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Curious George by Diane Smith

Did you ever have one of those friends that you just can’t get along with? That was my neighbor Ann, George’s wife. I don’t know how the hell he put up with her. No matter what either of us said the other disputed it. If I said it was a nice day Ann would counter with “its probably going to rain”. If Ann said she liked something I would find faults with it. We grated on each other sometimes close to the point of physical altercations.

We lived on a nice cul-de-sac along with a few other houses and we all got along great with the exception of Ann and I. George put up with our bickering, he was a Saint.

The tension between Ann and I came to a boiling point one night at a neighbors party. Several glasses of champagne only fueled the fire that was building between us for a long time. 

Oh I should mention that we are not at all spring chickens. Ann is 61 yrs old, 5’6″ 155lbs with a 38C chest, and dirty blonde hair to her shoulders.. Me, Diane, 56yrs old, 5’3″ 135lbs with a 36C breasts size and dark brown hair to the middle of my back. AS I said we were at a neighbors and having a good time with everyone as long as she and I didn’t have to chat with each other. It so happened that George across the room caught sight of Ann and I at the bar at the same time. He expected a heated conversation to start about who knows what subject, he thinks we just liked to argue. What he didn’t expect was seeing me reach out and grab Ann’s forearm and her grab my other wrist. From where he was the conversation seemed to be getting a little out of hand. As he started across the room to smooth things over Ann and I turned and went thru a doorway into the kitchen. George followed and by the time he got to the kitchen door he could hear us.

“Your just a fucking cunt and you know it”

” And you’re a fucking whore you bitch”

“Maybe I should shut that fucking pie hole of yours”

“Ohhh I would love to have you try that bitch”

George opened the door a crack and peeked in. is eyes opened wide as he saw Ann and I with a tight grip on each other’s wrists standing chest to chest. We were obviously straining against each other as our arms went this way and that. 

“Break them up” the thought flashed thru George’s mind, but he was rooted in his spot. I managed to turn Ann sideways and get her against the fridge pushing into her. Our arm went up over our heads and we grunted struggling. Ann turned me around and got me against the counter trying to bend me over backwards. George was stunned but getting very excited to see his wife and this sexy neighbor struggling like this. 

“Come on Ann” he whispered to himself. 

Ann and I twisted our arms to the side and broke apart. I stepped away from her both of us breathing heavy. Ann’s hands were out ready to go again. Although the alcohol probably got us to this point, sanity poked through. 

“We can’t do this here” Ann said. “We’ll get caught”

I nodded in agreement. “But you’re not getting away with this” I added.

“Says you” She replied., ” I have been wanting to do this to you for such a long time”

“Now’s your chance” I said putting my hands up.

“Why don’t’ you come over to our house tomorrow after George goes off to work and we’ll settle this once and for all?”

I put my hands down and George almost fell through the doorway.

“You want me to come over to your house and fight you”

“If you’re not afraid”

“Oh don’t worry I will be there bitch”

I pushed past Ann heading back to the party. George quickly ducked away. Ann came back to the party and found George. She was still breathing a little heavy. 

“You Ok” George asked pretending not to know anything.

“Yes, I’m fine” she said. “If you’re ready I think we should go”

The next morning I went thru my closet looking for something to wear to Ann’s house. She hadn’t mentioned attire but I wasn’t going to ruin any clothes. I found an old yellow sundress that I hadn’t wore in years. It zipped up the back was very low cut and short sleeves. I tried it on and found it to be a little snug. Especially around the breasts. I knew it wasn’t going to last long if we really got into it but it was old. I left my bra off but put on skimpy panties and heels. I put my hair back in a loose braid. Looking in the mirror I thought I looked pretty hot. I checked out the window and saw George’s car still in the driveway. Just in case one of the neighbors was looking I put on a long trench coat to hide the tight yellow sundress. 

“Maybe I’ll stay home today” George yelled out. 

Ann came running in the bedroom in her PJ’s and robe. 

“Why would you stay home” she blurted out.

“Oh I don’t know just to be with you” He took Ann in his arms and thought about what was going to happen. He felt an erection growing. 

“Ok, Ok I’m on my way” He gave Ann a kiss and headed down stairs and out through the garage. He got in his car and pulled out heading down the street. A short distance away he pulled over to the curb and watched in his rearview mirror. 
Ann watched form upstairs as the car pulled away. Then she went to her closet and pulled out the white dress. It too was old but fit her better then my dress fit me. It was off the shoulder, sleeveless, very low cut showing a good amount of her 38C’s and very tight around her waist and hips. She pulled on heels and went down stairs.
I waited a bit after seeing George pull away before going out the door. I checked the neighborhood making sure no one was outside before hurrying across the street to Ann’s house.

Down the street George watched in the mirror as I hurried across the street. he wondered what was under the trench coat. As I went up to the door he lost sight of me because of neighbors trees and bushes. Getting out he crossed the street and snuck along the front lawns hoping no one would see him.

I rang the doorbell hopping up and down….checking the street.

“Come on bitch open up”

The door opened and Ann stood there in that white tight dress. We took each other in before I bolted inside to get out of sight. Ann closed the door and I heard the lock engage. Ann strolled slowly over to me putting her hands on her hips in front of me looking me up and down.

“I didn’t think you would come” she said.

“Why not this won’t take me long.” I replied.

“Ha” she laughed taking her hand and flipping the front of my trench coat.

“Is this what you’re going to fight me in?”

I took a step back and pulled the coat open and off letting it drop to the tiled floor. Ann took in my tight yellow dress. I took a step back to her so we were almost touching breasts. My hand came out and grabbed her bare forearm. She gripped mine back tight. My other hand grabbed her upper arm and she locked onto mine and we started moving slowly, straining slowly applying a little pressure at a time. Our eyes remained locked on one another. The grips got tighter and now we started moving each other about. We started moving one another about our heels tapping on the tiled foyer floor. Our arms went out as we began breathing a little harder letting out small grunts and groans.

“Is this the best you got bitch”

“Ohhhh….ahhhhhhh…you cunt you”

“Oh I’m going to tear you apart bitch”

“Oh you bitch…you’re going to try”

Ann shoved me away.

“I have something for us first”

I was going to jump on her but I held back tossing my loose braid back behind me. Ann turned and led the way into the living room. I had never been in George and Ann’s house before. I took things in. The living room was white thick carpet. A fireplace. A large sectional sofa facing the fireplace the sofa was also white. A large coffee table of brass and wood sat in front of the sectional. The carpet ended as the room opened into a very large kitchen with a huge island. Ann went to the fridge and pulled out a picture of what appeared to be OJ. Then she popped open a bottle of champagne and dumped it in making Mimosas’. I strolled over to the stove where a huge pot was on. The pot contained meatballs and red sauce.

“You made us lunch too: I chided.

“No that’s for George. I had to make him think I did something today beside beat you up”

Next to the stove was a large bowl of fresh salad. Ann handed me a filled glass and said, “this way”

I followed her downstairs to the finished basement. The stairs came into a TV room. Another fireplace which there was a large TV hung over it. Facing the TV and fireplace was a large overstuffed beige colored sofa. Behind the sofa was a arched doorway to a room with two beds in it one bed on each side of the room with a night stand and lamp next to each. Another archway led into what appeared to be a game room. A pool table in the middle of the room. Along the sides were a pinball machine and a poker table with 4 chairs around it.

George made it to his front door without any neighbors seeing him. he knew Ann would have locked the front door so he went around to the garage side door which he had left unlocked. He entered the garage and made over to the door leading into the wash room and then into the kitchen. At the kitchen door he could hear Ann and I talking about the meatballs and sauce. he had missed the slight alteration in the foyer but his erection was already beginning. Peeking in he watched as we went down the stairs and slowly crept down.

Ann and I stood at the pool table, her on one side me at the top. We sipped our drinks. 

“Ok, bitch are you ready to get your ass kicked” Ann said setting down her drink on the pool table. 

I didn’t reply just set my drink down and came around the table. Ann met me and we went right for each other’s hair.

“Ohhh bitch.”

“Oh you bitch” Getting good handfuls we yanked and pulled. Ann quickly made work of my loose braid getting it undone. I forced he backwards onto the pool table bending her back over it knocking over her glass of champagne onto the table. Ann groaned as I tried to get my leg up and get on top of her on the table. I regripped her hair and she regripped mine. Standing with only one foot on the floor it was easy for Ann to get me of her. We stood back up pulling hair.

“Oh fuck”


Now she bent me backwards over the table and tried to climb on top of me. I fought her off and we stood up again.

“Oh you bitch my hair”

“I’m going to make you bald you bitch”

From his spot on the stairs George had a perfect view of the fight. His erection threatening to pop out the front of his pants. His hand trying to keep it in but only causing it to grow more.

I forced Ann backwards and against the wall hard making her yell out.


A couple pictures fell off the wall crashing to the floor and the glass shattering. Ann fought me off the wall and pulled me around bending me backwards onto the pinball machine. Above the snapping of my hair roots in my ears I heard or at least felt a tear or ripping somewhere on my dress. 

“Get off me you fucking cow!”

I toppled her backwards and onto the card table. As we rolled each other across the table I grabbed at her dress ripping it off her one shoulder. WE rolled off the table knocking over two of the chairs and going down on the floor wrestling. George had to stand up and come in a little to see us exposing himself if one of us should turn his way and look. Ann and I rolled each other over on the floor wrestling. I felt my dress coming apart at the seams but I had expected that. We picked each her up by the dresses ripping them more. I swung a fist and caught her under her eye knocking her backwards. George winced at the thought of Ann with a black eye.

“Oh, you fuck you”

As I went after her she kicked me in the shin. It wasn’t that bad as we both lost our heels at the start of the fight. I went back and she came at me swinging. We got into a short fist fight both of us landing good shots to the others faces. We were both going to be sporting some shiners and bruises.

We locked up again. I tried to get an arm around her neck to take her back down on the floor but she twisted out of it. Her next punch hit me in the breast. 


I grabbed my exposed tit. Ann slapped me hard across the face knocking me back against the pool table. She jumped on me and tried to get me up on the table to fight. I held her off and stood us up and we crashed into the wall hard. We went back into each others hair pulling. My long brown hair was a mass of knots and tangles as she dug into it. Her shorter hair was only a little better. We pulled and yanked one another into the TV room. I tried again to get her in a headlock but she again slipped out of it. George had to retreat back up the stairs a bit to avoid being seen. His pants were black hiding the wet stain now spreading across the front of them. 

Ann got me bent over the back of the sofa trying to topple us onto it to fight. At times my feet left the floor but I managed to keep us from going over the back of the sofa. Again I could hear fabric ripping although neither one of us was tearing it. I got her over and we stood up pulling hair. Round and round we turned each other kicking shins and trying to get good slaps to faces in. We were both breathing hard, panting out of breath. We go through the open archway into the bedroom and down on the bed on the left. I fight to get on top of Ann she rolls us over and we go off the bed to the floor. I pick her up and shove her onto the other bed diving on top of her. We get each other’s hair pulling. Ann fights us off to the floor wrestling. When we get up again we are both topless our torn dresses down under our breasts. We come together breast to breast rubbing them back and forth while yanking on each other’s hair. Both of us are really out of breath. Slaps are doing nothing to each other with no force behind them. The only thing we can do to each other now is pull hair. We come out of the bedroom and avoiding the sofa turn each other and go into the corner of the room. 


“Ahhhh…shit bitch……”

I try to ram my knee up into her cunt. She blocks it several times. I get flustered and shake her head back and forth then get an arm under her chin pressing. Ann claws at my forearm digging her nails in. From where George is on the steps he can see the red scratches she is leaving on my arm. He can also see that Ann is slumping down towards the floor. He is just about to interfere when I let her go and she slides to the floor holding her throat. I step back trying to catch my breath my huge breasts hanging down so George can see the hard erect nipples.

I finally stand up and wobble towards the stairs. George quickly retreats up the stairs to the kitchen and back towards the laundry room door. I come in the kitchen holding the walls for stability. I need water. I grab a glass from the cabinet and fill it from the sink drinking. I hear a noise behind me and spin around. Ann has made her way to the kitchen. I throw the glass at her which she ducks and it hits the wall shattering. I pick up the bowl of salad and throw it at her. She blocks it with her arm and it falls to the floor scattering the salad over the floor. It was a plastic bowl so it doesn’t break. Ann lets out a yell and rushes me. 

“I’ll kill you bitch”

We collide grabbing hair and hit against the stove. Ann hooks her leg around mine and bends us over at the waist. As we start to fall down I reach for support and grab the pot of meatballs and sauce pulling it off the stove and down on top of us. It is hot but not scalding. the sauce and meatballs spill all over us and the floor mixing with the salad.

“Ohhhhhh….ohhhh…you fucking bitch you”
I get over on top of her wrestling. She rolls me over getting on top grabbing my wrists and trying to pin me down. Her white dress turning a shade of red as is my yellow dress. I get her over pulling her now sauce covered hair. My long hair covered in the sauce, meatballs and bits of salad.


I pull what remains of her white dress off her.

“You fuck you…” Ann tears at my dress getting it off me. We throw the dresses at each other then go for one another grabbing skimpy underwear ripping them off leaving us both naked covered in the mess. 

George is behind the counter listening and cuming again and again picturing what we must look like. 

Over and over Ann and I roll locked in a tight embrace out of the kitchen and onto the white carpet. George sneaks a peek and sees the imprints our bodies leave on the tiled kitchen floor and then the white carpet. He almost lets out a yell of “Oh No”.

Ann and I hit up against the back of the sofa having left red sauce covered body imprints on the floor and rug. I reach up and grab the back of the sofa and pull myself out of her grasp and get up. Ann scrambles up and flings her arms around me. We go over the back of the white sofa to the cushions leaving our sauce covered marks.

George steps out from behind the counter…


Only Ann’s and my heavy breathing and squealing keeps us from hearing him. He stands there in the open not believing the mess we are making and the cost it is going to be to clean it. If Ann or I would turn our attention that way we would see him. But we are to into fighting each other. We bounce off the cushions and roll off to the floor grunting and groaning. We pick each other up by the arms. Ann throws her arms around me and I embrace her getting ready to throw each other back on the sofa only Ann spins us around and we leave our feet going down on the coffee table. With Ann on top of me our combined weight and force shatters the glass and brass table with a loud crash making George jump.

“Holy fuck…” he yells thinking he better put a stop to this now.

He starts to step forward. There is silence then Ann stirs. The sound of glass tinkling. The table shattered much like a car window into pebbles rather than glass slices so there is little injury to us other than a few minor cuts bleeding. George stops and steps back as Ann lets a short laugh and gets up the glass falling off her sauce and blood covered body. She steps away from the mess.

“Fucking shit…look what you did bitch”

Ann urns and starts heading for the stairs to go up a bit dazed. George starts to go to her thinking she may need medical attention but stops again as I stir. I pick my way out of the mess blood running from small cuts, glass falling off me. I stagger out of the mess and catch a glimpse of Ann going up the stairs holding the wall for support. I go after her reaching her as she gets to the top of the stairs. I tackle her and bring her to the floor where we take up the fight again wrestling. Back and forth we roll each other. George comes to the bottom of the stairs where he gets a view of our rolling legs and womanhood pressed together. Ann and I get up and we disappear into the bedroom. George comes up and peeks in seeing Ann and I wrestling on the bed smearing the blankets with sauce and blood both of us moaning and groaning. 

Ann and I have our hands clenched tight together fingers entwined. Our legs are grapevined and we roll back and forth looking like two things from hell. Our huge breasts mashed into each other so they mushroom out the sides. As George watches I bend my head down and kiss Ann. To his more astonished look his wife returns the kiss. Our clinging bodies start moving against each other slowly at first then faster and faster.

“Fucking shit” George says to himself and lets loose his last orgasm. 

I grind my pussy into Ann’s and she returns the effort both of us still vying to stay on top of each other. In a short time first me then Ann cums. For a few minutes we lay locked together before I push off her and get up. George almost falls down the stairs in his rush to get down. Hiding in the kitchen he watches as I come down and go to the foyer where I don the trench coat and unlock the front door heading out and across the street not looking to see if there may be anyone to see me. George hesitates briefly then goes out through the garage making sure I go into my house before he sneaks back to his car. He call Ann on his cell phone telling her he will be home very shortly. 

“I have a confession to make” Ann says. “Diane and I had a fight”

George feels his erection starting again at just the mention of it.

“You two are always arguing” he tells her.

“No, we had a fight, a real fight a catfight in our house. I’m afraid there is a mess.”

George fights to contain what he knows and thinks about his words.

“Ok we’ll talk about it when I get there I’m on our street. “

When he comes in thru the garage he puts on his best acting to seem shocked and surprised. the first thing is to grab Ann.

“Are you OK”

“Yes I’m fine she didn’t hurt me”

Ann was cleaning up the sauce covered floor. George walks over and picks up first my torn yellow dress which is red now and Ann’s white dress which is also red now.

“We kind of stripped each other’ Ann says. 

He looks at the sauce stained rug, sofa and broken coffee table.

“Ok I want you to tell exactly what happened and don’t leave out anything. He turns away from Ann to hide the growing erection.

“Lets go upstairs so I can get cleaned up” Ann tells him.

In the bedroom George looks at the bloody sauce stained blanket.

“Is there any place in this house you two didn’t fight.”

Ann starts telling him from the party the night before and her challenge to me going thru our outfits the struggle in the foyer and down stairs on the pool table and beds to the fight in the living room and up in their bedroom. She leaves out the part about kissing and sex we had and George doesn’t press it. Ann finally notices his erection.

“Is this turning you on?” she asks.

“The idea of my wife fighting like that yes it does”

She sits next to him and lays her hand on his erection. Would you like to see me fight Diane, to watch us fight. 

“Mmmmmmm…..” He purrs as she undoes his pants.

He pushes her back down on the bed and climbs on top of her. Ann is already wet as he enters her. 

“Mmmm tell me again about the fight and when you think you can fight her again”
As Ann enjoys her sex with her husband her thoughts go to her and I pulling hair and how can she get me to fight again.

The End.

Thank you for reading! For more of Diane Smith’s Stories: Click Here!

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  1. Giannis says:

    Hot story. The erotic part was brief but i liked it.


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