went wild; she began to scramble among the stony shore, kicking the rocks and driving divots into the earth, her attacks on Red forgotten.

Red struggled to hold her opponent under the water, but seemed to relish even a single drop of water touching her. If Blondie’s splashing caught her she looked ready to die of fright.

The fight looked like it would be over soon, but then Blondie scrapped up a rock and drove it into Red’s knee, making a terrible sound. Red fell back, howling and Blondie’s head appeared once more, drenched and frightened. She darted away from Red before catching her breath and then, with a wail of pure anger and hatred, she pounced on to her rival and the two began to tear into each other even worse than before.

Patches of fur and skin flew into the air, blood streaked the ground, and screams became hisses on the wind.

Blondie managed to rip Red’s right nipple off with her teeth. Red had torn a large chunk of flesh from Blondie’s ass. Both were now going to work on the other’s pussy, ripping, tearing, scratching, biting.

I was hard…god so hard. I couldn’t help it. The ferocity…the bestial hatred…it was so fucking hot.

Red, seemingly had enough cunt trama, grabbed Blondie’s wrists and the two struggled near the water’s edge. Blondie was reaching for Red’s eyes and Red was holding her back…but only just. Red tucked her head and latched on to Blondie’s breast with her razor-sharp teeth and began to rend her flesh.

Blondie slamme her chest down onto Red’s face, driving her head into the hard stones,

Making her weaker with each blow. And though Red claimed one of her nipples, Blondie managed to force Red to release her breast and her hands.

Blood oozed from the back of Red’s head and her actions were weak and slow. Blondie reached down with her nails and pressed them hard into Red’s face. The cat woman shrieked and spat, reaching up with her own claws, but only managing to leave a few marks on her enemy’s skin.

When Blondie pulled her hands up, filled with blood and jelly, I knew the fight was over then. Red was screaming, clutching at her eyes and rolling beneath her opponent, Blondie stood up, grabbed Red by the hair and dragged her to the water’s edge. Then, she sat on her opponent and pressed her face into the water.

Red struggled to the end. In her final death throws, she managed to grab hold of Blondie and drag her into the river with her. That sent them both down the river a pace until Blondie, traumatized and howling like a maniac, pulled herself ashore, Red’s lifeless body drifting away.

Blondie was near dead herself; she had lost half of one tit, her face was a wreck as was her ass and her pussy. She yowled in agony as she caught her breath and clutched at her wounds.

I had to leave then. Risking her seeing me, I bolted out of the hole and up the bank. It was all too likely that she knew where I was and was waiting to strike when she could manage. I ran as fast as I could, my hard cock getting in the way more times than I care to mention.

But, blessedly, as the sun began to set, I found myself back at the field and soon, on my ship.

I am not proud to say this, but the first thing I did when I woke was to pleasure myself to the memory of those two cat creatures ripping each other apart.

I wonder if the natives know about the monsters in that forest. I wonder how many of them have fallen to either their hunger for food or for lust. Perhaps they will be able to answer

my questions when I find them.

Log Entry 835-2

Captain Monty J Falcon

The analysis of the crop being grown in the field has returned, leaving me with a dread that I fear will not leave me. If I am to get off of this planet, it is almost assured that I will have to encounter the natives again and that fills me with dread.

I say again, because the plant that was being grown in such perfect rows in that field was a common variety of Catnip.

God save me.

The End.

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