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Backseat Battle 3 -- What Would You Do?  


Alright, rivals! The long awaited sequel to Backseat Battle is out, that being Backseat Battle 2

Now, if you haven't read it, go do so, and then come back........ 

Alright, now that  everyone here has read Backseat Battle 2, let's get to it. 


SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The story ends with a cliff-hanger of a sort. Mark storms out after catching Brenda and Samantha together. Then, when Brenda walks back inside after having tried to catch Mark, she is slammed against the door and forced into another passionate kiss by Samantha. 

All of that being the case, if YOU were given the power to pick up the tale where I left off, and be the one to write Backseat Battle 3 (which could start either exactly where 2 ended or days, weeks, months, or even years later, where would you take it?

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Posted : 09/10/2019 12:51 am

Oh, that's interesting. How would I continue?

A few weeks later at any rate. Brenda tries to save her marriage. She tried to explain to Mark how it happened, tried to explain her motives and reasons and that she did it for him. Of course her husband can't understand it, but since he loves his wife he wants to give her a chance. And he promised to stay away from Samantha.

But Samantha has another goal in the meantime. Until Mark had interrupted her fight, she had been defeated. But after he had left the house, she wanted to continue the fight. Brenda was broken at the time and it had been easy for Samantha to take advantage of it.

But she was not satisfied with it. She noticed the dismissive looks Mark threw at her. She knew she wouldn't get him anymore. It annoyed her how He tried to save his marriage and stayed with the woman she had apparently defeated. And it annoyed her even more that Brenda seems to find her way back to her old self-confidence.

Meanwhile she only wanted to destroy this marriage, whatever it took to destroy Brenda finally. She provoked the woman wherever she could with phone calls, letters and emails. She challenged her again and again to a new fight. She was friendly to Brenda's son and gave him sweets just so he could tell his mother how nice she was to him. Brenda could hardly tell him what a cruel game Samantha was pulling him into.

Brenda knew what her rival was up to. And she wanted to fight Samantha again. Every cell in her body longed for it. But she wasn't allowed to risk it. She was already too close to a catastrophe. Brenda kept all the messages and letters secret from Mark because he would misunderstand and leave her for good.

But when Brenda noticed Samantha manipulating her own son, she knew she had to end it for good. She had to break Samantha, and end this story forever. It might ruin her marriage, but if she did nothing, it would destroy her family for sure.

She sent Samantha an email with a place and time. There they would be alone and undisturbed. There they would have their final battle, and Brenda swore to herself that her rival would perish there. Samantha agreed. She would break Brenda, and then send Mark a message, ruining her rival for good.

Well, that would be it for now. What do you, and the other readers, think of this?


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Posted : 09/10/2019 6:56 pm


I am going to let others comment here before I reply, but that you so much for answering my call and so quickly! I really do want to discuss your ideas. <3

Posted : 10/10/2019 4:38 pm

And I really want to hear your opinion on this. Thank you for the opportunity.

And I hope just as much that others will use this opportunity to write down their own ideas. I am curious about what they think.

Posted : 12/10/2019 9:49 pm

Winner who lost is stopped with a kiss at Door by Loser who has won.

Brenda fresh from her victory over Samantha but ultimately lost as her husband noticed all and left her leaving Brenda in shambles.

Samantha who lost against Brenda but is rejoiced as indirectly it has resulted in Mark leaving Brenda. Their earlier agreement is now void , Bragging Rights are ON and she can pursue him again

This reality struck both of them as a lightening during the kiss as now it's back to square one again. Out of their logical minds, Brenda now want to channel her fury against Samantha as she holds her accountable for this while Samantha wants to channel hers on Brenda for earlier defeat .


This results in a violent sex fight after the kiss as both decide to settle dispute then and there (Anger fuels the mutual hatred and they forgot all moral) leading to another fight....



Months later, Mark in his new apartment is surprised to find Brenda moving in near his apartment and only later to find out Samantha too has moved in nearby on same day... Little does he know that both still have unfinished business with each other and their fight leading to this month hasn't resolved anything and Mark is very much up for Grabs for either one of them...


Posted : 29/12/2019 3:09 pm

Hmm, I would start it a couple of days later when Brenda convinces Mark to come back home and work things out.  They talk and talk and talk.  It is hard for Brenda to convince Mark, what he saw, wasn't actually what he saw. Brenda has a hard time explaining that she wasn't having lesbian sex with their teen baby sitter but it was actually a fight.  Things are tense around the house for the next couple of days.  They consider marriage counseling. though Brenda tries to convince Mark against it, fearing the humiliation of why they are having difficulties with their union to a therapist.

Things go entirely off the rails when Samantha shows up the Mark and Brenda's house when Brenda wasn't there.  In a total high school teen bitch move, Samantha plays the victim card all the while she tells Mark through teary eyes that Brenda had been stalking her and then attacked her the night Mark went to console his friend.  Samantha explains that Brenda had overpowered her and was raping her when Mark walked in.  She explains that she was scared of Brenda and was trying to do what Brenda wanted her to do to save herself.

After that I'm good with whatever happens.  Does Mark believe Samantha and leaves Brenda?  Does Brenda go berserk and  try to kill the teen?  All I know, is there should be an epic reckoning after that.  Is third time the charm for Samantha and she finishes ruining Brenda's life?  Does Brenda beat the teen so bad that Samantha admits the truth in front of Mark.  Does Brenda convince Mark to hide in the shadows...or another room to see the real version of Samantha?  Oh and as he waits he can finally see that it actually was a type of combat the two were engaged in and is he turned on or does it matter?

Oh there are so many ways it could go.

Posted : 05/01/2020 2:42 am

It's finally time to respond to all of your wonderful ideas! So here we go! 

@dermonarch -- I really love this whole scenario you have put forth. And apart from the end I believe you have in mind, I think it would be exactly what I would do if my intention were to keep Samantha and Brenda together as rivals.

I can see making their feud turn fatal, if that is indeed what you had in mind, but at least my intention in the last story was to soften Sammy some. And to make it a little less hatey than it had been, despite the still fighty-tone I tried to keep throughout. Maybe I missed that mark. But at least where I see the characters in my head, Brenda is mad at herself for giving into the temptation of a second sexfight, and not seeing it as cheating, which really it is. and she is irritated that Sammy won't leave her and her husband alone, but in truth enjoyed the thrill of fighting Sammy. Even if that enjoyment fills her with even more regret. 

@coolkris - I am such a sucker for unending feuds that I could absolutely see myself going for this one. Because in a way, you're right. Mark leaving does kind of undo all of the agreements they made about earning the right to keep him. The immediate end to the tale was me hinting at, hey -- Mark's gone: F-it. Let's go again.

@goliadmike - Having read each of your replies, I am even starting to doubt myself here! Not in how I wrote the story itself, but what I have planned for a next one. Your version of events is also one I toyed with in my mind, before I came up with my current plan. Though, I don't know that I was creative enough to have Sammy do the sympathy play -- which as I swish it around in my head, sounds perfect. Also, having him watch is something I have seen a lot of people ask for, and to me it makes sense and could be very hot. 

Having said all of that, and just because I think your takes are all so similar in terms of the who's and the why's, I want to run what I have in mind past you all to see how you would feel if chapter 3 was what I have planned. 

So, here it is.

In Chapter 2, the son goes to a neighbor's house. That neighbor is only mentioned briefly, but she is a woman named Jamie and is very helpful to both Brenda and Mark. Who, in the next story would look like the following: 

File 001

So, at the end. Mark leaves, and says he is going to pick up the kid from Jamie's. Brenda assumes he did, and that he and the kid then left to somewhere else. In her efforts to find Mark and apologize she calls Jamie who claims not to know where he went, playing the friend. But when finally, Brenda finds nothing to let her know where Mark is, she goes to Jamie's house to ask her if she has even the slightest clue where Mark might have went, and when she does, she sees Mark inside. He's been at Jamie's! Brenda then puts together that he always has been there, since he left her house and that Jamie lied to her. 

Brenda demands to come in, but Jamie steps outside and refuses. She, contrary to her previous act, making very clear that she is taking care of Mark, wants him for herself, and that Brenda needs to leave. 

From there, there is a conflict that you can imagine. 

My thought is, that after this story, and a story where Sammy is against another woman (currently on the Previews page), Sammy and Brenda come back together, though I haven't planned out that story. 

If Chapter 3 were as I described above, without Sammy and Brenda back together, would you all feel cheated? 

Posted : 24/01/2020 8:01 pm
New Rival

I know I'm a latecomer to this thread, but I'll throw in my tuppence worth regardless. Feel free to disregard entirely, given that I'm more than a little late to the party. Especially bearing in mind my suggestion is most likely going to be universally unpopular. Here we go. I'm going to go against the grain on this thread and suggest something a little different. My train of thought is based on the crackling chemistry these two characters share, which to my mind supersedes their rivalry over Mark. To my mind, he feels like a convenient excuse to get involved with one another. Nothing more.  

After two epic clashes with Brenda, Sam is utterly enthralled by the older, more experienced woman. This infuriatingly sexy woman has bested her twice, giving her two of the most intense sexual experiences of her young life. So, she arrives at the conclusion; "Fuck Mark. No more games. I want Brenda." She approaches an upset Brenda, still reeling from the loss of her marriage, to explain how she feels, only to rejected. Upset and infuriated by the rejection, she issues an ultimatum; 

"One more sexfight. You win, I'm gone for good. I win, you give us a chance..."


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Posted : 25/01/2020 12:41 am

@hankmccoy02 -- I will respond to your comment in greater detail when I have a few more minutes, but I think @Sprite might literally hunt you down and give you noogies for daring to suggest something so close to what I am an eyelash's width away from doing in every story I write. ha ha!


Posted : 25/01/2020 12:51 am
Active Rival

Hahah. It's an interesting idea but wouldn't be my preference lol!

Posted : 26/01/2020 8:46 pm
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