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CatGirl Anna’s Stories

A Teasing Piece From Our Author

It was wrong.

We both knew it. We both felt it.

That first glance, when my eyes met yours. It lasted too long. All the rules say don’t stare. They say do not let your eyes drift over the body of another person. It demeans them. It treats them as if they were an object, not a human due a basic level of respect.

But we did it anyway. I felt you staring. I felt your eyes move over my body; observing, judging. You did not treat me like a person, or even an object. You treated me like a piece of meat. And I did the same to you.

Was that a scratch? Did one of your fingernails just drag over my skin as you passed? Did the slow, exaggerated sway of your hips make one of your fleshy cheeks mash against mine? Did that brief collision of flesh cause your scent to be smeared over mine?

I should ignore you. Ignore the invasion of my space.

But I don’t. I turn. I follow.

We know we shouldn’t.

But we will.

CatGirl Anna AKA Dahlia Daggerheart

CatGirl Anna’s Stories

Porcelain Dolls

We wrestled on the bed. Our mouths became weapons, moving from furious kisses to licking and sucking on neck, tits and any other part that became available. Our bodies dripped sweat as we panted and twisted around each other like snakes. Fingers sought out pussies and we moaned as they teased and forced another orgasm from each of us. I grabbed the wild mass of matted, sweat soaked hair and tugged, twisting us around. She glared down at my oozing mound with disgust, slapping my engorged folds and spitting on me.

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The Competition

Their eyes locked and their mutual hatred burned like a raging fire. Panting from the effort, Kaci rolled her shoulders, dragging stiff nipples over the Latina’s soft boobs. Maria squirmed in discomfort and looped her arms under Kaci’s arms and gripped the top of the pale skinned woman’s shoulders, pulling her tight and somewhat down so that her nipples stabbed straight into those alabaster tits she hated so much. Noses touching, breath panting on each other’s cheeks, their legs tangled into another type of war. Icy blue and sultry brown eyes locked in a death glare as the battle turned into a straining, grunting, crushing power struggle between their proud bodies.

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Ewa vs. Bri

A co-written story by Rival’s Rapture and Catgirl Anna.

When a man and his obedient girlfriend head to their favorite bar and hunting grounds to pick up another sexy little thing to play with, they find far more than one ever wanted, and exactly what the other was desperate for.

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The Glint in the Doll’s Eyes

A Sequel to Porcelain Dolls

“Fucking lesbo bitch!” I screamed as she slowly forced me to sit up on her body. I grabbed at her throat and choked her with both hands, still trying to weaken her even as her strength was slowly taking control.

“Cunt, you’re the one that decided to go after my aunt,” Katrina replied. With a hard thrust of her thick hips and a jerk of my hair that jerked my head to the side, she rolled us over and I felt her weight on me.

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Behind the Mask

Both women lunged together with cries of rage and frustration. Their naked bodies slammed into a mass of flesh, arms circling around each other’s bodies as the cries turned into choked moans as they felt skin on skin. Bruised lips mashed together in a rough kiss and their tongues tangled like snakes. With one arm laced inside her foe’s and the other outside, neither woman could exert all the pressure they wanted with their bearhugs. Their first kiss was broken by an abrupt grunt of pain as their upper bodies twisted against each other and hard nipples dug deeply into battered breasts.

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A Night at the Inn

A Game of Thrones Story

Struggling to hold her opponent, Arya braced her legs to hold both herself and the blonde and began a second punch. Ygraine’s right foot hooked around the brunette’s left left leg and her heel crashed down on the back of the brunette’s knee. With a yelp of pain, Arya’s balance crumbled like a collapsing building when the supports break. The blonde girl twisted her shoulders, pulling her opponent forward as she turned her flaring hips, riding her opponent down as she rammed Arya’s chest into the merciless red dirt.

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