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Diane Smith’s Stories

About the Author

My writing ability was by accident. When I met my husband he was into catfights and wanted me to fight IRL. However, due to my employment, I could not do that.  So, he found various catfight sites that included chat rooms such as FCF, Trillian, VK Fem vs. Fem and I discovered I have a knack for writing. 


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A Sexy Fight with the Neighbor

Over we rolled each other, then back. Bodies rubbing together. Breasts mashed. I am not a lesbian and I don’t think she is either but two women locked tight together rolling each other over bodies rubbing together something has to happen. It did. She had me down pinning my hands to the floor. Our legs grapevine when she pushed her knee up into my crotch and began rubbing back and forth.

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Guns, Knives, and Claws: Part 1

Carly moved along the other side of the bed. “I told you not to move bitch or I’ll kill you just like you did Chase.” She didn’t say anything and we just stared at each other.

I finally knelt one leg on the bed to grab the satchel. That’s when Carly sprang at me. She caught my gun hand and yanked me onto the bed. I was more than happy to meet her.

We came together and I grabbed her long red hair. She latched onto my dark hair and we took up where we had left off in a hair-pulling catfight.

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The Doctor’s Office

Their faces taking scratches the two fighting women pulled each other to the floor. A hand in one another’s face and the other with a hand full of hair they rolled across the floor one on top of the other. Moaning and groaning came from both of them.




Legs entwined they rolled each other back the other way. Dawn grabbed Lois’s skirt from the back and started pulling it up. When Lois was under the blonde, she did the same to Dawn. Back and forth they wrestled and rolled skirts getting higher and higher. When they got each other’s skirts up around the waist, Dawn reached down and grabbed Lois’s underwear ripping it open.

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Curious George

I toppled her backwards and onto the card table. As we rolled each other across the table I grabbed at her dress ripping it off her one shoulder. WE rolled off the table knocking over two of the chairs and going down on the floor wrestling. George had to stand up and come in a little to see us exposing himself if one of us should turn his way and look. Ann and I rolled each other over on the floor wrestling.

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The Preacher’s Wife

Leeann looked off to the distant hills, “I guess that’s why you’re here then, to teach me how to raise my children to be more like you if you can.”

Diamond nodded at the running children, “do you want them to witness this.”

Leeann turned her head slightly to the open front door, “Jacob” she called. The older of the children came out, “Yeah ma.”

He looked up at Diane and she didn’t know if he recognized her from the store or not.

Leeann’s eyes never left Diane’s, “Jacob, take your brother and sister down to the creek and let them play in the water a bit it’s a very hot day. Stay there. Don’t come back till I come for you. I won’t be long.”

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Guns, Knives, and Claws: Part 2

We met and went right into each other’s hair. Yanking and pulling one another around and around. The on lookers and groups of fighters surrounded us cheering their respective woman on. It looked as if this was going to be strictly a hair-pulling battle until we tripped over the walkway across the street and went down on the boards wrestling. Our long hair with hands in it getting tangled around our bodies as we rolled one another over. Our legs tangled and kicked. Hands never letting loose of the other’s hair we got up on our feet and I slugged the redhead sending her crashing into the window of a store. She only got minor cuts and I climbed thru the broken window after her.

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Wild West Wildcats: Chapter 7.5

Now Diane tossed her long dark hair back from her face. They gripped arms tight and moved one another around and around trying to force each other back against the railing. Yanking and tugging they misjudged their location and hit the edge of the steps tumbling down head over heels to the landing. A gasp came from all the saloon patrons. On the landing, Kat shook her head to clear the cobwebs. She saw Diane starting to get up and lunged at her wrapping both arms around the woman’s waist and driving her backwards into the railing. The wooden railing cried out and split apart sending both of the over the edge and down another 8 feet onto a table which splintered apart dumping the two fighters onto the floor.

Rapture Note: This chapter in Ahna Brown‘s series was written by Diane Smith. The rest of the series can be found here, on Ahna’s page.

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2 thoughts on “Diane Smith’s Stories

  1. Milikiko says:

    Your style is wonderful. Build up exciting. I wish my wife Has such a talent. I préfèr sexy Fight with a neighbor ending as a sexfight. I wish preacher’s wifi ended like that. Could u write an alternative ending please 🙂

  2. drewpowell says:

    Bienvenue, Milikiko 😉

    I worked together on the first draft of a story with the wonderful Diane, and in my view, her talent comes out best if she’s being let to write as she feels best 😉


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