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Backseat Battle 3 -- What Would You Do?  


Alright, rivals! The long awaited sequel to Backseat Battle is out, that being Backseat Battle 2

Now, if you haven't read it, go do so, and then come back........ 

Alright, now that  everyone here has read Backseat Battle 2, let's get to it. 


SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The story ends with a cliff-hanger of a sort. Mark storms out after catching Brenda and Samantha together. Then, when Brenda walks back inside after having tried to catch Mark, she is slammed against the door and forced into another passionate kiss by Samantha. 

All of that being the case, if YOU were given the power to pick up the tale where I left off, and be the one to write Backseat Battle 3 (which could start either exactly where 2 ended or days, weeks, months, or even years later, where would you take it?

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Oh, that's interesting. How would I continue?

A few weeks later at any rate. Brenda tries to save her marriage. She tried to explain to Mark how it happened, tried to explain her motives and reasons and that she did it for him. Of course her husband can't understand it, but since he loves his wife he wants to give her a chance. And he promised to stay away from Samantha.

But Samantha has another goal in the meantime. Until Mark had interrupted her fight, she had been defeated. But after he had left the house, she wanted to continue the fight. Brenda was broken at the time and it had been easy for Samantha to take advantage of it.

But she was not satisfied with it. She noticed the dismissive looks Mark threw at her. She knew she wouldn't get him anymore. It annoyed her how He tried to save his marriage and stayed with the woman she had apparently defeated. And it annoyed her even more that Brenda seems to find her way back to her old self-confidence.

Meanwhile she only wanted to destroy this marriage, whatever it took to destroy Brenda finally. She provoked the woman wherever she could with phone calls, letters and emails. She challenged her again and again to a new fight. She was friendly to Brenda's son and gave him sweets just so he could tell his mother how nice she was to him. Brenda could hardly tell him what a cruel game Samantha was pulling him into.

Brenda knew what her rival was up to. And she wanted to fight Samantha again. Every cell in her body longed for it. But she wasn't allowed to risk it. She was already too close to a catastrophe. Brenda kept all the messages and letters secret from Mark because he would misunderstand and leave her for good.

But when Brenda noticed Samantha manipulating her own son, she knew she had to end it for good. She had to break Samantha, and end this story forever. It might ruin her marriage, but if she did nothing, it would destroy her family for sure.

She sent Samantha an email with a place and time. There they would be alone and undisturbed. There they would have their final battle, and Brenda swore to herself that her rival would perish there. Samantha agreed. She would break Brenda, and then send Mark a message, ruining her rival for good.

Well, that would be it for now. What do you, and the other readers, think of this?


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I am going to let others comment here before I reply, but that you so much for answering my call and so quickly! I really do want to discuss your ideas. <3

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And I really want to hear your opinion on this. Thank you for the opportunity.

And I hope just as much that others will use this opportunity to write down their own ideas. I am curious about what they think.

Posted : 12/10/2019 9:49 pm
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