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"It (the story) plays in a world consisting mainly of islands and a few small continents. On one continent a culture developed that is mainly organized in city states and controlled by large families. These families are matriarchal and the older a woman gets the higher her influence in politics and the family. From the religious point of view, each city-state has its own deity which represents it with a temple built for it.

From the political point of view it is a continuous struggle for political dominance and wealth. Between the cities for resources and smaller villages. Although they know war, they still prefer trade and political favors, for example to convince a farming community to supply them with their crops.

In the cities, the most powerful family traditionally represents the queen, who sets guidelines for the future of the state. Beside her, there is also a meeting with members of all families who advise the queen and take care of the implementation of her instructions.

The unarmed duel is firmly anchored in culture. At many public festivals there are also tournaments where friendly wrestling matches are organized. In the families it is a popular leisure activity and sometimes it is also used to settle disputes between family members. It is not the aim to hurt, but only to prove one's own strength.

In extremely rare cases, however, political crises are also solved with the duels. However, these are usually deadly. If, for example, a matriarch believes that her queen no longer acts in the interests of the city but only out of her own interest, or if her actions have damaged the reputation of the city extremely and are disproportionately cruel, she can propose herself to the council as a substitute. If the vast majority agree, then the Queen must fight with her challenger for her position, both of whom are at stake for their lives. Since the position is also family bound, the adult daughters are also involved, as they are the possible heirs.

Here in this case it is also a serious matter. The priestess of the local temple is old and will die soon. For generations a certain family has always provided the successor. Many families saw no benefit in this position, but in the medium term a family can influence the politics in the state if a loyal priestess speaks to the people. This was also recognized by an insignificant family whose leader is ambitious and wants to help their family to power in the long run.

Both families sent their candidates for the position of priestess, into the temple. From the law and the religious tradition both must now hand-to-hand combat for the position in the temple. One is the future Avatar of the goddess, the other a deceiver. The goddess would help her rightful avatar defeat the deceiver. And since the deceiver represents evil, she must not be granted mercy.

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It had been a while in the fight, they dealt blows and tried to wrestle the other one to the ground. Both were quite balanced in strength, so it will still take some time. Frustrated, the brunette stormed towards the blonde, but the blonde evaded and put one leg.

The brunette went down and tried to get up as quickly as possible. But then she felt the weight of her opponent in her back. She knew it had been her last mistake.

The blonde had used the favor of the moment. Clearly in the better position she will now do everything to end this fight as long as her opponent is unable to act due to the shock and panic."


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Posted : 10/06/2019 10:34 am
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Icelandic culture is revered as to having been the one that most preserved Viking tradition of honoring people by title and earned place in society, not just by gender, hence the suffix -dottír after their names to signify their clan heritage passed down in generations.

Thus, it serves as a template for a community that can be matriarchal. In Central and South Asia women were allowed to compete in tests of strength, including wrestling that exists today in Mongolia and Korea. This is simply my observation, but the story could see a world expansion by modeling modern internal conflicts among women to represent a pigeon and a hawk faction when it comes to conflict. A striking point could be as it was in Athens that the loser of the duel is being literally ostracized. From that point on one can create a small exile community consisting of  both more democratic and more Draconian members, who have a beef with both sides. When it comes to women, the heartless decision to toss perceived to be unviable babies over the cliff creates a powerful hatred, and an incentive to fight.

Posted : 10/06/2019 2:52 pm

These were again interesting examples. What also served as inspiration for the culture behind the picture was the Asari society in Mass Effect.

And there's something else in the pipeline, and some examples of you are already involved in one way or another.

Posted : 10/06/2019 4:51 pm
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