Life Giving Water by Claire Bear

The woman had no name; had she and her tribe understood the idea of names, they would have laughed at the thought. Names would be considered a waste for no one was alive long enough to keep them. Breeding was important. Eating was important. Above all, water was important.

Names were not important.

She was to be a breeder; With her large breasts that sat high on her chest, her wide, sensual hips and her large rump, she was practically made for it. The head of the tribe had nearly forbade her from leaving, indicating that most of the men wanted her.

In turn, she indicated that there were only eight men left.

And that was why she was here now.

She and her fellow red haired nomads that had come out of the south to find safe haven from the dangers in the woods. There had been things in the woods none of the had ever seen before. Things that open a man before he cried out in fear. She had watched that happen to her brother and her father before fleeing into the dark with the others.

Now they were dying an invisible death; days had passed without water and slowly they were getting weaker. Soon they would all die in the valley they had taken shelter in.

Unless she found water.

She had been searching for over a day when she first heard the trickling sounds of a stream. In that moment, it was the most beautiful thing she had ever heard in her life. Had she not been near dying of thirst, her mouth would have watered at the sound. She rushed through an overgrown glade, down a rocky hillside, and stopped when she saw that running beneath her feet was a tiny trickle of water.

She threw herself to her knees, shoved her face into the muddy earth and drank greedily. She used her teeth to filter the grit and grime from the water and when she had her fill, spat the mud out of her mouth and onto the ground.

She collapsed to the ground and looked out beyond to see where the little stream led. Just below, was a body of water licking a rocky shore. Now the tears came as she ran down the hill toward her prize. She went head over heels at one point into a free roll, nearly losing her loin cloth, but righted herself and kept running.

She dove in and the cool water splashed over her, inviting her into it’s cool embrace. When she emerged from the pool, she realized how careless she had been.

Standing about ten feet away from the rocky shore of the lake, looking at her was a woman with strange hair the color of honeycomb. Her loin cloth and breast covering was made of a deer hide and the redhead could see that this golden haired woman must also be a truly important breeder; large breasts, barely contained, large ass and hips yet far more beautiful than any other woman Red had seen.

The woman with the golden hair had nearly run when she watched the wild thing with red hair roll down the hill side; she had come to the lake with no thought of her safety for it was a short walk she had taken since she was a child. Her people had owned the lake since the beginning of time and had never had to defend it from anything save a few stupid beasts.

But the fear turned into a primal rage when she saw that the thing was a woman. Then when she dove into it, she knew she would kill her when she popped up. She scooped a stone from the shore and stood back, waiting for her to emerge.

When she did, she was momentarily struck by how desirable the woman was. Her bear fur coverings clung to her body, showing off shapes Golden was all too familiar with. She was practically worshiped for her beauty by the tribe and was sure the redheaded one was just as impressive. In her moment of hesitation, the redhead noticed her and they locked eyes.

The woman with red hair had eyes like the sky and deep inside they burned with the fire of desperation and lust for life.The eyes studied her and then went to something resting at Golden’s feet. Golden stiffened, realizing what had caught her eye.

The object was made of earth, the redhead could see, but not the type of earth beneath her feet. It was hard and round and there were stains on it in the shape of hands. It wouldn’t be terribly remarkable if it had not been holding water inside of it.

That alone made it more valuable than the gold headed woman’s life.

She left the water slowly, walking toward the woman with her back bent, her head cocked to one side. The golden haired woman stared at her with the same caution, her own body bending into a strong, cautious stance. Off in the distance, a creature called to the sky and the insects in the grass sang their alien songs.

The woman from the red tribe bridged the gap between them began to look the golden haired beauty over once again. Bent low, she could see how her breasts hung on her body and knew that f it came to a fight, they would be two very easy targets. But surely the woman knew her only hope was to surrender…

The redheaded woman pointed at the sacred vessel at the blondes’ feet and then to herself. A moment later the blonde shook her head.

The redhead nodded, cooing in her most sensual manner.

The blonde shook her head, grunting. She pushed the vessel behind her with her foot, the water sloshing over the rim.

The redhead watched the life giving water fall wasted to the ground and gave the golden haired woman a vicious growl. The golden haired woman smiled and indicated the water in the vessel , then the water behind them. Then she clasped her chest in her hands, indicating it belonged to her.

The redhead pushed her body against the honey haired woman, their breasts mashing together. They stood nose to nose, and breast to breast as the fire inside of them began to grow in heat. The blonde shoved herself forward and the redhead pushed back. The blonde shoved forward again and when she did, the redhead moved out of the way and the blonde went face first down into the wet earth.

The redhead grabbed for the sacred vessel, but when she did, the blonde jerked her foot back behind her and she slammed into the earth herself, over turning the pot and the water inside it.

The redhead watched the water seep into the earth and began to howl. She rolled over, ready to lunge at the woman who had caused her to spill the water. But she was too late, the blonde woman landed hard on top of her, grabbing both wrists and pinning her to the ground.

The two struggled for a moment, the blonde pushing herself down onto her opponent while she was viciously pushing back, snarling like a beast. She managed to actually unbalance the blonde, causing them to begin rolling across the wet bank.

As they rolled, the redhead grabbed tight to the blonde’s hair, jerking her head back, forcing her to look at the sky. The blonde in return, grabbed a handful of her attacker’s bear fur top and jerked at it hard enough for one of the fastenings to come loose, exposing one of her large, pale breasts and the pink nipple beneath. Once the breast was out, the golden haired one sank her claws into it and began to pull, forcing a pained scream out of her.

When they stopped rolling, the redhead was on top, her breast painfully pressed up to her neck a she now began to attack the blonde woman’s chest, grabbing her deer hide and tearing at it like a vicious animal. As she did, the blonde wrapped her legs around the redhead’s waist and began to squeeze her.

The sounds they made were similar to the sounds of mating; moaning and groaning as they struggled, they began to realize that there was a fine line between their fight and the violent throws of passion. And when she tore the cover off of the golden woman’s breasts, her large brown nipples hard and ready, the redhead decided to overpower her not just with her hands but every inch of her body.

The redhead slid herself up the goldhairs body and pressed her now fully exposed breasts against hers. She moaned at the sharp digging of the hard nipples and pressed her own down hard into the creamy skin. The blonde grabbed the fiery red hair and pulled back on it while with another hand she reached behind and grabbed the redhead’s ass, slipping he hand up under the loincloth and sinking her nails into the large firm cheek. But when she felt the redhead begin to grind against her, she screamed and jerked the woman off of her by the hair.

The redhead was caught off guard by the sudden rejection and snarled at the insult. The blonde dove at her and she caught her hands once more, the two now rolling along the grass, raining slaps down on the other, trying to force the other to submit.

The redhead rolled to the left and tried to crawl away so she could stand, but the blonde grabbed her by the loin cloth and jerked her back, tearing the hide and revealing her naked backside and the plump mound between her legs. The sight of a mound like that was not uncommon to the blonde, but the sight of the fiery red hair sitting on top of it was so strange to her that it sent a wave of fire coursing through her.

The redhead flipped over her legs open her breasts heaving as she caught her breath. The blonde hesitated, giving her the time she needed to stand up and charge at her opponent. The blonde lunged forward, wrapping her arms around the woman’s waist her face nearly buried in the fiery mound as the redhead lost her balance and fell down on top of the blonde.

The redhead felt the blonde woman’s face press into her plump mound and made an involuntary groan when the blonde growled into it. She began to gyrate her hips, mashing her warm pussy harder into the woman’s face the way she had seen some beasts do, dominating their lessers through sexual humiliation. The blondes nails dug into her ass, forcing her to give up the fight at the moment and pull away.

Still sitting on the bank, was the overturned jar. When the redhead saw it she realized she could grab it and run. She went to do just that when she felt the body of the blonde slam into her back, her large breasts pressing hard against her back.

The blonde could still taste the red woman’s sex in her mouth and apart of her wanted more. The other part wanted to break her; make her pay for what she had done. She wrapped an arm around the woman’s neck and pulled back. Her other hand grabbed hold of one of the large white breasts and felt its weight in her hand. She felt the warmth in her loins once more and this time felt wetness eek out between her legs and onto the woman’s ass. She began to grind, almost involuntarily yet with such force that she could exert her dominance and strength.

The redhead howled and used her anger to force her up onto her knees and slam her opponent backward and down underneath her. She heard the blonde gasp for breath as she wriggled beneath her. Her hand moved from her breast down to her mound and then under it, The redhead cried out for a moment and the moaned as the blondes fingers found her special spot and began to rub it. She felt the blonde’s arm around her neck loosen and for a moment she was sure that she could feel the blondes own mound pressing against her ass.

Suddenly, the redhead spun around and began to grind her body against the blondes. The
blonde was surprised by this, yet not as resistant as she had been. She tried to push the redhead
off of her yet at the same time, she continued to grind her. Both hands free now, she buried them
in the fiery mane of hair, pulled her down, and kissed her wildly.

Neither had ever kissed a woman before. There was something powerful in the act; something that placed them above all of the menfolk and gave them the ability to do everything they wanted. The redhead slipped her tongue into the blondes mouth and soon they were rolling again with combination of violence and passion.

The blonde had lost her loincloth in the previous bout of rolling and now the redhead was working her fingers between her legs. The blonde gasped as the fingers entered her slick cave. She grasped the redhead’s breasts tightly in her hands, pinching the nipples forcing a moan from her swollen lips.

Soon, they found themselves slamming their wet cunts together, their legs woven together like grass for a basket. They each had a hand buried in the other’s hair and another supporting them as they sat upright. They stared into the other’s eyes and for a moment, they both knew that this was how they would solve their issue. They would fuck each other and the water would belong to everyone.

The redhead gave the blonde a slap.

The blonde slapped her back.

With each slap they began to moan and grind even harder. The redhead could see in the blonde’s eyes that she was about to explode like a beast from a cave. She wrapped a hand around the blonde’s throat and squeezed. But rather than stifle the beast inside of her, it only seemed to kindle the fire inside of it. The blonde lunged forward and pinned the redhead. She slammed her juicy cunt down harder and harder onto the redhead’s until they both began to scream like the monsters hidden in the dark places. The blonde and redhead were choking each other, both loving it and fearing it at the same time. And as they watched their breasts bounce up and down and side to side, as they felttheir loins catch fire, as they looked into each other’s eyes…

They experienced something they had never felt before. Their bodies exploded with pain, pleasure, and power. They wailed in each others arms as they let it fill them. Then, as it abated, they slipped to the ground, naked and sweaty, laying in each others arms. There they both slipped into a long needed sleep, forgetting for the moment, about their violent struggle.

The redhead woke in the night with the blonde’s head resting on her breast. She looked around and saw that though it was dark, the first colors of the morning were weakly trying to peer over the mountains in the valley.

She didn’t have much time.

She lowered the blondes head to the ground and crept toward the precious pot. She picked it up and felt it’s strange texture in her hands; it felt like stone yet was so soft and fragile that she knew one wrong step would lead to it shattering on the rocky ground.

What she needed was proof. Not just proof of water but proof of the richness of the land. Bringing the tribe this artifact as well as water would convince them that the land was worth the journey. And now she could also tell them how easily the people of the land could be conquered. No stone or stick was needed…just a good fuck.

She crept to the lakeshore and filled the pot with water. She was about to leave when she saw what the water did to the dying night sky when it was still. She gazed, hypnotized at the reflection of the stars and the large mother moon in the sky. She had never seen a body of water so big in all of her life. She nodded to herself, proud that-

Something crashed into her hard, sending the pot of water flying through the air and landing with a splash into the lake before her. Claws sank into her face and breast and for a moment she was sure that it was a wild beast. But when she flipped over, she saw the snarling face of the blonde bitch. She grabbed a handful of the blonde hair and jerked her forward over her shoulder and onto the ground.

The blonde had woken to find the redheaded bitch with the precious artifact of her people. She realised she had been used and that no matter how powerful the two of them were together, the bitch was still in it for herself and her people.

Furious at herself for being fooled, she rushed at the woman in a blind rage, tackling her to the ground, not thinking about the sacred pot. Blessedly, it landed in the lake where it would be safe.

But the redheaded woman flipped her over by her hair and landed on her, teeth bared and claws raking her arms. She grabbed at the large, pale breast that hung in her face and jerked it to her mouth where she bit into it.

The redhead screamed and drove a balled fist into the blonde’s face. Forcing her to release the tit and grab at her wrists. They remained locked in that hold, hands bent like claws trying hard to rip the other’s eyes out only to be pushed away, for a few moments. Then the redhead slid her knee between the blonde’s legs and drove it hard into her mound. The rocky soil of the lake dug into her cunt and she cried out in pain as she tried to flip the redhead off of her. She managed to only unbalance her but it was enough.

The redhead suddenly felt the blonde release her wrists and then both of her tits erupted in a blinding light of flames. The blonde bitch was twisting them back and forth, driving her nails in deep. She howled to mother moon as the colors of the new day began to creep over the mountain and then plunged her own vicious nails into the soft tits of her opponent.

They rolled back and forth, their breasts mashed between hands and rocky earth as they spat and howled at each other. The redhead tried her hand at biting into the blonde’s right nipple but was punished severely for it by having her head bashed into the earth.

The blonde pressed the redhead’s face into the stoney shore and began to grind it down, the sound of the rocks against her flesh filling the blonde with both triumph and excitement. She could feel herself getting wet once again, but knew it was not to be satisfied as it had been before. The redhead had tried to steal the sacred pot and she would have to die for it.

Then, a blinding pain filled the blondes head and the white light prevented her from seeing anything. She heard the sound of a stone falling down to its brothers and sisters and understood that the bitch must have bashed her upside the head with it. She scrambled back, her vision returning, but slowly, hoping she would be able to see before the redhead struck a killing blow.

The redhead could taste blood in her mouth and her face stung with the pain of a hundred fresh cuts. But the sight of the little bitch at her feet, clutching at the bleeding spot on her head brought a smile to her face. She bent down and grabbed the woman by the hair and drove a kick toward her face.

The blonde moved just in time, avoiding the kick and sinking her teeth into the redhead’s leg. The redhead howled and fell backward, her head landing in the water. The blonde could nearly see again and as she crawled onto her opponent, she nearly saw the look of terror in her eyes.

They were in the water.

The blonde took the opportunity and pressed her hands down on the redheads face, forcing it to go beneath the water, but only by a little bit. The redhead clawed at her face and she felt nails inch closer to her eyes. She leaned forward, hoping to press the head down deeper but when she did, the redhead used her legs and flipped the unbalanced blonde over her head and into the water behind.

Now they were not just at the edge of the water but up to their knees in it. They both stood and grabbed each other’s hair and breasts and danced a vicious, wild dance as they fought desperately to get the other below the water. At first, the redhead had the upper hand, bending the blonde over using her tits as leverage and then the blonde had her under, twisting her cunt with the same force her tits had been twisted.

Both coughed and sputtered as they ruined each other’s bodies. And soon, they were rolling in the water, the one on the bottom in danger of drowning.

After minutes of exchanging places, the redhead gained the upper hand ad was pressing down on the blonde’s throat, water in danger of entering it and flooding her lungs. The blonde clawed wildly as the redhead’s vicious eyes looked at her from above.

The world began to get dark. The blonde’s hands fell to her sides in the water and she was sure she was done for…

Until she felt the pot beneath her hand.

The redhead was going to bring her tribe down on them…steal their water…rape and kill them…surely the ancients would understand. She clutched the pot in her hands brought it out of the water, and smashed it across the redheads face.

The grip around her throat loosened and the water above her turned red. She thrust upward and took a precious gulp of air as she threw the redhead down beneath the water and pressed her knee down on her throat.

Below, the redhead clawed at her thigh, but the blow to the face had so dazed her that most of the fight had left her. She pressed down harder, watching the life slowly fade from her eyes. As she killed the woman, she began to rub herself, feeling the life from her foe enter her. Bubbles erupted from the redhead as she opened her mouth and the water flooded her.

The bitch had wanted water, now she had all she wanted.

The blonde felt the redhead go limp as she finished herself off, the power of her climax not as powerful as the last, but powerful enough.

She gave her knee one final push and heard a cracking sound in the water. Her opponent was dead.

She dragged her out of the water and then went to retrieve the broken pieces of the ancient pot. Once she did that she collapsed beside the formerly beautiful redhead an looked at her for a long time.

She had to bring back proof of the interloper or else she would be killed for the loss of the pot. She also had to warn them of others that would follow. But she lacked the strength to drag the body back to her people.

She took a shard of the jar and sawed through a thick lock of hair, hair the color of fire and blood. None of her people had ever seen that before and perhaps it would be proof enough. It had to be; the animals would take the rest.

She spat on the body and scooped the shards up, clutching the to her wounded breast. She walked off without another look back as the sun began to rise on a brand new day.

The End

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4 thoughts on “Life Giving Water by Claire Bear

  1. Giannis says:

    The first sexfight in history. I have written a story about how the very ancient women, still living in caves, started to sexfight thousands years ago. But they were many years after the women you have described, they could speak. So your story comes first !

    Never mind, i enjoyed it, even if i am not for catfights and violence. It was very well written, with a very good and uncommon plot.
    Bravo !!

  2. sam says:

    Need to have a fight another tribe, maybe Pakistani/indian girls, nice and brutal at the water.


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