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So hi to anyone who's reading this. Rival's Rapture has been kind enough to create a forum to all the authors in the story section, but I never really knew what to make of these specialised forums until now. I'm also a big fan of Rival's Rapture's blog entries. These are short entries which focus on one or another aspect of women fighting, either sexually, violently or both. Which brings me here.

I've always wanted to do sequels of every story I've written. From The battle for Azuma's bed to Office Mayhem, I always have a couple of ideas of how I would have continued each series, or even prequels. For instance, I'd have loved to do Office Mayhem 2, or what happens to the small business community after the upheaval that was Three way catfight over the boss. However, I simply don't have the time to write all the stories I want. This forces me to focus on a couple of stories with promising concepts and abandon all my other ideas. Which to be fair, one reason why they're abandoned is because they are all repetitions of the same theme - fighting over a man- without any novel concept attached to it.

One solution to this conundrum was to make mini stories that were under 1000 words. However, I don't want to put them in the story section because it felt a little cheap to do a 500 words piece and then send it to RR for posting. Moreover, I'll also be the first to admit these stories, while "sequels" or "prequels" of stories I've written are nothing more than masturbation fodder. Photos of two hot girls and a summary of circumstances and maybe an outcome. That's it.

So this is my solution. I'll use this forum as my "blog" where I'll occasionally post complements to the stories I've already posted in the story section. What happens after one girl overcomes her sexual rival and gets the guy...for now. Maybe the beaten woman comes back for a rematch. Maybe a new romantic rival emerges to challenge the victress. Maybe a short story with two totally new protagonists.

So what happens now. I’ll leave this post up, and I plan to post a “sequel” to Three way catfight over the boss over the next couple of days. I also intend to post here several informal entries I’ve made explain details of the Duel Room universe. I also have a couple of ideas coming but there won’t be fixed timeline. This doesn’t mean I’m not working on this at the expense of the longer stories. In fact, I have one almost ready to go, but I want to wait to write the other two which are supposed to accompany it.


Posted : 21/03/2020 3:43 am
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