Holy War by Claire Bear

Amy saw the first punch thrown. An Arab woman had pushed through campus police and decked a protester. That was when the police began to pull out their pepper spray and threaten crowd. Amy wanted more than anything to track down the bitch who had hit that poor woman, she had felt the fire inside of her and suddenly she wanted to punch an Arab girl in the face in the name of her people.

But the crowd pulled her away like a sea, and soon the campus protest was dispersed. It infuriated her to no end; how could those Arab pig fuckers be allowed to hold a holocaust denial rally at the university? Sure there were only a handful of them and half of them were only trolls, but even so…

She decided to find respite in the library. She found herself in the back corner of the non-fiction section where she felt hot tears in her eyes.

Why? Why was this happening? How could the fucking Arabs treat them like this? The fucking bastards were responsible for all of the pain and suffering in the world. They beat their women, yet their women seemed to love it. Stand up for it!

“Stupid fucking cows,” Amy hissed, wiping the tears from her eyes. “Goddamn camel fuckers.”

“Better than a fucking kike,” said a voice from the other side of the book shelf. Amy looked through the books and saw a pair of dark brown eyes leering at her. Something looked familiar about those eyes.

“What the fuck did you just say?” Amy said, grabbing the books from the shelf and throwing them onto the floor.

“I think you heard me, jew girl.” The woman on the other side of the shelf said. She slid the books on her side out of the way revealing her face. Her dark skin and black hair sent fire into Amy’s blood. It was the bitch who had thrown the first punch. “What was it you said?”

Amy leaned forward, pressing her head into the shelf.

“I called your people, camel fuckers.” Amy said. “You hate mongering, terrorist.”

The woman’s dark brown hand shot through the shelves ad grabbed Amy by the collar. She pulled Amy so hard that her forehead hit the inside of the shelves. Amy grabbed her back and pulled her forward so that the two were nose to nose.

“Fucking Jew…” The woman hissed. “Don’t you fucking call me a terrorist. You fucking people are the scum of the earth and you–”

Amy spat in the woman’s face.

Then she was gone in a flash. Amy barely had a chance to look to her right before the bitch was on her. Amy felt a hard slap across her face. She stumbled back into the bookshelf, grabbing at the Arab bitch’s collar and slamming her into the wall.

“You dirty cow…” The Arab said. She grabbed onto one of Amy’s tits and pressed it painfully against her chest. The other hand gabbed her curly hair, pulling her face upward. “You think you can keep spreading your hate and not get your fucking ass kicked?

Amy smiled and shook the camel fucker so her head hit the wall behind her. “You like what you feel there, bitch?” She felt the hand loosen a bit then clamp tighter on her tit. “Are you a carpet muncher? Want to know what Jew snatch tastes like?”

The Arab girl slapped her again and this time Amy returned the slap. They stood in the silence of the library as they exchanged close, sharp slaps across their faces. The fire and hatred in their eyes was enough to personify the hatred between their people.

Amy grabbed the Arab’s wrist and when she released Amy’s tit for another slap, she grabbed that one to. She slammed her chest into the Arab’s and was surprised at how large her chest was. Beneath all those black shrouds they wore, maybe these Arab bitches were actually well endowed. She pressed her mouth to the brown ear.

“You done? Or do I have to beat your ass right here?”

“You come to my place. I’ll rip you apart, whore.”

“I don’t like the smell of shawarma,” Amy hissed, pressing a knee into her rival’s cunt. Suddenly the Arab pushed her back and slammed her into the shelf. The books rattled and a few fell from the shelf. She dug a knee into Amy’s cunt and amy felt a surge of pain and arousal.

“And I don’t like the smell of Jew cunt.” The Arab said.

“Oh…by the time i’m done with you, you won’t get the taste out of your mouth for a month.”

The Arab released her and tore a page from a library book. She took the pencil from her jeans pocket and wrote something down on the page and shoved it in Amy’s face.

“Show up, and you’re fucking dead.” The woman said. “Don’t and you’re just a fucking Jew rat. I guess I won’t be expecting you.” Then she left, leaving Amy with the page crumpled up in her hand.

She unfolded it and read the address. New tears burned in her eyes when she saw the title  on the top of the page; The Diary of a Young Girl.

Mina’s day had not gone the way she had hoped; the protest she had gone to had turned out to be a huge mistake. She had thought it would be an empowering protest against the anti-muslim movement. It turned out to be an extremist rally. And even though she had been disgusted by most of the things she had seen, she had to admit that it felt good to be on the side of the oppressed for once. And then a Jewish group at the school had come to make it all about them.

Just like the fucking Jews, she thought as they began to scream out the wrongs put upon them by the world. It was so infuriating, what about her people? Her grandfather had died in Syria…her mother had been spat on in the streets…and now the fucking Jewish group was trying to turn their free speech against them.

She hadn’t intended to hit the woman. But it had happened none the less. And as she sat in her house, waiting to see if the little jewish bitch would show she realized she was glad she had thrown the punch. Maybe it would start a revolution? Maybe it would get her kicked out of school? At least something would change.

And then there was the fucking Jew cunt in the library.

She had been ready to kill her right there. She remembered the feeling of her heavy tit beneath that hideous angora sweater and felt a pang beneath her stomach. It wasn’t the feeling of a tit; she had felt women up before and it didn’t do much for her. But the idea of ripping into her fat udders was enough to make her wet. She wanted nothing more than to beat and humiliate her.

There was a knock at the door.

Mina smiled to herself and answered the door.

“Here I am.” The white girl said. Mina looked her over; she was wearing her hideous green sweater that hung off one shoulder and a long burnt orange skirt.Her frizzy light brown hair was like an afro that reached down to her shoulders. Her nose gave her away as the jew she was, not long, but slightly hooked in a way some men might find attractive.

“Here you are…” Mina said, smiling at her. “Ready to get your ass kicked?”

The bitch slapped her.

She hadn’t been ready for it and suddenly she found herself clutching at her face and stepping aside for the frizzy haired bitch to enter her house. The jew was saying something but she couldn’t hear her for the rush of blood to her ears and the anger burning in her mind.

The slap felt amazing. And even though her hand felt like it was on fire, it seemed to open nerves in her body she hadn’t known existed.  She pushed past the Arab bitch and began to speak.

“I am so fucking tired of you people trying to keep my people down. You fucking bitch…You think I’m going to let you treat me like that? Do you?” She turned to look at the bitch. She took her in for the first time; she had shoulder length black hair, dark skin, and a rack that was fighting against a white tank top–the rack that had pressed so hard against her own–that could pop at any moment. She had changed  from her school clothes into that tank and sweats that made her look like a fucking bum. But Amy couldn’t help notice it showed off her perfect figure.

Then the door slammed and the lock clicked.

Mina smiled as she rubbed her cheek. “Stupid bitch. You’re in the lion’s den now.” She walked forward, hoping the bitch would flinch and back up. But she didn’t. She stepped toward her. “I think I broke the other kike’s nose. You really want to test me?”

“Bitch,” Amy hissed. “My people have been tested since the beginning. Maybe it’s fucking time.” Then she took long, quick strides to the dark skinned bitch and buried her hands in her hair.

Mina wrapped her arms around the Jew bitch, squeezing her, pinning her arms to her sides as she pulled her hair.

“You stupid fucking whore!” Mina hissed. She refused to cry out in pain to this little slut. She pressed her chest into the other woman’s; behind that sweater, the kike was stacked just like her. Mina threw herself forward and slammed the frizzy haired bitch into the wall. She slipped her hands up the back of the sweater and began to tear into the soft flesh beneath.

Amy felt the Arab’s large breasts pressing against her own and –despite the thick sweater–she could feel her nipples press against the fabric of her bra. Pulling hair with her arms pinned at her sides was useless, so she let go of the thick black locks and wrapped her hands around the lovely brown throat and squeezed.

Mina pulled back and slammed them into the wall again. Then again. With each thrust forward she drove a wet gasp from her rival but the hands squeezed tighter.

“You like that, bitch?” Amy gasped. “You fucking like that?”

Mina’s hand raked up and down the whore’s back. It found her bra strap and pulled it down until it’s hooks popped. Then she pulled her hands around, pulled the useless bra out of the way and sank her claws into the large, yielding juggs.

“AUGH! YOU FUCKING CUNT!” Amy screamed. She drove her knee into Mina’s crotch. With the other foot, she kicked off of the wall, propelling the two across the room and down onto the sofa. The pain on Mina’s throat relieved as Amy’s attack went to Mina’s large chest; she tore through the tank top easily enough and pulled the bra up, spilling the large brown breasts free. Amy grabbed them and began to push them up to Mina’s chin.

“FUCKING EYE FOR AN EYE, BITCH!” Amy screamed. The pain in her chest was like a bundle of hot needles beneath her skin. She twisted Mina’s dark nipples–hard, ready to cut glass themselves–and felt a warmth just beneath her stomach.

You haven’t felt that since Jessie Feinstein had punched that bully in highschool for calling her a kike. She had taken him home and lost her virginity to him. And now this act of violence was sending something just as powerful, if not more to her loins.

Mina was feeling something similar, with Amy’s weight on her body, the heavy breasts in her hands. She was sure after she beat this bitch to a pulp she would spend the evening in the bath with her nightstand friend. She reached behind Amy’s back, grabbed her sweater and pulled it over her head. The bitch was blind for a moment and Mina took advantage of it. She released one heavy breast, letting it fall to her chest in with a painful *thwack* that she was familiar with. Then she pulled back a fist and drove it into the kike’s stomach.

Amy felt the blow and nearly lost her lunch. It was a hard and painful blow that made it

feel like there was a rock in her stomach.  And now blinded by her sweater she suddenly felt totally helpless. But she refused to fall prey to the fear and the darkness. She released Mina’s large tits to pull her sweater off.

Mina pulled a fist back to punch her in the stomach again, but then Amy’s sweater came off and then down across her throat. Amy began to twist the sweater like a tourniquet around the Arab whore’s throat. Mina clutched at the sweater and worked to pull it off of her throat.

“You fat cow.” Mina hissed.

“Dirty cunt.” Amy growled. Then she spat on her. The trickle of spit dripped down Mina’s cheek and into her mouth.

Mina shrieked like a wild woman and released the sweater. She grabbed onto the wild

mane of hair and pulled Amy to the right, pulling her off balance and tumbling to the ground.

Mina was on her in an instant, she threw the sweater from her throat and lunged at the white cunt. Amy tried to put distance between the two of them, but Mina caught her by the skirt, tripping Amy up and sending her to the ground again.

“FUCKING SPIT ON ME? AGAIN? YOU FUCKING BITCH!” Mina screamed as she tore the skirt from the thick white ass. She bit hard into the right ass cheek while her other hand mauled at the flesh between Amy’s legs.

The Jew’s cunt was a brilliant pink with lips that bloomed like a flower. She intended to rip those petals apart. She tugged on them, plunging her nails into the soft labia as she did. She noticed the trail of wetness that dripped out of her hole and smiled.

Amy cried out, all thoughts of preserving her strength gone. She kicked a leg out and nailed the whore in her chest. Then she drove her toes into the tit flesh and pressed it to the floor.

Mina groaned in agony as her tit was pressed to the floor. The Jew’s toes were pressing in almost as viciously as a set of fingers. She sank her teeth in deeper, tasting the kike’s blood. Her fingers tugged at the wet cunt, working to make it useless to a man.

But then Amy lifted her foot and drove it back into the soft tit flesh with a heavy kick like a child throwing a tantrum. Mina couldn’t take it, released the Jew, and rolled over to cradle her tit.

“YOU WANT TO EAT MY ASS! FUCKING EAT IT!” Amy punched Mina in the face and dove on top of her. Her large breasts swayed back and forth as she crawled up on the woman’s body. She pinned her hands down by her head and prepared to sit on the bitch’s face. But suddenly a horrible, sharp pain erupted in her right breast.

Mina latched on to the pink nipple with her teeth and pulled down. Amy screamed, releasing her grip on Mina’s wrists and began to push her head away from her, but that only served to stretch her nipple out further.

“FUUUUCK!” Amy screamed as she felt her nipple stretch out and possibly even tear a bit. She balled up a fist and drove it into Mina’s face, finally freeing her nipple from the teeth. She grabbed both large brown breasts in her hands and began to squeeze. Mina, returned the favor, grabbing the pendulous breasts, working them into knots.

“Ugly, fat, cow!” Mina hissed through gritted teeth.

“Nasty, brown cunt.” Amy hissed back. And as she sat on the bitch’s waist, working her large tits, she felt more moisture pour from her sore cunt. She began to grind the bitch’s crotch.

“You fucking want this, don’t you bitch?” Amy hissed.

“Delusional pig,” Mina spat, though she couldn’t deny how aroused she was. She had been picturing ruining this whore’s tits and now that they were puffing out between her fingers like a Play Doh factory, she was practically gushing. She pressed her thumbs into the base of the tits and began to shake them like rag dolls, something her own lovers seemed to think was sexy as hell, but hurt more than anything. Amy seemed to think so too.

Amy  rolled off of the brown cunt, squeezing her breasts to her chest. The two looked at each other for a moment, clutching their chests and panting heavily. In that moment, they bordered on the edge of passion; wrath and lust tottered back and forth like a see-saw. But then Mina shoved her foot into the Amy’s bare cunt, jolting her from her indecision. She screamed and scooted back.

She wanted to kill the bitch; she looked around for a weapon and found one. It was a large coffee table book called Art of the Middle East. She went for it, clutching it in her hand like a stone tablet.“I’ll bash your fucking head in, whore!”

Mina ducked the first blow, taking it on her shoulder. It brought a dull drumbeat of pain into her arm. She brought an uppercut into Amy’s right tit just as the book came down again. This time it did catch her across the face and it brought her into a heap on the floor.

“That’s right, bitch!” Amy said. She raised the book, ready to slam it down on the Arab’s head. But just as she did, she felt Mina’s teeth sink into her toes. She screamed and dropped the book just left of her target and began kicking her in the head. But she lost her balance and fell onto her back.

Mina lunged at Amy and pinned her to the ground. She raked her nails down her back and then wrapped around to her face. Amy rolled the two over and drove her elbows into the bitch’s sides, causing Mina to scream out in agony.

Then Mina wrapped her legs around Amy’s waist and began to squeeze. Amy tried to pry the legs from around her, but it was fruitless. As she struggled, Mina’s heel was digging into her exposed clit, and the wetness that lay beneath. Similarly, Amy’s ass was rubbing against Mina’s crotch. She could feel the wetness on her sweatpants growing.

“You fucking bitch,” Amy hissed. “ You dirty fucking bitch.” Amy cried out as she struggled to free herself from the Arab whore. She reached behind and drug her nails into Mina’s face. Mina bit at the thin white fingers as she grabbed Amy’s breasts and pulled them upward.

“I’ll tear your eyes out, bitch.” Amy screamed as the fire in her tits rekindled.

“An eye for an eye, whore.” Mina hissed and released one large beast to rip and tear at Amy’s face, all the while squeezing the bitch’s ribcage with her legs, her heels still pressing into her cunt.

Amy was losing, and she knew it. If she didn’t do something soon she would be at the mercy of a fucking brown terrorist. She grabbed Mina’s hand and bit down on it, tasting the bitches dirty blood in her mouth. Mina screamed and pulled her hand away, releasing her hold around the Jew’s waist.  When she did, all hell broke loose.

Amy flipped around and began to tear into Mina’s breasts. Mina returned the favor and the two began to roll across the floor, pulling and biting at the large globes in their hands.

“Jealous, bitch?” Mina shouted, twisting Amy’s breasts like two faucets.

“ Of your saggy, brown tits?”Amy hissed.  “ You wish you had tits like me!”

As they rolled, Mina’s sweat pants had been pulled down to her knees. Now the two could feel their hairy, wet mounds smash together as they fought. More than once, the two had moaned not in pain, but a strange pleasure that didn’t feel right given the circumstances. Amy was so disgusted with her own pleasure that she decided to take it out on Mina. She released a mauled brown tit and clawed at the moist mound between Mina’s legs.

“You dyke, slut!” Mina cried. She began to rain slaps and punches down on Amy’s head. Amy gripped Mina’s clit between two knuckles and tugged it.

“ I thought they cut it off,” Amy jeered.  Mina shoved a hand against Amy’s throat, cutting off her laughter.

But Amy had found a strange strength in the torture she was now issuing. She climbed onto the writhing brown body and delivered a heavy punch to the face. Mina’s eyes rolled up into her head and her body began to slow, her hands dropping from Amy’ mutilated tits.

“Fucking tired, cunt?” Amy breathed, pinning Mina’s hands beneath her knees. “ Look at it.” She hissed, indicating her wet pussy, topped with thick brown hair. “ See what beating you does to me?” Then she lowered her pussy onto Mina’s face.

The Arab writhed beneath her but Amy pushed down hard. She could feel the warm breath of her victim against her cunt and ground it in into the brown face.

Amy began to moan as the brown nose, trying to find breath, flicked against her clit. “Right where you belong, cunt. Beneath a Jewish girl, eating her juicy–”

Mina sank her teeth into Amy’s clit. A blinding flash of lightning filled Amy’s body and blinded her eyes. At first, no sound came out of her mouth. Then when it did, it came out with a confused identity, a combination of shriek and roar and sob.

“YOU COCKSUCKER!YOU FUCKING CUNT!” Amy screamed. She began to punch at the top of Mina’s head, but it only made things worse. And when she tried to stand, her clit screamed out in protest. Amy tried to wail on Mina’s sides and crotch, but every fucking blow only made the pain in her crotch worse.

Mina jerked her hands free as Amy struggled and stabbed her nails into the large white tits. She had found a way to breath through her nose while she tugged on the clit with her teeth and wondered how long it would take to gnaw through the cow’s clit.

Amy’s face was covered in tears. Her breasts bled, and her cunt might be as well. She thought the pain would kill her. She pressed down on the top of Mina’s head and began to scream out, “Stop, Bitch! Fucking Stop!”

Only when feeling Amy try to pull away again did Mina open her mouth and let the swollen beading clit fly free. Amy stumbled back, slumped against the wall holding her crotch as if trying to protect her chastity and weeping freely as a maid.

Mina licked her lips as she stood. And looked down at the weeping, frizzy headed Jew. It was almost pathetic…almost.

“You crazy bitch…” Amy cried. “You bit it off…you fucking mutilated me…”

Mina kicked her in the face, lying her out on the floor. Amy continued to cry.

“ Not off.” Mina smiled. Then she grabbed Amy by the hair and dragged her into the kitchen, her body squealing as it was dragged across the kitchen linoleum.

Mina grabbed a wooden spoon and slapped it across Amy’s tits.

“Fuck!” Amy screamed. But for all her effort she only got another slap with the spoon, this time across the face.

Then Mina opened the refrigerator and knocked several items off of the lower shelf and then slammed the door shut on Amy’s hair. Amy tried to open the door, but Mina brought the spoon down on her hand with a hard *pop*.

“God damn you!” Amy screamed.

“God is good,”Mina said. She opened a carton of milk and poured it all over Amy’s creamy skin. It dripped from her large breasts and onto the floor in a pool around her. Mina began to rub her own clit as she stared down at the writhing jew dog.

“I win, whore.” Mina said. She knelt down on the floor and gave Amy’s cunt a hard slap with the spoon, forcing another scream from the victim.

“Fine!” Amy screamed. “Let me go!”

“Oh, fuck that.” Mina said. Then she shoved the wooden spoon into Amy’s slick pussy. Amy screamed as the wood slid inside her. The howling would have brought any neighbors over had it not been the afternoon on a weekday. Mina’s eyes rolled in her head as she worked her sopping pussy, reveling in the pain of the Jewish cunt. She cupped her own breast and pinched the nipple as she worked the touch spoon in the Jew’s hole.

Amy’s screams fell into pained moaning and soon, Mina could feel herself reaching the edge of her climax. She opened the fridge and released the Jew’s hair. Amy’s head fell to the floor and quick as a flash, Mina was on it.

“Bite it, and you know I will tear your cunt apart.” Mina said. She lowered her cunt on the white face reversed for access to the large white tits and the wooden spoon sticking out of the jew coos.

She could feel the Jew nose pressing against her clit and the lips caressing her own. Mina manipulated the wooden spoon inside of Amy snatch, forcing her to scream. It made it so much sweeter.  So sweet, that after a moment, Mina fell into bliss, rubbing her pussy into the white face that had spat on her and threatened her. In that moment, Mina knew that this wasn’t just a victory for her, but a victory for her people.

She stood up after her legs regained their strength and looked down at the broken Jew girl. She was knocked out.

Mina kicked her in the face, rousing her. She leaned over her and spat in her face. The tears that fell from Amy face were like rain in the desert. A true miracle. She sat down on her stomach and grabbed her heavy, torn tits and began to massage them.  She began to wonder if she actually enjoyed the feeling of these tits more than she thought.

“You fucking bitch.” Amy moaned.

“What was that?” Mina hissed. She released a large white tit and grabbed the wooden spoon again. She brought it down toward Amy’s face.

But Amy caught it.

“Bullshit!” Mina shouted. Both of them began to wrestle for the spoon. They rolled around in the milk for a moment, pressing their bodies together, hissing curses and clawing at the other’s hands. But the struggle was short lived. Mina bit into the bitch’s hand and tore the spoon away.

She rained blows down on her back like an old school torturer. With each scream, she felt her cunt become wet again and soon she was grinding her slit across the Jew’s back.

“I fucking win. I fucking win. I fucking win!” And this time when she came, it was enough to make her fall over on her side, clutching her crotch. The jew did not stir. Mina looked up and thanked god for her victory.

The End

Thank you for reading! For more of Claire Bear’s Stories: Click Here!

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  1. melissa says:

    What a great story. Back and forth. I thought the Jewishgirl had her but I was wrong. Love ethnic rivalries.


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