The Competition by CatGirl Anna

Marie paused outside the auditorium. Her mother, unable to commit to getting fully out of the car, half stood, half leaned out behind the partially open driver side door. She gestured and Maria walked back, leaning forward so that her forehead could be kissed.
“Do good, mija,” her mother said. Somewhat confused, she had an embarrassed look on her face. “We wanted to see, and your father is very proud, but we have to get your brother settled into college this weekend.”

Maria hid the hurt and nodded, smiled back to her mom. Neither her mother or her father understood her obsession with body building, and they never guessed the private war she was fighting with herself. They did sense, however, the changes. It remained a quiet secret, both of them hoping the young girl they still felt that she was would somehow come back.

“Call and tell us all about what happens. And be a good girl tonight in the hotel,” her mom said. “And don’t spend a fortune renting movies.” The last was said with a waggle of her finger and a very stern look that broke into a grin.

Maria nodded. There was a flutter in her belly and her mind was far away.

“I’ll be good. I promise,” Maria said. Then she slung her bag over her shoulder, fishing out the performer badge. She slipped the lanyard over her head and backed away from the car door.

With a final wave, Maria turned and headed toward the back door entrance to the convention center. Wearing a baggy blue nylon track suit with white cross trainers. It was hard to see her shape, but she moved with a easy, confident stride. She was 5’3” and, even after the most punishing cutdown she ever attempted, her weight still still hovered around 135 lbs. Long black hair framed her pretty olive colored face and wide set dark eyes with long lashes looked around with a friendly but cautious expression. The track suit could not hide her broad shoulders. They balanced a naturally thick waist and the full, round hips and ass. Hidden from view were shredded arms and legs as well as abs that showed definition even when she was not flexing. Even troublesome calves, which fought every attempt to mold them, had rounded into form. She was a bit short, but the flare of her shoulders and the cut of muscles along her back were dramatic. It was an almost impossible mix of power and proportion and Maria could barely contain herself. She competed locally and won, but this was a regional! Maria felt like a panther as she neared the door, something about to be unleashed on the world. Then, in the midst of her excitement, her strict religious background reared its head. Pride was a sin, a voice in her head said. She felt a sense of shame wash over her. This was wrong. Exposing herself like this had to be a sin. Her shoulders slumped for a moment. Lately, it seemed that every time her father looked at her, Maria felt his disappointment, felt his growing doubt about her. There was a dark reason why she was so attracted to this. She could talk about good works and how hard effort cleansed the soul, but there was another voice, one that grew stronger as her mood became more unpredictable during her strict diet of her physically brutal cut. The young woman shook her head, reminding herself that she needed to concentrate. Just 18, she would be one of the youngest competitors here and the more experienced women would all be focused on winning, not little inner conflicts. Driving that point home, Maria noticed a taller redhead moving toward the door as well. Their eyes met for a second and the girl considered holding out her hand and introducing herself, but the coldness of the redhead’s demeanor awakened another instinct, the one Maria struggled to hide. They eyed each other for a moment, then Maria cut in front of the other woman, determined go through the door first, forcing the redhead to follow her into the building.

Kaci pulled up in her Lexus, finding an open spot and parking. She checked herself in the mirror, looking for the killer instinct that she needed. The Lexus was a present from when she turned 18, the going away present from her father and his latest wife. With that present they confidently—and most emphatically—told Kaci that it was time for their strong willed daughter to be turned loose on the world. Seven years later both the Lexus and Kaci showed some wear and tear. The meeting with her sponsors earlier in the year had been short and blunt: she needed to break through and win this year, or they were going to have to start spending their resources developing some of the younger girls. With a specter of complete failure and humiliation hanging over her head, Kaci practically lived in the gym the past six months, pushing herself in ways she would not have thought possible. The cut she put herself through for this competition had been savage. Her body became a shredded lethal weapon and she felt like a terminator when she got out of the car. None of these other bitches stand a chance against me, she reminded herself. She was the Ice Queen, the superior alpha woman who would not be denied.

Fierce, long red hair pulled into a ponytail cascaded over her right shoulder and down toward her chest. It moved like an auburn wave as she strode to the door. Piercing blue eyes, with a gaze sharp enough to cut glass, shot from her face, and pouty red lips that we more likely to sneer than smile finished her look. A black sports bra cradled her natural 36c breasts, cut low so everyone could see her proud cleavage and the tight package of ab muscles rippling across her alabaster skin. Tight leggings showed off powerful hips and legs, and even a hint of a camel toe. It was the exact opposite of the demure attire worn by Maria, Everything about Kaci’s clothes projected her pride about her body and was an open challenge to everyone else. She set her jaw and everything about her body posture and attitude let everyone know she owned this building, this competition, this world.

Her ruby lips curled as she saw the younger girl hugging her mom. Even in her loose fitting track suit Kaci could sense the rippling muscles and when the girl turned and headed toward door, slipping on her competitor badge. A tight, angry ball of anger formed in the redhead’s stomach. The competition! The type of young thing that Kaci’s sponsors used to threaten her. The personification of everything the redhead trained to beat today. Kaci glared at the shorter girl, with her olive complexion and pretty face and soft, sensuous lips. For just a split second, a smile started to form on the younger girl’s face, but it quickly disappeared. Her game face descended as Kaci stalked toward her. Sensing the unstable mood that was always the result of a ruthless diet and relentless workout schedule, Kaci could tell both she and this other girl felt the awakening of something more than just competitiveness, and she welcomed that feeling. This young girl would be the focal point of all of the redhead’s anger and ambition during this competition.

Maria forced her way through the door first. Kaci fought the urge to grab her black hair and pull. The sight of the man standing on the other side of the door checking for badges as the women entered, stopped her hand, which was curling into a clawing, damaging machine. A smile slid across her face, but she refuses to make eye contact with the man and just jutted her chest forward to make her badge more obvious to him. He checked the list, pulled out a bulky manila envelope and told her the number of the preparation station she had been assigned. The younger girl had already moved on. Kaci glanced quickly at her back, her hips switching confidently as she moved toward her station. Maybe it was a good idea that we’re not to close together, Kaci thought as she followed the girl into a small conference room that had been converted into a dressing area for the competitors. The prep stations were set up as two rows of chairs and small tables with attached, lighted mirrors. Plugs were available for blow driers. As she put down her bag and started to prepare herself, Kaci was almost grateful that she nearly bumped into that girl. She needed a target, someone to hate, and that girl would be perfect. Focused and full of an inner, bitchy anger, she finally felt ready for the competition.

Maria stared at her reflection in the mirror. The local competitions she participated in consisted of girls she already knew, and usually worked out with at some point in time or another. Those events had been competitive, but friendly. There were honest hugs between contestants; some to console, some to congratulate. Those were wonderful moments that brought a female to female closeness that teased Maria, hinting what the thing she secretly yearned for, but had never felt she could admit to wanting. Today, however, after that brief encounter with the redhead by the door, she felt different emotions. Her breathing was deeper than normal, and she felt a tightness in her chest as if her boobs had suddenly swelled. Nipples pressed painfully against her bra and the feeling of her clothing on her skin felt like sandpaper scraping and rubbing flesh raw. Her fingers nearly trembled from the rush of angry emotion moving through her body. Opening her bag, Maria forced herself to concentrate on setting up her makeup, trying to slow her breathing as she placed the items on the table. As she unzipped her track suit jacket and started to slither out of it, a flash of gold flashed in the mirror. It was the crucifix necklace she had worn since she was a little girl. The sight and feel of it on her skin always brought her comfort before, but she softly bit her lower lip as she stared at it now. With a quick, decisive move, she unclasped the necklace and stored it in a zippered pocket of her gym bag. It had no place at this competition.

Nudity was not uncommon in this backstage area, but it was usually brief, just part of the process of women preparing their bodies for show. Kaci stripped early on and stayed that way as she set up her hair and makeup. She deliberately invaded the space of the women on either side of her, almost forcing her ripped body on them. Allowing herself a slight smile, she gazed at her heart shaped face in the mirror and finished putting on the final touches of her makeup. The ploy worked. The other women pretended not to notice, but they were unnerved, pulling inside of themselves as her body, her personality, her spirit expanded. Kaci knew that they would not directly match up against her on the posing stage. They would be no threat to her.

Pulling out her posing bikini, dramatic black metallic wisps of cloth that would barely cover her, Kaci held up the two pieces, pretending to look at them as she turned so that she faced the opposite bank of prep stations across the room. Without looking, she knew that some of the women there stared, saw her nude body, her completely bald, gleaming sex, as she shifted her hips and spread her legs just a bit. It was an open challenge to every woman in the room. Striking her pose, Kaci defiantly proclaimed herself the alpha and dared any to reply.

Maria, wearing just a thong, stared down at the two posing suits she brought, struggling to decide. The one her parents knew about was a relatively modest pale blue thong and top. For the purpose of this competition it would be considered almost prudish. It was the one she was supposed to wear, she told herself, feeling a pang of guilt over the fact that she had already hidden her necklace. The other was a flame red that popped dramatically against her dark skin. It hardly covered anything and when she tried it on at the store with her friend, they had exploded in a fit of shocked giggles at how she looked in it. It had been purchased as a joke, something that would never be worn. Memories of it always give them something to blush about.

There was a movement in her mirror, and Maria felt the tense ripple of reaction that went through the room. Suddenly the women around here were concentrating on their makeup, busy arranging things in their bags. But they had all looked, and then looked away. Maria gazed into her mirror and saw the shocking display by the redhead she met at the door. It was a brazen announcement of dominance, and it was going completely unchallenged by the other women. All the emotions Maria had been able to gain control over suddenly flared up in an explosive burst. Gritting her teeth, she felt that everything about this redhead was an insult to her. Before she could even think, she whipped off her thong and turned, facing the redhead from across the room. She pointed her right foot and extended her leg, flexing as she lifter her arms, fingers slightly spreading like a fan as they rose above her head. She lifted her chin and met the redhead’s gaze as she shifted her forward foot out to the side and thrust her hips slightly forward, exposing her own bald pussy. Part of her mind was in complete shock. This sort of slutty display was completely against her character. The anger that always lay just under the surface of her generally friendly demeanor, however, took control now like a demon and that inner demon responded to the redhead. The two women glared at each other and it was as if time stopped. They were locked in a sort of physical and spiritual combat where neither woman could yield.

“Ten minutes, ladies!” A voice boomed over the intercom. “Competition will begin in ten minutes. Finish your preparations and line up according to the number in your packet!”

Kaci and Maria broke off their stare. They turned back to their mirrors and hastily put on their posing bikinis. Maria’s decision was made. She put on the fiery red posing suit and made little effort to try and spread the sparse material out to cover herself. She was ready to compete.

The individual posing sessions clicked along, women slowly shuffling forward, staring straight ahead. The nervous giggles and chatter Maria remembered from the local competitions were absent. These women all stared straight ahead, living in their own space. Maria noticed that a gap existed around the redhead up ahead. The woman ahead of the pale skinned beauty was nearly shoulder to shoulder with the woman in front of her and the woman behind turned sideways, looking toward the curtain and keeping space between her and the tall, almost porcelain ice goddess. Maria’s lips twisted into a sneer. It angered her that this redhead was going unopposed backstage. So focused was she in her rage she did not notice that a similar gap formed around her. Both the women next to her kept their distance. Her initial impression that none of the other competitors spoke to each other had been incorrect. Some were helping adjust clothing of the the woman next to her, exchanging quiet words and nervously laughing. It was just around her that a zone of silence existed. For a moment, she felt a pang of guilt, feeling like she was an outsider among these other women. Then her gaze returned to the redhead and the anger flared again. Maria realized she wanted to be like this, the dangerous woman who the other competitors feared.

Kaci watched the line dwindle in front of her. The initial individual posing usually dragged on forever and led to moments of doubt. The redhead did not feel that today. As each woman stepped onto the stage in front of her, she smiled. “Another one down,” she would mutter to herself, visualizing their failure as she waited. A lack of composure, an unflattering view or accidental revelation of some flaw. The glare of the lights and the unforgiving eyes of the judges would be a meat grinder for those women, the thing that chewed them up and spit them out. Finally, her moment came. Tilting her chin up just a bit, Kaci stalked out onto the stage.

Maria’s eyes locked onto the back of the redhead. Her nipples stiffened and she did not feel any shame because it was from a pure rage, not any sort of arousal she told herself. That woman thought she owned the backstage, tried to diminish all the others. Only Maria responded and she felt that a gauntlet had been thrown. The need to win was still there, but even more important was defeating this proud, arrogant bitch. She had to be shown who was the superior woman.

As Kaci strutted back into the backstage area, everything in her manner told the other women that she had dominated during her routine. Maria watched the rest of the line wither under the gaze of the redhead. Doubts that had been privately pushed into the background suddenly burst forth for all the other competitors. Inner demons tormented them all. For Maria it was the seething demon of fury that took control. Without even thinking, she stepped out of the line, blocking the redhead’s progress as she walked back to the prep area. Maria’s jaw tightened and she pulled back her shoulders, not fully flexing, but letting a slight ripple of her power shimmer over her dark skin. They locked eyes, neither woman moving forward, neither woman backing down. Maria felt the pure hatred pouring out of the redhead’s icy blue eyes and welcomed it. Kaci saw the dark eyes of the Latina spark with a hatred she had never felt from anyone and her lips curled into a sneer. For a moment, both women teetered on the edge. The spirit, the nature of both of them pulling them closer and closer to a disastrous collision.

Kaci broke eye contact, hating herself for doing it, but remembering the purpose for being here. The threat to her career hovered over her like the guillotine’s blade. She stepped around the Latina and continued toward the prep area. A surge of power and pride coursed through Maria. It stirred something deep in her to watch the redhead break and shuffle past her. Her nipples leapt out, struggling to tear through the thin cloth of her posing top and a pulse of primitive excitement throbbed down deep between her hips, almost making her groan. It vibrated through her abs, clutched at her boobs, making them expand and quivered down through her thighs, making her toes curl for a moment. It was the most alive she had ever felt in her life. Breathing deeper, she stepped back into the line, forcing herself to focus on what she still needed to do.

Neither Maria or Kaci were surprised when they were part of the final group of six. The tension of the day was taking a toll on all the competitors by now. Cruel diets and hard training had pushed all the women to their limits, and now, under the tensions of being judged, many showed their weakness. Tears streaked makeup and mini tantrums sprung up along the prep stations. Maria tuned it all out, concentrating only on herself. At the local competitions she would have provided a consoling hug and told the other woman how beautiful she was. This was no local. This was regional and she was concentrating only on winning.

Kaci eyed herself in the mirror. Every inch of her body was a rippling expression of power and beauty. She managed to blend just enough weight loss to show off the detail of her muscle groups, but kept just enough weight to avoid sunken eyes and a haggard look. It was a more and more difficult task as she got older, but she had done it. In her mirror she caught the back and shoulders of that Latina bitch. She should be too wide, too short, to be a threat. But there was such a pulsing, primitive energy to her body that she almost looked as if she belonged to another species. The cold hatred Kaci felt for all the other women was based on a simple feeling that she was superior to them. The volcanic loathing she felt to this younger woman was based on a jealous heat that fed on uncertainty. Is she better than me? Kaci wondered. Even if the redhead out posed the brunette on stage, that question would remain. An urge to take this competition even further awoke in Kaci’s mind and, for a moment, she considered it.

Concentrate! The redhead ordered herself. She shook her head and focused on her eye makeup. All too often the competition was lost backstage by a failure to take care of the details, she reminded herself.

In the final round all six women came out as a group and started to pose. The behavior onstage repeated what happened backstage. The other women shied away from both Kaci and Maria, cowed by the dominant spirit of the two women. The other four faded into the background, moving over toward the sides; stepping back. Front and center belonged to Kaci and Maria.

They were a study of contrast.

The taller redhead had perfect proportion, and moved with a grace and poise. Her shoulders flared out from a narrow waist and she showed amazing detail when she turned and showed off her back. Long legs turned into rippling pythons, exposing exquisite muscle groups that exploded into view as she flexed. She had no flaw!

Maria stalked the stage. Her lack of size only accentuated the powerful build of her body. Somehow her wide shoulders and naturally thicker hips seemed to create their own reality, making comparison to any other body obsolete. Her every movement hinted at the explosive power and made the judges think of the thick, silent power of a hunting jaguar. On command, Maria made every muscle group explode into dynamic contrasts of development and power that somehow made her more feminine.

They instinctively moved closer and closer, edging for position. As the time wound down, the crowd became louder and louder, urging both women on as the other contestants moved back to the sides of the stage, not even bothering to pose; surrendering to the two superior women. Realizing only seconds remained, Maria made her move. She stepped in front of Kaci, lifting her arms above her head and pointing out her right foot to give the judges an even more amazing view of her body as she struck a pose. For a moment Kaci panicked. She faltered for just a second as suddenly the force of the young Latina shook her confidence. Then the iron resolve of the redhead took over. She would not be defeated!

Gliding behind Maria, Kaci stepped even closer to the younger woman. The stiff nipples that had been battling against her top ever since she stepped on stage lightly brushed against Maria’s amazing back and Kaci deliberately slid her middle finger along the younger woman’s hip, tracing the dramatic lower curve of Maria’s ass and slipping up to slide along the puffy lips that were pressed against her posing bottoms. It was all done in an instant, too quick for the judge’s to see, and then Kaci slid around and stepped in front of Maria, striking a quick combination of poses as the clock ran down.

Maria, stunned by the invasive contact, lost her composure. She half turned toward Kaci, a shocked expression moving over her face as the redhead moved in front of her. She stopped posing for critical seconds and then panicked as she tried to recover. Her cheeks turned red as she stepped back up next to the redhead, a stabbing pain of shame going through her as she realized that her reaction would look as if she had just conceded to a superior woman.

The loud buzzer rang through the auditorium. The audience was standing, thundering out their applause. The two women stood next to each other for a moment, frozen as they realized it was over. Kaci turned and offered a stiff hug toward Maria, leaning forward from the hips and turning her beaming face toward the crowd to minimize any contact between them and to block Maria’s face from their view. Reeling in shock and plunging into a sudden sense of despair, Maria just stood woodenly in place, knowing that she had been defeated.

The awards ceremony was a blur for Maria. The bright lights on the stage blinded her and she could barely hear the announcer’s words. The second place trophy that she was handed hung limply in her hand. This morning second place would have been a tremendous personal victory, something that would have filled her with happiness and pride. Now it was as if she had ash in her mouth. It was physically painful to stand next to the redhead, who beamed at the crowd and stood next to the huge trophy and waved to the thunderous applause.

Kaci’s body trembled with emotion. Tears briefly appeared at the corners of her eyes. Let those bastards cut me off now! She thought to herself. The drive and pain it took to get to this moment had been an unbelievable strain on every part of her life, but now she was rewarded! Then she turned and saw the Latina girl glare at her. Their eyes met and lips curled back into sneers. NO! Kaci told herself. This little tramp was not going to spoil her victory!

The third place contestant turned and headed off the stage. Maria knew she should also retire from the limelight, giving the redhead her time to shine, but she did not move. The two women locked eyes and it seemed like everything fell away. Maria’s heart pounded so hard it seemed like it was about to burst out of her chest. Kaci’s fingers curled into fists.

A hand touched Maria’s arm. She started and looked over to see one of the stage staff was motioning for her to leave the stage. She turned back to glare at Kaci and felt a burning, angry shame as she was a forced to endure the superior glare of the other woman. She turned and allowed herself to be led from the stage. Kaci pivoted and raised both hands to tremendous applause.

Maria grabbed her bag from the changing station and stormed out of the conference room. The other women were quickly finishing up getting dressed and heading out, but Maria walked down a hallway and found a ladies room. She entered the first stall and started to cry. Everything about this competition was wrong. If she had been fairly beaten, she could have accepted it her mind kept repeating. But to have that redhead steal the victory from her by touching her like that was unforgivable. Reliving the shock from that touch made her face flush from a mixture of emotions. The deep seated anger she struggled to hide clawed to the surface like a dangerous hunting cat and her stiff nipples and damp crotch forced her to confront the urges she struggled suppressed. As much as she hated that woman, there was a deep attraction to her as well, which just fed the hatred and pushed it to higher heights. Hissing with frustration, Maria surrendered for a moment, sliding down the wispy bottoms of her posing briefs. She bit her lower lip and touched herself, the shame over what she was doing mingling with the shame and anger over the fact that another woman used her suppressed feelings to beat her on the stage. The fact she was now she was giving into those feelings, submitting to the redhead yet again by masturbating to the memory of her burned in her mind. Disgusted, Maria wiped the tears from her eyes and pulled her bottoms back up. She stood and gathered herself. As she opened the door to the stall, she heard the door to the restroom open.

All too soon the adulation from the audience died down. Kaci was escorted from the stage. She still smiled, but it was starting to be forced, the emotion that should be generating the joy shriveling. The other competitors had all left, no one was there to congratulate her. Well, I’m used to that, Kaci told herself. Those jealous bitches couldn’t admit that she was the better woman and fled rather than having to deal with the fact she won. That was especially true of that Latina bitch. Maria! Kaci smirked as she thought of the look of angry shame that came over the girl’s face as she was ushered off the stage. For a moment Kaci wondered if that look meant more to her than the trophy. She stood in front of her prep station and looked at her magnificent body as she pictured the younger girl’s angry, arrogant look crumbling. Kaci did not mind that her nipples stiffened as she relived that moment. She also felt no shame as she allowed her fingers to trace their way down her flat belly and slip inside her posing briefs. This is going to be a choice moment for me, she decided.

The mood was broken, however, as there was a knock on the door.

“Maintenance,” a voice boomed out. “Anyone in there?”

Kaci realized the crew to break down the prep stations and prepare the conference room for the next event were standing outside. Shaking her head she quickly pulled her leggings out of her bag and slipped them on. Slinging her bag over her shoulders, she carried her trophy in both hands and headed out of the room, accepting the silent stares from the men as she moved past them without a word. They shuffled in and Kaci paused for a moment. She remembered that there was a nearby bathroom down a hallway. It would be a disgusting place to give into her urges, but that idea suddenly appealed to the redhead. Her shapely hips swayed with pride and power as she moved quickly down toward the door. As she pushed it open one of the stall doors opened.

Kaci looked at the Latina girl as she came out of the stall. She was feeling a sense of loss, that her victory was behind her now and that there was no one to share it with. As this girl glared at her, the redhead’s heart almost skipped a beat and she felt a surge of evil joy. She set down her trophy and gave Maria an evil sneer.

Nipples still hard from the arousal that shamed her just moments ago, Maria now arched her back with pride and pushed her chest out toward Kaci, her full lips twisting into a sneer as well.

“You had to cheat to win that trophy,” Maria hissed, feeling almost a sense of relief to finally say the words out loud.

“Don’t blame me that you weren’t willing to do what it took to win,” Kaci snapped back, dismissively shrugging her shoulder and letting the strap of her bag slip off her shoulder, sending the bag slithering down to the floor. Leaving it, Kaci reached back and turned the bolt lock on the door, then turned and stepped closer toward the younger woman. The idea of forcing this proud, angry bitch to back down again was too delicious to pass up.

Maria let her bag drop to the floor, her chest rising and falling. Everything about this was against what she had been raised to believe and do. She almost felt drunk from the rush of angry emotions that surged through her mind as she finally gave into her demon and openly looked the other woman over with a predatory glare.

“Do you like putting hands on other women?” she taunted Kaci. Maria stepped closer to the redhead, but also moved to her right, forcing the other woman to turn. She kept her body sideways to Kaci as she moved, suddenly very aware that her plump folds were swelling, threatening her already snug posing bottoms with an even more pronounced camel toe and, doubtless, a small, dark wet spot.

“I like winning,” Kaci replied, moving to face the Latina. They began to circle each other. “And maybe you should just start admitting that you enjoyed having hands on you, chica. The way you jerked back and lost your composure told me everything I need to know about you.”

The words stung Maria like a slap to the face. Her cheeks flushed and she paused in her movements. The hatred she felt for this other woman doubled, then doubled again. Her shameful secret was revealed and could never be hidden again. Her lips curled back, baring teeth as she turned and faced Kaci, pushing her hips forward to show the growing wet spot on her bottoms.

“I wouldn’t back away again… chica,” she hissed. “But you seem to be the one that needs to hide now.” Her dark eyes drifted down to the leggings Kaci was wearing and she snorted her disgust.

This time Kaci’s alabaster cheeks flushed. Angrily, she kicked off her sandals and then shimmied the tight leggings over her hips and down her long legs, angrily throwing them to the corner of the bathroom. Thrusting her hips back toward Maria, the redhead exposed her own plump cameltoe and damp spot. In spite of her confidence, Kaci felt a twinge of uncertainty. She was very comfortable with her body, and had no qualms about admitting attractions toward other women, but she hated this young Latina and this situation was spinning out of control. Her chest rose and fell and she stepped closer to the younger woman. All her efforts in the gym built strength, built potential, but she had never tested that potential. She had secretly wondered what would happen if she got into a fight, actually used all the power of her body against someone. There had always been the built in excuse that the other woman would be too weak, that it would be wrong to confront them. But this woman was almost a mirror image of her in terms of strength and development. There really had been nothing to distinguish them when they posed except for the fact that Kaci had been able to make her lose her composure on stage and surrender the contest. Now they were alone, with no judges arbitrarily deciding who won or lost. This Latina was making it clear that she not only would not back down to Kaci’s tricks, she was openly challenging the redhead to put her body on the line and test her.

For a moment, there was just the heavy breathing of the two women in the room. As if a silent signal sounded, they both lunged at each other at the same time. Hands gripped bodies as solid chests rammed together, mashing tender breasts against masses of muscle. Maria hooked her leg around Kaci’s and twisted her shoulders and hips. Both women crashed to the floor and began to roll across the restroom floor. the sounds of slaps rang out through the room and grunts and small yelps followed. Maria’s fingers found the knots that tied Kaci’s wisp of a top to her body. Soon it was discarded on the floor as the redhead angrily pulled it away. Kaci tugged the thin neck strap up over Maria’s head and the Latina jerked the cloth that covered her breasts down to her toned abs. Stiff nipples raked over compressed tit meat and both women shuddered.

“Fucking dyke,” Kaci panted as she slapped the the brown woman’s ass, furious at how it was still meatier than hers even though Maria had worked it into a perfect heart shaped mass of muscle. “Bet you’ve been dying to come out of the closet.”

Maria put a hand under Kaci’s chin and shoved it upwards, exposing her neck. She bit like a vampire, sucking the pale skin into her mouth and sucking so that it left a red mark when she pulled her lips away. “Fake fucking bitch! How does it feel to have someone stand up to your little slut act? Your body doesn’t scare me at all!”

Both women ended up on their sides, arms wrapped around the others’ body and squeezing. Their firm, round tits pressed painfully into each other, mushrooming out from the relentless pressure of their straining chests. Slight twists and thrusts caused painfully erect nipples to jab into soft masses of fat that were increasingly swollen and bruised from the rough contact. The delts, triceps and biceps of both women expanded as their arms wrapped tighter around each other, attempting to squeeze and crush the air from her foe. Muscles along the chest and ribs strained against the forces being applied and both moaned and sobbed as the softest parts of their hard bodies suffered during this private war between their clenched arms.

“I’m going to pop your bags,” Maria hissed. “You’re going to have to run home to daddy and beg for new ones, your tail between your weak legs.”

The words stung Kaci, catching the redhead off guard and sliced through her usually impenetrable confidence. For a moment true hurt shown in her blue eyes and the other woman chuckled cruelly when she saw it. Kaci’s hatred for the Latina grew even more.

“You going to tell mommy about how you’re nothing but a carpet munching dyke when you get home?” The redhead grunted back at Maria as they rolled again. “About how the only reason you do this is to get close to other women?”

Maria paused for a moment, rolled to her back by the furious redhead. Their eyes locked and their mutual hatred burned like a raging fire. Panting from the effort, Kaci rolled her shoulders, dragging stiff nipples over the Latina’s soft boobs. Maria squirmed in discomfort and looped her arms under Kaci’s arms and gripped the top of the pale skinned woman’s shoulders, pulling her tight and somewhat down so that her nipples stabbed straight into those alabaster tits she hated so much. Noses touching, breath panting on each other’s cheeks, their legs tangled into another type of war. Icy blue and sultry brown eyes locked in a death glare as the battle turned into a straining, grunting, crushing power struggle between their proud bodies. Although she was on the bottom, which infuriated her, Maria was able to get a better hold on Kaci’s upper body. She squeezed harder, getting a grunt of pain from the redhead. Kaci counter attacked by tightening her legs around the brunette, spreading them apart and then thrusting down with her hips, punching her crotch into Maria’s.

“Dyke whore!” Kaci hissed through gritted teeth. “God, I can feel how wet you are, even with our bottoms on.”

Maria hissed through gritted teeth, trying to mask the groan of pleasure from the tight contact with the redhead. “You’re just as wet, you cheating bitch. You’re just not woman enough to admit it!”

The darker woman finally broke down and grabbed Kaci’s long red hair and jerked hard, twisting her foe’s head to the right as she thrust up with her hips, getting her strong ass up off the floor and turned her whole body with a snapping move, rolling them over so that she was now on top.

Shocked at the sudden reversal, Kaci groaned as she felt her rival’s strong body slam down on hers. Trying to breathe with Maria’s weight on her chest, the pale skinned beauty glared up at Maria.

“Look who talks about cheating,” she finally hissed. “You pull hair like a cheap slut!”

“We’re fighting almost naked on a bathroom floor,” Maria growled in reply. “We are just a couple of cheap sluts, you bitch.”

For a moment the two women just stared, hearts suddenly leaping in their chests as Maria’s words seemed to suddenly set them free to take things further. They no longer tried to fight power on power and four hands buried themselves in the hair of their hated rival.

“God, I knew you were nothing more than a filthy slut,” Kaci panted. She used the floor to give her leverage as she arched her chest up into Maria’s, her coral colored nipples seeking out the chocolate brown kisses projecting from the darker girl’s chest. They both groaned as their stiff tit bullets met and dueled, then broke apart to attack soft jugg meat. “Does it turn you on to be just a dirty whore and then pretend to be so innocent in front of your mom?”

Panting like a feral animal now, Maria spit down onto Kaci’s face, her fury unable to be restrained as this fight broke new barriers with every passing second. “It does!!!” she growled back, shocked—but also aroused—by her instinctive response to the pale woman’s question. She jerked her shoulders violently to the right, raking her nipples over her hated enemy’s tits, laughing cruelly as she heard Kaci’s moan. “The same way that losing control and fighting with a slut is turning your skank ass on!”

“Then, let’s fight,” Kaci hissed as her hands slid down Maria’s sweaty body. Her thumbs hooked Maria’s top and then slide into the sides of Maria’s posing bottoms and tugged them all down over her round hips. Maria shifted her body from side to side to help with that effort and her fingers worked on the knots holding together the sides of Kaci’s briefs. Soon the two women were naked. Both pressed their left leg between the legs of the other, groaning as they pushed until strong thighs rubbed over the hot, damp folds of their throbbing mounds. This surge of arousal infuriated Kaci as she glared into the eyes of this woman she now hated more than any other. She tightened her hold on Maria’s hair and jerked hard, twisting the Latina’s head to the right as she thrust her hips up with a sudden, savage jerk that showed off all the power she built into her body. The explosive power rolled the women again. Panting in frustrated arousal, Kaci was unable to suppress a groan as the movement spread her lips and caused the dripping pearl of her aroused clit to push out and rub on Maria’s sweat soaked thigh. The redhead twisted her hips as she settled her body down on Maria’s, burrowing her thigh into tighter contact with the darker woman’’s pussy, forcing a moan from the teen.

“God you are easy,” Kaci said, venom dripping from every syllable. “Have you just been waiting for a real woman to take you, make you her little slut?”

Maria’s eyes flashed with a deadly fire. Her fingers disappeared in the cascading locks of the redhead’s hair and her trimmed claws dug into tender scalp. Thicker brown hips writhed into the other woman, her efforts forcing both a groan of pain and a moan of desire from the pouty lips of her foe.

“How long have you been hiding what you are, you cold bitch?” The Latina hissed back to Kaci. “What’s it like to have a teenager expose you for what a cheating little whore you really are?”

Maria struck like a rattlesnake. Her head shot up as her hands tightened in Kaci’s hair and tugged her head back, exposing the pale woman’s neck. The teen’s sharp teeth bit hard again and her lips wrapped tight around the captured skin, sucking it into her mouth. Kaci jerked back, trying to free herself from the attack. Maria’s left hand released its hold on the redhead’s hair and delivered a savage slap to the alabaster colored ass cheek of her foe. The Latina squeezed the firm, round cheek, kneading it and ensuring that a red mark would now mark her hated rival’s pale skin.

Kaci groaned, the combination of pain and pleasure making it impossible for her to not react. She ground her hips down into the younger girl, rubbing her thigh against Maria’s hot mound until it was slick with the Latina’s juices. Her right hand snaked between their bodies, gripping Maria’s perky left breast and squeezing it until the younger girl released her sucking, biting kiss and gasped. Seeing the darker girl’s lips slightly opened, Kaci now attacked, pressing mouths together as her tongue slid deep into their other girl’s throat. Blazing blue eyes met burning brown in a furious stare down. Maria slapped Kaci’s ass again, grinding her strong thigh up into the pale skinned woman’s dripping pussy, spreading her dripping folds. The heated smell of warring bodies assaulted both women’s nostrils, working like a drug on their senses. Instead of pushing the two women toward a pleasurable sense of bonding, however, these sensations merely made Kaci and Maria hate each other even more, raising the need in both women to defeat and humiliate the other.

Saliva dripped from both mouths as the kiss turned into a deadly duel, lips nearly bruising from the violence of the pressing and rubbing while tongues wrestled like enraged snakes. Maria felt the warm, sticky fluids slide over her cheek and start to wet her thick, black hair. The sensation humiliated the proud teen, but also pushed the sense of arousal in her body even further toward the orgasm that she dreaded and so badly needed. The redhead used her powerful hips to twist and grind down into her young pussy, making the Latina desperate to change the battlefield. Her right hand released Kaci’s hair and hardened into a fist. Maria delivered a hard punch into the other woman’s side, just under the ribs, and violently pushed and twisted out from under her foe.

A loud grunt of pain exploded from Kaci’s lips and she curled into a fetal position as she rolled away from Maria, clutching her side and gasping for air as she tried to recover. Maria staggered up to her feet, glaring down at her foe. The sight of the redhead struggling to breathe and laying on her side ignited another type of angry, primitive emotion in the darker woman’s soul. Maria looked at herself in the mirror, hair wild and matted, body covered in sweat and grime from the bathroom floor, scratch marks marking her breasts and sides. She shuddered at the sight, the reality of what she had been doing on this dirty floor with this filthy slut of a woman burning into her mind. A primitive war whoop escaped her lush lips and she looked back at her fallen enemy.

“Get up, you fucking whore,” Maria panted. “I’m not done with you yet!”

Kaci pushed herself up to her feet. A crazed battle lust shown in her eyes as she raised her fists and began to circle the teen. All the icy reserve was gone from the pale woman now, replaced by a white hot hatred and an overwhelming need to destroy the darker girl in front of her.

Neither woman was experienced in fist fighting, but they were strong and athletic and had spent hours shadow boxing and hitting the heavy bag as part of their training. There was no attempt a defense. They just stepped into range and began to fire punch after powerful punch at the target in front of them, their mutual loathing requiring them to just inflict and take pain from each other. Muscles bunched and rippled across shoulders and down arms. Abs clenched as thighs flexed and hips twisted, driving punches forward. Fists thudded into flesh, banging into hard bodies. The effort to throw each punch was punctuated by a grunt and the resulting blow ripping another type of grunting groan from the female warriors. The straining and the pain began sent sensations that neither woman had experienced before coursing through their bodies. The focused labor in the gym, the pain, the discipline, had sculpted their flesh into muscled temples, but neither woman found a way to express what that dedication, that effort truly created. Sobs of pain mingled with groans of pleasure as the two women finally discovered the true reason they obsessively worked their bodies. This was the competition they had secretly been seeking!

They threw punch after punch, their strong arms slowly weakening, slowly releasing all the internal rage stored in those thick masses of muscle that rippled just under their bruised and battered skin. Ragged gasps to exhale and inhale air that no longer replenished their bodies echoed off the tiled walls. They leaned into each other, left arms draped around a foe for support and chins resting on shoulders as they loaded up exhausted right arms for short, hard punches into rivals they both realized now they had spent their entire lives seeking.

“You’re nothing but a frustrated dyke,” Kaci panted into Maria’s ear. “Go back home and live with mommy and pretend that you’re normal. You don’t have what it takes to survive in this world.”

Maria grunted as she threw yet another punch into the redhead’s side. “Everything about you is a lie,” She hissed back. “You strut around, trying to intimidate everyone. You do it because you are hiding that you’re scared. You use this act because you know you can’t measure up.”

Kaci groaned from the punch. Her ribs and sides ached from the blows she absorbed from the young Latina. Her boobs, bruised and battered from the bashing, grinding and grabbing they had been subjected to, mashed into Maria’s, painfully stiff nipples still warring with the brown skinned woman’s inside the mushroomed flesh of the only soft spots on either woman’s body. She raked her claws down the girl’s back, moaning in pleasure as Maria groaned in pain.

“I should have just raped your slut dyke ass in the dressing room before the contest,” the pale skinned woman hissed. “Shown everyone how worthless you are. But you would have just enjoyed it, wouldn’t you?…. chica!”

Maria’s entire body felt a surge of rage and excitement as she listened to those words. With a sudden burst of energy, she drove the redhead back until her pale back and ass rammed into the wall. The young woman kissed Kaci with a hot passion that threatened to fuse their lips together. Their eyes locked in an an angry glare as Kaci spread her legs wider, tilting her hips so that her sex was more exposed to the other woman. As Maria thrust her mound, lifting her left leg so that her foot pressed against the wall, she opened herself as well. The two women moaned into each other’s mouths as their pussies slammed into battle again.

“Come on,” Kaci growled when they pulled back their lips to breathe. “Try and rape me, bitch. Just try it! I’m going to own your fucking body!”

Maria thrust again and again, rubbing her swollen labia lips over her rival’s sex. Kaci’s pale skin showed the bruising her womanhood had endured more graphically than Maria’s darker tone, but both women felt a jolt of pain that mingled with the pleasure from this contact. Each thrust, however, battered Kaci, who began to fear that the younger woman seemed impervious to this damage. She found herself pushing her ass tighter and tighter against the wall and fought the urge to twist her hips and admit the humiliating fact that she could not endure the beating being dealt to her. Desperate, she slapped Maria’s butt, clawing the dark, swelling mound of meat. Her arm bulged as she raked jagged and broken nails over the younger woman’s flesh, leaving red scores along the skin that would take weeks to heal. She grunted as she forced the girl to mash her pussy into hers, changing the battle into a hot grinding contest rather than the brutal banging that was sapping the redhead’s strength and will. Kaci told herself that the brunette’s willingness to give up the battering fight was an admission that the younger woman could also no longer handle the punishment. Kaci wrapped her left leg around Maria’s right, opening up her pussy even more to this grinding contest. Their movements turned to small, tight slides of flesh over flesh that were barely visible. Their scratched and aching bodies were covered in sweat now and the thick smell of their tired and sexually aroused bodies overwhelmed any remnant of soap, perfume or shampoo. They had descended into a depth of shame as they continued to fight. Neither woman could keep her pride or composure now. They could only be the one who had to accept the bitter truth that she threw everything away to pursue this perverse battle and suffered the ultimate humiliation of losing or the one that could tell herself that she was really nothing but a filthy slut, but that she had defeated the other slut.

Suddenly a groan escaped Maria’s lips and she leaned in, resting her chin on Kaci’s shoulder as a shudder rippled through her strong body. Kaci sensed the change in her opponent and gripped her body tighter, forcing tighter contact as she began to rotate her hips and push her swollen, battered pussy into Maria’s. A moan escaped from Kaci as the waves of arousal started to overwhelm her body as if she was laying on a beach and being slowly pulled under the rising tide. Maria sobbed, her lips turning to Kaci’s pale neck and tasting her flesh, damp and salty from the sweat of this battle. The pain, the aphrodisiac that drew the young Latina to the gym in the first place pulsed through every part of her body. It was the weapon she used to try and control the lusts she did not want to admit that she felt. Now, however, the idea of pain and arousal had become so entwined in her mind she realized she needed both now. Adding in the stimulation to her sex and the ability to physically battle with another body and inflict pain on another to the mix and the dark skinned girl found herself losing control, unable to hold back the orgasm that her hated rival was forcing from her body. Screaming, she pressed her body into Kaci’s and released a flood of juices that coated both their pussies and thighs, a shuddering series of gasps and moans exploded in a burst of ragged breaths and tears. Maria leaned into Kaci, sobbing as the pent up emotions and burning shame all came to the surface.

With a loud cry, Maria finally shoved away from the redhead, eyes wildly darting around the room and her chest rising and falling. Kaci stared at the younger woman for a moment and felt that she looked like an animal making a panicked attempt to flee from a predator. A growl grew out of the back of the redhead’s throat as the sight of her foe backing away, trying to escape their fight sent a new surge of excitement to flow through her body. Her blazing blue eyes locked with the wide, fear filled brown eyes of her opponent. As they stared, Maria’s eyes stopped darting and her breathing calmed a bit. Kaci stepped away from the wall, her hand reached out and gripped Maria’s sweat soaked hair. The Latina responded to the almost gentle tug and sunk to her knees a Kaci stepped closer, spreading her feet apart and guiding Maria’s upturned face and thick lips toward the redhead’s battered but triumphant folds. Kaci moaned as Maria’s tongue touched her, tentative at first, and then with growing confidence. The younger woman’s hands slid up Kaci’s alabaster legs, cupping her ass and pulling her closer as she teased and played with the sex she had just battled. The Latina submitted but there was an angry defiance in her eyes as she looked up at Kaci. That defiance made Kaci groan with pleasure and lock her hands even more tightly into her rival’s hair. This was no reconciliation. There would be no friendship at the end. This admission of defeat would only make their hatred for each other stronger.

Kaci’s legs began to tremble as she came closer to her own orgasm. She slowly walked Maria backwards, making the younger woman slide down until she laid on her back and the redhead’s strong legs straddled her head. Hands still buried in the brunette’s hair, Kaci ground her pussy into Maria’ s face until she finally tilted her head back and screamed out her pleasure and her juices flowed over Maria’s cheeks and down into her hair. Her hips bucked savagely as she rode out wave after wave of primitive pleasure, bruising Maria’s face further until the spasms finally subsided and Kaci fell forward. Barely catching herself with her hands, Kaci lowered herself until she lay face first on the tile floor, panting as she sobbed out all the frustration, anger, humiliation and exultation over what she had just done.

Neither woman moved for twenty minutes. Slowly, Kaci rose up and started to gather her things. She struggled to slip the tight yoga pants on over her sweaty, cum coated thighs and over her bruised and aching hips. The plump camel toe stuck wetly to the material, and even the slightest movement created a painful reminder of what she had just done. Kaci moaned as she put on her sports bra, her boobs, battered to a swollen mass of bruised flesh, hating the now cruelly tight control of the fabric. She groaned as she bent over to pick up her bag and her trophy. Looking back over her shoulder, she paused for a moment before unlocking the door. Maria had pushed herself up by her arms, her right hip resting on the floor and her legs splayed out behind her. The young girls long black hair was a wild cascade of night, and her brown eyes, usually so soft, glared with a rage and hunger as they devoured the form of her hated rival. Kaci’s lips, bruised by the hard kissing and the bites she and Maria had exchanged, twisted into a familiar sneer.

“Have fun explaining this to mommy,” she hissed, her voice more of a croak than the usually throaty tone that was so seductive. Even in the midst of her victory, Kaci was forced to admit to herself that the younger woman had taken her farther than she ever imagined anyone could.

Maria’s dark olive cheeks flushed with shame at the redhead’s words. The humiliation over what she had just done with another woman, the admission that she was something that would shame her family burned through her mind. The horrible reality that after she descended into a filthy sort of contest with another woman—and that she had been bested!—mixed and flowed through her mind like a burning acid. The worst of it was the cruel reality that she loved every second of it. For a moment she could not look into those blue eyes. She stared at the floor. Then, just before Kaci turned away, her brown eyes flashed back up and locked with the gaze of the redhead. All the hatred she felt for the woman was back and her gaze felt like a slap across the redhead’s pale cheek.

“Next year I will be ready for you,” Maria hissed back. “Next year I will be a year stronger. You will just be a year older.”

Now it was Kaci’s turn to feel the wave of shame—of uncertainty—flow through her mind. Without another word, she turned and went out the door, leaving her rival behind. She put on a large pair of sunglasses to hide the damage done to her makeup and the tears that flowed from her eyes. Rummaging through her bag, she found the large knit hat that she carried for the days when her doubts outweighed her confidence. With practiced ease she twisted her hair into a bun and stuffed it into the hat as she put it on. She strode past the member of the clean up crew who was wheeling out the plastic garbage can from the conference room where she and the other women prepared themselves for the competition. She ignored the shocked gasp of “Hey! What are you doing?” as she tossed her trophy into the can and kept moving.

She needed to get to the gym. Shen needed to start getting ready for next year.

The End

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