Eurasia Chapters 1 & 2 by Jack Michaels

Note by the Author:

All characters in the story are above the age of 18.

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This is an epic sorcery and sword adventure saga set in the 5th century set in the land of Eurasia an amalgamation of 18 continents

The themes here are sorcery, intrigue, spy craft, heterosexual & lesbian sex, epic lesbian and heterosexual sexfights. This part of the saga takes place in the region of Eurasia which covers the kingdoms of Norwegia, Germania, Alexsia, Indica, Nippon, Zhang, Hangul, Northumbria.

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World Primer
Notable Characters and Groups:

Freya Esperanza Trudr is the daughter of an Norwegian diplomat warrior and mage and a Spanish( from the Spanish virgin islands) sorceress, scholar, economist and keeper of the peace. Both her parents were scholars apart from being skilled in intermediate martial arts. Freya is a kind, loyal learned skilled practitioner adept in conventional, battle magic, sexual magic and intermediate martial arts.

She is an healer, a skilled political strategist with knowledge of economics who has a HUGE sex drive. She is very busty and an adept sexfighter with sustained sexual stamina and imaginative sexual skills skilled in the art of long drawn sensual titfighting, tribfighting. Freya is in a deep loving relationship with the trainee diplomat Alexander Larsen who is currently heading the intelligence spy network of the kingdom of Norwegia.

Freya has defeated and fought many busty women and also men in sexfights. Freya is locked in battle with a mysterious covert organization of men and women who seek to establish dominance over the world. She has also received mysterious sexfight challenges from women and men who she suspects to be from this organization

Maneka Gupta is a Indian trader from the prosperous Gupta dynasty. Who is an diplomatic assignment to Norwegia to enhance economic and military ties. Maneka is schooled in the art of statecraft, economics and sexual skill and sexfighting in her native country. Maneka is a medium which means that she has the ability to be like a link between sorcerers through which a combined amplified magical attack can be carried out against a mighty adversary.

She also absorbs the powers of a mage or a sorceress she has defeated in a sexfight for a week. She is empathetic but fierce when it comes to the protection of citizens of her Norwegia and her home country. She is a very busty, competitive sexfighter and loves to sexually dominate other busty women and male sexfighters in very competitive aggressive sexfights. She has fought Freya to a draw in a competitive sexfight /tribfight and is Alexander’s good friend.

She shares a warm, friendly but sexually competitive relationship with Freya. Maneka has defeated multiple busty women and also men in sexfights. She was defeated and dominated during a sexfight with a mysterious busty woman trader in a one-night battle during a stopover in a Norwegian city and continues to seek her out to exact her revenge. She is working with Freya to track and stop a mysterious covert organization who seek to establish dominance over the world and fantasizes about sexually dominating them. Maneka is currently unattached and is however looking to enter into a polymarous open sensual relationship.

Rebecca Lamberton is a mid-tier member of a secret covert organization which aims to conquer and dominate the world step by step. She has a mixed heritage of a British sea captain and trader and an Alexsian sorceress and wine merchant. Rebecca has had a dominant power play streak in her and intends to conquer the nine kingdoms in Eurasia and eventually the world beyond. She has trained her sorcery skills and dabbled in dark magic and battle magic tutored by her mother who is unsatisfied with her place in the world and is mentoring Rebecca alike.

Rebecca has an insatiable sexual appetite capable of wearing out the best of sexually skilled men and women and met Romi and Volkan during a threesome during a celebration of Alexsia’s annual festivities.

Rebecca is also a dominant sexfighter and her power urges became stronger after she entered into a polygamous relationship with Volkan and Romi. Rebecca however has a constant love hate relationship with Romi as she sees Romi as a strong rival in her global ambitions.

Rebecca has lost to Romi twice in a marathon sexfight which angers her and she is constantly looking to defeat her. She has an even sexfight record with Volkan and two males in the covert group.

Rebecca is also a skin changer and a skilled assassin and covert operative. Rebecca has heard of Ariella’s sexfight prowess and intends to start her harem with Ariella and her love Casper Hansen as her sexual slaves.

Archana Maurya is a mysterious Indian origin busty sexual gorgeous woman who is part of the gypsy like migrating clan which acts as cross country trading clan. Archana’s background remains mysterious and she has only revealed that she was in a convoy of a heavily protected group of shadowy smugglers and a couple of sorcerers of the purple order when mysterious forces attacked and overwhelmed her convoy in the night while the travelers were resting.

Archana only escaped because she was involved in a lengthy sexfight with a woman who was angling for her man a smuggler. Arcana is a long haired very busty dusky beauty who is known for her weaving skills apart from being a skilled archer. She loves battling men and women and besting them in lengthy sexual contests. She is an accomplished tribber and a specialist in tribfighting. She is in a polymarous relationship with Dee and Cesar members of the clan.

The Feared Six are a cabal of powerful magicians & despots (3 men and 3 women) who intend to conquer the 18 large continents in the known world and had managed to subjugate 8 of these to their rule. They entered into a reluctant alliance to subjugate the known world. They intend to harness their power together to open a dimension into another parallel world and embark on multi world domination. They were defeated by an alliance of mages, sorceresses, gifted and a cabal of spirits and genies, supported by warriors and sealed magically in six secret locations across the world.

The memories of the alliance were wiped to prevent any organization from attempting to free the six. The six are practitioners of dark magic, sexual magic and thrive in complete physical, mental and sexual domination. They are also known in researching dark magic and using alchemy and dark magic and conventional magic to create powerful multi ability beings called the Dominica. The surviving Dominica are believed to be in disarray and in hiding.

The feared six are experienced sexfighters who feed into the sexual energy of their defeated opponents however the rules of sexual combat prohibit the use of magic to gain an advantage.

Alexander Larsen is a Norwegian diplomat who is being groomed for a senior advisory role to the king and is currently heading the intelligence network of the Norwegian kingdom in a temporary assignment. He is an intelligent, empathetic man who deeply cares for Freya Esperanza a sorceress, scholar, warrior and economist.

He is a mutual caring relationship with Freya. He has a strong sense of fairness and is a skilled strategist he is a dual gifted which is rare. He is a spirit walker who can project his consciousness through a certain distance. He is vulnerable towards magical barriers and has to link with a sorcerer with the same power to pass through magical barriers. He also has an ten rimes enhanced strength of a warrior an ability which he can call upon during specific moments however these moments sap his energy for a brief period during which he is vulnerable.

He is a skilled lover capable of handling the insatiable Freya and enjoys her sexfights with women and men in marathon contests. He has fought in underground sexfights against women and possesses a 6-2 record. He and Freya often indulge in MFF threesomes with various partners and they are exploring the chances of a polymarous relationship.

Caspar Hansen is an upcoming learned, intelligent merchant who deals in the trade of goods across the 9 kingdoms. He is a skilled sea captain and has business interests beyond his borders. He is a pragmatist and a bit of a visionary who looks out for maintaining the peace in the mix of the various races, clans, wizards, gifted, villains, and spies.

Caspar rightfully believes peace is good of business and prosperity of the people and has a semi intelligence network of his own through smugglers, tinkers, artists, travelling trading clans and mercenaries which is independent of the official spy network of Norwegia. He is a intense loving sexually voracious relationship with Ariella who is a rich, successful handicrafts, wines and farming businesswoman. Ariella has been schooled in trade and commerce and is a representative of the merchant & worker folk while assisting Alexander Larsen in running the intelligence network of Norwegia.

Caspar and Ariella are unaware of their spy background yet even though they work for the same side. He enjoys the intense sexfights Ariella participates in and often provokes with women leading to an often-hot sex between them in the aftermath. He often serves as male sexfighting sparring opponent to Ariella as part of her training for matches with men.

Ariella Cruz Andersen is a rich, successful handicrafts, wines and farming businesswoman of Norwegian and South American heritage ( her father was a Spanish trader who traveled and settled in Norwegia. Ariella has been schooled in trade and commerce and is a representative of the merchant & worker folk while assisting Alexander Larsen in running the intelligence network of Norwegia and has a lot of male and female friends in the kingdom and beyond due to her trading network. Ariella is in an intimate loving relationship with an upcoming merchant called Caspar Hansen. She is a fair employer and recognizes that peace leads to prosperity. Ariella Is a clairvoyant and an empath who can link up with a person facing a psychic attack and assist him or her in confronting her fears and fighting back.

Ariella is a very busty (among the bustier women) sexual alpha who thrives in proving her sexual dominance of female and male sexfighters in the kingdom. She has trained in the art of sexual expertise and is the current sexfight champion of the city circuit.

Ariella gets on well with both Freya and Maneka and is however aware that both of them are training independently to dethrone her as the sexfighting champion. Ariella has two different sides to her one being the warm friendly one and the other being deeply sexually competitive and desire to dominate her opponent’s side but is able to keep things separate and thus retain her friendships with Freya and Maneka.

She is smart and fair and a patriot and has a deep bond with nature and animals. She has a pet wolf who she adores.

Victor Berger is a learned Germanic businessman who runs trading posts and outfits with his wife amber at the border while owning establishments in the city .Victor is a mind walker who can probe a person’s thoughts and secrets after that person is drugged through a psychic invasion which makes him an valuable asset for the spy and police network of Germania.

Victor however seeks for a magical mentor who can teach him to battle and plow through the strong magical barriers that sorceresses and wizards develop mentally to prevent such a invasion. Victor Berger is in a loving open relationship with Amber. Victor understands her sexfight needs and gets off on it as a watcher. Amber von is a Germanic diplomat, warrior and trader. She is the daughter of a aristocrat and adviser to the king and queen of Germania and her mother is a learned economic scholar and sorceress.

Amber Von is a Germanic diplomat, warrior and trader. She is the daughter of a aristocrat and advisor to the king and queen of Germania and her mother is a learned economic scholar and magician and a high ranking member of Germania’s spy network. Amber has been schooled In the disciplines of governance, intelligence gathering and trading. She is training in alchemy and battle magic and is also a proficient warrior who is trained in Germania’s martial arts.

She is a busty sexual being with a huge sexual appetite and is the current sexfight champion of the local sexfighting league. She thrives on sexual battles with men and women and is a sexual artist when t comes to tribfights with women. She is a empathetic woman who cares for people and wouldn’t hesitate to go on quests to combat dark forces magical and otherwise. As of now the existence of a covert network which intends to colonize the world is unknown to her.

She has heard whispers of Romi’s sexual dominance as a sexfighter and a group of other male and female sexfighters expertise a across countries and intends to conquer them all sexually. Amber is in a loving relationship with victor Berger who understands her sexfight needs and gets off on it as a watcher. Berger is a businessman and her childhood friend who runs trading posts and inns along the border.

Dominious is a former sea captain in the royal navy of Norwegia who is a prosperous farmer and trader of spices. He is also a gifted his powers being enhanced speed and telekinesis. He is in an loving relationship with Adelle and adores her. Dom is a skilled warrior who specializes in smuggling covert agents across hostile territory.

He was a former sexfighting hobbyist who now enjoys to see another side of Adelle the dominant yet sportive sexfighter who tests her skills in the local sexfighting league. Adelle is a sensual caring woman who is a skilled sexual healer. She is also a skilled archer and spars with Dom and Freya on learning combat techniques although she is an pacifist.

Adelle Bridgette Johanssen is the daughter of the kingdom’s chief advisor (father) and a prominent teacher (mother) who teaches economics and statecraft and heads the teacher’s council. She is a kind beautiful woman who has many admirers in the kingdom. She is training to be a teacher and an advisor to the king on diplomatic relations. She is Freya’s best friend and confidante cum advisor on international studies and relations. She has magical skills bordering on promising and is being trained by the chief mage of the kingdom.

She is in a relationship with her childhood friend Dominicus Eriksen also affectionately called Dom by her. She is a sensual caring woman who is a skilled sexual healer. She is also a skilled archer and spars with Dom and Freya on learning combat techniques although she is a pacifist. She also is an interested sexfighter and participates in matches with women and men if only to test her sexual skills and is a sportive sexfighter although she can get intense when she faces trash talk. She adores nature and animals and has a deep bond with her two dogs.

Volkan is a mysterious mercenary and mid-tier member of a secret covert organization which aims to conquer and dominate the world step by step. He is a skilled saboteur and spy specializing in covert operations.

He is a proficient martial artist and a skilled swordsman who is ambidextrous. He has a hidden dangerous ambition to be a supreme dominant force and is frustrated by his mid-tier status in the group. he shares the dominant urges that his partners in a polymarous relationship Romi and Rebecca. The trio share a very intense sexual relationship and a voracious appetite for sexfighting thriving on their power obsession and share an sadistic outlook. Volkan is a mage

Romi Von Aurelius is an powerful businesswoman and citizen of the nation of Alexasia and mid-tier member of a secret covert organization which aims to conquer and dominate the world step by step . Her parents are a powerful merchant (father) and her mother is a key ranking sorcerer and strategist to the chief advisor to the king and queen of Alexasia passing her skills as a powerful sorceress to Romi by birth.

Romi is a skilled ambitious unscrupulous warrior who dreams of being the empress of the world starting with the nine nations of Eurasia. She is a busty sexual alpha force who is skilled in the art of love making and thrives in the physical, mental and sexual dominance of her adversaries male and female which are among the council of members of Alexsia who have their own ambitions. Romi has bedded many lovers male and female but is attracted to Volkan & Rebecca ( members of the covert group ) in a erotic polymarous open minded relationship.

She also has an scorching sexual tension with Freya and Ariella as sparks fly during the two alpha’s meet during a trade negotiation and fantasizes about sexually dominating them in a sexfight and intends to take Alexander Larsen as part of her male harem. She also is a high-ranking combatant in the local sexfighting contest battling both men and women and gets off on the sexual dominance.

She usually has a condition attached to her victory magically binding the loser to be her sexual slave and continues to sexually battle with them offering their freedom as a bait. She has many likeminded friends across the covert organization’s members across nations. She loves to pit her body, mind and sexual prowess against men and women and lives for the rush of dominance.

Cesar is an skilled tool maker and a craftsman who is a member of a of a gypsy like migrating clan which acts as cross country trading clan. He has of mixed heritage which is Norwegian and Italian. He is also secretly an mid tier member of an secret organization which keeps tabs on dark forces magical and non magical and takes covert action assisting nations in secret to keep the peace.

Cesar has the ability to possess animals and birds and look through their eyes and males for useful surveillance. He also has the ability to handle magical artifacts which would ordinarily greatly harm anyone except the creator. Cesar is in a polymarous relationship with Dee a skilled tool maker and craftsman and Archana Maurya an mysterious Asian origin trader, healer and spy in chef of the clan.

Cesar is an experienced sexfighter who has fought women in sexual battles of different clans. He however has been defeated by Archana twice and has an even record with dee but prior to being in a relationship.

Dee ambrosia McPherson is a travelling merchant and entertainer and the daughter of the chief of a gypsy like migrating clan which acts as cross country trading clan. She is also secretly a mid-tier member of an secret organization which keeps tabs on dark forces magical and non-magical and takes covert action assisting nations in secret to keep the peace.

Her parents are a trader (father) and a craftsman artist seamstress mother who is also a gypsy possessing significant magical powers. Dee is a busty woman and has an voracious sexual appetite and bed a lot of men and women while passing through cities. She also has a deep sexual dominance fetish and has conquered many men and women through contests in secret battles.

She is also a budding sorceress for hire though not for nefarious purposes and has deep ambitions to be a major player in the world although she has no imperialist agenda. She has heard through her sources of Ariella’s and Romi’s sexual prowess amongst others and two certain male sexfighers as well and intends to battle them and is honing her skills. She is a skilled tracker and is reading up on battle magic and a valuable collector intelligence because of her travels.

She is in a polymarous relationship with Cesar a skilled tool maker and craftsman and Archana Maurya an mysterious Asian origin trader, healer and spy in chef of the clan.

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Chapter 1

The Inn was called the captains nest and it was situated just across a across the local amphitheater kind of structure with circular slabs of stone on which people could sit and watch as every travelling entourage of musicians, exotic dancers, jugglers, wrestlers performed. There was no performance tonight and the streets were lit by the moonlight and the only noise emanating was the hustle and bustle of the inn. The city of Drammen the sprawling capital of Norwegia was just about to seep into the night with lamp lights going out across the city.

The inn was packed to the fullest with busty skimpily dressed waitresses running to and from from the kitchen and the counter where all the wine barrels were neatly arranged by flavor with food and wine. A lone woman dressed in black sitting straight across the door of the inn was being watched eagerly by an busty waitress called Inge who was feeling hot even though the inn was well ventilated and the cool night wind kept the temperature in the room created by all the bodies in the room moderately bearable.

The reason that Inge was hot was that she was staring at the woman drinking in her spectacular hot body clothed in all black from blouse and vest to trousers. She wore heavy black leather boots, which ended halfway up her thighs, and daggers were strapped to both boots. She wore thick, strong riding gloves. The woman had a beautiful face, with dark blue eyes and a strong, sensual mouth. Her strawberry blonde hair cascaded from her head in long waves till waist but it was her body that was her true glory. Her tanned arms were smooth and exquisitely toned. Her midriff was taut and firm, her strong abdomen well-defined, her navel a deep, tight slit. Her hips curved out from her narrow waist, giving her a classic hourglass figure, before tapering down into long, well-muscled legs. Her breasts attracted the most attention, however.

Her breasts were magnificent, firm and round, topped with perfect brown areola and long, tight nipples. Her tits were massive and half the men in the room were already imagining their hard cocks between that chesty valley. Inge felt herself getting wet just from imagining herself going cunt to cunt with this gorgeous woman. Inge was a sexfighter apart from being a waitress and running the inn with her husband. She had just lost a sexfight to the hung male stud Gustav a ripped captain in the Norwegian army after a close match in the afternoon and her mind kept going back to the passionate hard sex that she had had.

She was going to fuck her husband’s brains out tonight and wear him out but if her husband was lucky he could get to watch her battle this woman cunt to cunt and he could watch. Inge was about to approach the woman when the door to the inn opened and the woman she was looking stared at the door and there was an fire in her eyes, a eager look as she stared at the new entrants in the inn.

A man and a woman had entered the Inn and there was something instantly about them that changed the room. The man was tall about 6’2, blonde, handsome with a chiseled face with dimples that added charm to his face. His eyes were blue and could melt the eyes of any woman with his intense stare. He had a muscular build and rippling muscles. He was not on the heavy side though he was built more like an elite soldier. The attire suggested a travelling merchant who probably kept fit to protect his ware and money and to charm the women. Inge had already started fantasizing about a foursome with the blonde woman and this man and she felt herself getting wetter and a spot appeared in her undergarments.

The man wore a knee-length vest worn over a linen shirt with a hooded cloak and grey boots with a purse around his waist. A silver chain hung around his neck. A sword hung at his belt and his movements across the room towards the blonde woman Inge had been ogling suggested that the man was could take care of himself. His eyes scanned the room noting the exit points to the inn and his movements were slow and deliberate with his hand never leaving the sword. The woman wore a pair of golden earrings dangled from her earlobes and a golden bracelet adorned each wrist. She was wearing a pure white blouse, the sleeves rolled up to her elbows. The blouse should have been loose-fitting, but it strained to contain her magnificent chest.

Her thick, sharp nipples cut into the fine cloth and her firm mammoth breasts rolled and bounced with her movement. A large belt buckle, silver and jeweled, clasped a narrow leather belt which hugged her broad, rounded hips at their widest point. Skin-tight cloth pants clung enticingly to her ass and outlined her powerfully muscled thighs and calves. She wore calf-high black boots, turned over at the top. Her crystal blue eyes and full red lips perfectly matched to the flowing golden locks of her hair. Her blond lustrous hair cascaded down to her waists in curls. Her face was beautiful with a strong mouth and straight fine nose, high cheekbones and thick, full lips. Her eyes were a dark green color that seemed to shade to an orange brown in the shifting light. She looked like a viking goddess.

The man and woman joined the sitting woman at the table and a waitress went over to take the order “Three glasses of your finest red wine,” the blonde woman said in a deep sultry voice. The waitress came back and placed three goblets of wine on the table and sauntered off ogling at the two massive breasts in proud display. She was probably going to fantasize about the two women and man tonight. The woman who was with the man gestured with a hand signal and said,


The charm was meant to prevent anyone from eavesdropping while the women and man could chat in their normal tone.

The woman sitting beside the man softly asked, “So do you have it?”

The other woman opposite her whose name was Martina stared intently at the questioning woman and said, “I do and it’s in code as agreed.”

Martina took a scroll from her inner vest pocket and it over to the w intently stared at the woman whose name was Rebecca who said softly, “I would enjoy fucking you into submission after i am done with punishing you if this information proved to be false.”

Marina flushed recalling their last encounter which ended in her complete surrender and said, “You Bitch! Watch your slutty mouth! You and I are both equal ranked members of the group and i can take you on anytime. The information is verified. I have tracked the chronicle keeper druid for months verifying that he is a member of the watchers and the timeline fights.

“He was at the reception party welcoming the group which banished the feared six. I then seduced and fucked his trainee son and his girlfriend out of the brains and they pressed the druid for a week till he finally revealed he made a prohibited copy of the locations. I also put a truth spell on them just to be sure but i did not need to as they worship this body.

“I rode the boy till he could not cum anymore without rest and i cuntfucked his girlfriend for hours till she begged me to stop. I own this couple’s bodies just like i will own you today bitch! I challenge u to a sexfight and the code indicates that you can’t refuse a rematch. “

Rebecca felt the fire in her loins flare to life. Her breasts bounced and swelled and tightened with arousal and began to pulse, her nipples hardened to spikes. She felt a growing wetness between her legs.

She said softly to Martina, “Very well! But i can’t fight you tonight as i have to leave for Germania. I will be back in a fortnight if all goes well and then you can have your battle. The stakes are that you will be Rathgar’s sex slave for a month cunt at his beck and call if you lose and you will not bed anyone else except for Rathgar and Shakara. Do u accept?

“The victor of the last sexfight decides the stakes and these are mine! If you win you can have me for a month at your disposal and you can fuck both Rathgar and Shakara till then. My next assignment is with you anyways.”

Martina flushed being reminded again of her loss but she had been training for this day and she was lusting for Rathgar anyways having heard about his voracious sexual dalliances and his clit licking abilities apart from his hard fucking even though she would be in a submissive role. The prospect of her being sexually dominated by Rathgar and his mate aroused her dormant submissive side and she felt her getting more wet. She hesitated a little because she hated Shakara who was Rathgar’s mate and to whom she had lost Rathgar to in a winner takes all sexfight.

She would beat this bitch and make her cunt squirt all over her gorgeous busty body and then she would make her lick it all up but even if she lost she would have a glorious sex filled month with two gorgeous humans and the truth is being submissive fueled her desire to train sexually again. She extended her hand out and Rebecca licked her lips slowly and extended her hand and shook Martina’s hand muttering, “Sealatius.” signifying the bond had been sealed imposing its binding nature on the two sorceresses.

Rathgar was watching the whole exchange with a smile and when Rebecca proposed the stakes and Martina agreed he felt aroused. He had always wanted to fuck Martina before Shakara came into his life and had beaten Martina and ordered her away from him as per stakes agreed. Rathgar had owed a debt to Rebecca for bringing him into the covert group he was working for and she was collecting on his debt. Shakara would be raging when she found Rebecca has pulled them into the stakes but she knew about Rathgar’s debt and she could not argue because Rebecca was her mentor on her missions and if she had to grow she had to learn.

The women stood up and Rebecca ended the eavesdropping prevention spell. Rebecca told Martina, “I have to send in my report now. Gather you senses, go to Alexsia as Romi awaits you immediately. Train hard as you would need it as i am going to fuck you senseless.”

Martina replied, “Bitch, I am going to fuck you so hard in so many ways that you will scream for more.” and turned around and walked up the steps to her room with her ass rippling sensuously putting on a show for Rebecca and the entire inn and her long hair bouncing on her buns as she walked. Rebecca wanted to ambush her right them and hump her in a standing trib position right then foreplay be damned and all but smiled and followed rathgar outside.

The two stepped out and walked across the amphitheater into the square towards the harbor. They reached the pier and walked around the beach towards a desolate clump of coconut trees towards an gypsy encampment. The music notes from a minstrel playing a modified gypsy version of a lyre melodiously swamped them as people were singing merrily to the tune huddled around a fire while two busty redhead gypsy women wearing a low-cut blouse with their busty firm breasts battling the blouse’s buttons straining to get free. They reached the cart parked at the farthest end of the caravan and a man clothed in black stood there feeding a large hawk chunks of meat. The man was a mercenary and an assassin bonded magically to Rebecca who traveled with her but maintaining a distance always on hand for a task that involved a sabotage or assassination. Rebecca handed over the scroll to him and he looked at it and memorized it and handed it back to her.

The bond between them meant that no one except a skilled mind walker who knew how to navigate and circumvent magical mental barriers could extract the information and he or she would have to go in pretty deep. The intrusion however would send off a psychic trigger and Rebecca would then wipe his memories clean through a memory clearing chant. Rebecca told the man, “Leave at once with supplies, stop nowhere and this is to be delivered only to argon and his intelligence wing only.” The man nodded and whistled. The hawk flew and perched on his glove. Rebecca and Rathgar turned and walked towards the inn through a shortcut while the man vanished into the darkness.

A busty gypsy woman was walking away from the encampment towards a small inlet covered with palm trees probably to the inn to find a buyer for ganja the exotic drug gypsy trader clans were bringing up from Indica. Rebecca knew this because she had a pipe in her hand smoking it as she quietly walked towards the inn. The drug gave a rush to one’s senses without the after effects. Rebecca briskly walked up to the haired dark-haired busty woman wearing a skimpy orange color blouse. Her breasts were high and firm and the large shape of the areola was visible straining against the blouse.

The woman was caramel skinned, not skinny at all rather she was curvy with wide hips carrying a massive stunning ass jiggling as she walked tightly wrapped in colorful skirt. Rathgar was already fantasizing that ass on his dick moving in entire circles The woman looked like had absolute control on the movement of her ass The woman had lustrous straight hair lightly touched the crack of her ass.She had long lush big lips, a medium sized nose, a gorgeous face neither too chubby nor too long just the right bit .

Rebecca caught her hand turning her around grabbed the back of her head and planted a kiss on her. Pulling her close to her body with the other the woman eyes bulged wide at first but when she saw Rebecca and felt the contours of her body tit against tit, nipple against nipple she felt a rush of lust staring instantly. She pulled closer to Rebecca, parted lips, her nipples beginning to ache with heat her pussy beginning to moisten, the wet spot on her thong growing ever larger. Rebecca was sucking on her tongue like a dick her head moving back and forth. Moriah as the caramel skinned was called felt the heat boiling in her loins.

Rebecca pulled away from Moriah’s succulent large lips and started grinding on her body moving up and down her nipples flicking Moriah’s nubs with her up and down movement. After a minute or two of this nipple fencing Rebecca reached down to Moriah’s waist, unclasped the short skirt

Moriah was wearing revealing her soft minuscule thong, quickly disposing off it and tossing it aside parted it aside to reveal her shaved slit turned around, took off her trousers and her thong in a slow teasing movement tossed it aside and placed her ass right on Moriah’s now pulsing steadily wet clit.

Rebecca slowly ground her ass in circular motions on her pussy with slow deliberate movements circular, left right up and down, twerking her magnificent ass on Moriah’s pussy all the while looking at Rathgar intently. She was sure that Rathgar was fascinated by Moriah ‘s ass when he first saw her and Rebecca was showing off her ass control skills to him and she was not seen exhibiting her full skill as this was not a sexfight. Rebecca wanted a hard fuck with this woman and a longer one with Rathgar.

Martina’s challenge had fueled her loins and she had to have a release. Moriah saw Rebecca’s smirk looked at Rathgar and understood what was going on. Moriah was the sexiest woman in the gypsy camp having bedded many men and women in each city and her eyes flashed.

She was not going to be shown inferior to this woman in any sexual way. She gripped Rebecca’s ass with one hand bent down and grabbed Rebecca’s mane pulling her head slightly back and started thrusting back hard and quick, her ass jerking backward and forward.

After a couple of minutes of hard thrusting Rebecca’s buns were slickly wet due to Moriah’s juices flowing in full flow now. She was not looking for a sexfight just for a hard fuck but apparently Moriah had a competitive nature as her thrusting indicate while looking at Rathgor who had stripped already.

They were surrounded by foliage and would be interrupted because Rebecca had already activated the Easvio spell while walking towards Moriah.

After five minutes of this thrust battle Rebecca suddenly rose up pushing Moriah away. Their eyes locked and the overwhelming need and hunger that both women were feeling began to boil over. They conveyed to each other their mutual, growing lust. Rebecca reached out and ran her hands along Moriah’s sides, starting at her hips and slowly, gently, traced her open palms up Diana’s smooth, bare skin, up her torso to her breasts.

Rebecca was careful not to touch Diana’s tits, only to stroke gently at the woman’s sensitive flesh, to tease without yet taking the next step. Moriah placed one hand on Rebecca’s right hip and the other on her rival’s firm, muscled belly, feeling her palm suck to the woman’s deep navel. She stroked Rebecca’s body from her hip to her arm, caressing the smooth, soft flesh. Rebecca unbuttoned Moriah’s blouse slid off her body.

She pulled Moriah towards her by the shoulders, lined up their taut, long, throbbing nipples, and brought them together, tip to tip. Moriah and Rebecca screamed as one, their howls of sudden shock and pleasure harmonizing. Their nipples seemed to seal together in a surge of electricity and pure erotic power. Their fleshy nubs fastened on each other, their milk holes sucking. Power and heat and primal lust poured into both women from the other magnificent female. The spike of sensation exploded, filling their throbbing tits with heat, hardening both sets of mammaries even more, then flowed down their bellies into their cunts like molten lava. The women shrieked again, in unison, as their powerful cunts contracted convulsing like steel traps, then gushed hot pussy juice.

The thick, intoxicating scent of fully aroused womanhood rolled off of their bodies. Finally, after sharing their sexual power for almost 60 seconds, both women shrieked and, as if by mutual agreement, pushed each other away Moriah knew that her body needed, in some incomprehensible way, to meet and mate and fuck with Rebecca’s spectacular body.

Rebecca and Moriah leaned into each other, both women filling their hands with the other’s tits and squeezing, squeezing hard. They fondled and weighed, kneaded and crushed together the other woman’s fantastic tits. They pushed their faces close, forehead to forehead, eyes half-open, noses touching, hot, sweet breath blasting into the other. Rebecca lined her nipples up with Moriah’s burning nips and, signaling with their eyes, the women pushed them together, tip to tip.

As before, erotic lust raced through both women, pumping up their clits, feeding their lust, torturing them with pleasure and delicious sexual sensations. The women locked eyes and struggled to bring their raging bodies under control. Growling lustfully at each other, they held their nipples together. hoping to see the other woman’s nipples shrivel up and surrender to the greater power of the other, to show them both who was the more powerful woman. Their nipples grew harder and stronger, they fused together, but neither pair retreated from the other. Their swollen nipples held tip to tip only for a moment, then slid past each other to bury themselves in the other woman’s bumpy areola.

Rebecca moved her tits around and around, rotating them on Moriah’s slick melons, trying to twist and tangle her hard nipples with Lorelei’s matching pair. Moriah began rotating her tits the other way, grinding back, trying to drill down into Rebecca’s orbs. They pressed their bodies harder together, keeping their eyes locked and their faces pushed close. Their hot bellies crushed and rubbed, deep navels sucking and then popping apart as they shifted.

The women’s firm, warm thighs pushed and struggled against each other, occasionally slipping between the other woman’s legs, encouraging hot pussies to rub and suck against the smooth, taut flesh, prompting both women to raise their thighs into the other’s wet cunt provoking each woman to ride the other’s leg. Their naked, wet pussies rubbed into each other’s thighs, their thick pussy lips sucked to the smooth flesh, sending waves of lightning heat flowing up through their bellies and back into their tits.

After about two minutes of sensuous thigh riding the women stepped back breathing hard. Rebecca would normally now get into a 69 position with Moriah and lick her into multiple orgasms but she had to show this Carmel skinned cunt a quick lesson in who was the alpha sex queen here She would enjoy licking Moriah ‘s clit to a frenzy later in the night after claiming he prize.

“Enough, I want to feel your cunt, feel your clit. Meet me woman to woman,” said Rebecca dropping on the soft grass on the ground on her ass and, bracing her voluptuous body with her powerful arms behind her back, spread wide her wet, muscular thighs.

Her naked cunt glistened in the light, dripping with arousal, its pink slit radiating heat, pussy lips fat with desire. Her long, thick, marble clit protruded enticingly from the top of her swollen vulva. Moriah imitated her stance and reached down between her thighs and used her right index and middle fingers to spread her sopping wet pussy lips, coaxing her clit out She stroked it lightly with her finger, and jerked with shock at the jolt that raced through her body, pooling in her erogenous zones.

Moriah replied, “Let me feel your womanhood and we shall see who is the better woman.” She reached between her legs and used her fingers to spread her cunt a little wider. Moriah was tapping into her fierce gypsy blood determined to challenge Rebecca. Moriah had not sex fought before but she had heard about the league and was contemplating entering in the league in the next city her map traveled to.

She was a novice with no knowledge of the various techniques or strategies and counter strategies that sexfighters employed but she was determined to fuck hard and fast. She decided hard sexual aggression was her only tool and she would go with the flow and see what transpired. She humped the air eyes blazing with lust without saying a word

The two women slid along the fur rug towards each other, legs spread wide, a constant trickle of pussy juice running down from their fully-aroused twats. Their powerful bare legs slid against each other and smooth skin caressed as the women assumed a scissors-position, right legs over lefts, as they pushed up close and prepared to mate, to fight cunt to cunt to the finish, to finally consume each other.

A small gush of pussy juice shot from Moriah’s twat and splashed into Rebecca’s gaping fuckhole. A moment later, Moriah felt an answering splash of juice and her mind almost exploded with the erotic buildup of the moment.

They would fuck each other until one submitted, until they both exploded with unbelievable pleasure. The women braced their bodies with their powerful arms, pulled back their hips, then thrust their gaping twats directly into each other with a hard, wet splat of moist, thick fuck lips. Their massive clits squashed tight and sent an explosion of erotic heat roaring through both women, filling their cunts, flowing from their bellies up into their engorged tits, filling their incredible bodies with raw ecstasy.

Their voracious cunts sucked tight to each other, their gaping fuckholes sealed and locked like hungry mouths. They slammed their burning, ravenous cunts together again and again. The inlet room reverberated with the sound of taut, wet flesh slapping in rhythm.

Their labia merged into one, as they rubbed and bucked their hips, driving, grinding into each other, seeking to violate each other in the deepest ways possible. Moriah already felt on the verge of the greatest orgasm of her life and yet she and Rebecca had barely started fucking .. She kept thrusting, determined to join her body with Rebecca’s in the most intimate ways possible.

The women’s cunts slowly worked into each other, juicy, engorged pussy lips spreading and flattening against each other with their slow, powerful thrusts

Hot pussy juice squeezed out from their interlocked cunt lips with each powerful thrust. They began stroking, thrusting, grinding their nerve-rich, swollen clits together in earnest.

” Fuck, fuck, you dirty little bitch!” Moriah screamed

Began to feel an intense pressure on her pussy and realized that Rebecca was using her vaginal muscles to squeeze and eat Moriah’s throbbing twat.

She was taken aback; she did not know how to match this incredible feat groaned, her hips matching the slow, hard rhythm of Rebecca’s thrusts, the sexual power in her body slowly building to the point of explosion.

After several minutes of fighting in this position, Rebecca reached out and grabbed Moriah’s right thigh, shifting her body so that she and Moriah fit together like two interlocked clothespins. Moriah grasped Rebecca s right thigh and answered the sorceress’ thrusts with her own. Hips and asses rocked into a swaying, pumping frenzy as they rubbed clits vigorously, settling into a hard, delicious, grinding rhythm.

“Whore, fucking whore…!!,” Moriah cried, her head thrown back in joy and lust as her body experienced sensations she never thought possible. Her tits rocked furiously, bouncing in concert with her driving hips.

Rebecca gasped, “You little cunt, I will break you so easily. “

Moriah’s body was shuddering with pre-orgasmic tremors and she knew she was only moments away from exploding. Part of her just wanted to relax and enjoy it, but a stronger part needed to win.

As their cunts locked and fused with each micro touch spending feelings of amplified lust, Moriah was stunned to feel Lorelei’s powerful clit suddenly swell up like a balloon. The engorged nub grew bigger, longer and harder, as though a sexual dam had suddenly been released

Rebecca threw back her head and laughed, smiling with joy. She rejoiced in the feeling of Diana’s clit being driven back beneath her own

Moriah gasped in sexual thrill and in that moment, Rebecca thrust forward pushing Moriah on her back getting on top and grabbed her left leg and raised it hip and placed it on her shoulder.

She mounted the red-haired bitch and rolled her hips, drilling Moriah’s pussy with her cunt. Rebecca s powerful hips thrust–slowly at first, then faster and faster Her saxhorn was huge, swollen and hard, throbbing with heat. Lorelei smiled and teased her equally huge, sensitive clit out of her cunt. The women’s eyes locked, heat and rage flowing between them like electricity.

Rebecca slid her slick pussy up and down against Moriah’s cunt. Moriah rubbed back but she was losing control. She had equally fucked men and women but it was always a passionate fuck fest hard yes but towards the end of the act. Her body was on fire and her mind was just screaming to give in and enjoy the huge orgasm building up. A small part of her mind assured her that she would learn the sexfight skill in time and then she would conquer women and she would challenge this bitch who was fucking her in a frenzy

Rebecca smiled crazily. She knew Moriah was losing control. She guessed Moriah had never sexfought before and she would enjoy ravishing her She began her own rolling of hips guided by many years of practice pushing hard, then rolling back soft and Bending Samantha’s clit in all directions. Rebecca’s clit bent Moriah’s clit left and right and up and down. She suddenly went into a frenzy with her hips blurring in motion riding Moriah like she rode Rathgar when she felt dominant and she felt dominant now

The sudden frenzied bucking pushed Moriah over the edge her eyes rolled back into her head, and her toes began to curl and her hips began to tremor uncontrollably Rebecca screamed,” Yes, yes, yesss, oh Fuck, YESSS!!” her voice rising to a shriek of delirium as she worked her cunt harder and harder into Moriah’s delicious twat and Moriah’s orgasm seemed to last forever.

Rebecca ground two smaller orgasms from her and then finally came shrieking, “AAaaaahhhh, Fuck, Mitra, FFFuccckkkk!!!” Small orgasms continued to ripple through her and they kept crushing each other’s cunt driving Moriah to further little orgasms

Rebecca pulled Moriah up and stuck her tongue in her mouth indulging in a mini tongue battle feel and probing her tongue for about fifteen seconds. She then turned to Rathgar who already had stroked his hard dick to orgasm at the exact moment Moriah gave in spraying the grass with his thick loads of cum. She turned back to Moriah putting her right hand on her neck chocking her slightly and said, “I am now going to fuck my man while you watch. I am going to drain his balls and claim his cum as my prize and you are to watch every drop of his cum spraying out. Do you understand?”

Moriah nodded sensing that Rebecca was a powerful sorceress having a moderate magical skill herself. She knew she was in the presence of a sexual alpha and she had to take her punishment .Ragnarok was already hard .Rebecca’s skill as a sexfighter had always turned him on and yet he knew that she would fuck him too mercilessly as he had lost a sexfight to her and she had imposed a condition for the next three months that she would fuck him anytime as a dominant victor and he had to suppress his instincts to grab her and fuck her hard.

The sexfight code was to be respected and he would have his chance once the three months expired until then he was to submit and he would gladly grateful at this moment to let this sexual goddess of a woman to fuck him senseless .Rebecca’s loins were bursting with lust as she loved this part of humiliating Moriah, She knelt in front of Ragnarok’s hard thick cock and Her mouth immediately latched onto it, sucking it deep.

Rathgar’s eyes rolled back into his head in immense pleasure. He could feel the woman’s tongue moving up and down his hardness, tasting every vein. Suddenly, he felt her mouth sink down to the base of his cock, her throat squeezing the head. A warm tongue snaked out to lick the balls, then slurped its way up the shaft as her mouth twisted up his cock. The wet tongue then swirled around the head as the lips suctioned their way off the tip of his cock with a loud pop. Rathgar’s eyes flashed open upon feeling this; he had only known one woman to use this move when sucking his dick. He knew he was in for one of the nights of his life.

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Chapter 2

Maneka Gupta sat cross legged on the beautiful yet light Indican mat and breathed in and out slowly, focusing on her breath and letting the layer of the inner calm envelope her.

She kept her mind blank dragging her breath along the back of the throat so that it created a gentle hissing sound and felt like sipping a cool drink through a straw. She made each inhale last as long as the exhale, and each breath a little deeper than the last until her breathing was long and smooth.

The ancient Indican breathing technique not only calmed the mind , Yoga masters stressed on the benefits of Yoga on emotional health allowing practioners to stay cool as a cucumber in arduous situations down the line.

Maneka practiced the technique for five minutes, opened her eyes, stood up and folded the mat and kept it neatly in her lightweight trunk.

She turned and took in her room, scanning the room from left to right. It was comfortable and well maintained with a fire place and large windows letting the sunlight in.

It was a bright morning which she liked. Dull foggy mornings always dampened her mood and she liked the advent of spring

She sat on the foot of the bed looking into the large mirror opposite. The mirror reflected a gorgeous and dusky woman .

Maneka was the epitome of a dark,busty,Indican woman with a gorgeous face resembling that of a painter’s muse, chiseled jawline, small nose, doe shaped black eyes. Pure black eyes were one of the rarest to find. A gypsy had told her eyes indicated that she was trustworthy and dependable. Her hair was long and lustrous, reaching down and just reaching the bottom of her lovely ass.

Maneka was proud of her long hair.Indican women sported long hair more often than not, grooming and take care of it ,shampooing in neem and a mixture of other natural herb based pastes .

The Indican natural beauty pastes and powders were a rage in all the nations that Indica traded with leading to a profitable trade aspect amongst others She was gloriously nude, with huge, firm tits which was a feature of Indican women and an hourglass figure kept fit by yoga & regular practice of a north indican specialized martial arts .

She also indulged in outdoor sports, loving the aspect of being in a team. She was never narcissistic ,understanding the importance of a level head in society and in her business .She was an accomplished trader, known for her fair practices and sharp understanding of markets, trends in a world that had 18 kingdoms She always believed that successful leaders take people ahead with them

She was educated in economics and statecraft learning the art of negotiation from the best gurus in Indica in the northern part. Her father, Abhimanyu was the chief interior diplomat of Indica leading a team of diplomats spread across Eurasia, managing relations, trade, commerce, hostile nations.

Her mother Rituparna was a scholar and artist and a philanthropist who recognized the importance as a skilled nation, She supported gurukuls in her home city and helped farmers with micro loans understanding the importance of education & agriculture in any economy.

Maneka grew up in an mixture of an academic & geo political atmosphere inculcating a love of world history and culture

During her time at the gurukul,Maneka opted for the studying of commerce and international relations and that is when she came across tales of espionage to preserve peace and stability of her country as well as negate bad actors in Eurasia .

Eurasia had a complex history with nations and groups which wanted peace on one hand and covert, shadowy parties & hostile nations determined to conquer and lord over the highly promising massive Eurasia and eventually gain dominion over the world

Eurasia was home to rich ,powerful dynasties and whoever gained dominion basically gained access to an massive military structure and coffers of gold and precious jewels. The combined wealth could finance n invasion campaign beyond Eurasia into the other 3 continents that made up the known world.

Powerful people always tussled with each other, driven by ambition, greed, the desire to dominate and subjugate and an integral part of this tussle was spy craft and the shadowy world of covert groups allied to the ruling house or secretive cabals

Intelligence was a game changer leading as a feeder to winning battles, stopping power from changing hands or even beating a trade competitor .It had political and economic impacts.

It was a complex, strategic game with many players, some known and many unknown puppeteers

Maneka had pestered her father to provide her with a teacher who s skilled in the art on intrigue and spycraft and geo political assessment finally getting to learn from a former spy master and strategist called Raunak who was the great grandson of an advisor who had worked under the legendary Chanakya.

Chanakya was a legendary figure, a strategist who had shaped the land of Indica 40 years ago and an economic scholar who understood the importance of political diplomacy as well as forming and maintaining a hidden network of spies across the spectrum.

Maneka was pulled away from her nostalgia by the noises in the ground floor of the inn she was staying in. The business of the day had begun, the kitchen fires lit and the breakfast would soon be prepared.

She had an important day ahead, her pulse suddenly racing as she got up and walked to the bathing room. The maid had been in earlier and heated the water in the tub with rose petals and a healthy mix of scented oils.

She sank into the tub and sighed as the hot water mixed with the oils relaxed her muscles. She focused on breathing again, letting her mind and body relax. She would need he energy & wits in the epic tussle ahead on the cards ahead

Voorburg was a port and the third most commercially busy city of Germania. Germania was a powerful country which had trading pacts with Indica as well as Norwegia but like every other nation, it saw itself as an leader of Eurasia and while not hostile, it did have its tussles with the other nations in the continent of Eurasia.

Alliances were dynamic in Eurasia based on long term goals, power structures Maneka was a diplomat of Indica on an assignment to Norwegia to enhance relations and work on mutually profitable business and trading ventures but she was also a spy and part of her assignment was to keep track of any covert organizations seeking to grab power after the defeat of the feared six, a cabal of powerful magicians & despots wo were defeated by the circle of Rati which was alliance of mages, sorceresses and warriors.

Maneka had an asset in Voorburg , an Germanian man called Hans who was a secretary to the army commander in Voorburg which was an administrative position not privy to any intelligence input but it was always useful to know details like mass mobilization of soldiers, visits of any foreign dignitaries .

Maneka had met Hans discreetly at the annual fair, a festival celebrating the defeat of the feared six ,A quick change of a parchment within a second took place amidst a bustling crowd in a exotic gypsy belly dancing performance .

As a foreign diplomat and trade, it was obvious her entry in the city was monitored though not vigorously as Indica and Germania had trade pacts and did not clash too much YET.

The concern of most countries after the long arduous battle with the feared si was establishing pace and trade again.

War cripples everything, the morale, trade, commerce and most countries were focused on refilling their coppers but that was changing. Indica and Germania were friendly to each other but you never knew.An aggressive hawkish group in both nations could be covertly planning a grab of power and dominance, after Eurasia was lustfully tempting. It had a rich fertile country with powerful kingdoms.

As the night turned into the early night ,Maneka ran through the contents of the parchment she had read before burning it .The parchment informed her that a book from a from a famous gypsy called Lovara’s house .Lovara herself was found nude and passed out and when she was revived and clothed and questioned ,she possessed no recollection of what had happened and was dazed and lightheaded.

The city’s guard captain had questioned neighbors and come up with no leads save except for a long haired blonde beauty meeting Lovara hours before she was found ,The lady was described to be gorgeous and busty according to the witness.

The only other physical description was that she was very busty and dressed all in black and moved gracefully. The witness had mentioned that she had seen a strange tatoo of a circle with six lines within it.

There was one thing though that the neighbor told the captain, she had heard of moaning sounds of a lustful nature about fifteen minutes emanating from Lovara’s bedroom as she was gardening.

The neighbor Helga told the captain, “The sound suddenly ceased though, I thought she was fucking this woman and I did not like to eavesdrop.”

The Captain’s deputy walked up and told him, “sir, we have searched the place completely, nothing has been taken.”

Helga said hopefully, “I think it must have been a lover’s quarrel. They must have have fucked and then had a vicious quarrel and maybe the woman drugged her or something. I tell you ,this Lorena was into something kinky.I used to hear strange sounds coming out of her house late nights but I never saw anyone leaving her house afterward.

“You never know with gypsies. The word was that she practiced sex magic apart from being a maid to the Governor’s wife.”

The Captain made some inquiries but there were no leads and nothing missing. No one had confronted the blonde woman because there was no sounds of a struggle and no one had any reason to suspect anything.

The case was filed and closed.

What the captain did not know is that Lovara was on the watch list of Maneka and Alexander Larsen who apart from being a trainee diplomat was the head of the intelligence network of Norwegia

Lovara was an unscrupulous smuggler and fence of magical artifacts, the kind which caused trouble. The Gypsy had the advantage of using various routes from the traveling clans to the merchants to the mercenaries and soldiers. It was difficult to track her routes and she was careful.

It was only because she was the mistress of Magnus Von Bismark , a former governor of Berne and a member of the chosen’s middle layer that she had to come to the attention of Alexander.

Magnus was unsuspected of being a pawn of the being part of the chosen’s secret network. He was killed while trying to assassinate the Crown princess of Germania.

Maneka stepped out of the bath, dried herself off with the towel .

She dressed herself in a skintight, low cut, one-piece suit with flowing black sheer sleeves and hood, thigh-high boots, a collar with a black pentacle.

Breakfast was served to her in her room since she had requested for privacy. She was expecting her visitor to arrive soon She had just finished a breakfast of mashed potatoes, fresh bread, a bowl of chicken soup and was sipping a pint of fresh squeezed orange juice when she heard a knock on her door .

She waited until she heard three short knocks and a whistle She stood and walked to the door and opened it. A handsome man about five feet 8 inches tall stood there. He was wearing a velvet tunic and doublets, billowy long-sleeved shirts, and comfortable but handsome breeches. he had a mid-sized sword at his hip and a sea captain’s hat on head

Maneka smiled at him and said, “Greetings Martin, come in and lets get started on this mysterious blond woman

“Have you managed to track her whereabouts?”

Martin bowed slightly and entered the room and sat on a basic yet comfortable chair looked at her and said “Greetings to you Lady Maneka,I have your report on the woman ready.

“As you instructed, this woman has been to lady Martina Berger’s establishment, my deckhand spotted her wearing the same dress.

We used a team of deckhands to trail her as she left Lady Berger’s establishment with a man and a woman. Each deckhand dropped off at specific points so as to not alert her.

“She is currently at a house on the hill overlooking the beach near the lighthouse. Captain Ashvin will take you there “

Maneka looked out the window and came to a decision and said, “Captain, please finish your business rapidly today.

We might have to set sail to Norwegia if needed, in fact we probably will

“You will be suitably compensated for the trip, more than your trading profit “

Martin nodded and said, “Of course, my lady” and left the room to wait for her outside the Inn

Martin was a sea captain part of a company headed by a prosperous merchant in Drammen. Alexander had long realized the importance of having a floating intelligence agent who can travel to all the countries open for trade and had recruited him

Maneka had traveled with her assistant, Madhavi who also doubled as her pillow friend and her ranger Ashvin, a captain in the Norwegian naval forces on the Captain’s ship called The Morning Star.

Maneka packed her belongings, paid the innkeeper, walked out through the Inn’s door and Martin was waiting with Ashvin with three horses.

Maneka smiled at Ashvin and teased,” Did you meet a gorgeous woman yet? You can stay back, you know.”

Ashvin smiled and replied, “And miss out on all the excitement and who will take care of a delicate thing like you?”

Maneka mocked kicked him in the gut to make him double up and turned and quickly mounted her horse and said “You mean you will miss being protected by me considering how I kicked your ass in combat every day?”

They trotted at a fast pace towards the harbor .Maneka had a tryst with a unknown opponent and if her hunches was right ,it might be a hot one.

Maneka had guessed correctly that the woman was an agent of the cabal. The cabal had several divisions among its structure and some of the female members were specialists in magic. They were usually entrusted with the task of hunting down artifacts which amplified magic.

An magical artifact was a powerful tool because it held an reserve amount of magical strength of all the defeated sorceresses and mages who were defeated in conventional or sexual combat.

The benefit of holding a reservoir of magic was that it could one of the artifacts that mages and sorceress draw upon to magnify their strength during battle magic.

Of course, there were other artifacts which could hold magic much more powerful as a reservoir but these artifacts were only prepared by skilled mages and sorceress but no sensible magician would part with a powerful artifact capable of holding vast amount of magic.

It was easier for a mage or sorceress to simply acquire a magical artifact through sexual combat and then keep adding to that reservoir by defeating opponents who were adept in magic either through conventional combat or sexual combat.

Sexual combat was preferred when either the challenger or challenged was not a warrior or a sorceress.

Ownership of an artifact could be be decided by either a conventional battle or a sexual battle. The challenge once invoked would have to be met by the challenged or else the artifact was forfeited to the challenger.

In sexual combat, the challenged or challenger could invoke the rules of combat and whoever did so first bound the other to the rules.

A practitioner of magic possessing a magical artifact was compelled to sexfight when challenged. That was one of the compulsions of possessing the artifact. An artifact taken by physical force would remain locked thus rendering itself useless to the acquirer.

Maneka stealthily crept up to the house Ashwin had pointed out to her before heading back to the ship. The house had been surveilled ever since the blonde woman had entered the house.

The man and woman who had accompanied the blonde woman had left the house in the late afternoon each sporting satisfied grins.

The blonde woman most likely had fucked them into ecstasy.

The deckhand watching the house had reported that the Blonde woman had left in the late evening after no doubt to partake of the night life of the city posting two hefty guards at the entrance and one at the back.

A woman who practiced sex magic was always known to have a huge sex drive. They also preferred to hone their sexual stamina because they were often challenged. Heavy doses of intense sex with non-magic practitioners kept their skill sharp

There were no magical wards around the house. Covert operatives usually did not maintain any as skilled rival sorcerers could identify the wards and these operatives did not want to attract undue attention.

Smugglers were known to possess no maical ability.They were usually men and women for hire ot trusted by their shadowy masters around magical artifacts

The guards had been taken care of by Ashvin through drugged darts, were bound and carried and laid down amid the foliage of trees. Ashvin and Maneka had broken into the house and carefully turned it upside down and found two miniature statue of a nude woman copulating with a man in the cowgirl position amongst the woman’s trunk .

The woman had not carried the artifacts with her on her person and Maneka understood why. This was a rare sex magic artifact. This type could store the sexual magic of both mages and sorceress.

The benefit of such an artifact was that it tapped into the magic essence of both men and women.

A fifth level mage or sorceress could look at the blonde woman with her magical senses and deduce that an artifact of great power was on her person. The risk was too great. The blonde woman’s masters would not tolerate the loss of the artifacts.

The woman would notice of course when she came back of course but her concern would be her sexfight challenger waiting for her inside.

Ashvin was instructed to remain hidden amidst the foliage waiting for Maneka. If Maneka had lost ,a frontal assault would have to be launched but the operation had to be quiet lest it attract unwanted hostile parties. Maneka had win this sexfight to prevent risk to Ashvin.

Every mage or sorceress was always stronger in form of magic over another. An artifact like this usually contained significant reservoirs of magic ranging from battle magic to healing magic to sexual magic to the dark arts to compulsion to potion magic and various sub branches.

The discovery had left Maneka feeling very excited. Maneka had hidden the fact from Ashvin that she was a novice sorceress, a late bloomer She had felt the source within her at key moments but she had not been able to reach and channel magic.

Freya, the consort of Alexander had been helping her secretly in this regard.

An artifact like this would be a great asset to Indica and she could claim one of these as part of the pact with Alexander .Freya could challenge her o a sexfight of course to gain the other artifact but so could she.

Maneka Stripped down to her gloriously nude form and sat on the bed in the bedroom in which the trunk containing the artifacts and waited for the woman she would challenge doing her breathing exercises and preparing her mind and body for the erotic yet important battle ahead.

Around twenty minutes later,Maneka heard rushed footsteps heard the door being slammed open and witnessed the blonde woman rush into her bedroom and come to a halt The blonde woman stared at the dusky goddess with her mouth half open but quickly recovered. Her heart had sunk when she saw the absence of her bodyguards. She had feared the worst as she sped into the house, her mind crippled with fear.

She sped into the room and came to an halt, her eyes frantically scanning the room and expecting it to be in a shambles, Instead she saw a woman who was nude and looking at her steadily.

The woman looked at her steadily and said softly, “I ,Maneka Gupta by right invoke upon you the rules of sexual combat laid down by the goddess Rati and kamadev challenge you to a sexfight for the ownership of the two magical artifacts. Accept now or forfeit the artifacts to me and hold your peace”

The blonde woman was stunned for a short while, she had expected the room to be in a shamble or worse still had expected enemies in the process of ransacking the room, preparing for the worst.

After a couple of minutes, her pulse became steady and she took in the glorious nude form of the woman before her, processing her challenge and felt an twinge in her insides, the beginning of a deliciously warm hear starting from her loins. Her mind just started conjuring up a lusty image of the sex ahead.

The blonde woman pushed those lusty thought aside. She had to understand the flow of what happened here.

Maneka looked at her steadily and said,”Don’t bother to deny the artifact’s nature or its power .I am an experienced woman in these matters .What matters now is the battle ahead. This is a battle I will win.

“I know you would have sexfought before. That is irrelevant, This is a new battle, one that you will not win. I am skilled in the art of sexfighting .I have fought women all over Eurasia and won”

Coming across beautiful female & male bodies had always excited the blonde woman instantly ,more so because she was very sexual.

The blonde woman looked at Maneka steadily, recovering from her crippling fear of imagining the artifacts being lost processing her challenge and after I had sunk in, took in the gorgeous face, the massive firm tits, the hourglass figure, chiseled jawline, small nose, doe shaped black eyes ,the long lustrous hair and felt the initial delicious feelings of arousal.

The thought of herself and this gorgeous ,busty woman in the bed naked having wild sex, their bodies exploring each other, their clits fusing into each other fighting for domination made her pussy tingle with desire and her nipples so hard that almost hurt.

She assumed a alpha stance, thrusting her massive boobs out with her left hand on her waist ,head slightly tilted to the right in a condescending manner and said, “I ,Corina accept your sexfight challenge and I will dominate and fuck your cunt into submission. I don’t know who you think you are and where you come from but I have dominated dusky bitches like you with my cunt till they begged for more”

Maneka smiled and said,”My cunt will devour your cunt. I’ll teach you a lesson you’ll never forget.”

Maneka had a reputation of being a skillful sexfighter and had the ability of being very agile and innovative. She prided herself in tribbing her opponent in various positions and switching from a medium pace to hard, fast tribbing within seconds.

Her hips and ass were flexible and she could rotate her hips in all directions as she tribbed. She never just tribbed in one direction for long, changing and getting into positions which would make any man and woman watching her sexfight come hard and long.

She was proud of her flexibility and sexual stamina honed over long hours of sexual trysts with her male and female lovers over her lifetime.

She looked at the blonde woman scanning her body and feeling the first waves of luscious pleasure emanating from her womanhood.Her toes flexed as a natural reaction to the growing arousal.

Corina was wearing a light brown tunic with red sash belt and brown holster belt, dark brown tights, brown ankle boots.

The woman was beautiful, a natural blond with long, straight hair, a narrow jawline and forehead that were about the same width and an incredible body. She possessed nice long legs, a tight ass, big round tits that instantly drove men and woman to stare at them.

They were like watermelons, firm and high and when thrust out in the pose that she was currently in could send a wave of pleasure through the loins of any man or woman.

She had a flat stomach. Her green eyes and especially her full lips made her a knock out. Corina seemed a woman who knew the power of her sex but that was very common in all of Eurasia’s countries.

Most Women were sexually confident from barmaids to merchants to princesses which very often led to sexual contests among themselves and with men .

This was an age where beauty and sexuality were prevalent along with intrigue, power plays and good governance ad geo political events .Women sexfought women and men to for establishing sexual dominance, pleasure, kink sexual hierarchy and to settle disputes.

Corina smiled and said, “The amount of women you have sexfought is not important.

“I will devour every inch of your body, conquer you with my clit,make you moan for more, I will make you soak the carpet you are sitting on with your cum.I will then rub face in that cum .You have met your queen today “

Manaka purred,” My technique and my skill will make you cum longer before I actually get to my full sexual prowess. You are wrong to estimate my experience.

“Don’t forget, my experience means that I have sexfought different types of women and men, each skilled in one technique or the other. That means I have experienced all the ways in which sexual pleasure can be given with a mouth and tits and cock and clit.

“I know every way to pleasure a clit and a cock.I can slip from one position to the another,fuck you slow and then fuck you hard. I have conquered them all save one man and woman .I have however gotten better since then .I wont just make rub your face on my pussy when I am done. I am also going to make you my personal fuckbitch before I make you a prisoner”

Maneka’s calm soft voice irritated Corina who said viciously, “I’m losing patience, Cunt.Quick, then,lets fuck .”

Corina slipped out of her dress, taking her time slowly ,keeping her eyes on Maneka, lewdly licking her lips .She undressed slowly ,swaying her slips ,demonstrating her skill on manipulating her hips and ass ,Wiggling it from left to right, up and down like an exotic gypsy dancer swaying to the beat of musical instruments ,each slow thrust grooving to an imaginary beat and thrust of drums.

Maneka stood up, thrusting her tits out in challenge and let her eyes travel from the tip of Corina’s head travelling down her neck to her massive boobs,taking in the firmness and size of the melons, stopping to see if her nipples had stiffened, which they had.

She trailed down and followed the hourglass like figure, taking in her long, sculpted legs to her ankles.

The two opponents locked eyes and slowly walked towards the bed, getting on the ed on their knees, each sizing each other up, formulating a sexual battle strategy.

A agonizing minute passed before each woman oved towards each other on the knees, slowly like two warriors covering space between them

As their spectacular bodies got closer, a savage sexual magnetism flared between the two women, a force that pulled the two enemies to each other with an irresistible compulsion.

The enemies grabbed each other by the hair and started to kiss, violently.

Their tongues jostled for position, slobbering around each other.

Maneka locked her lips around her opponents tongue with her lips, moving her head front and back like she was sucking on a man’s cock ,After a few seconds passed by ,this tongue sucking stopped as Corina pulled Maneka’s head back freeing her tongue and then locking her lips on Maneka’s dancing tongue.

Standing, luscious forms pressed tight, the vicious enemies strained to become one flesh. Tongues feverishly explored each other’s mouths, nails scratched each other’s backs, causing moans of Delight.

Titflesh pressed against titflesh providing a sight that would have sent an virgin male into a tizzy and made his cock spit out pre cum drool

Big tits and powerful pelvises crushed together in a tight embrace.Corina felt the Maneka’s warm, sculpted body mashed against hers, their big tits struggling, their hard nipples spearing each other. She tasted Maneka’s sexual power as their spit mixed in their locked mouths

Maneka felt Corina’s beautiful body straining and thrusting against her own. She played passionately with the Corina’s tongue, demonstrating the skill and flexibility she possessed over her tongue after hundreds of love making sessions and sexfights

The sexual battle of the two sexy women’s tongue had its impact on their womanhood

Corina’s pussy was drenched, she could feel her juices coursing down her thigh, wetting Maneka’s leg.Maneka’s pussy too leaked juices ,drenching Corina’s thigh

Corina felt her blood burning with an almost insane, furious lust. Her mind told her knew that Maneka was powerful and much more experienced in the art of sexual battle. Maneka broke the tongue battle and suddenly rubbed her body up and down in her standing position with frantic speed rubbing titflesh over titflesh .This wasn’t lovemaking. This was a sexual battle and the gear and shifted much earlier than the usual phase of a sexfight’s progression.

Normally sexfights started with a slow, teasing coming together of bodies with the frantic crescendo to come afterwards after the two opponents had sized each other up.

Maneka however flipped that strategy, revealing the skill and the knowledge that an experienced sexfighter possessed.

She could shift gears from a slow, teasing pace to a frantic pace that highlighted her versatile technique.

She caught Corina off guard. Maneka had anticipated Corina to start with the usual approach to a sexfight.She skipped the phase ,intending to make the battle a furious thrusting mesh of fused bodies in feverish lust.

She wanted to test Corina’s adaptability and endurance.

She pulled back Corina’s head and lowered her hungry mouth to the slayer’s thick, meaty tits all the while keeping her frantic up and down rubbing of her body fused with Corina.

She had shifted moves again quickly from an vigorous body to body,tit to tit sexual meshing to bringing her tongue skill to play ,licking all over Corina’s sensitive tits.

Corina struggled against surrendering to the delicious erotic sensations that took over her body.

She desperately wanted to use her tongue to explore Maneka’s beautiful body, her heavy, round breasts, the long, muscled legs, the wet, hot pussy.

So far, just kissing her opponent and grinding her flesh into Maneka’s luscious form had been enough to drive Corina to an ecstasy that she had never felt before.Corina’s mind screamed inwardly. She knew she had to take control of the pace of the sexfight.Her pussy was soaking Maneka’s thighs even more than before highlighting her growing arousal.

Straining to pull herself together, to regain her wits, Corina knew that she must act now or the battle to take control of the first phase of the sexfight would be lost.She summoned up her sexual control and wrapped her around Maneka’s waist and lifted Maneka in a tight bearhug, and brought her enemy’s gorgeous body crashing onto her bed with full force.

Corina lost no time in leaping on her opponent’s body . As she launched herself at Menaka she saw the Maneka open her legs wide in a split second to accept her.

She was stunned at how quick Maneka was to adapt and shift her strategy. Corina’s warm, sweaty body was on fire as it made full contact with the equally warm, slicky body of her opponent.

Corina found herself locked between the thighs of her beautiful opponent. Her succulent cunt crushed down onto the welcoming twat, their juicy flesh sucking and melting into one.

Corina thrust down hard, driving her throbbing clit into the vampire’ s wet twat.The battle moved directly into the crucial phase ,skipping the second phase of a titfight .The sexual gauntlet had been thrown my Maneka and Corina was now accepting it with full force.

The women moaned in ecstasy as their electrified clits slashed against each other, heat rippling up from their sizzling, interlocked twats.

Momentarily satisfied that she held the advantage, Corina locked hands with Maneka, forcing the Indican woman’s arms out to her sides, pinning them to the bed.

Summoning her sexual strength, Corina slammed her hot, wet pussy hard and fast into the gorgeous Indican woman’s twat. Her slick pussy lips slipped and slid on the Countess’ equally wet cunt. Maneka’s sweat and pussy juices combined with Corina to form an oily froth between their battling pussies.

Corina pounded their cunts together in pure ecstasy, their pelvises thrusting, their hips working, faster and seemed Corina had the natural advantage and she intended to finish this battle fast.

She had tasted Maneka’s sexual power and her ability to surprise Corina in a flash and she knew she had one firm shot at establishing dominance.

Sexfights never ended in one round. They usually lasted hours but Corian knew the situation was different here. It wasn’t just a sexual battle ,the artifacts were at stake and she could not afford failure.

This sexfight couldn’t go the normal long length that sexfights usually went. Corina had to defeat this gorgeous opponent, claim the opponent and leave the city quickly.

She no longer had the protection of her bodyguards and she wasn’t a skilled warrior. She was a smuggler who could fight but she was no match for skilled spies or covert operators belonging to this woman’s team.

She snarled at Maneka and said,”This is not going to be a marathon sexfight cunt.As the dominant woman and current owner of the artifacts. I invoke the first orgasm rule as you have not.”

Maneka smiled at her, all the while matching her thrusts upward ,her click pussy meeting Corina’s cunt in a battle for superiority and said,”I accept, I will have my way with you later and will leave you an incoherent mess ,lusting for more”

They writhed in erotic joy, they panted hungrily. Corina’s big, taut breasts and hard nipples bit deep into the Countess’ beautiful breasts, causing both women to moan uncontrollably in pain and pleasure.

Menaka reached behind Corina ‘s head and grasped her hair Meanwhile Corina did not trust the furious lust boiling in her body. She wanted this battle over before her own desire became a disadvantage.

She increased her level of attack, thrusting her pelvis & grinding her pussy into Maneka’s matching body parts, harder and faster.

Maneka smiled inwardly thinking that Corina had actually lost her gambit in her urgency. Corina had sacrificed skill for hard fucking pace. A accomplished sexfigher combined raw passionate trib fucking with skill.Maneka possessed the ability to fuse both sexfighting qualities.

Corina’s lust for Maneka’s body was taking over her mind and the dominant position she held gave her a sense of false confidence.

Coria asked herself,“I am about to destroy this so called champion sexfighter .The one orgasm rule will not allow her to come back as there is no second battle, So why not enjoy her body just a little bit? What harm could that do to me?”

Corina started licking the breasts and nipples of the Countess, tasting the sweetness, feeling the hotness Indican goddess’ flesh on her tongue.

She closed her eyes and bit Maneka’s moaning lips, jamming her tongue deep into the voluptuous Indican woman’s mouth. She found Maneka’s tongue with her own and started playing and swirling around her with her own.

As the French kiss grew hotter and more passionate, as the women sucked at her other and swallowed each other’s spit, as their tongues wrestled and coiled together.

Corina however, began to sense the vast power and experience that the Maneka possessed. Maneka’s sexual power seemed to flow through her luscious flesh.

Maneka’s luscious body and the feeling of mating with it filled Corina with ecstasy. Her body trembled with sexual tension. Corina’s pussy was on fire. It started to swell with pure lust , along with her aroused tits.Corina retaining the dominant position still made her confident .She wanted to look into Maneka’s eyes, she wanted to see how close the woman was to sexual defeat, she wanted to see that moment of surrender.

The bed creaked and rocked as the voluptuous bodies thrust into each other, crushed tight, flesh melting to flesh, pussies pounding and grinding.

Maneka’s pussy locked to hers, matching her pace and speed, hips smoothly thrusting in rhythm to keep their burning cunts sealed together. Corina was not worried; she decided that the Indican woman was making her last stand because she knew that the end was near.

Corina realized the intensity of Maneka’ moans had stopped. She began to grow tired. Most of Corina’s sexfights were quick, lusty affairs and that had fed into her arrogance of finishing a sexfight in quick time.

Time had slowly ticked by. This sexual struggle was going on and on and she was fighting herself now, fighting her desire to give in and simply enjoy the incredible sensations suffusing her luscious body.

Her pussy was saturated, pouring fluids into Maneka’s welcoming cunt, mixing with the dusky Indican woman’s own secretions.

Corina’s entire body was quivering with sexual tension. She basked in the deeply erotic scent of their sweating bodies, their fully aroused cunt.

Slowly as the minutes ticked by,it seemed like the Indican woman had greater control than she did over what was happening.

“I must change my strategy,” Corina thought. Then she asked herself “Why hasn’t this bitch cum yet? Is something going on?” Her curiosity took over and she looked into her opponent’s beautiful face, she peered deeply into Maneka’s Beautiful eyes

She saw total confidence and quiet strength. Maneka stared into her eyes unflinchingly.

Her eyes exhibited supreme control over her body . Maneka had the skill to preserve her sexual energy even though she was riddled with lust and accumulating her sexual energy.

This came from scores of sexfights and wisdom gained through losses, introspection and fine tuning of sexual stamina even while taking exquisite pleasure.

Maneka had never let herself get complacent or arrogant in whatever she did.

Her desire to keep earning and treating each sexfight as a battle from scratch, respecting the skill of past opponents she had lost to and eventually beaten had led her to have control, master sexual skills and maintain her sexual battle plan in her subconscious mind thus honing her reflexes.

Maneka never underestimated any future opponent. She never underestimated the sexual strength of her opponent at any phase of the sexfight.She would realise after each sexfight that she was superior to her defeated opponent but THAT was only after the sexfight.She made a mental note of all her sexfight experiences and filed it away in her memory palace.This attitude made her one of the premium sexfighters in Alexsia .

Corina was a novice compared to her. Arrogant, smug, Condescending and overconfident.

Maneka’s education in the gurukul in strategy and spy craft had taught her to constantly better herself and never underestimate her opponents and she always used the lessons learnt in the sexual combat arena.

Corina felt despair coming on. She looked into Maneka’s eyes and snarled,” Break ,break for me.”

Maneka smiled at her and made her move.

At that moment, Corina felt sharp fingernails dig deep into her back. She felt pressure on her waist as Maneka pulled her down even harder and wrapped her body sinuously around Corina’s, twining their limbs together, locking their straining muscles.

Corina’s loss of control was all Maneka had needed to slip under the sey but arrogant blonde’s unconscious defenses, to access the incredible sexual energy pumping though hers veins built through numerous battles.

Maneka felt the heat of the Corina’s burning pussy, and followed followed Mina’s thrusts, moving harder and faster than blonde woman’s thrusting lifting her .The Indican woman had now begun to show her skill and stamina keeping their sex organs glued together, until she felt the bitches juices pouring out into her hungry twat.

MANEKA moved her head down Corrina’s massive chest and bit and sucked at her thick tits and hard nipples.

Corina tried to escape, but Maneka wrapped her long, powerful legs around her waist and trapped her . Maneka kissed the tired blonde woman hard, even as she increased her cunt to cunt thrust, fucking Corina powerfully.

The dusky Indican goddess sucked Corina ’s tongue, licked her face and neck, trying to force the blonde woman to cum, to release her juices into her own twat. Corina could barely keep herself from Cumming in that moment.

Maneka shifted gears suddenly in a split second, rolling Corina over in a flash and moving on top of her.

This was Maneka’s strength, the ability to suddenly and fiercely turn the tide. This ability came after vigorously introspecting, humbly analyzing her losses and fine tuning her sexfight strategy after each battle.

Maneka mounted the slayer and begun to drive her vampiric pussy into Mina’s sopping wet twat.

She immediately moved into a frantic tribbing pace, Her hips rocking back and forth in a hard fast fucking pace.

Maneka tribbed Corina relentlessly at a pace that Corina had never experienced before. The sheer erotic feelings of Maneka’s cunt grinding her cunt at a pace which gave her no time match Maneka’s thrusts started to overwhelmed Corina and her sexual moans started rising in intensity.

Maneka suddenly grabbed her opponent’s leg, raised it into the air. From that position she began her own rolling of hips, one guided by more years of practice than her rival. Pushing hard, then rolling back soft. Bending Corina’s clit left, and then right. Up and then down.Maneka repeated the cycle of motions relentlessly, slowing down suddenly then rapidly cranking her tribbing speed up She all the while kept moving her hips in circular positions and reversing the direction.

This was a supremely skilled sexfighter at work .

Maneka could see it – she could feel it. Corina was going to cum. And so, as Corina’s screams reached a crescendo, her eyes rolled back into her head, and her toes began to curl, the dusky big titted, long haired Indican woman reached down, and grabbed the blonde woman’s face.

With it in her hands, she pulled it up to hers, forcefully opened her mouth, wrapped her lips around it and rocked her head back and forth like a woman sucking a man’s cock .

After ten seconds Maneka sat back and increased her bucking, resuming her up and down left and right hip motion, drawing from the teen a vicious, Earth-shattering orgasm, whilst also reaching one herself, on the quivering, still-trapped body of her rival.Corina let herself cum hard. Her pussy erupted in a hot spasm. Her screams of pleasure were drowned out as the dusky Indican locked her mouth onto Corina’s, driving her tongue against Corina’s tongue.

Maneka Continued to thrust even after her rivals’ intense orgasm had begun to subside and as Corina went into her last spasms of pleasure, Maneka frantically thrust harder and came groaning in ecstasy as her cunt exploded, mixing Corina’s warm cum with her own hot juice.

Maneka Disengaged herself from Corina’s body and fell back on the bed to reciprocate. She had won a crucial battle and notched up another sexfight victory. She smiled and stared at the ceiling, basking in the warm afterglow of her orgasm.

Half an hour later Maneka was walking behind a grumpy Corina bound at the wrists behind her by a iron chain .They walked down the hill’s path and came to the path at the bottom of the hill which would lead to the harbor.

An hour later, She was sitting in a chair in the guest cabin allocated to her on Martin’s ship, the artifacts carefully locked away in the ship’s closet in a trunk labelled trading logs.

Corina was safely locked in the ship’s hold, bound and gagged. She had been questioned by Maneka but no useful intelligence had come to light. It seems the Cabal was tightly compartmentalizing its objectives.

Corina turned out to be a lower tier member, possessed no magical ability was more of a tracker down of magical artifacts but it turned out that she was a rookie and this was the first major artifact that had fallen into her hands.

Maneka sat back in the wooden chair poring over the reports in the sealed pouch handed over to her by Martin. A coded diplomatic pouch was handed to her which was from Alexander Larsen.

The Decoded message read as follows “Come to Drammen urgently. Our mystery blonde lady friend spotted in Nippon amidst strange possible cabal related events. Package must be guarded at all costs”

Maneka leaned back deep in thought. The blonde lady was suspected to be a covert operative who was seen at the scene of a series of raids on merchant caravans travelling from Indica and Norwegia with an supposed objective of disrupting critical trade. She was also suspected to have carried out a successful assassination of the previous Indican ambassador on Norwegian soil.

A suspected set of ancient manuscripts was stolen from the ambassador’s office. Unfortunately, there was no indication of what the manuscript contained.

The worrying thing was the slain ambassador was the descendant of one of the prominent Indican sorceress Chandralekha ,a prominent commander and dark magic authority who was tracking the feared six during their rise to power.

The world had seen peace for 15 years after the massive chaos caused by the feared six and their minions.

Eurasia was quiet and peaceful but it was apparent there were shadowy forces at play.

Could it be a survivor branch of the feared six’s minions or could it be a new pan country covert organization making a play for power. In either case, unless stopped events could lead to a repeat of chaos and mistrust and power plays across Eurasia

It would be critical to get intelligence fast…….

To Be Continued!

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