Princess Pit by Claire Bear

The end had come at last, and all of the women knew that it was only a matter of time before their live would come to an end.  They had been tied together, surrounding a wide mouthed pit on the craggy plains surrounding Maleficent’s castle. Her little minions giggled and snorted, poking them with their spears, forcing them all closer and closer to the hole.

In all, there were twenty of them—heroines all, princesses and rebels whose homes had been destroyed and loved ones murdered in cold blood. And those responsible…those who had sworn to destroy them were now watching them, glasses of wine in hand, laughing at scene.

Aurora, still in shock about the brutal rape and murder of her dear Prince Philip, looked around the circle at the nineteen other women. She had met some of them before at diplomatic events btu there were others she had never met before, particularly the Greek girl with the tall red hair, the gypsy with the large breasts and dark brown skin, the Chinese woman with the look of defeat in her eyes, and the pixie looking woman who wore a small green bikini.

They all wore bikinis—tight, humiliating bikinis in the color of their formal attire.

Not princesses…but just as important. Oh God…we are done for. All is lost.

“Have you ever seen such a prettier sight?”  came the sweet, wicked voice of Maleficent. Aurora looked up at her and instinctively lunged for her. But her hands were tied to Jasmine’s and Kida’s, preventing her from getting close. The villains laughed and Maleficent pounded her staff on the ground, silencing them.

“It would seem that the little princess still thinks she can win.” She approached and stroked the beauty’s face. She snapped at the green finger, just missing it. More laughter from the villains.

“I swear,” Aurora said. “ I will kill you…I will see your filthy, black heart pulsing in my hands before the end! I swear—”

“Enough of this nonsense!” Prince Hans laughed. “Please, Maleficent, let’s have some fun, eh?”

“Yes,” Claude Frollo said, stepping up behind Esmeralda, cupping her breast and smelling her hair. “I want to see these witches punished. Cast them into the pit…”

“Let them claw their way out, if they can!” Captain Hook bellowed.

“Damn you to hell!” Tiana shouted, her eyes blazing. “Fuck you all!”

“I believe it is time,” Maleficent said. She snapped her fingers and her minions began to force the ladies forward. As they got closer to the mouth of the pit, they tried to fight back. Spears poked them in the back and ass and despite their struggles, one more push would have them in the pit.

“Hold!” cried The Lady Tremaine. The other villains looked confused until the wicked stepmother stepped forward and grabbed hold of Cinderella’s crotch. She pulled the girl forward and spat in her face. Then she took a knife and untied the rope that bound all of the girls. “I think I want to keep one of them…for a little toy…”

“Not that one!” Ursula hissed. “Give me the daughter of Triton…I will teach her what it really means to be a human…” her tentacles began to writhe and Ariel shuddered.

The villains began to argue amongst themselves over who would be spared for worse torment. Once again, Maleficent silenced them.

“One shall be allowed out. Only one.” She enchanted the rope in Lady Tremain’s hand and made it hover over the pit. Then, she snapped again and all of the ladies were forced into the pit. They fell, screaming and slamming into each other until they hit the bottom and piled on top of each other.

Through her mass of red hair, Merida looked up and gauged the pit to be about twenty five feet deep. The rope was dangling just above her nose and she reached for it.

“The first little thing out of the pit,” Maleficent cooed, “will be allowed to live. All others shall die. And you had best hurry if you don’t want a fun little surprise.” Her laughter rang out and suddenly all of the villains peered into the pit, their eyes leering and their mouths practically salivating.

Merida was about to begin pulling herself up when a hand reached up through the pile and grabbed hold of her left tit, tearing her green bikini.

“What the fooking hell?” Merida shouted. She was about to pull the hand off of her when a foot slammed into her face, breaking her nose and making stars appear in her field of vision.

Mulan knew the moment her hands had been untied that she would be able to get out of this situation. She would have thought that Shan Yu would have stopped such a stupid act, but now they would all die for their foolishness. She stepped on the face of some wild haired princess and began to scale the rope.

But five different hands grabbed hold of her legs and began to pull her down.

“Let me go!” she shouted. “If you want revenge, I’m the one to do it, you idiots!”

“Bullshit!” Megera shouted, dragging her nails down the rags of Mulan’s pants. “You’ll just fucking run! I’m not dying in here with these fucking bimbos.”

It was almost impossible to move in the pit. While it was nearly twenty five feet tall, it was no more than five feet wide. A few of the women had been crushed beneath the rest and were screaming as they tried to pull their broken bodies out from under the other’s. Snow White had been on the very bottom and her legs had been crushed by Esmeralda, Elsa, and Anna. Her right arm had been fractured when Moana tried to stand up and push off for the rope. She lay beneath the feet of all the women, weeping and bleeding internally.

Others were pressed together so tightly that their breasts began to prevent each other from breathing, them pressed to tightly together. Ariel was face to face with Belle, Tiger Lily’s face was pressed tightly against  Eilonwy’s exposed pussy, Anna and Elsa ‘s arms were literally knotted around one another. But when Mulan went for the rope, all of them knew that if they didn’t stop her, they would be dead.

Mulan tried to pull herself up further, but the hands jerked her back down into the pile, on top of Merida who wrapped her arms around her neck.

“Ya fooking bitch!” Merida screamed.”Ya broke me damn nose!”

Tiana and Rapunzel managed to pull themselves up and began to punch and rake at each other’s faces as they struggled for the rope.

“Fucking freak! Get off!”

“You first, frog sucker!”

Within moments, the remains of the skimpy bikinis the women had been wearing were gone and their flesh began to press, strain and slap together as they  all worked to grab for the rope.

Tinkerbell, grown to human size was still trying to get used to how bulky her body was–her breasts had gotten ridiculously big as had her ass. And as she tried to grab the rope, climbing through a large tangle of blonde hair, Pocahontas grabbed her face and gouged at her eyes. She screamed and fell back into the nest of hair, clutching at the holes where her eyes used to be. For good measure, Pocahontas drove her foot down onto her face. Tinkerbell bit down until her teeth scraped against the bones of the bitch’s toes.

Anna and Elsa were wrestling, trying to break free from each other when they began to

feel their feet burn. They looked down and saw a clear, bubbling liquid.   That was when Snow White, the fragile little twit began to scream her head off, making gurgling noises as it filled her mouth.

“Boiling oil!” Anna shouted, stomping on Snow White’s chest to get a little higher up.

The women began to scream and claw frantically to get higher than their peers.

Moana wrapped an arm around Rapunzel’s hair, sure that she could use it as another rope if the bitch began to climb, and based on the way she and Tiana were going at it, it looked possible.

Tiana slammed against Esmeralda—who was throttling Ariel as the former mermaid ripped at her breasts—clutching at her mouth where Rapunzel had just fish hooked her. The black princess howled like a wounded lion. Rapunzel began to climb, but as she did, her hair proved to be a major issue.

And not just because of Moana.

Tinkerbell had gotten tangled in her hair. Blind and panicked, it had gotten wrapped around her neck, and as Rapunzel climbed, she began to strangle. Tiger Lily, who had always hated her, pulled down on her feet, ignoring the nails digging into her shoulder as Belle tried to climb up her body.

“Revenge, pixie bitch,” Tiger Lily hissed. She jerked down hard once more and there was an audible snap as Tink’s neck broke.

All of these women in her hair were making it impossible to climb higher. Her scalp was beginning to burn as hair was pulled from her head.

“You fucking bitches!” she screamed.

Below, Mulan felt the life leaving her body as the Scottish whore choked her out. She tried to bite and kick but only managed to kick the Greek whore in the face a few times. As she passed out, she knew that the rest of these fucking cunts would die in here…they weren’t warriors…they would never…make…it.

Cinderella and Aurora were still pressed tight against each other, unable to move at all. They too were standing on top of the slowly cooking body of Snow White who had stopped screaming a few minutes ago. And as Anna and Elsa fought beside of them, they assessed their situation and knew what while the other was whole, they would never be able to move.

“No hard feelings,” Aurora said as she pressed her lips to Cinderella’s shoulder and began to bite into it. Cinderella screamed and began to bite at Aurora’s neck. They gnawed at each other like two rabbits caught in a trap, their blood sizzling as it fell into the oil that would very soon cover their feet.

Jasmine was making her way through the pile, reaching for the end of the rope. Megera, her face busted open and bleeding, grabbed her arm and sank her teeth into the light brown skin.

“YOU FUCKING COW!” Jasmine cried. She grabbed hold of Meg’s hair and jerked her face closer to her. She slammed the heel of her hand into the bloody face and Meg cried out in agony. But when Jasmine pulled her hand back, she managed to slam her elbow into Eilonwy’s throat. The blonde princess gasped and found her windpipe had collapsed. She tried to suck in a breath, but was unable to. In a desperate rage, she began to tear at Jasmine’s face with her nails.

Jasmine cried out in horror as she was pulled back and her vision went black. Her eyes burst beneath Eilonwy’s fingers and in the darkness she continued to fight, more aware of her mortality than ever.

Anna screamed as her feet began to sizzle. Elsa was climbing on top of her, trying to reach for the rope, using her as a fucking ladder.

“You fucking cunt!” she shouted. She reached up and took hold of her sister’s cut and ripped her white hair form her mound. Then she pulled her back down by her pussy lips, wedging her between the wall and a bloody fight between Esmeralda and Ariel.

“You stupid bitch,” Elsa shouted. “I could have saved us b—AUGH!” she screamed as the oil began to cook her toes. Anna grabbed her face and began to push it down, hoping to bend her treacherous sister in half and boil her fucking face off.

“OH FUCK!” Ariel, who was twisting Esmerelda’s large breasts, got her first feeling of oil on her feet and was now desperate to push up against the wall.

“Where are you going, you fucking brat?” the gypsy hissed. She punched Ariel in the side of the head so hard that the girl’s knees gave out and she began to sink lower into the pile, her calves and knees hitting the oil.

Belle managed to climb up Rapunzel’s hair, with Moana close behind her. She had lost the use of one arm where Tiger Lily had pulled it hard enough to dislocate it. She looked down and saw that Moana was looking to pull her off. She threw a foot down and slammed it into the girl’s face. Again and again. Each time not only did the islander scream but also the princess whose hair they were climbing. Blood was soaking the blonde strands as her scalp began to detach from her skull.

“Let go!’ she cried as Belle climbed higher.

“Fuck you,” she shouted.

Just then, Tiger Lily, sprang up, kicking off of the wall and latched on to Belle’s ass. A nasty rip sounded form above and Rapunzel screamed loud enough to make even the villains above cringe.

“Pale little princess,” Tiger Lily hissed. “You’re going to fucking die.” The she grabbed Belle’s head, pulled it back and twisted. Belle’s neck broke instantly and her body fell on top of Moana, who slammed her head into the side of the pit, rendering her unconscious.  

The sound of Ariel’s screams became gurgled as Esmeralda proceed to bite her tongue out and spit it  into Anna’s face. Ariel went into shock and passed out, the oil cooking her as it began to rise faster.

Anna had managed to get Elsa’s face into the oil, her own legs now so damaged she couldn’t feel them. She was sure Elsa was dead and began to climb over her toward the gypsy with the bloody face. But then Elsa’s arms wrapped around her waist and pulled down.

“LET GO! LET GO!” Anna screamed. But her dying sister was locked around her. And as the oil grew higher, she howled her last as her body began to cook.

For the first time in her life, Kida of Atlantis was happy to be the one princess everyone forgot about. Up to this point, she had been completely ignored. Pinned against the wall behind Cinderella—who had stopped screaming after Aurora had gnawed off half of her shoulder and her breasts— she now began to slowly climb up the wall with her feet. They had nearly been cooked by the oil but it looked like she might make it out unburned. If she played her hand right, she might make it out of here alive. And that—

Pocahontas pressed her foot down on top of some white headed princess and leapt up to tackle the other Indian in the pit.  As she did, she heard a small snap and knew that her springboard had snapped its neck. She shrieked as her people did before killing an enemy and plunged her nails into the injun’s breasts.

Tiger Lily screamed and released the golden hair as she fell backward, wrapping her arms around the head of the Indian woman. Meirda, who had been trapped beneath Mulan’s body this whole time, saw the two howling Indians and knew that their bodies together would drive her down hard. She braced for impact and when they hit, she felt her ass begin to sizzle.

“Fookin Hell!” she screamed.  Tiger Lily, now in a blood lust, looked over Pocahontas’s shoulder and drove a fist into Merida’s face, driving the shards of broken nose deep into the Scot’s brain. She began to convulse and foam as the two Indians bit and clawed at one another.

Tiana had lost half of her mouth to the long haired bitch and now her legs were being consumed by the hot oil. She looked up and saw that the blonde wasn’t doing so well. In fact, she was more redhead now than blonde.  She smiled at that and made her way slowly towards the mass of hair. But before she could get any further, Aurora climbed over top of her, pressing her face down onto the open eyes of a dead Mulan. Aurora was going for the rope and as she stretched harder and harder, Tiana felt the bones in her face break beneath the pressure.

“Fucking Honky bitch…” she hissed as her jaw snapped in half and the world went black.

Rapunzel was in a new kind of hell. She had been scalped, her hair hanging from her head by a flap of skin, her hands locked around the rope as her nerves froze. She would have let go if she could. She would rather die than feel this agony any more. She looked down and saw the two redskins tearing one another’s tits off with their teeth. She saw Jasmine and Eilonwy trapped in her nest of hair, hands locked around one another as the oil began to boil their backsides.  She saw Moana try to wake up as the oil flooded over her and enter her screaming open mouth.

“I…can…still…make…it…” she muttered. “Just…start…climbing…”

But as she made the attempt, Aurora grabbed hold of her hair and gave a final jerk. She screamed like a banshee and fell onto the pile. Her long blonde hair pinned the two fighting Indians down like a net. The oil began to cook her hair and soon her own ass. She looked up at Aurora and saw how the sleeping beauty was bleeding from her neck and her right shoulder. But in that moment, she looked like a fucking god. And as the oil poured over her, she knew that if Aurora got out, they may yet be avenged.

Aurora began the climb, stepping on top of the screaming savages as they began to sizzle under the bloody net of hair. But at that moment, Meg reached up and began to pull at her wounded arm. Her face was broken and her head was missing half of it’s hair.

“Take me with you! You fucking bitch!”

“Let go!” Aurora shouted. She kicked down and caught the bitch in the side of the face. Meg released her and began to scream as she was cooked alive by the oil. Aurora knew she was the winner. All she had to do was climb the rope and—

“No you don’t!” Esmeralda shouted. She kept off fo the wall where she had managed to start her own climb. She kept and wrapped herself around the pale princess. Their tits slammed together and they bit each other’s fingers as they  tried to pry each other off of the rope.

“Fucking die, gypsy whroe…” Aurora cried.

“You first, white cunt…”

They struggled and bit and clawed until they were out of breath. Neither would release the rope. They stared into each other’s eyes…eyes filled with hatred. Then,Aurora pulled her head back and slammed it into Esmerelda’s face. The gypsy’s grip went slack and she slid down the rope. Her legs began to sizzle and she cried out in agony. Aurora slammed her pussy into the brown bitch’s face and forced her to fall the rest of the way. Her scream was cut short by the hot oil and from above a cheer  was issued.

When she got up to the mouth of the pit, she rolled onto her back and looked up into the dark green sky. The villains surrounded her and licked their lips. She was alive…but who knew if that was better or worse…

The End.

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