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[TWCOB] Consequences One [Angela Zhang vs Susan Evans]  



Angela Zhang
Susan Evans



Note: My idea right now for posts is to use brackets to indicate which series it follows from. So logically the tag [TWCOB] means this is a continuation of the events of Three way catfight over the boss series.


The loss of Deng’s young wife at the hands of his sexy secretary in an incredible three-way catfight at a local party sent ripples through the female population of the small Chinese city. The head-strong Lan Rong had done her best to defend her marriage from the predatory secretary and lost. The wives and long-term girlfriends in the community had hoped Lan Rong would pursue a rematch to win her man back, but it seemed that after a long running conflict the secretary had finally broken Lan Rong’s will to fight.


The attractive secretary had prevailed, not only against his wife, but his OTHER secretary and former girlfriend, Wen Mei. The wives watched in horror as Deng just accepted this state of affairs, having to hold their tongues as they saw Mao Chun becoming as a Deng’s newly minted wife. Lan Rong was cast aside, the punishment for losing this high-stakes contest. Wen Mei, despite failing in her bid to become Deng’s wife, got a nice settlement to guarantee her silence.


This had not been the first time the community had seen a wife and mistress resorting to violence to solve a long-running love quarrel. Every time a mistress had managed to get rid of the wife in this manner, it legitimized violence as an avenue to solve romantic rivalries. This then led to an flare up of savage catfights between wives and mistresses that would burn for a few months until finally then men of the community got tired of all the “petty squabbles” and everything turned back to normal.


The wives and girlfriends of this small community knew a storm was coming. There was no way the throng of young mistresses, sultry secretaries and cute personal assistants circling around like vultures around their men wouldn’t get their hopes up and dream of bigger things. To achieve what Mao Chun had done. Soon these insolent social climbers would come knocking at the gates to challenge their relationships, and every woman would have to ask herself if she would just allow herself to be eased into a divorce or fight tooth and nail for her man!


Today American-born brunette secretary Susan Evans and young wife Angela Zhang traded a torrent of insults and threats in front of Angela’s husband. They had contested ownership of his cock for too long, neither able to get him to dump the other. The recent events in the community now made the expedient of physical violence a reality.


The sexy bombshells engaged in a tense stare down as they pressed their chests tightly in an attempt to get the other to give way. But neither secretary nor wife would do so, the precedent set by Lan Rong and Mao Chun fresh in their minds. It was obvious that if neither wanted to back down there was only one path left…


-“Are you woman enough to fight for you man?”-asked the brazen secretary in a harsh tone. This was a provocation too many and the American beauty knew it.  


Angela saw red the moment she heard the impertinent remark, slapping the American born vixen with such force her glasses flew into the floor. Soon the two pretty women were pulling each other hair with wild abandon, all for the sake of the dumbfounded man watching their struggle with a mix of lust and worry.


This night would end in one woman being unceremoniously tossed out like trash out of the apartment and the victress riding his cock.


The end…?


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This topic was modified 5 days ago by justlooking9002
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