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So, knowing how many writers and readers are here, I feel like this would be a good thread to poll people's opinions and see what people in general like to see in works here. If anyone has a question they'd like to ask about a story they're writing, they can put it here and see what people think. I hope that this proves helpful to people in writing their stories!

To start out, I'm working on a catfight story at the time of this writing, and I'm unsure if I like it better if the girls have contrasting personalities to highlight their differences and make them stand out, or similar ones to make them seem more equally matched and heighten any jealousy between them. I thought I might ask if people have a preference in the stories they read. But I hope to have this thread open to everyone, and people can feel free to ask whatever they would like if they need the input.

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Posted : 08/06/2019 5:36 am
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I tend to avoid even formulating this question because it would not give any fair representation. After the Southern Strategy successfully pressed sensuality back into the bottle and forced a culture where sexual fetishes are exclusively catered by the adult entertainment industry, the only section of customers who were polled are hetero guys like me. By itself that wouldn't be a bad thing, only there's a popcorn movie feel to it in the sense that all stories should or must be built on a bare bone structure quickly getting to the point.


Two huge issues with that: one, that only cares about a quick release, and porn already exists for that, and it therefore lacks representation (even though if you write in English, chances are not only straight guys will read a story) and two, there's no challenge in that, much less a potential to grow as a writer.


To put it differently, it's nice to remember it's your story, and for that reason it has to or at least should stand out somehow. For example, in Beyond, another show from Heroes creator Tim Kring who's frankly way ahead of his time, the two young women, though not yet embroiled in a physical fight, don't simply dislike each other because they're attracted to the same guy, but also because one of the women's relatives held the other one captive against her will for which she tries to murder him, an act the other woman would not let happen.


Of course, it's absolutely your choice and prerogative ho much depth you wish to give to your characters, and I would not think lesser of your input, but I do say, those capable of doing more, should do more. 2 centuries ago science fiction was called scientific romance as it was thought to be cheap pulp fiction only women would read to keep themselves busy, and once it started to make money, a new idea sprung out that sci-fi should only be about green alien space babes and laser guns.


There are more readers in this community than there are writers, so nobody else will create tales for us that go beyond the basest of impulses, if we don't.

Posted : 08/06/2019 1:52 pm
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Go with what you prefer. I agree with drew that if you allow popular opinion to dictate how you write, or what you write, you will end up with something bland that you will probably not be satisfied with.

Posted : 27/06/2019 9:23 am
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