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[Sticky] Which of my Rival's Previews Have Got You Excited?  


So, you've been to the Rival's Previews page, you've sifted through the various stories displayed there.

Now, tell me which ones have you excited! Not which, but why! 


Posted : 23/05/2019 11:28 pm
Active Rival

My views on this change and I may be biased due to our discussions lol. But at the moment the top 3 in no particular order are:

1. Taking It All - I think this could be a great tale - with a similar air to Who Is This. But rougher!

2. The Fight after Five - Just love KG and Megyn and seeing the battle between the 2 would be awesome.

3. The Neighbour fight - not in the previews yet but would love it due to the protagonists and what you could do with them.

Posted : 03/06/2019 7:34 pm

The Useful Rival


why. May be because of following 

1. Pics for the preview looks encouraging 

2. I remember you said you weren't fond of women fighting over man. However,  an in depth background of rivalry makes a Sex Fight or Cat fight interesting (war on 85th floor, Who is this - my favorite so far is later). Wife Vs Mistress Genre gives a writer a head start in setting up background with less words as it's Self explanatory (Wife is unsettled or trying protect what's hers; Mistress jealous of wife of owning what she wants).. Confrontation is inevitable. If they determine via Sex Fight, that's what I like (little violent is ok but fight to death not cup of my tea)

3. if it's Alpha Females,  it's even more exciting as they tend to dominate the other and even sex fight or painful struggle is something they enjoy or crave for (Domme)... (Rival, if you could remember my suggestion in old site for a story 😁). Even win or lose, they would want to do it again (as JB57 says in his stories,  it's a war)

if the stories goes fine, I don't mind a series (I know my suggestion for Who is this was shot down but still can't help it😅)


Hopefully am not pressuring you 😝😇


Posted : 09/08/2019 5:20 pm


since there were always three named here, I will not break this "tradition" and also pass on my current Top 3.

1st "Let Me": This idea is extremely fascinating for me. I am already a friend of fatal endings. But that they have to ask permission before they put an end to their opponent's life is quite unusual. And while one is trying to seduce the man for permission, the other can recover and maybe turn the fate.

2nd "The Submition: Also very hot this idea. Especially what if the traitor really wins and takes control?

3rd "Working Title: Sisters in the Shower": This idea is also very charming. Whether they're real sisters or stepsisters, it doesn't matter. Either way it stays in the family.


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Posted : 10/08/2019 10:12 am


I suppose the part I'm not fond of is the man the women fight over having the power. To me, if the women are being forced to or pushed into fighting, they don't want it. I want my fighters to want to fight. To want the battle with each other, even if that desire comes from wanting to drive the other away. 

Also, and maybe this is just part of my own bias, there is a little bit of grossness, at least to me, in the usual scenario. The man sitting and watching enthralled the women he convinced to fight, under threat that he'd leave one of them, battle it out as he strokes himself. 

Now, I could write that same scene, with the sitting, the watching, the stroking, I just need the battle to be the women's idea and for the man to almost be a victim of the women's desire.

In Useful Rival, the wife basically uses the idea of the neighbor, who has never even spoken to them, and a threesome with her, to excite her less than sex-crazy husband. Then, when that goes too far, and the neighbor is flirting with him, the wife realizes she needs to act and avert her own suggestion ruining her marriage. 

When the collision in that story happens, it is, as you said, like two alphas colliding. And trust me, I ALWAYS prefer my rivalries to be forever. :3

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Posted : 13/08/2019 1:08 am


1. You and I had a conversation about this one through email, but I wanted to respond here as well. It is an interesting idea. And I think the tone I have planned for it will make it feel more natural than it might otherwise. I know I fell in love with the intimate-cruelty tone Sprite and I came up with in Peace Talks . And that is what is going to be used in this tale.

The two girls have been friends for their entire lives. And it is only the mutual desire for the guy that has led them to fight each other. So there will be a familiarity between the two and a ... comfort level with each other that makes their struggle unique. They aren't going to be flailing, drooling harpies, trying to absolutely shred each other. To them, though it sounds off without presented context, it's almost a game. A contest. They have each chosen to fight for the guy. And they, unlike him, know it's going to be to the death (if only because the loser cannot stand the thought of living without him). It's almost a suicide pact. 

Each intends and knows the other intends to try and seduce him with their advances on him and violence with each other, to get him to allow the other's death. In a way they're working together, both literally and figuratively. Because they each know he would never allow one to kill the other, unless they work together to overwhelm him. 

They both love him so much that they will both willingly and almost happily play this game of violence and seduction for the chance to have him, even if it means their own death.

2. The Submission is also an interesting tale. I am still working out in my head exactly how it begins, but having the two isolated in the extreme, and then set them at such acute odds is going to mean a LOT of post-fight punishment. Which, is something I know a lot of readers love. 

3. Sisters in the Shower is one of my favorites, though I haven't added to it in a long time. On a recent drive for work I listened to it through the Dream Reader app on my phone and it was blisteringly hot. It is certainly one I want to return to, as soon as I have the time and passion required. I may have mentioned this in the previews section, but the story started out as a Tumblr post, like those I am re-posting on my blog. BUT! I couldn't stop writing, and before too long, it was far too long for that medium. Ha ha, now I just need to make it about 7 times longer!  

Posted : 13/08/2019 6:09 pm

Hi there,

I have read all your previews and enjoyed it. You have a great imagination. Among all of that I really liked the following ones

1. Breast is best: I really liked the way you have written the competition between the two of them. As for me I like it when two women decide to fight each other whether it be a catfight or sexfight in private and just let themselves go. I don't really like it that much when there is a boyfriend or husband involved. 

2. The ballad of Margot and Marilyn: the premise of the story was awesome. I always liked the concept of catfight between two look alikes. Both of them getting obsessed and jealous of each other as the story goes forward which results in an inevitable showdown. As I have read your other stories I think you are very good at writing above things. 

So above are the two stories I am eagerly waiting for.

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Posted : 12/09/2019 2:26 pm
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