Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Why Are There Two Chats?

Well, because I am testing them both out — or more accurately, WE are testing them both out. As we have one of three options.

First, we can stick with IFlyChat which is what we have been using (and the one below this paragraph). It provides the ability to load the chat from every page on the site, and looks better, in my opinion. But it also does not have a way to log in, other than just changing your guest name.

Second, we can go with the Forum host’s chatroom (the one below THIS paragraph). This chatroom will only be accessible on the chat page, though there is also messaging in the forums now. This chat can be accessed with the same login as the forum, which I know a lot of you have been requesting.

Or third, we keep them both, which will cost me more money and be confusing, but if its what people want, I’ll try to swing it. Test them out and let me know!

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