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About the Author

Claire has been a fan of catfights since a very early age. Now she loves writing about them, pushing the limits of the imagination and perversion. She is very eager to write your wildest fantasies– fights to the death, fan fiction, battle royales–anything you want to see on the page, she will write it. Don’t believe her? Give these stories a read. 

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This author can be contacted and hired to make your fantasies come alive through her Patreon!

Why? Well….

The following Testimonials were from her old (now deleted) Fiverr :

“Amazing experience with this terrific writer! She has a such a way with words and she really brought the story to life! Will definitely be working with Claire again in the future!”genyhiggins

“Another great achievement. Always happy to order again.”heinzhein

“Nice piece of writing, well thought out… Will definitely return again…”kuwano

“fantastic Clairebear is in a class of her own when it comes to story tellingernestdiaz

“Wrote a brilliant story” — mattestlenom

“You are absolutely an amazing creative writer. The finished story was much more than I could have expected. Thank you.”artoftyme

“Very good writing style, crafty and attention to detail. Highly recommend to others out there who are waiting for their fantasies to be put to words.”nadzash

And that’s just a handful of her testimonials!

Claire Bear’s Stories

A commission where. Cat women fight to the death. 

Click Here to Read It

A very racially charged commission. Violent. 

Click Here to Read It

A Commission including many Disney Princesses in a tight pit, fighting to the death. 

Click Here to Read It

A commission about a family curse and the fight that led them to it.

Click Here to Read It

A very violent, unrealistic commission about a titfight to the death. 

Click Here to Read It

A spin off of a series I am writing for a client about the world of tit fighting. 

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