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Doctor’s Office Visit by Diane Smith

“Ok Lois your next”. The striking redhead got up off the chair and gave her long red hair a toss as she looked back at the room full of other women. At 5’5 ‘ 125 lbs. and 38C breasts which were giving the red button front blouse she wore a strain trying to keep them in. The buttons looked as if they were going to pop at any moment. She was what models hope to look like at 42 yrs. old.

“Exam room 1” she was told as she passed thru the door. She walked down the hallway to the room and entered. Just as she stepped in a hand caught her wrist pulling her in and then back against the closed door. The hand let go of her wrist and slid down the dark skirt pulling it up over her thigh. Lips met hers and a tongue probed open her mouth. Lois responded to the kiss with eager passion. She ran her hand over the chest and feeling the 36C’s under the lab coat grabbed a handful of long blonde hair with her other hand.

“You’re not wearing a bra,” Lois said pulling her head back and staring into the eyes of her Doctor, Dawn who at 38yrs was just as gorgeous as the redhead. Long blonde hair, blue eyes 5’3” 125 lbs. 36C-24-36.

“No, I’m not Dawn,” replied leaning into Lois and kissing her neck. The redhead moaned and gripped the blonde hair tighter her other hand working on getting the white button front blouse under the lab coat open. Dawn had the redheads skirt up to her waist now and hooked her hand into the back of Lois’s underwear. Lois pulled back again.

“You never wear a bra anymore” “Oh for God’s sake Lois I took it off knowing you were coming in” The redhead slipped past the doctor and turned to face her. “So where is it. Show it to me” “it’s in my office. I took it off earlier” Dawn walked over to the redhead and slipped her arms around the slim waist grabbing at Lois’s ass.. “Want me to give you an examination?”

“You examined me last night. Nothing has changed.” Dawn’s hands moved around to the redhead’s breasts and began unbuttoning the straining buttons. Then unhooking the bra front freeing Lois’s huge mounds. Dawn’s hands roamed under the unbuttoned blouse caressing the tits and feeling Lois’s nipples turning hard. Lois let out another moan as Dawn’s lips came to her neck. She shoved the blonde away from her.

“You said you were going to quit this practice and we were going to move to Florida” Lois hooked her bra and began buttoning her blouse. “We are” dawn replied “I just can’t quit yet”

“Why not. Because of the roomful of 20 something-year-olds waiting for you to “examine” them”.

“I am their doctor. I have to examine them” “I’m sure you do a thorough job too” Lois said hands on her hips now. Dawn approached her and held her arms. “Why don’t you come back later after the last patient. I’ll text you then I’ll examine you till you cum” The two women embraced in a kiss running hands over one another’s breasts.

Leaving thru the waiting room Lois checked out some of the younger girls waiting and wondering if they got the same treatment she just did. She did various things the rest of the day till glancing at her watch figured it must be close to Dawn’s last patient so she headed to the doctor’s office. When she got there she found the waiting room door unlocked. Strange, if all the patients were finished Dawn should have locked the door. Lois took out her phone and texted Dawn.

“I am outside. Are you finished” It took longer than she cared for a reply, then a text came back.

“No, not yet. Go do something and I’ll text you” She stared at the text then opened the door and walked in. the waiting room was dark but lights shown under the doorway to the exam rooms.

Quietly she opened the door and stepped into the hallway. A light was on in Dawn’s office and exam room 2. Lois went silently to the exam room door and peered in. Dawn stood at the exam table topless. Her huge chest rising and falling. Just getting off the table and struggling to pull her tight jeans up was a young girl also topless.

The girl’s name was Abigail but called Abby. She was 25 yrs. old and built just about the same as Dawn but with shorter blonde hair, obviously not her original color. Abby saw Lois first and let out a gasp. Dawn looked at the doorway and said,” Lois I told you I’d text you” “yes you did” the redhead said going after Abby.

The younger girl backpedaled and Dawn got a hold of Lois’s arms spinning her around. She didn’t have time to explain as the redhead landed a solid punch to her face knocking the doctor back onto the table. Abby leaped onto Lois.

“You keep your hands off her bitch” Lois was forced against the wall face first. Abby grabbed a hand full of long red hair and banged Lois’s head into the wall. Lois reached around behind her and got a hand full of blonde hair pulling Abby to her side. Abby got more of Lois’s hair and the redhead grabbed more blonde hair. The two women pulled one another out into the hallway.

“You fucking little tramp”

“You whore”

“You’re the whore, you bitch” They crashed into the wall fighting like two wildcats. Heads rocked sideways and back and forth as they yanked and pulled on each other’s hair. Abby’s jeans unbuttoned and unzipped were being held up by the sure tightness of them around the girl’s ass. Her pink lace underwear visible.

This infuriated Lois more and she twisted the younger girl around and they tumbled to the hallway floor wrestling. The two picked each other up by the hair and traded slaps before going back to their hair pulling battle. Lois’s blouse having lost all buttons in the first minute of fighting, now hung open. Her bra unhooked in the front let her 38C’s bounce freely. This caught Abby’s eye and she latched onto one of them. Lois squinted her eyes and grabbed the girls breast twisting it.

“Ohhhhhh…. you bitch you” Abby squealed. Lois pulled the girls hand free from her breast and slammed her against the wall. Abby groaned then forced the redhead across the hallway and into the wall hard. Now Lois moaned. Back and forth in the hallway, they went crashing one another into the walls. Pictures and such crashed to the floor, some breaking.

Dawn staggered to the doorway looking down the hallway and seeing the two women battling. She knew she should break them up but something about the two of them fighting over her aroused her. Besides she knew enough not to get in between two lesbians fighting over another woman. Her hand went to her own breast as she saw Abby’s bare chest mash into Lois huge breasts.

The two of them had handfuls of each other’s hair and yanking hard. They slid along the wall but then disappeared into Dawn’s open office doorway. Dawn heard a loud crash. When she got to the doorway she saw that the two locked together had flung each other onto her desk wiping it clean. They had rolled each other over and went off the back onto the chair which turned over dumping them to the floor.

Lois was getting up slowly. Her red mane a tangle of knots from Abby’s pulling. Her blouse torn at one shoulder sleeve. Her bare breasts heaved slowly and scratches ran every which way on them. Red scratches also ran down her cheek and under her chin.

“What did you do,” Dawn said coming in.

“You…” sneered and climbed over the fallen chair and came at Dawn. The blonde knew what to expect and grabbed Lois by her arms. Lois latched onto the blonde’s arms and they began twisting and turning.

“Now you want to fight me,” Dawn said groaning struggling with the redhead.

“I’m going to tear you apart; you whore” Lois growled. They spun one another around and separated. Breathing hard already Dawn lunged at the redhead. They buried hands in each other’s hair and pulled. Lois went backwards and hit against the wall. Medical degrees and awards crashed to the floor. Lois got her hand in Dawn’s face and pushed her head back. Her nails dug into the blonde’s face.

“If you mark me bitch” Dawn moaned.

“You’ll what bitch” Lois replied. Dawn got her hand in the redheads face scratching her.

“Ohhhh…. you fuck” Lois cried. She brought her knee up hard aiming for the blonde’s crotch but Dawn’s skirt was to tight and the knee didn’t make connection. Now dawn tried the same thing to Lois but met the same results.

Their faces taking scratches the two fighting women pulled each other to the floor. A hand in one another’s face and the other with a hand full of hair they rolled across the floor one on top of the other. Moaning and groaning came from both of them.




Legs entwined they rolled each other back the other way. Dawn grabbed Lois’s skirt from the back and started pulling it up. When Lois was under the blonde, she did the same to Dawn. Back and forth they wrestled and rolled skirts getting higher and higher. When they got each other’s skirts up around the waist, Dawn reached down and grabbed Lois’s underwear ripping it open.

“You going to fuck me now,” Lois said as she rolled them over. Dawn rolled them again and Lois got her hand down between them and into the blonde’s underwear. She ran fingers thru the blonde’s pubic hair until she found her slit then her fingers entered. Dawns eyes rolled back and she let out a moan. Her own hand tangled in the redheads bush and fingers finally entered.

Now Lois moaned as the two of them worked on each other. Their free hands now clasped fingers entwined. They rolled each other slowly back and forth starting a grinding rhythm against one another. By the time they rolled across the room, they were each humping wildly.

“Oh, Oh, you bitch you”

“Oh you fucking whore”

“Oh don’t stop” Neither knew which one orgasmed first, but they finally collapsed in each other’s arms.

“What about Abby” Lois whispered.

“I’ll give her free exams” Dawn replied.

“The hell you will, bitch,” Lois said leaning and grabbing blonde hair.

“Fuck” Dawn replied as she took her own grip of red hair……………

The End.

Thank you for reading! For more of Diane Smith’s Stories: Click Here!

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