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Ewa S. vs. Dahlia Daggerheart: No One Can Hear You Scream in Space

Ewa S. vs. Dahlia Daggerheart as Anna

Warning at the Request of the Authors:

Rival’s Rapture Says: I don’t usually put violence warnings on stories, because this is a site about fighting, and so violence is to be expected. That being said, the authors have asked that I warn you that this story contains graphic depictions of violence.

If you are a softer reader (like myself), with a distaste for excessive violence, I suggest you turn back now.

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The food is freeze dried. Supposedly it will stay… fresh?… for longer than I will live, but it tastes stale. I chew, looking at the cramped table rather than anyone else. There are good days, there are bad, then there are the ones that just seem to drag on and on with no purpose. Jeff quietly checks notes. We’re supposed to perform a controlled burn to alter our course in 2 hours. NASA keeps assuring us we are absolutely within normal course parameters and this correction was always recognized as a possibility. We don’t believe them. I want Jeff to look at me, acknowledge me, but he won’t. The eyes on mission control are on us, and he has abandoned me. I understand why. I really do. He has a career, a wife. Even kids, if I remember correctly. But that didn’t keep him from my bunk. It didn’t stop him from whispering promises he now denies. And those actions are what caused the problem.

Wilson finishes his food and does the foam clean before he returns the utensils to the correct drawers. He leaves without speaking to either of us. Conversation has fallen back to just discussing the mission. We can no longer make small talk now. I’m lagging behind, hoping that Jeff will look at me, but he doesn’t. Then SHE enters. My left hand, the one under the table, resting on my thigh, makes a fist. It’s her turn to eat. I have measurements I need to log, tests that need to be checked. But I don’t move. For a second I look up, those brilliant eyes of hers, that strong jaw, the determined look, meets mine. It’s a look we all have. It’s a trait people like us share. But there is a flicker in those eyes. For a second we are both unsure. The eyes are watching, but that may not be enough to stop us. Jeff finally looks up, eyes darting between us. His certainty is gone as well. The silence is like pressure, pushing against us all, threatening to crush us. I move. I shoulder by Ewa without a word, without a glance. My utensils are cleaned, stored. I walk around Jeff, avoiding any more contact and leave the cramped dining area.

Ewa S.:

My heavy, magnetic boots thump on the alloy floor, as I move slowly through the narrow hallway, taking me from the Central Lab module, to the commissary… My mind busy, and my thoughts quite muddied… I barely had any sleep last night….. All week… Or maybe more… When you’re suspended dozens of miles above Earth.. Away from home…. when you need to wear insulation and strap magnets to your shoes so you don’t float away, you are no longer yourself…. You are no longer a girl filling photos with smiles and victory signs…. No longer full of ambition… Not when 13 months in space challenge your most primal of instincts, and deprives you from a joy… an URGE.. you thought you could control….. One I found in Jeff…. Who for months, seem to have played the game well… He was the mission commander afterall… He controlled our schedules, and juggled us quite…. well…. All until that night, not too long ago…. When I was laying chest down in my bunk bed, biting the pillow to muffle the moans…. His sweaty chest grinding on my back, and his cock thrusting deep inside of me, when we heard the soft gasp, and our heads turned, to see you there at the door…. In only a towel…. With no shower around….. You’ve abandoned your station, looking for a quick hump, and walked on us… There was.. silence….. Just glares, accusatory ones… But our eyes locked the longest, before you turned and left…. The cat was out of the bag, and while I didn’t see you in the act… I pushed my elbow into his chest and forced him off me… Suddenly feeling sickened to know that his cock was inside you…..

And as I step inside the commissary, I freeze for a moment… There you are…. And Jeff…… You seem to tense up, and I do as well, our eyes glaring at one another… Your most beautiful blue eyes staring at me like those of a hollow, and I can feel the heat rising… Inside… and out…… I take in a deep breath….. As I remember three nights ago….. I was laying in my bunk…. Sleepless, when I heard a shuffle…. It was dark….. And I just laid there, naked under the sheets, when I felt them lift, and you slide into my bed… Also… Naked… Our flesh pressed together, and I turned, in the darkpack i saw your eyes…..Slowly our legs slid and our ankles crossed… There were no words…. Just the feel of hard nipples poking at generous bosoms….. And the hands resting on hips and shoulders….. “Back off…..” You hissed…. “… or what?” — I snarled back….. “… You don’t want to find out….” — “Maybe I fucking do…. Maybe you’re full of shit, Anna…” I snarled back, and our muscles tightened… We didn’t attack each other… Not there.. Not then.. We both knew we were one disciplinary fault from being recalled….. From our careers tarnished and our names scrubbed from the history books….. For an hour we just laid there, pressing our bodies and hissing threats…. Taunts…. Horrid things that wouldn’t leave the mouths of street walkers fighting over a Meth needle….. But you left without a scratch….. And now….. I remain there, standing, until you finally rise and walk around Jeff, heading outside the pod…. And even after your last dirty glance at me, and your departure, the tension remains…… Wilson, can sense things are wrong, but he has made it a policy to not shove his nose where it doesn’t belong… He makes a little grumbling sound, slurring his words that he needs to double check the calibration, I don’t respond, walking quietly to the cupboard to pull out another packet of frozen, tasteless mush……


That night. It burns in my mind. Any thought of maintaining self respect was lost. Any hope of salvaging dignity evaporated. Ewa and I could have been sisters. All the data showed that our backgrounds were different, but oddly the same as well. We endured. The idea of two women looking like us being involved in the space program could only exist in a 1950’s sci fi movie. Every step of our careers were marked with comments, looks, jokes, even open harassment. But we moved forward. I was a respected scientist and she was a decorated fighter pilot. We climbed over bodies with our minds, with our will, and forced ourselves onto the space program. We gave no way for them to deny us what we wanted. And we earned our wings, we made the crew. We were wary of each other. Trust was not something we could ever feel toward another beautiful woman. But there was a grudging respect, a sense that we should be watching each other’s backs. Until we both threw everything away and proved ourselves to be the cheap whores that everyone wanted us to be all along. The briefing was brutally short. There was no way to recall us. We were to complete the mission. Then we were to disappear. The story would be that we both felt the need to start a family, that we had gone as far as we wished and now wanted to settle back to the normal life women like us were supposed to want.

After that, I went to her bed. Slipped in naked with her. We gripped each other and hissed insults, tangled legs. We did things I had never done with another woman before. No marks were left, no blood was shed, but wounds were given. We went beyond being rivals to hating each other with a passion that overtook everything else in our lives. Shaking my head, I tried to pull myself back into the present. BE HERE NOW, I muttered to myself. I took my readings, updated logs. Regardless of the shame, I would complete this mission! The time passed and Jeff’s voice came over the intercom, sounding mechanical and emotionless. We were about to perform the burn and correct our course. I tightened the belt on the chair where I sat and we all waited. We felt the surge as the engines on the right side of the station fired, tilting us back toward a better trajectory, even though NASA had promised our current one was perfectly fine. The burn was supposed to last 10 seconds. I silently counted to 10. Then 15. Then 20. Then the alarms went off, the station began to buck and pitch. What had been the floor became the ceiling and I was now hanging upside down as the station rocked violently from side to side.



It was not easy…. And that’s perhaps the most unfair thing about it.. To be a woman in a man’s world….. Talk of equality be damned…. Women were never accepted as scientists, mathematicians, or fighters….. It was almost as if by men’s grace that we were allowed to work as cooks and secretaries… But our ‘brains were not big enough’ to do math, and our fists too small to handle machinery… But I showed them…. Joining the Air Force…. Graduating the top of my class despite all the tedious wolf whistles and jokes about whether my boobs would fit in the jumper suit…. If they can be used as a floatation device…. And when I made it into NASA , if they would float up into my face in zero-G…. I hated it… And that’s why when I saw you for the first time in the briefing room in Houston….. I knew I should have smiled, I should have nodded at you to show the respect of a woman who understands how TOUGH it was for you to make it to that short list…… But I didn’t… Instead, I was… jealous… angry… It was simply that your presence belittles everything I went through…. It was as if every struggle I faced, was nothing…. Was exaggerated and over dramatized…. You…. made my mountain shorter…. My journey flatter….. And while the jealousy and contempt was there, lingering… It was year long isolation between two women who are very sexually active and…. aggressive that drove us to the edge of delirium….. It was Jeff, a married man who we both knew was never going to be a real thing that pushed us over the edge…. And sent us tumbling into that bed, on our sides, legs locked, bodies pressed, exchanging insults, threats, but never as much as tugging a hair or scratching an inch of skin….. When you left, there was a puddle of warm cum on the sheets between us… Our pussies were seeping, leaking, dripping from the intensity of it all… I was shaking for hours…. I was shaking when I woke up….. I was trembling in fear, in rage, in utter LOATHING…..

And now, as I finish my breakfast, I get up to go clean up the utensils, hearing the countdown on the speakers….. This is just a routine…. A formality.. A ten second burn that would only tilt us 15 degrees… Barely noticeable…. I reach up as the countdown continues, then I hear soft static…. A “..bbzzttt… shhhhh****ttt!…” And the station rocks, and I hear a soft creaking I glance down at the bowl, half filled with cleaning foam and am bemused at how the foam is rising to one side.. Then I gasp as my body lurches forwards violent, my hip ramming into the rim of the counter… “WHAT THE FUCK??” I gasp as suddenly lights flare… I grab for dear life as suddenly the sink and storage cabinet become the floor, then an upside down wall… The station going into a slow barrel roll, and like a hamster in a wheel I paddle on all fours crawling from floor to wall to ceiling as Jeff’s mechanical voice screams at us to save our asses… I grunt and wait for my chance and lunge grabbing the door frame… I pull myself hard… The escape pods are in the next module… I drag myself up, pulling and as I do I hear footsteps I turn my head and there is you, running down the hallway, you see me struggling to lift myself… You see me grunting trying to rise but you turn your eyes and dart away…. BITCH!!! I growl in rage and pull up hard… Grunting and pushing myself up as I place my foot on the door frame and as the station steadies I RUSH down the hallway, I can see Ryan and Sophie shutting down to an escape pod… There are three ships, but from the lights I can tell that #3 is damaged… Only #2 remains, and I rush towards the door only to see you standing there, your hand at the control panel, ready to shut the door… “WAIIITT!!!” I scream and don’t even slow down, I lower my head and THRUST my body hard, slamming my palms on your chest and shoving you back in… After what you did in the hallway, I have no doubt that you would shut that door and leave me behind if you could… Or so I think…… I slap the eject button and the pod door shuts down, and it thrust forwards, we have no time to strap ourselves in, the pod FLIES off and we slam from door to wall to wall…. Bodies bumping as we try to grab on to anything… But as we smack together, and our eyes meet, I glare at you and SCREAM; “WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU DONE??? HOW DID YOU MESS THIS UP!!!”

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I fight with the seatbelt holding me trapped in the chair. When it gives, I drift as the station rolls over and over. Every alarm system was firing by now, the noise was a type of torture as I try to grab anything that could anchor me and allow me to move toward the escape pods. There is a loud, screeching sound of buckling metal and I have to crawl through a shower of sparks as the lights fail, then the emergency lights flicker into life. My momentum is such that I bounce past Ewa before I can offer to help and keep moving. Training protocol for emergencies like this was to save yourself before you try to save anyone else. I trip over Jeff as I round a corner. Jeff and Wilson, followed by Ryan and Sophie are all piling into escape pod 1. The flashing red light above the door to pod 3 tells me that it is no longer an option. I pound my palm against the flat red button by pod #2 and the door swishes open. I start in and see that the control panel is flashing. Both the side engines are showing red and it looks like fuel is venting. Pod #1 is still attached, so I try and push myself back out of pod #2 and crawl over to pod #1 when Ewa slams into me. Our large chests mushroom and—in spite of my terror—a quick memory of that shameful night goes through my head. We tumble back into pod #2 and I scream as I see pod #1 pulling out from the station. Ewa and I slam into the control panel, wedged in between the two captain chairs for the pilot and co-pilot and my foot slams into the panel, sending a spray of sparks flying in all directions. The pod detaches from the still twisting space station and we are flung off into space. I try and push free of Ewa, but she grabs me, screaming something incoherent.

We struggle against each other until we finally get unwedged from the space between the chairs. Her lips are twisting back into a furious sneer and her eyes flash with rage. WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU DONE???? HOW DID YOU MESS THIS UP???? Whatever control I may have had disappears. I slap her hard, shoving away so that I can grab one side of the drifting escape pod. I glance over toward the control panel and my heart skips a beat as it is entirely dark now. It’s cracked where the magnetized plate of my boot struck it and there is no sign of anything working now. I look at Ewa and scream “YOU STUPID FUCKING, BITCH!!! THIS POD WAS DAMAGED DURING THE ROLL!!!! I WAS TRYING TO GET OUT OF IT AND GO TO POD 1, BUT YOU SHOVED ME BACK IN AND NOW WE’RE TRAPPED!. Whatever I might have felt toward this woman at some point is gone now. Even the hate I felt as I left her bed that night pales in comparison to what I feel now. This WOMAN. This, cheap fucking WHORE, has killed us both!


It’s a stampede…. It’s that feral, primal fear that takes you over when suddenly everything around you seems like it’s melting down.. Sparks and smoke…… The entire station spinning…. Flashing red lights and loud blaring horns….. Training goes out of the window… The whole ‘Please stay calm, and proceed in an orderly manner to the exits’ never works… People freak out, people stampede…. Movie Theatre fires don’t kill people by burning, but by trampling…. And even though there are only six souls in this station, the brief moment of us crossing each other adds more fire and panic to me… I am going to be left behind… And as I rush towards the second pod, and see you staring at the panel, I don’t realize that it’s defective… That you were going out.. The way I see it, you were going to leave me behind, and as I practically body slam into you shoving you back, and we swirl around, bouncing from wall to wall, into each other, grunting, I see your heavy mag shoe SMASHING the display… And the lights going off…Your only proof that this pod is damaged, gone, and to me, to my eyes… I will remember that you abandoned me, you were trying to shut it and leave me, and that it’s your stupid clumsy foot that smashed the controls and going to lead us to our impending doom…… But as I scream at you, you SMACKKKK me hard across the face…. Psychologists often recommend it, in moments in hysteria… A harmless, quick shock to bring someone down, and it kind of words as I YELP and push off you, floating back and grabbing my cheek, staring in shock…. But you don’t exactly perform the required second half of the ‘therapy’… You don’t calm me down with a soothing confident voice… Instead… you SCREAMMM at me… Calling me a bitch and trying to DEFLECT the blame to me…. And that… That is a big, big mistake…..

I hear the garbled words, whatever that I could even recognize through your shrieks and the sirens flaring around us, and all I feel is… the sting… The throbbing of my cheek, and as I watch you screaming at me, glued to the opposite wall by the many G’s of thrust as the pod thrusts, I growl and plant my foot into the wall and I THRUST hard, flying towards you like a torpedo, and I THRUST my hands forwards, SMACKING my palms into your big breasts straining your space suit, closing my fist on the fabric, I YANKKK on you hard spinning us 180 degrees, before my hands release you and my right flies in a harsh, avenging SMACKKKKK to your left cheek….. “YOU FUCKING CUNT!! YOU DOOMED US… YOU PATHOLOGICAL LYING PIECE OF TRASH!!! AM I SUPPOSED TO BELIEVE A WORD COMING OUT OF YOUR COCK-SUCKING, BLAME SHIFTING MOUTH!!!! FUCK YOU!!! IT IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!! THE STATION….. JEFF… THIS… I FUCKING HATEEE YOUUU!!!”


Throbbing waves of adrenaline pulse through my body. All the training of slow, controlled breathing is gone as I pant and look around. The remaining working engines of the escape pod are all firing at full burn. There is no way to communicate with pod #1. I’m unable to keep from screaming at Ewa as the realization that we are probably doomed. The engines will burn out. Looking out the porthole I can see a misty spray jetting by. Whether it’s oxygen or fuel I can not tell. I try and tell Ewa to calm down, but her eyes are wild and my voice comes out just as loud and deranged as hers. Her eyes narrow and she pushes hard toward me, and air is driven out of my lungs as the palm of her hands slam into breasts. From the first moments, our rivalry seemed to center on those. Hers, magnificently large, bigger than mine. Mine, slightly firmer. One we became sexual rivals, faced each other in her bed, I have been trying to evaluate her body, see if mine was better, more desirable. The loneliness of space driving us to a crazy need to find some way to prove that one of us was superior to the other. The back of my head strikes the side wall as her lunge drives me into it. Then there is the burning pain that erupts on my cheek as she slaps me back. The hatred I feel and the hatred I see in her eyes tells me that neither of us are going to try and rationally address the emergency.

I grab her hair and jerk her head from side to side, twisting us around as I curl my left foot up and use my mag boot to shove her into the wall. YOU FUCKING WHORE!!!! YOU STUPID FUCKING BITCH!!!! WE HAD TIME TO GET TO POD 1!!!! WE COULD BE SAFE NOW, BUT YOU FUCKING LOST IT AND NOW WE’RE GOING TO DIE!!!


There is no mistake… We’re smart… A scientist who is world class at risk assessment, and a fighter jet pilot, who understands thrust and trajectories, and know enough that there is NO remedying this situation…. This is not a plane that I can steer and hope that the winds, and a LOT of skill could help me land safe on a water body….. There are no parachute ejection seats…. Through the glass windows I can see the stars whirring around, we’re in a tailspin, and from the front dash I don’t see Earth.. We’re not even spiraling in the right direction… And you know it… You know it too, and at this moment, we skip the denial stage and go straight to blame and RAGE… Getting physical as we SLAM each other from wall to wall.. You LUNGE and YANK me by the hair.. “AHHHIIEEE!!” I grunt as you pull me in, and then drive your heavy boot into my gut and I GROAAAN In pain as you THRUST hard sending me flying and I crash into the wall, collapsing down to all fours, coughing and hacking… The blow to my gut with the giant boot felt like a bowling ball smashed right into my gut….. I pant as you scream at me…… Spewing more lies… More slander… More DENIAL…. And then I hear you moving towards me… But I don’t know if you’re going to help me up or attack.. My mind is set on the latter…. You will attack….. And I react accordingly and prementively, THRUSTING my feet into the floor and I CHARGE like a bull, arched down, slamming my shoulders into your gut, my head driving into your massive right breast squishing it through the suit as I SPEAR you into the wall behind you with a SAVAGE impact…

Our bodies slide down the wall and collapse in a heap, me on your hip, hunched over…. My hands scrambling up, grabbing at your hair, at your face, hissing, growling like a madenned dog….. “YOU… YOU…. YOU FUCKING WHORE… I KNEW IT… I KNEW YOU WERE GOING TO BE THE END OF ME… BUT I WILL FUCKING MAKE SURE…… YOU PAY FOR IT…… I AM NOT SHARING MY FUCKING OXYGEN WITH YOU, YOU WASTE OF LITERAL BREATH!!!”


The pod shudders and rolls over and over, spinning us around inside. My fury toward yours increases with each hard bump, slap, and grab. I laugh with a savage glee as I see the damage my kick did. Then you recover and charge me. Training, logic, calmness under pressure are all gone now. I am trapped in a metal coffin with the woman I hate more than any other in space or earth. Your shoulder slams into me just below my breasts, driving air from my lungs and then the back of my head strikes the bulkhead. Lights explode in front of my eyes and I suddenly feel dizzy. Your hands go back to my long hair. Neither of us sport long, curving claws. Our nails are short so that we can do the daily functions on the station. But they do exist. I feel a sharp edge digging into my scalp and you rake them along my skin. Screaming in agony, I hear your threat about air and how you’re not going to allow me to waste any. My lips curl back into a sneer and I glare at you as we both pant. I claw at your right cheek with my left hand, trying to get you off me. All I am thinking about now is fighting you. There is no other solution. We were never going to be sisters, friends. We were not even going to be colleagues after passions that we could not control ruined our careers. To my mind now, we were always destined to be enemies, and I give you a crooked, dangerous smile as I realize that there is nothing better than being trapped with my enemy.

I grab at the large zipper on the front of your suit, and struggle to pull it down. Our bulky suits protect your body from me, and I want to hurt you. I want to make the last moments of your life agonizing. When I can slide my hand inside the partially undone zipper, I reach in and claw at your right breast. My claws are short, but they do curve out above my fingers, and harsh twisting movements do damage to your skin. ‘FUCK YOU, EWA! YOU’RE THE ONE THAT ISN’T GOING TO BE WASTING MY AIR!!!!” I scream.

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We’re losing it…. We’re losing it completely… EVERYTHING that we worked for, our entire lives, seem to wash away like small sand castles under a monsoon’s waves….. There is nothing but hatred… Rage… Aggression rising between us…. Violence erupting as we trade hard thrusts, blows, taking turns knocking the other down…. And as I straddle you, hunched, panting, I grab your cheek and hair, and turn your head slowly… Only for our eyes to meet and I see your… SAVAGE smile….. My eyes flare as hazel-green meets blue and we both SNARL as your paw LATCHES to my cheek and I hiss…. Groaning we just… HOLD each other in a claw hold….. Silent… For nearly thirty seconds….. Clutching each other…. Until… I feel your finger sneaking up, grabbing my zipper, and slowly…. you pull it down…. No words… I don’t even stop you… I just glare at you as you pull the zipper down all the way to my hip…… Exposing my cleavage, soaked in sweat, as you reach in and grab my right breast, and you claw at the flesh, as I grimace….. Staring at you, as you push me and we CRASH down to our sides… Just like we were that night… One of your paws on my face, another clutching my tit…… And you finally hiss your words through the twisted savage grin…… Ending it with a high pitched SCREAAAM…..

I hiss at you….. My lips curling, your claws pushing your short, yet sharp nails into the flesh.. You’re not fully on mauling, you’re just… clutching me like an Eagle holding a prey between her talons…. And I slowly release your cheek, but keep my claw in your hair…. and I reach down to your zipper, and with eerie quiet, I pull it down… ZzzzzzzZZzzzzttttTTttt!! Your bulging cleavage showing, as I lay on my left side and you on your right… But I don’t reach for your tit… Instead, I reach down, further, and I DIP my claw inside the crotch of your suit, spreading my fingers over your panties, and I curl my nails, letting you FEEL the tips of your claws on your thong….. I don’t claw too hard… I just push them exactly like you are to my tit… AS we GLARE and growl…… “No Anna… Fuck… YOU…. Fight me….. Fight me CUNT….. We’re both dead…… So let’s fucking… FIGHT it out….. Like we were meant to do….No HQ… No Mission Control…. No lying Jeff and no life and awards to go back to…. Fucking fight me… Bitch to fucking BITCH….. And let’s fucking see, who sends the other to the afterlife first….. At least… She will find fucking solace in her last hours, knowing she ACHIEVED something…..”

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My cleavage is exposed, I arch my back and push my chest out toward yours. Both of us breathing hard, but quiet as you unzip me now. Your hazel green eyes have a wild glint to them, and it calls to the feeling that is coursing through my body. I don’t twist and torment your tit. Yet. And my belly flutters with anticipation as your hand slides down over it. We’re poised at the edge, looking at the final madness. The twisting, turning course of the pod slows and finally dies out as the engines burn through their fuel. The movement turns into a slow, graceful series of turns as we tumble further and further away from any chance of rescue. There is a calmness to that movement, a rightness to it. Both breathing deeply, realizing each breath we take is one less than our rival can have. We both start to smile.

I grip your boob, squeezing it gently still, then scrape my claws over your skin, reaching up toward your shoulder, slowly peeling the suit off of it and exposing more of your body. I hear your words and look you in your eyes. “No… Ewa… FUCK YOU!!!! We didn’t settle a damn thing that night… We both knew we’d get caught, that it would ruin our careers. But we held back. This is the chance that we have to really end this. This is how we can finally settle it, finally achieve the goal that we both want. My ACHIEVEMENT is going to be draining your last breath from you before the oxygen runs out.”

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We breathe… Slowly.. Our lips are curled into smiles…. It’s almost as if the venting of aggression has brought calmness and reason to us… That we would cease the hostilities, and put our minds together, trying to find a way out of this situation….. But…. Alas…. No… There is a glint of MADNESS in our eyes that stare so deeply into each other….. There is a crook of cruelty in the raised corners of our lips….. You’ve shed the scientist in you, and I’ve shed the military discipline….. We both know what we are…. That at this moment, we are proving every Chauvinistic asshole right…. But this is not going to be anything out of a man’s fantasy, with two voluptuous, curvy femmes smacking breasts and grinding whipping hair around.. This will be….. a savage… bitter…. desperate struggle for survival… And as your hand curls tighter around my tit, I HISSSSS, and feel your other hand grabbing my suit by the shoulder, TUGGING on it down slightly…

As you respond…… Causing my right breast to pop out of it, as you pull it down my arm…. My hand releases your crotch and I pull my arm out of your suit, cooperating, but never releasing my grip on your hair as I slowly pull my arm out of the suit, letting it hang around my hip, exposing half my body, and then, I reach for your own suit’s shoulder and I begin pulling it down your own left arm….. Glaring at you, as I hiss….. “YOUR… Achievement?? Oh… How sweet will it be to prove you WRONG once again…

How marvelous will it be to stare into your glassy fucking eyes, as I squeeze the last bit of oxygen out of your fucking lungs…. A shame, that we will probably burn MORE oxygen doing this, then we will save, finishing the other off… But it’s okay… It will be worth it… Living on few last minutes, knowing that I took you OUT, and snuffed the light out of your pretty eyes……” My right leg slowly bends and I pivot my knee on your hip, while I pull your suit down with my left hand….. Softly rubbing my knee against your hip, almost nudging you to continue to peel my suit down…. “Let’s take it off… Let’s take it ALL off Anna…. I want to feel you, like that night in bed…… Body ON body, bitch…. No armor… No weighted boots…. Just you… and fucking me…. CUNT…..” I snarl my word giving your hair a tiny TUG to the side…..

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I release you with my hand, assist you in pulling down the sleeve of my suit, exposing my large boob and then pressing it into yours. The madness in our eyes growing stronger as we shiver at the contact of my naked skin against yours. We both lick our lips, greedily drinking in the air left to us. The scientist and the pilot would pay attention to conserving our resources, trying to plot a course by the stars, figure out a way to get a final thrust out of the engines that might guide us back toward earth. But I realize neither of us want that now. We are not a scientist and a pilot. We have fallen down into the role of two primitive savages, driven entirely by our lusts and passions. I keep pulling on your suit, waiting for the assistance that you provide to pull it down off your other shoulder. We both half rise so that we can work them down and expose our other side. I lean into you, pressing my chest into yours. “Remember that night, Ewa? Remember what we did? That was just a test. This is the full war that we were both born to wage. If they find us, they will think that we went mad, that insanity took us in our final moments. They will never know that they are the ones that are insane and that we are normal.”

We sit up and pull down our suits until we are naked from the waist up. Now I grab the suit down around your hips, wiggling it down over your ass and to your thighs. I see the wet spot on your thong and realize you are seeing my wet spot as I shift my hips and allow you to pull my suit clear of my ass. Smiling, I reach down now and unfasten the heavy mag boots, slipping them off. I smile now, totally aroused by this. “I’m going to kill you, Ewa,” I say, my voice calm now. “I’m going to strangle the final breath out of you and I will cum as I do it.”

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Two other people, in our place… Might actually make it…. We have the skills between us to make it out of this alive… Perhaps…. If we were of opposite genders… Perhaps… If one of us was out of the other’s league… Perhaps…. If one of us was a little less Alpha than the other… But… No…. We are mirror images of each other….. Sure, a pound there, an inch here….. But we are both the same… We both had to claw and scratch our way to be here… Among the stars…. And it was our stubbornness, in no small part that has placed Damocles’ sword above our heads…

The slow gliding guillotine that will bring our end… And instead of trying to reason, we declare our hatred…. Our choice… To fight… to the bitter finish… Until one of us gasps her last breath atop the other’s corpse that she’s slain by her bare hands….. We shift, disrobing each other… Your massive left breast pressing into my right, and we GROWL… Our aerlas lining up, our nipples poking at one another…. We shift and slowly squirm, bending our legs, until… The suit is off my right side, and off your left…… Rising, we facilitate the suits peeling off, and sitting on our bottoms, we begin to tug and drag them, lifting our asses and letting them slide down the last leg…. “I remember…. I remember it all too well…. It was THE test… An hour long body press and staredown….. But now, there will be MORE… Far MORE than just you pushing your WHORE body against mine…… May they find us…. And may they watch in horror the flight recorder… To see which one of us… was ultimately….. BETTER….”

You glance down and notice the wetness on my thong, and I hiss, I don’t need to look down, I FELT it when my hand cupped your thong earlier…… “You’ll try, Anna….. You’ll give it a good shot I’m sure…. But you don’t fucking know if you can… Now do you??” I say with a little wicked smirk, as I reach forwards, and I jam my thumbs into your thong by the sides, and I slowly pull it down your thighs, to your knees, pushing my head softly into your chest, right between your boobs, guiding you down to your ass, and tugging it down your legs, slowly down your shins and feet, that are pointing towards me with your little sharp, pedicured digits…… “And you will cum… A LOT…. I promise…… But I will cum last…..” I purr as I toss your thong aside, and slowly slide down to my ass, lifting my legs, giving you the chance to take off my last bit of garment….. So we can… UNLEASH….


I rub my cheek along the insole of your right foot, looking down at you, resting on your elbows, giving me that evil, confident smirk. Our eyes lock as I slowly roll up onto all fours, my cheek rubbing along the inside of your calf, traces over the side of your knee, and then slowly works its way down the inside of your thigh. The musk of your arousal grows as I go further, my ass now up higher than my head as my nostrils flair and I drink in your scent. I tease you, pretending to flick my tongue along the curved outlines of your camel toe against the wet material of your thong. Your belly flutters, and my eyes dance with a mocking glee. And then I taste you, the flat of my tongue sliding over your thong, getting a hint of you through the soaked material. As my chin rests on your mound, I look up at you. I rise up, baring my teeth and striking down toward your exposed skin. I hear your gasp and revel in the fact that I pulled that from you. My upper teeth do scrape along your skin, but do not break through. I grip the front of your thong with my teeth and start to pull it down, slight shakes of my head tugging one side, then the other. It comes down, clearing the curve of your ass and exposing the base of the valley that cuts through your sculpted cheeks. It sticks, then pops loose and I pull it down your thighs, to your knees, then down to your gracefully curling feet. Now I grab it, tug if off your body and hold it for a second. I have risen up to my knees and am now looking down at you, seeing the fierce hunger in your eyes. With a sneer and a slight laugh, I spit your thong into your face.

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I breathe hard, as I watch you crouch, raising your naked, heart-shaped ass up in the air…. You’re a beautiful woman, abnormally so… UNFAIRLY so… And it’s one of the reasons that I hate you the most…. It’s not just ego and professional pride before fellow astronauts… It runs deeper, to something as superficial, and vain as this…. But that’s my truth… As it is yours… We are immensely jealous of one another….. The battleground was Jeff and his cock….. And I now realize, that in a way, I wasn’t as interested in him as much as I was desperately trying to prove a point, by taking him from you…… By fucking him more nights of the week…. But alas, he could not choose…..

The temptation was too strong…. And as you snap your teeth at my lower abs and graze my skin, peeling my thong, I hiss, and let the soles of my feet rest on your shoulders, rubbing and massaging them, the insides of my feet cradling your neck and as you pull the thong down, I push my feet down, using the balls of my feet to squeeze and massage your hanging breasts, until you pull the thong off one foot, then another, and SPIT it down on me…. With a bitchy little laugh… Both naked now… But I don’t rise.. I don’t snap.. I don’t kick at you.. Instead, I prop up on my elbows, my breast rising and falling, my nipples, still growing longer and harder….. I grin at you wickedly, and leaving my left foot on your right breast, massaging and rubbing it, I… dragggggg my right foot down your left one, my toes curled, and I use my toe nails to lightly… FLICK your stiff nipple, as I drag my foot down your abs… Feeling the fluttering in your stomach, as you glare at me, and I bring my foot down, stopping just an inch above your hard clit…

Staring at you I hiss; “Thank you… For this….. I will enjoy my last hours alive…. Tormenting you…. Breaking you apart… And making you… SUFFER….” I purr and then lower my right foot suddenly, SHOVING my big toe between your labia, letting it impale you, as my other toes curl and scratch lightly across your clit, while my left foot THRUST, my leg shoving hard, knocking you BACK and off me, as my toe PULLS out of your cunt with a loud wet POP!!!

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My lips part as we stare at each other. panting softly as my insult does not even phase you. This rivalry, this competition, between us growing by the second. It had been about Jeff at one point. Having humiliated myself by starting an affair with a married man, my body, my sex, was competing with the beautiful woman in a descending spiral of who could be the nastiest slut. We both knew the other was fucking him, throwing away her career to chase a physical pleasure that we had stopped enjoying. Discovering him pumping you from behind, thrusting your heaving breasts into your bed as you both grunted like animals, was almost a relief.

I could stare at you and realized you had debased yourself as much as I had. But it could not stay at that point. Our eyes met and we knew there would have to be a personal reckoning. A light sigh escapes my lips as your feet, with those gorgeous arches and pampered toes slide from my shoulders. A shimmering sort of pleasure, amplified because I am not supposed to allow you to do that to me dances over my skin. I gasp as you teasingly tweak my nipple between your big and second toe, lightly twisting it before letting your foot slide down over my shivering abs. My eyes lock with yours, hating you, despising you, and fucking wanting you with the same whorish desire that betrayed me and sent me to Jeff.

I try and reset myself as your toe flicks down, scraping along my sex and then making me yelp as you plunge it between my lustily swollen lips. My hatred for me explodes as you send that jolt of shocking pleasure and exquisite pain through my body. As your lips twist into an evil grin and you taunt me. Then, with a ripple of muscle, the leg pressed against my tit extends, thrusting me away and causing the humiliatingly soft POP as your toe is expelled from my pussy. We then discover the reality that faces us. Discarding our Mag boots, traveling in a gently tumbling escape pod through the vastness of space, we have no boundaries now. Small movements hid this, but the strong thrust of your leg sends me flying away from you. My ass and feet depart from what was briefly serving as our floor.

My hair billows out as if I was under water and my hands paw and reach for any sort of support as I float away from you. I finally latch onto a corner, grip a hold with my fingers that twists my body around and the force of your kick smacks my back and ass into the bulkhead of the craft just before the back of my head does. I grunt, feeling pain along my back, and twist around so that I can see you. Your eyes widen in surprise. The scientist and the pilot should have anticipated this. The training should have prepared us. But the two animals that we have become were surprised and took a moment to adjust. Then I started to crawl along the bulkhead like a spider viewing its prey down below. As soon as my feet can press against something pointing in the right direction, I launch myself. There is no attempt at strategy, no thought of creating a plan of attack. I propel my body towards yours, hands out, fingers spread, knees curling up into battering rams as I move through the weightless air. All that matters is attacking you, hurting you.

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I can’t fathom this feeling….. This… serenity I am feeling… The slow motion stripping….. The tender gouges your claws left on my breast….. The raspy breath leaving our lips, almost immediately turning into chilling mist, as the life support systems begin to prioritize shutdowns……… And the heating system is one of the switch to a lower power mode…. The goosebumps on my skin, wont’ be blamed for it though….. Not all of it, but rather the contact, the slithering, and the struggling between our now, fully naked bodies… And as I DIP my toe into your cunt, you moan.. A soft whimper… A crack in your armor… A raise of your pretty brows that make me GRIN with a mocking snarl and I THRUST hard, sending you flying back…

But I don’t have enough support myself, so my body is propelled with almost equal force backwards, but I keep my back to the floor and I slide on it,the friction slowing me down before I brace against the back of one of the twin command chairs at the front of the shuttle….. I grin watching you fly and THUDDD into the bunkhead… Your body recoiling, with pain on your face… But like a fucking twisted sick demoness, you spring off and as my eyes widen, you turn your body, the shuttle is floating in Zero-G, and like a fucking spider demon, like a fucking necromorph from the Alien franchise, you start to CRAWL on the ceiling, upside down.. A sight that leaves me completely and utterly stunned for a long moment… One that costs me dearly as I watch your naked body grabbing at the light fixtures and cable mounts pulling up and before I can even ready, you are almost right above me and you THRUST your body at me…. Legs bending and your arms outrstretched.. and “UUUGGHHHH!!! OOMMPHHH!!!!”

It’s the palms that make contact first… Your palms SMACKING into my head….. One into each cheek bone, the fingers grabbing on to the sides of my head, as the upper halves of your palms cover my eyes and THRUST my head back… I try to tense myself and resist, but my entire body SPINS, with no gravity to help my lower body to remain in place, and the back of my head THUDS into the back of the co-pilot chair.. Which, for my luck, has a silicone-weave padding on its back, to cover the wiring beneath it, and it saves my head from being utterly caved in if it was a hard surface otherwise…. But it’s not just that… It’s your knees that come almost instantly next… With my body spinning from the tension, your knees DRILL Into my gut and i GRUNNTTT hard, as my body is SHOVED down and is SMACKED down to the floor of the shuttle…. With you landing on me like in almost a super-hero pose, palm covering my face, and knees pushed into my abs… My legs kick up and flail….

As I GRUNT, feeling your strength pushing, almost like you want to drive a hole into the shuttle using my body… But… And here is where Zero-G kicks in.. There is no gravity to keep me pinned…. To back up your weight and keep the pressure, instead, my body pushes off the floor of the shuttle and lifts up with you still pushed to me…. And I hiss in rage, blinded by your hands covering my eyes, I kick up with my legs, spreading them and trying to wrap them around your torso from behind, and bring my ankles to the front of your shoulders, as I THRUST hard, trying to swing you around, but not to propel you away, but rather, swing myself with you and hopefully slam you into some surface of the shuttle, while my hands reach up to your wrists, fingers curled, my nails stabbing into the outsides of your wrists, while my thumb nails DRILL into the tender insides…… “NNRARRGGHHH.. CUNNNTTT!!”

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I feel like a wild, hunting bitch in heat as I claw across what was at one point the wall and ceiling of the pod. Terms like walls, ceiling, floor are irrelevant now in the slowly rolling vessel and I scream with pleasure as I launch myself at you. Colliding with you, I hear the gasp and sounds of pain as we twist and turn, crashing into the back of the chair. My knees greedily dig into your lush body, and I pant with an animalistic hiss as I feel my hands clamping down around your face. The fingernails of the logical scientist are short, but they do protrude over the tips of my fingers like the barely exposed edge of a box cutter. I dig them into the curving outline of your head, pressing them through your dark hair into your scalp. It is a savagely wondrous moment, but it is short lived. The twisting of your body and the craft itself weakens my strike.

The recoil of hitting the floor bounces you up and I feel your long legs spreading, wrapping around me as you try to crawl around my body and take away my advantage. Now it’s my body on the outside edge. As your claws dig into my wrists, pressing into flesh and even drawing tiny droplets of blood that suspend themselves in the air as we twist and move, my shoulder strikes the bulkhead, adding a new twist and change in direction for us. My right arm goes numb and my grip on your scalp weakens as I am twisted around in your grasp.

Realizing I am rotating within the grip of your legs, I let go with my left hand and reach for your shoulder, trying to grab your chest, your hair, anything. Those damn legs of yours and the flexibility we all witnessed during training coming into play as you manage to slip your left foot under my armpit and start to use it like a lever to send me tumbling backwards. I try to roll us to the side, doing anything I can to pull my left shoulder forward so that your right foot can’t capture me as well. I feel our boobs mash together and I thrust my jaw forward, trying to snap at your shoulder as we take part in a dance of pain.

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I feel them… Those short, pointy, sharp ends of your nails… I’ve been breaking protocol too, and I see that you have as well….. I sat in my bunk in the station.. Staring at my fingernails, holding the clippers…. Safety regulations dictate they have to be shorter than your fingertips…. No sharp edges to minimize the risk of injuries and contamination of cuts….. But I just… kept them getting longer, and longer, until they were millimeters longer than my fingers itself..

Barely noticeable… And with little sharp pointy ends….. And as I can feel your’s sinking into my face, I let you feel mine going into your wrists… I PRY your right hand off, and hiss as we twist and struggle, my naked hips smacking into your round, thick, muscled ass…. An ass that doesn’t belong on a lab rat… But you’re not the typical scientist…. You’re fit to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated with that body of yours….. And on the cover of any porn video with those eyes, lips, and tits….. And as my pussy brushes against your tensed flexed rump, my left foot hooks into your armpit and I PULL violently, turning us slightly in the void of the shuttle, but you push your left shoulder forwards and my right foot slips…

Hissing as you yank your left paw free from my grip, liberating some strands of hair, that go on floating in air; “AIIIEEHH!!” I yelp as you twist your body and I can feel your legs sliding off my waist, your thighs slipping down my sides as you try to bend yourway in, pulling on your captured right arm and straightening, and with a paw to my right shoulder, you PULL yourself in, and BITE my left one… “AAHHIIIEEE!!!” I scream in pain as we turn sideways, barrel rolling slowly, with your teeth gnawing at my flesh….

My right leg having lost it’s grip on your shoulder, slithers down and curls around your hip instead, holding you on to me as we spin and I see them… red… bubbles… floating in the air… Blood that is just floating from my shoulder that you’re chewing on like soap bubbles, and I HISS, my right arm going down, and I SINK it into your buttcrack, my hand curling, and RAKKKINNNG my nails outwards, pulling on your cheek, as my head turns, and I try to lean in with my neck to snap my teeth at the top of your right earshell….. Snarling as we lock our bodies…. Like two pythons trying to CONSUME each other…


As our bodies twist and struggle we slowly float up higher. My breasts, usually the largest in the room, jostle and bounce as your leg hooks my shoulder. I hiss, venting my dark jealousy as biting you brings me close to your larger breasts. They seem to mock me, challenge my personal image of myself. Once I thought I had grown past such emotions as I moved through the ranks. Since I met this woman—this WHORE—those evil emotions blossomed amidst the has been a growing undercurrent, the silent competition between us.

Instinctively I knew we were being covertly observed, secretly compared. The fact that she does not have a single flaw ground like glass over my mind, wearing down my restraint. Then we competed over Jeff! An entire night could not resolve things, so I HAD to destroy her, end her! To my mind, her lifeless form drifting in the escape pod would return my status to being the best woman, the hottest woman on the mission for whatever time I had left. I felt her claws raking over my skin, her teeth latching onto the curving shell of my ear. The pain throbbed, radiated, flowed through me. I growled through clenched teeth as I chewed on her flesh, biting deeper. We continued our slow barrel roll, the droplets of blood turning to thin, twisting ribbons around us.

As she clawed my ass, digging into even more sensitive skin i screamed through gritted teeth. Rage made me thrust my thigh up between her spread legs, and the jarring contact makes me growl with pleasure. We twist and turn. My free hand rakes down your back, grips your firm, toned ass and I twist them in a circle returning the pain to you.


A mutual death sentence… One in which we have both judged and condemned the other to….. A hairline difference, from being on Pod #1, with the rest of the crew… With Jeff, our failed mission commander, and reluctant lover…. For a chance to smell the ocean again, see the blue sky and white clouds, to hear the encouraging cheers of the rescue crews fishing us from the calm waters…

And a chance for us to each slap him across a cheek, before collapsing in exhaustion, leaving everyone to wonder what was that about, and perhaps, relegate it to hormones or the blame of him almost killing us… But no… It had to be Pod #2….. It had to be you and I… To be locked in this eternal cage….. For us to spend the last few hours, perhaps even minutes of our lives trapped in a savage warfare, before drifting into place, encased in this glass and steel silent tomb…. A time capsule that would end smashing into a meteor, or drifting into a star… Or perhaps, fished up by some alien civilization that will try to understand what happened, before their conclusions lead them to the theory that we belong to a primitive society, where the mating dance between females lead to them perishing…..

But right now, as we groan and twist… I can feel the blood exiting the wound that you won’t release…. While I chomp on your ear, there is less flesh, but I can taste some blood as I bend, trying to break the cartilage, only to feel your thigh ramming up between my spread thighs… “UNNGGHHH!!!” MY eyes widen in shock as I hear a low HISS from you, as you muse in my pain, pushing your breasts into mine, your slightly firmness advantage concaving my tits as you claw my ass and pull on it violently…

My body still in shock from the low blow, I grimace in pain, and reach with my right hand, grabbing your hair by the crown of your head, pushing my fingers in, gouging at your scalp, digging and bunching the locks, pulling down, trying to dull the numbing pain from the wound on my shoulder, that you seem to be trying to bite right off….. While my left claw comes outwards, fingers curled into an Eagle’s talon, before swinging hard, like I’m holding a shiv, driving the hardened tips of my five digits into your right side, just in the fleshy spot between your hip and ribs, snarling as I pull back nd drill in again, and again, pulling my arm out and GOUGING with my claws repeatedly into your side, like an inmate shivving another in a prison riot…. “ALL… YOUR… FAULLLTTT!”

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My thigh rubs against you. As the chilling of the temperature in the pod increases, It still feels warm, moist, life giving. We can smell each other as we twist in the air, taste each other. Primitive instincts flow stronger as we feel the pain we are inflicting move through us, numbing the reasoning part of our brains and turning us more and more into animals. We both know that we are moving down a path where only one will survive. No thoughts, no regrets, no emotion can stop us now. There is a throaty edge to the groan, my teeth, my claws, my hatred. It’s pain, it’s rage, but there is an undercurrent of arousal as well. I understand it, I want it from you, but I also hate you more for expressing it. Destroying you in every way has become my sole focus, but the thought of you experiencing an ounce of pleasure against a pound of pain just reminds me how far down I have fallen.

Then there is a blinding pain shooting through my side. A stabbing, wounding, violent pain as the blow you strike actually sends us moving toward the side. I let go of my death grip on your shoulder and bellow in agony as the blow happens again and again. And again. It feels like steel tipped stilettos are plunging into my flesh each time your strong fingers ram the soft skin not protected by either hip or rib. A hand shoots up and tries to jam into your jaw, to bend your head back, try to and push you away now. But your legs, those fucking long, flexible legs, wrap tighter. We have turned into battling snakes as all four legs writhe and twist and squeeze. For while I want distance, I want to stop the stabbing, I can’t let you go, I have to bind your body to mine until the end. So my arm straightens, I hear the gasping pain as your neck and back bend. But I also hear the repeated soft—and now wet—sound of your stiff fingers.


Snarling and hissing….. We twist and writhe… We battle like two vicious animals… Long gone the scientist, the math equations and the dissertations… Long gone the fighter pilot with her discipline and respect and sense of duty to protect and serve….. We’re hell bent on ruining each other… Your teeth BURROW into my shoulder wound, deeper, and I SCREAAAM in pain, losing the bite on your ear, it’s bleeding, but it’s tiny in comparison to the vicious hold you have on my shoulder….. I sob and begin to stab into your side…. Once, twice, and you groan.. My grip on your hair pulls your hair back and I get encouraged… THREE……

You GRIMACE and I see more blood droplets floating in thin strings from the gaps in your teeth, MY BLOOD…. As you PALM me in the face hard… “NNNGGHHH!!” You push hard, straining with your powerful arm, a shove that is enough to send me flying back, quite literally in this zero-G situation, but my right leg hooked around your hip keeps us together, and instead we begin to go in a vertical SPIN…. As we hiss and thrash.. You keep PUSHING on my head, arching my body backwards, and I keep PULLING on your hair, trying to keep you in range… “RRAAAAAAAAARRRRGGGHHH!” My left arm swishing wildly, FOUR… FIVE… MISS… MISS… SIX… MISS… MISS…. Trying to keep up on the FIRST attack that seems to have put you in some sort of pain….

Your other paw, on my ass, curls more, your digits pushing into my ass, pulling still, raking as we spiral and then as you push my head back, it finally makes contact… a dull THUNK as it hits one of the glass windows and I GRUNT in pain, my body spasming, and my grip on your hair weakens, my left arm ceasing it’s assault as you continue to twist and tighten with your legs, holding me and PUSHING hard, trying to SQUISH my skull into the glass like a melon… Your nails biting into my lower lip, into my jaw line…..

Deep grunts and snarls filling the air as I try to turn my head, but all I manage is to twist it enough for my right cheek to press into the glass, and through my narrowed, slit eyes I can see the endless blackness outside, the field of stars….. Moving so smoothly in the celestial dance caused by the spiraling of the shuttle…… I see the sun… I can recognize the moon, larger than ever, but I don’t see the Earth… And over the groans a mechanical voice comes on….. “Danger….. Danger… O2 levels…. 75%….” — A HISSS leaves my teeth as my chin brushes against the quietly bleeding wound on my right shoulder….. My right hand moving down, scrambling, I can’t see you, but I can FEEL your face, and I open my claw and try to CLAMP it on your left cheek, on your nose, on your eye… On anything, to free myself from this skull-crushing trap… My left hand coming down to your right arm, the one applying the pressure, and I try to dig my short nails into your tensed, bulging triceps…


Gasping as we lodge against the wall, your cheek pressed against the small porthole that can only taunt us by revealing the doom that awaits us both. My right side in agony, making it hard to lift my arm now. Now it’s you trying to push me away. My legs respond, twisting and reaching, trying to find a way to tangle against your body, lock you against me. I clench my fingers into your firm asscheek, then drag my short but unbreakable claws along the curve and then into your lower back. Every grunt of pain I get from you is like a sip of wine, invigorating and refreshing. I try to ignore the pain in my side, but I can already feel my body stiffening there. As we twist, my boobs drag across yours, we both groan as stiffening nipples collide, strain, then bend together and spring apart. “YOUR FAULT!!!! I scream back at you. “ALL YOUR FAULT!!!”

Our writhing and twisting just wedges us tighter against the bulkhead. I pin your face to the cold glass and we both start gasping. The stress of the battle has made us sweat, but the temperature keeps dropping and we’re both shivering now as we fight. A slight wisp of white puffs from my lips as I gasp for air, the loud warning about the pod’s oxygen level almost ignored by my brain. I push harder against your face, teeth exposed as my lips peel back. Then sight in one eye disappears as your palm slaps against my face. I feel your fingers groping, reaching, trying to find a way to damage me. Your short claws, secretly filed to points as if you always knew that we would end up like this, slice across my forehead. It’s suddenly harder to see as the coppery smell grows stronger. Screaming in pain, i finally thrash and writhe, trying to break the hold that keeps us together


You hold me in this vice like grip…. One leg curled over my hip, the other, slithered STILL between my legs, stuck there from the moment you THUMPED your thigh into my cunt, still grinding on my labia, deforming them as they lay spread, slowly leaking their warm nectar against your thigh……. Hate or not…. Death or eternal life…. My body is reacting to you that deeply shames me… Utterly CONFUSES me…. As your wicked, creative scientist mind KNOWS more ways to hurt another woman than I gave you credit for… I never had formal training in hand to hand combat…

Fighter Pilots don’t need more than their reactions, instincts, and perhaps skills with a gun….. But as you gnaw at my shoulder viciously early on, you’ve weakened my arm.. I can still move it, my dominant strong right arm, but every motion brings out that STING and sends more blood seeping out from the wound…… You’re trying to CRUSH my head to the glass, knowing that all you need is a minute of the pressure, before I begin to black out and lose consciousness, to never regain it again…. And much like the Oxygen warning…. Alarm bells ring in my head, knowing that I am fighting the clock in another way….

My left paw has gouged and hurt your right side, and I feel the pressure of your arm slowly waning, but it’s not enough, I grab your triceps, and claw, but it’s not enough, so my right goes for your face and I scramble, each of my digits dragging and poking and raking like crazed slicing worms, trying to get at your pretty face, and as my index comes close enough to your eye socket you lean back with your head, screeching and you PUSH my head to the glass hard, and I YELP from the sudden surge of pressure, for a moment, thinking that’s it…

You will CRUSH my skull like a walnut….. But your body propels back away from me, your left hand up covering your face…. And leaving me pressed to the glass… Panting, my right hand clutching my temple, sobbing and gasping.. Shuddering as I watch the white steam leaving my lips…… I watch you floating away…. The thrust sent you gliding slowly… You’re moving at an inch’s pace toward the other wall… And I snarl….. You will reach it in few seconds… But until then.. You are just like that.. suspended… You can’t turn.. You can’t steer away.. And with little regard to myself I bend my legs ,bracing a foot to the wall, I THRUST myself, straightening my body like an arrow, my arms stretched, and my claws pointed forwards, trying to come at you, claws first, aiming them at your abs…… “ARRRRGGGARRRRGHHH!”


The wound across my forehead may not be deep, but the result is spectacular. I shake my head, gasping for air as I need a moment to regather myself, prepare myself to complete this battle with the BITCH that I hate more than I love life. My side aching, throbbing. I am having trouble lifting my elbow up to my shoulder level or higher. shake my head, making my hair billow out again. I look over at you, both of us floating now, locked in a furious battle.

I think of two beta fish, put into the same tank to provide some entertainment. Blindly reacting to instinct, they can not stop themselves from what they need to do. I hiss at as I see this dark haired beauty gather herself. There is no reason for me to hate her, there is every reason to be attracted to her with her dark hair billowing around her face and those magnetic eyes flashing. But I find myself hissing, the pulse of energy coursing from my core outward inspired by hatred mixed with shameful desire. She will be the last person I see and I hate and want her for that.

Lost for a moment, it doesn’t register that she is coiling up like a cobra, her teeth bared from hatred that is not confused with lust. Those legs coiling behind her, heels touching her ass as she balances on the balls of her feet and prepares. Then she launches herself! Flying out from the wall as I am stranded in empty space in the middle of the pod, her hands come out like the flicker steel of a switchblade, the points of her claws aimed at my abdomen that is slowly expanding and contracting as I work harder and harder to gasping in the dwindling supply of air.

My hands fly out to try and grab her, twist her, but the momentum she’s created in that small space is too much. I try and lift my left leg to block, and cross my forearms and try to twist. But she crashes through my forearms, her outstretched fingers slam into my abs which I desperately try to tighten my abs. All the air rushes from my mouth as I scream out in pain. The force of the impact sends us both hurtling toward the opposite wall. My ass hits first as the blow bends me in half, but then the back of my head snaps back and hits second.

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STANCE…. My body turns mid air, my legs curling, my knees touching my sore, sensitive breasts…. My stiff nipples feel like little daggers, with tiny icicles from the moisture condensation forming as the temperatures drop….. NOCK…. My muscles tense, and my toes stretch, touching the wall…. DRAW…. My back arches, my chest taking in a deep breath, my hands reach down, touching my heels, caressing them softly as I seek symmetry…. I will get one shot…. I can’t drift astray…. AIM…. My head leans back and my eyes narrow, glaring at you.. At your body slowly drifting away…… millimeters a second…… you’re two thirds the way to the other wall… I don’t have much…. I line my eyes with my target… Not your gorgeous, twisted face or your catty gorgeous eyes… Not your bountiful chest or dripping cunt… I aim for your core.. I fix my sight.. I set my target…. EXHALE…. I empty my lungs, blowing the air out of my lungs, and I am ready to…. RELEASE…… My muscles flex and I FIRE myself, like an arrow, going straight for you… I see the panic in your eyes, it takes…. a split second……. With barely any air resistance or gravity to steer me… My body thrusts, my arms ahead like Supergirl, my claws straightened and they GOUGE into your tensed abs, despite the flailing and sloshing……. And I am rewarded by the horrid scream, the thrashing of someone who almost got impaled by a flaming arrow….

Your body bends and we fly into the wall, the distance isn’t much, a couple of meters but it’s enough to cause a thud, then a duller thunk as your head hits it, and my body collapses into you, the straightenss curling and my face slaps into your breasts, my cheek gliding up, feeling the flick of your hard pointed nipple on my cheek.. I snap my teeth at the other but I miss, as my head glids up and the crown of my head ends up under your chin, with my ear pressing to your throat, hearing the gulping, the wincing groans, my breasts settling under yours, lifting them just a little….. My lipa pant as my hips float and settle on your left thigh…… My hands, still wedged into your abs….. The steel cords of your muscles are holding, but they are… fluttering, pulsating with pain… Pain that I want to exploit and escalate….. “Mayhem….. is thy name….” growl the words….. Like some possessed biblical figure, turning my head, my teeth taking a bite on the bit of your neck that meets your right shoulder…. Right into the muscle, and to my regret, not catching any arteries or veins, but I growl and PUSH into you more, my legs slithering around your left one, coiling around it, and crossing the three ankles together, latching to you like a leech….. Trying to HUG you tighter and gouge my nails deeper into your core….

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Hitting the portion of the pod that serves as the bulkhead as we continue our slow rolling journey farther and farther away from earth and possible rescue, my air bursts through my lips as I gasp in pain. The back of my head hits something hard, and a blast of lights flash before my eyes and I bite my tongue. The now bulkhead is cold, the sweat on my back and ass feeling it is freezing to my bare skin now.

As you collide into me, I almost grab you in an embrace. There is still warmth there, or at least more than radiating from the hard surface I am pressed against. I feel dizzy, nauseous and try to spit the coppery tasting blood from my mouth as your shoulder rams into me and you slowly drift up my body. I feel your legs wrapping around mine, pulling our hips together. My trapped leg strains against yours. keeping them all tangled. My mind tries to tell me that restraining two of your limbs with one of mine is a win. I grab at your hands digging into my abdomen, trying to pull your claws out and save my core from your enraged attack.

We grunt and struggle, my claws now digging into your wrists, trying to tear into your skin. As we jerk our hands back and forth our large breasts roll and collide. They were focal points of our bodies in another life, but they are just another piece of our war now. Clouds of white breath puff out from our lips as we glare into each other’s eyes, then you strike your mouth and teeth clamping down on my shoulder where it joins my neck. It happens just as I finally manage to pull your claws slightly out of my core, so a new source of pain makes me scream.

Our hands and fighting now, fingers laced together and claws digging into flesh. Some alarm sounds and another warning about the oxygen level blares. I ignore it, it doesn’t matter. White patterns of frost are forming on the walls and the floor. condensation changing from water and blood droplets to a solid. I kick my free leg loose, panting with a growing desperation. She is hurting me. She is trying to kill me and seems to be succeeding. Her body pressed into mine as we slowly bump and twist like flesh balloons along the shifting bulkhead that rolls around us.

My leg is cramping from the cold, but I twist my knee, turn my ankle. I slowly force my foot along her thigh, creeping up toward my target. Leaning down, now it’s my turn to bite at her neck, wanting to hear the pain muffled against my shoulder. I bite her hard as I thrust my foot up the final distance. My toes slam into her soft folds, swollen and abused and witnesses to just how depraved she has become. There is softness there, and I dig my big toe slowly into her, the hard crescent of toenail I had secretly grown for no real reason other than passive/aggressive rebellion finds it’s reason now.

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“Oxygen levels: At 50%” The voice deeps above our heads…. Amid the groans, the grunts, the yelps, the muffled cries as we stuff our mouths with the other’s flesh… Around us, the air in the shuttle seems to turn into a snowstorm… Bits of frost floating… But not all of them are white… Some are crystallized crimson… Bits of blood, chunks of scalp….. Strands of hair…. Floating around quietly as we battle one another…… With no purpose… With no reason… With just the desire to… HURT… END the other….. Our breasts slap…..

Nipples dragging across flesh, causing shudders and moans….. The flesh dimpling, squeezing… Bending out of shape, before popping back to the curvaceous roundness as the pressure ebbs of tem…. Our limbs coiled together… two legs trapping another….While it’s twin, abandons it to the gang-up, before turning your foot, and shoving into my labia…. A jab that forces my jaw open in a loud shriieeek of pain, momentary paralysis that allows your head to turn, and your teeth to snap at the side of my neck….. Screaming, floating away from the walls, my body recoils, but I am a victim to my own entrapment….

My hands now busy fighting yours, pushed to the outside, locked in an arm wrestling war, surrendering to our jaws and toe nails to do the damage… I unlock my legs off yours, with no choice, as I lose control of my legs…. And I lean back, squealing in pain…. I try to pull my arms free but you won’t let me, and you keep the bite on my neck, and as I glide back slowly, I can see the bits of blood almost turning to rock instantly float through the air….. I can hear your animalistic GROWLS as you chew and try to rip my neck open…

My legs are all I have now, my left snapping up, trying to push my knee into the back of yours, to deflect… To push your leg up and away from my pussy….. My right, curling up, bending higher, my foot straightening and I THRUST it, like a spear, aiming for the dark purple bruise and cut my nails left freshly on your abs…. Trying to strike your core and make you wince…. gasp.. Weaken even for a moment….. And it works…. Partially as I manage to YANK my right arm free from yours, pushing my hand up, curling my claws and pushing them across your upper face….. My nails are gouging at temple, forehead, eyebrows, nose.. Anything, CLAWING and PUSHING hard, in utter despair and pain to break your nasty bite……..

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Our twisting, warring, furious bodies drift back from the wall. The taste of your blood mingles with the taste of mine as I mange to latch onto your neck and shoulder, furiously chewing like a hunting cat one freshly fallen prey. I feel something brushing against us and take just a second to glance up. Our uniforms, still anchored by mag boots, have unfurled and are standing erect; bending and twisting as we glide through them, arms making useless gestures. Our movements bring them together in meaningless thrashing, but then they slide back to a meaningless attention as we go by. For a moment I think of the rest of the crew, the working escape pod no doubt on a course back toward earth. Jeff, wearing his best grim face of determination, piloting the vessel and offering uncompromising insights into the hard decision he made to abandon us to ensure that he could save the others. There would be no argument. We had become a disgrace to the mission.

My thoughts are interrupted by a stabbing pain. Ewa—that bitch, that whore—had not be wasting time thinking of anything other than our battle. She pushes her knee up into mine, pulling my foot away from her sex, depriving me of the revenge I want on her whorish body. Her other leg, still gymnast flexible in the growing cold, thumps the heel of her foot on my pelvic bone and then bends and flexs as she guides those damned claws on her toes with the same dexterity and precision with which she controlled the extendable arm of the space station to grab and manipulate. My bite on her shoulder is released as she jabs those toes into the purple spiral of pain spreading across my abdomen. I scream and lift my head from her, and then feel the slashing attack of her fingers, tearing new wounds across my forehead. Delicate, wafer thin veils of red spread out into the air as I struggle to duck my head down into her body so her fingers can’t find my eyes.

Lightheaded, the pain just makes it harder to concentrate. The blow to the back of my head and the decreasing level of oxygen as what is left of the emergency system tries to protect our dwindling supply of oxygen make my mind wander. As my body began to change, resentment and jealousy grew. Babyfat melted, curves appeared, long legs and hips filled out and my chest bloomed out faster and better than any other girl. Relentless need to punish me searched for any flaw, and found one. Of all the lushness of my body, the bush that grew between my legs was the most luxurious. Taunting tales fed by quick glances in the girl’s locker room as we showered spread like weeds. Stories twisted just how much fur I had and the girl who always felt uneasy around others, found another reason to withdraw. I acquired skills.

The bush was tamed, reduced to a small heart just above my plump labia. For Jeff—and for Ewa, on that shameful night—I had been smooth, gleaming. Plump flesh that proudly sought pleasure and defended my definition of being a woman. But after that humiliating night with no resolution, I stopped tending the garden. A bristling patch of stubble, harsh and unyielding, grew. As wave after wave of pain pulsed through my body from my core, I twisted my free arm under Ewa’s knee and pulled her long leg up, extending it and twisting those short, sharp claws away from my skin. I opened her to me, and as our other legs tangled and wrestled, I twisted my hips as I pressed my forehead against her upper chest, trying to hide from her avenging hand. My cunt found hers. Using our tangled legs as a lever, I ground them together, but not in a straight up and down motion. I twisted and rolled as I moved, not just dragging my wounded lips over her swollen and damaged petals, but the bristling, sharp harvest of my garden as well.

“How does it feel?” I pant, my lips rubbing against her full boob. “All the sacrifice, denying yourself a normal life, dedicating everything to creating a career that brought you out to space. And then you throw it all away to be nothing more than a filthy whore.”

I punctuate the insult with a savage bite of her boob, shaking my head as I try to tear into her and a hard, twisting thrust of my armed pussy into the sex of the woman I hate.

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Fear…. Fear starts to settle in…. Has it already been the halfway point already?? How???? Impossible…..I had so much courage when this began…. Confidence that perhaps, I might end you… Doubling my oxygen supply, and perhaps finding a way out of this.. A way to steer this ship… A way to move the heavy hand of destiny away from my throat, and set things straight…. But I heard it, and so did you…. Moments ago.. Oxygen at 50%….

From now on, officially, none of us are making off better starting this fight… We’ve burned through it gasping and straining and trying to power our muscles.. And worst yet, the other is still moving.. Still FIGHTING… STILL HURTING AND TEARING…. Your toe nails gouge into my pussy, and I float back in retret, but you won’t let me… You PRESS your breasts into mine, grinding, your teeth gnaw at me, while I scratch and rake desperately at your shoulder….. It’s not going good…. Not… at… ALL… The scientist showing abnormal talents and savagery, that does not belong in the library, but rather in the locker rooms and sports fields… But with your body, it’s easy to know that you were not the shy wallflower…. You were the one in a million, that hat the looks and smarts… The sexual aggression and the chest to thrust and pin other cheerleaders to the lockers and put them in their place…. And as a string of red extends from the bite wound on my shoulder and past your banshee spread hair, I hiss and barely manage to knee your leg off my cunt…

But as if we’re in a slow motion Kung-Fu movie, your hand swipes down, and in turn, slaps my thigh away… Your nail gouging and raking dragging furrows too close to my femoral artery, and making my leg snap open, faster than it ever did for Jeff….. The man who is probably sighing in relief, knowing that his dirty two secrets are taking care of each other right now…. He will pretend grief… He will put on a good act….

A man like him, with the facial structure and skilled tongue fit for making a girl explode, and voters cast their ballots to elect him one day into Congress… Or perhaps even the White House…… He will probably lead a vigil…. Say some speech… use this to boost his ratings with the female constituents…. While his dark secret, the one growing inside our wombs… Die with us…. Does she know??? Does she know that I too am with child??? Certainly not enough to show on our bodies, or tenderize our nipples…. But I saw the test… Having access to the medical terminal codes, I stared at the screen in shock, seeing that you too had life growing in you… And right now… As we battle each other, in this desperate war… We both probably find solace that the seeds in our wombs would never have the sentience to experience the horror and injustice we both are exacting upon the other…..

My back hits the back of the pilot seat… I can feel the mircoweave against my back as my body arches, and you pull my leg outwards… Clawing into my thigh, and you THRUST… “UUUGGHHH!!!!” I groan… It’s a weaker moan than I EVER hoped to give you… But the unkept bushes press… The little trails of molten girl-lava seeping from our sexies, the one that we had felt against toes and thighs bursts slightly from the impact, like a meteor hitting a calm ocean surface would….. The short hair tangling, as your breasts compress mine, and I grunt, my lungs, already straining for oxygen burning lightly, and I hear your words…… “NNGGHH!! FUCK!!”

Is all I can muster as you clutch me and sink your nalis into me, coiling your hips and THRUSTING into me again…. And AGAIN… And AGAIN… Your claw grabbing the seat behind me to make sure the recoils don’t send us flying off it, and you keep thrusting into my vulnerable, force spread pussy…. I grunt and sink my nails into your back and rake… I lean in to bite you but you PUSH with your neck forcing my head to the side…. Temple to temple, cheek to cheek, ear to bleeding ear we grind and you keep HUMPING and FUCKING me into the seat as I shudder and GASP, my legs twitching, my toes curling… Oh Gawd… Oh GAWD… OH GAWDDDDD…

And like a volcano erupting… You feel it… This discharge is not cold, it’s not crystallized like our blood or sweat or tears…. It’s WARM… It’s THICK… And it’s splashing against your own womanhood like hot lava……


All restraint gone now, my chest desperately trying to expand and contract, forcing air that seems to be disappearing from me with each breath. Each breath reactivates the pain in my abs, the pain in my side that you drill hammered with claws I had not even noticed before this war began. The pain makes me dread each breath, and fantasies of just giving up, refusing to breathe as a way to finally escape the pain this BITCH… THIS RIVAL… THIS WHORE WHO HAS MY WOMB FIGHTING WITH HERS! All the jokes about women reading each other’s minds, intuiting things through an instinct men could never understand, run through my increasingly distracted and dizzy mind. As our pussies lock together again, we both know the real reason for this.

This is two mothers fighting with all their deranged passion over their kids. I try and claw back at you, try to dig in and make you scream, make you bleed, but it’s hard to make them bend, it’s difficult to get them to scrape and twist and do the damage I burn to do to you. Our uniforms, arms waving mindlessly, our mocking fans rooting for us, are behind us now. I feel the slightly jarring nudge as Ewa’s back bumps into the back of the pilot’s seat. Even that seems to mock us. The command seat present, but not usable for the likes of two women like us! I grab at it, surrendering a weapon for the chance to pin this bitch, keep her from getting away, as we concentrate on where this battle is going.

I grind into her, wincing as I find that her smooth, slick sex—the one she used to try and lure Jeff from my bed to hers, bares it’s short bristles. Neither of us would allow easy access to our flowers after that shameful night. But I keep meeting her, twisting, thrusting, grinding. We fuck as the air is consumed. My back prickles at the cold that is making my feet feel like frozen blocks, my fingers turn into clumsy sticks that are barely able to grip. The only warmth left to us is where our flesh has shared contact.

I feel her gripping me tighter, not just to dig her claws in, but to try and force my remaining warmth over to her body. Our large breasts, so highly envied and prized during our lives on earth, compress tighter and tighter together. As Ewa and I cling tighter and tighter, they turn into obstacles to getting the air that we both need more and more with each passing moment. There is no escape now. We can hear clicks and creaks as things shut down, precious battery power no longer available because they are not being recharged by engines. Dings echo through the space as metal contracts from the increasing cold. Our little tin can is failing us.

Her cheek pressed to mine, her breath rasping across my ear as we keep the fight between our pussies going, gets more and more ragged. The sweat and fluids that form on our skin and then chill us further as they turn into solid droplets and fall away merge. I can smell her sweat, her musk. I can taste it on her skin as my desperately gasping mouth rubs against her. It makes me hate her even more, makes me want to destroy her. Then I hear the change in pitch of her moans, the convulsive spasms running from her hip thrusts down through her long legs. And I feel shame as they pull the same reactions from me. She stiffens, but not from the cold.

There is a louder moan and then a scream. I feel her hot juices flowing over me, and scream in frustration because she arouses me even at this point. I try and hold on, but she forces it out of me and my juices, my orgasm tears through me, sloppily smearing itself over her body just as hers smeared over mine. Rational thought flies away, I twist my head, seeking her lips with mine. I keep grinding into her, forcing my sex, my womb, to try and destroy hers. My lips lock with hers, and my tongue tries to wrestle its way into her mouth, her throat. Our eyes meet and she recognizes there is no warm passion here. I am trying to strangle her and kill her unborn child before she does the same to mine.


There is… no escape…. “Oxygen… Levels… Critical….” The ominous warning sounds over our heads…. Almost completely missed by my delirious mind, as I am PINNED by my hateful foe… You have an arm grabbing the chair instead of my flesh… But you’re not missing out on much… I’m in that oxygen deprived, almost asphyxiated delirium… I can sense things, but I can’t process it… My claws just latch to your back softly….. They don’t sink in or rip, they don’t peel skin or gouge into buttocks… My left leg pulled up and outwards, baring me…

Opening me for your focused assaults… And depriving me from a chance to do much, but be a punching back for your velvet-wrapped vulva, pummeling my own for target practice…. I squeal and moan, my neck arching back…. Wailing.. Shuddering, spasming….. I feel every vein turning to.. FIRE… As if acid is seeping through them instead of blood…. I feel the burns in some spot, and next to them, icy hell as my body’s chemistry is annihilated by you and your presence….. I feel my lips parting, soft mist leaving as I shudder, gushing, CUMMING… OVER… and OVER… and OVER… As I feel your warm cheek press to my flesh and I shudder…. My long lashes fluttering, icicles forming on them… I can hear your taunts and hisses…. I can feel your victory looming, and you.. You know it.. And you PUSH it over me with very THRUST and GRIND……

“NNgghhh… Stooooppp…” I manage to moan out, my voice so dry, my vocal cords freezing in my trachae…….. I manage to croak it between my second and third orgasm, as you relentlessly pummel me… Thrust, and as our bodies grind, a slow splatter of honey is gushing outwards in a wide conical shape…… Like Chicxulub’s impact crater when viewed from space……. Pushing outwards in slow motion, warm, sticky, it looks as mesmerizing as it’s appealing, but you don’t stop…

You keep slamming and FUCKING me….. Turning your head as you burst out, adding your own nectar to the mix, your free hand grabbing the back of your neck and you PULL me in, snarling… With no words, as you PUSH your mouth on mine…. Sealing my lips…. I can feel the warmth of your body, which means that mine is turning cold… ICY… You are virtually SUCKING the life out of me, as you push your tongue in my mouth… Violently seeking my defenseless, limp tongue, pinning it…. No.. No… It can’t end this way.. It…. won’t…. But it will… I know it as my lower body is twisted at the angle you decreed… Getting ravaged by your thrusts still…. Pushing me into my fourth orgasm… A complete loss of control caused by the oxygen deprivation, and the sensory overload of pain and anguish… Your nipples find mine, pushing them, bending them painfully as your tongue wrestles mine back… I can’t breathe….. My nostrils are almost fully blocked by frozen condensation and tears…… My head forced back into your palm while you strangle me with your mouth…

My claws curl in one last, weak, almost pathetic display and I gouge them into your sides, the softness above your hips, and I drag up…. I want to rake them all the way up to your cheeks, to your face, to your fucking eyes… To blind you before you can end me…. But my claws carve up…. an inch and a half…… Before stopping… Before my body shudders, and you feel the last blast of breath leaving my throat and blowing into your mouth, and my eyes turn glassy…… Lifeless…. A ragdoll in your grip, as you THRUST into me….. Slam, still fucking my limp body for a long moment… But I’m no longer there…… “Oxygen levels…. Critical……. Powering down….. Powering dooWWW–STATIC–WWWWWNNNNN…..” And the lights in the shuttle begin to flicked, and turn off, one, after another….

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 1129036_orig.png


My body keeps driving into yours. Lips sealed, tongues wrestling I can barely breath any more air than you. As I glare into those brilliant eyes, see the fire start to fade in them, black circles appear around the edges of my vision. I feel orgasms, but I can not count them. My chest and yours expands, our breasts spreading out, our nipples still dragging over each other, but the feeling begins to fade. I sense that you are not there, that you have stopped struggling, but I don’t try to pull away. Everything is gone now. My stiff fingers lose their grip on the back of the pilot’s chair, I have a brief sensation of untethered motion as your body and mine, a light coat of frost now bonding us together in a way that our minds and actions never could, slowly drifts in our gently rolling tomb.

The End.

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