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The Dusty Road to Dry Gulch by Diane Smith

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Ahna Stevens nudged her horse along the dusty road. The pack horse trudging slowly behind her. Her head hung down the Stetson keeping some of the dust out of her eyes. Split gray skirt brown boots and a tan blouse all covered with a layer of dust. Her red hair pulled back under the Stetson but still taking on a dusty tan coating.

Ahna never thought she would be on this side of the law. The ranch the friends all gone now. All because of that Earl Vendetta thing. The only one she could trust right now was Red Blossom. There was no place she knew to go to except Dry Gulch. Diamond Diane. Someone she really didn’t want to see. Not after Diamonds parting when she left Silver Town and the fights that went on that day.

When Red Blossom heard she was traveling to Dry Gulch she told Ahna she would catch up with her along the trail. She didn’t want Ahna going in to Dry Gulch on her own. Especially the depressed way she was feeling.
A half days ride out of Dry Gulch Ahna pulled off her Stetson and wiped the sweat from her brow. The hot sun beat down unmercifully. her blouse was soaked with sweat stains. She drank from the canteen and then heard horse hoofs coming. Shielding the sun with her hand she was happy to see that it was Red Blossom. But wait. That wasn’t Blossom’s horse. It was certainly an Indian woman long black hair, breasts.

The woman slowed up a head and came to a stop. the two studied one another. Ahna’s hand slowly slid down to her holstered colt. The woman started forward slowly but Ahna remained idle. A she got closer Ahna recognized the paint markings on the pony. Cherokee. The woman drew up alongside her. they studied one another. The Indian wore a short buckskin skirt showing much of her upper thigh and a buckskin top tied around her neck and back. the huge breasts threatened to break those ties.

“Why are you on my land?” she asked in perfect English.

“Who says it’s your land” Ahna asked her hand still on the butt of the colt.

“People know this is Cherokee land. It has been for centuries.”

Ahna let out a short laugh looking away.

“Well you’ll have to excuse me but I’m not from around here and I don’t know what’s Cherokee land. To me God made all this land for us so how you get to say part of it belongs to you, I don’t understand. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m heading for Dry Gulch.”

Ahna started to nudge her horse forward when the woman reached out and grabbed the reins. The red head quickly began to draw the colt. The Indian woman grabbed Ahna’s wrist and letting go of the reins grabbed Ahna’s blouse. She pulled and the two women went off the horses to the ground. Ahna got the colt cleared from the holster but the woman had a tight grip on her wrist. She got to her knees and forced the Indian down on her back in the dirt getting on top of her. Just in time she caught sight of the other hand pulling a large hunting knife from its sheath. Ahna latched onto the slim wrist. The woman wrestled her over and got on top of her. The two kicked up a small dust storm as they wrestled in the dirt. Rolling several times off the trail and into the scrub brush they fought to their feet. The Indian got Ahna against a large boulder and smacking her hand against it forced her to drop the colt. The red head tightened her grip on the woman’s knife wrist. The Indian grabbed onto Ahna’s long red hair pulling. Ahna was more than happy to woman fight with her and grabbed a hand full of that long dusty black hair yanking. Both woman groaned as they pulled each other’s hair. They came off the rock boulder and back down in the dirt fighting. Rolling over and over each other the woman lost control of the knife. Its skirted away into the brush. Ahna got her feet into the Indians stomach and shoved. She flew backwards and down on the ground.

The red head quickly scurried after the knife but stopped short when she heard the cocking of her own pistol. That sound was drowned out by the hoof beats of a horse and a wild yell. Her eyes opened wide as red Blossom flew from her horse tackling the woman to the ground. The gun flew into the bushes and Ahna went after it. The two Indian woman fought and wrestled and clawed each other in the dirt. Rolling over and over one another. They pulled long black hair dug hands into faces and clawed breasts. Ahna stood mesmerized watching. She found her colt and tried aiming it but in the dust they kicked up and looking so much alike it was hard to tell who was who.

That was until a repeating rifle sound being cocked came from behind her.

“Drop it slowly”

She let the colt fall to the ground raising her hands. The fight continued on the ground between the two Indian woman.

Ahna turned to look at the newcomer. A younger version of the Cherokee fighting on the ground with Red Blossom.

“Move over there” the girl said pointing with the rifle.

She moved around Ahna to the fight and kicked Red Blossom in the ribs once twice. The other woman got Red Blossom down and punched her several times in the face. Both of them covered in dust. Long black hair dusty and tangled from being pulled. Both breathing hard. She got off Red Blossom and kicked her again.

She picked up Ahna’s colt and said to the younger girl.

“Rope, get some rope”

To Ahna rope only meant one thing, hanging. She looked around but there were no big trees around which relieved her somewhat. The girl came back with rope form Ahna’s pack horse. She tied Ahna’s hands in front of her then Red Blossoms hands in front of her then tied them to each other. The two women mounted their horses and led the tied woman and their horses down the road.

While coming back from her stay in Silver Town Diamond Diane decided to seek a little refuge. The battles she had done with Ahna Stevens and her daughter and the mayor’s wife took a toll on her emotionally. Instead of her usual boarding room she purchased a small farm stead near a stream on the outskirts of Dry Gulch. She also needed time away from people to have the scratches and bruises heal.

Thundering hoofs made her grab her Winchester and open the front door ajar. Little Feather, Tawny’s daughter pulled up and slid off the bare back pony before it came to a stop.

What’s your hurry…Diane chimed stepping out on the porch.

Hi Diamond…the girl smiled giving the brunette a hug which seemed to last a bit longer than necessary. The girl in her twenties was very attractive as was her mother Tawny and Diane had thoughts of her and Little Feather in a heated catfight wrestling and rolling…naked. But she pushed those thoughts out of her mind as best she could because Tawny was now her friend. But the thoughts lingered in the back.

Tawny…..she never called her mom…sent me to tell you there is going to be a Katana. She knows how you like them………
The Katana is an Indian dance usually with knives. It has been adapted to become a fight to settle differences. Usually the two combatants are tied together with a length of rope wrist to writ then given knives. They fight. First to draw blood is the winner. Sometimes it is fatal.

Diane had one such fight with an Indian girl and she was hooked. It was very erotic and stimulating.

Who’s fighting today…..

Two young girls over some brave….

How old…

I don’t know Diane I don’t keep track of all the girls in the tribe…..
Diane gave her a punch in the arm which Little Feather returned. She shoved the girl and the girl shoved her back. Their eyes met and the thought was there with both of them.

Oh and mom caught two prisoners……

Oh she did what….

Don’t know..Strangers. Looked like they traveled for a ways. One is an apache woman the other a white woman with red hair and such big tits, she held her hands out in front of her indicating big breasts.

Diane started to turn back to the house but stopped and spun around.

A white woman? Red hair, big breasts, with an apache woman?

Little Feather took a step back like she had said something wrong.

Yes. Tawny came across the white woman on the tail and they got into a fight, the Apache came along and joined in. If I hadn’t come by the stop them they may have hurt Tawny bad.

Saddle my horse. I’ll be right with you…..

Diane went in the house. It couldn’t be. Why would Ahna Stevens be in Dry Gulch. Unless she was coming after me for more revenge for my fight with her daughter….

Diane lifted the gun belt off its hook by the door strung it on. She left the Stetson there and went out the door as Little Feather pulled up with the her horse. Diane mounted and they set out for the Cherokee village.

When Tawny saw Diane ride into the village with the peace maker strapped to her side she was concerned. Diane never wore a gun to the village. She didn’t need to, she was like part of the tribe. Tawny wondered if it had anything to do with the white woman she now had tied up under the tree.

“Well look what the pigs dragged in…” Diane said dismounting. Her hands on her hips are she faced Ana and Red Blossom.

The Apache woman gave Diane a scowl but not as much as the sneer that came from the red head.

Ahna held her tied hands out to Diane.


Tawny thought for sure Diamond was going to cut them free and she was ready to interject.

“Well what……

Tawny walked up and she and Diane embraced drawing a spit from the apache woman and another sneer from Ahna.

“You hanging them today or tomorrow……”

Red Blossom started to struggle to her feet but Little Feather shoved her down in the dirt. The older woman let out a yell to be tied up and pushed around b this young girl.

“I’d be careful if I were you…” Ahna smiled. “She gets loose and she’ll scalp you.”

Tawny stepped quickly over to the big cheated red head.

“She touches one hair on her head and I will cut her heart out and feed it to the dogs…”

Again Ahna smiled.

“I’d love to see the two of you go at it….”

Noise came from the main gathering area. the tribe was making their way. Two young Cherokee girls were being led by their arms by their fathers. They looked so young. They were shoved into the circle formed by the crowd. The chief spoke indicating the young brave standing next to him.

“What’s going on…..” Ahna asked trying to see.

Diane went to explain because she understood the Cherokee language but Red Blossom cut her off.

“Their going to have a fight over the young brave there. Both of them have feelings for him. He is undecided so the girls will settle it for him. The fight is a katana. The girls wrists will be tied together by a piece of rope. they will be given knives and they will fight till blood is spilled. It may be a scratch or it may be fatal they just have to draw blood.”…..

Ahna looked at Diane.

“Huh…I’ll have to remember that”….

“So will I”..Red Blossom added looking at Little Feather.

The fight began and the two young girls were soon wrestling and rolling in the dust. Surprisingly no cheering or yelling came from the tribe. they just waited the outcome.

” So you going to cut them loose”….Diane said to Tawny.

The Cherokee woman looked at Ahna and Red Blossom.

“You going to take them off our land”…

Diane glanced at the tied woman.

“I’d rather you hang them, but yeah I’ll see them away”…..

The tribe started moving away as one of the girls lay on the ground covered in dirt and dust and sweat holding her shoulder where blood ran thru her fingers. The other girl her long jet black hair a mass on knots and tangles now and covered in a dusty layer cut the ropes binding them together and walked over to the brave. He gave a look at the bleeding girl and took the winner by the arm walking her away.

Tawny took out her hunting knife and cut Ahna’s bounds. the redhead sprang to her feet her long red hair flying. Diane pulled her side arm cocking it making Ahna stop in her tracks. Tawny then cut the Apache’s binding all the time the two woman glaring at each other.

“Ok you two lets go.” Diane said waving her gun at them.

“What about our horses and guns”…Ahna protested.

“I’ll get them to you another day”…

“Your going to make us walk”…

“You can always stay behind and get hanged”…Diane chuckled.

She and Tawny again embraced to the dislike of the two other women. Diane even hugged Little Feather getting a spit out of Red Blossom.

They walked for a few hours before Red Blossom stopped and pointed off in the distance to a dark cloud.

“Bad storm coming……”

“Then If I were you I’d keep moving”

“We are not going to outwalk it bitch”

Diane rose in her saddle and scanned the horizon. It did in fact look ominous.

“We can head…….”

Thundering hoofs caught their attention coming from behind them. Diane reeled her horse around peacemaker up. From behind them came Tawny leading Ahna and Red Blossom’s horses. She reined in a little from Diane to let her see who it was, then proceeded forward.

“We heard there is a mighty storm coming in”

She motioned towards the distant building clouds.

I reckoned you may need these, holding the reins up.

“For a little bit I like you Cherokee” Ahna smiled. Tawny refused to acknowledge the compliment if it was one.

Diane looked hard at the two women.

“We are not out of Cherokee land yet, but rather then chance the storm we’ll look for a place to hold up. After that you two are on your own.”

Ahna, already on her horse reined up next to the brunette.

“You think I need you to protect me? If I remember right I knocked you around pretty good in my house”

Diane’s hand fell on her gun butt.

“Sure, pull it out. Just don’t be caught without it”

Tawny interrupted the verbal clash.

“There is a cropping of rocks to the west. We’ll never out run the storm. We might be able to find a cave or shelter there.”

Red Blossom nestled her horse up against the Cherokees.

“Then stop bitching and show us where. If you can”

Tawny used her foot to shove the Apache’s horse aside and moved off with the others following at a good gallop.

Ahna pulled up alongside red Blossom and no words were needed as the two nodded. Diane witnessed this and made mental note.

The four women soon were soon among rocks and boulders Tawny leading them thru a maze. They came to a cavern. High walls on each side blocked the wind but not the rain. A back wall provided a makeshift corral for the horses with branches and logs tugged across the entrance. A cave opening welcomed the now drenched for women. As luck some dry wood inside the cave entrance allowed them to build a fire.

Ahna and Red Blossom sat on one side of the fire regarding Diane and Tawny on the other side. Ahnas eyes darting to the holstered peacemaker on Diane’s hip.

The four women fought the dreariness that tried to overtake them all. The only thing that kept them half way alert was the constant down pour and earth shaking thunder. The flashes of bolt lightning lit the interior of the cave allowing them to keep an eye on one another.

Diane’s eyes drifted shut. She was brought wide awake by a tug on her hip. Ahna pulled her gun from its holster. Quickly the brunette fighting off sleep grabbed the red heads wrist getting to her feet. On the ground to the front of the cave the Apache woman and the Cherokee woman were wrestling over knives.

Ahna groaned as she was forced against the cave wall by the brunette. The gun held out to the side by Diane’s tight grip. The redhead latched onto a handful of Diane’s long brown hair yanking her head back and forth.

” Ahhhhhhh… hog bitch you…”

Diane grabbed that long red hair pulling back just as hard. They twisted one another around and falling down on the cave stone floor. They saw the two Indian women roll out of the cave and disappear into the storm.

Ahna and Diane wrestled over and over fighting over the gun. It went off richoccting off the walls something they both wanted to avoid in the future. Their rolling brought them near the dying fire and Ahna held Diane’s gun hand out towards the hot embers. The brunette took it as long as she could before dropping the gun and grabbing more red hair. Back the other way they wrestled rolling over and over. Fists found their marks on faces and breasts. They got to their feet ripping blouses as they slugged it out. Ahna got her hands on Diane’s throat choking her. Diane tore at the redheads top ripping it open down the front exposing those massive breasts. The two punched, scratched and tore at each other. Ahna landed a solid punch to Diane’s jaw that dropped her down instantly.

The brunette tried to get up to continue the fight but slumped back down.
the fire having gone out Ahna looked quickly for Diane’s gun but gave up. She rushed outside into the pouring rain drenching her bared bosom and long red hair. Not far away Red Blossom stood over the fallen Cherokee. The pouring rain ran off her. Blood ran down her breast from a knife slash. Tawny lay on the ground bleeding. The redhead grabbed the Apache woman and pulled her towards the horses.

“Come on lets go”

They mounted their horses and rode off in the rain.

When Diane came to she shook off the cobwebs of Ahna’s solid punch and got groggily to her feet. The cave was mildly dark as dawn was coming. Outside the rain had stopped. She stumbled to the entrance and saw Tawny laying n the mud. Rushing to the woman’s side she knelt down shaking her. the ground around her soaked with blood even thought the rain had washed most of it away.

Tawny gave no response and no matter how much Diane willed the woman to open her eyes she knew it wasn’t going to happen.

Her cry echoed off the walls of the cavern. A trusted and true friend gone.

The ride back to the Cherokee camp was slow and painful. Wails from the tribe filled the air as she rode slowly past them. Then Little Feather came into view. Diane fought the tears back trying to be strong for the teenage girl. She rushed to the blanket clad body draped over the trailed pack horse. She knew right away who was under it. The dark eyes flew to Diane. No words needed to be spoken.

“I will see to it” Diane said head down.

In a louder voice then she meant to use, Little Feather replied in Cherokee…

“If you don’t, I will”

Members of the tribe came and removed the body off the horse carrying it to the ceremonial teepee. Diane knew that this was not the place for her right now. She had a hunt to do.

The first place to look will be Dry Gulch.

Ahna knew they would be looked for. Her fear was who would be doing the looking. Little Feather for one. The Cherokee tribe for another and lastly Diamond Diane.

A sly smile came to her lips. The last place they would look for her would be in Dry Gulch.

“Wait…If Diamond and the Cherokee’s are coming looking for us. We need some help. I’ll go back and bring some Apache warriors to even the odds.”

Ahna looked the Apache woman over.

“Ok just don’t take forever. I’ll meet up with you in Dry Gulch. Have the warriors camp outside of town unseen by anyone. We don’t want to start a panic.”

She heeled her horse and it took off at a fast gallop. Ahna watched till the dust was out of sight then reined her horse towards Dry Gulch.

Awhile along the way, out of water and dusty and dirty from the dry trail she came upon a fenced off pond. Checking around she dismounted, climbed the fence and laid down face first on the grass to suck in the cold water. She dipped her long red hair in the water and flung it back feeling much relieved. She started to unbutton her shirt thinking to jump in and get cleaned up when the distinct sound of a shot gun chambering was heard.

“Hold it right there Missy…..”

The voice was definitely woman.

“Turn around slowly….”

Ahna turned slowly her half unbuttoned shirt revealing ample cleavage and her massive breasts which she noted the blonde haired shotgun toting woman eyes drifted over. The woman was about her height and size and seemed a might bit younger. Her blonde hair was piled on the back of her head and judging by the pile was might long when let down. She wore a long sleeve off white frilly front button front top. The top strained to keep the massive breasts under it held in side. Her long skirt was gray. It wasn’t a split skirt for riding a horse.

“That’s our pond. My husbands the preacher here in these parts. I’m his wife. My name is Leeann. Who might you be?”

“My name’s Ahna Stevens. I ride from Silvertown.”

Thoughts popped into her head.

“I’m friends with someone from Dry Gulch. Maybe you know her? Diamond Diane?”

Ahna could see even from the distance that separated the two buxom woman a darkness cross over the blondes eyes.

“Yes I am aware of Ms Diamond. We have made aquatinace. So you’re a friend of heir’s”

By the look that came across the blonde’s face, Ahna wasn’t sure on how to answer that last question. Either answer could cause a problem. Since the blonde said she knew Diane she went with the affirmative.

“Yes, I am. Problem being I haven’t seen Diane in such a whiles I’m not sure where to actually find her. If you could direct me to where she is staying at I’d be much ablidged.”

“I can do better than that. I can show you her homestead. But first take out that iron slowly and toss it over yonder in the grass.”

Ahna hesitated. Looking to where the blonde indicated.

“That’s not a rightly request to make of someone.”

The shotgun swung back towards the big chested redhead.

“Your forgetting who’s trespassing, who has a shotgun aimed at those huge mounds and who knows where to take you.”

Ahna gave out a short laugh.

“You sure have a strange way about you for a preachers wife. Thought you’d be more hospitable.”

“Don’t never mind about your sidearm. Not like anyone’s going to come hunting thru my property looking for tossed away irons. If you’re the friend of Diamonds you say you are then you and her can come back and fetch it”

“And I’m from the east. A place called New York. Tough place. Now tie your horse to the back of the my wagon up yonder and climb up in the driver’s seat.”

Ahna led her horse up the grassy knoll to the top and over where a buckboard wagon sat. The blonde followed slightly behind her shotgun pointed at her back.

Ahna climbed up on the driver’s seat while Leeann climbed in the back still holding the shotgun on her.

“Head down the hill a bit. There’s a road. Take it a bit till I tell you to turn. Do it nice and easy like too.” the wagon rocked and rolled as the redhead maneuvered it along the trail thru woods and out onto a wide open expanse. In the distance was a ranch house.

“That is Diane’s ranch”

Ahnas mind worked hard. She knew Diamond wasn’t there she wondered if the blonde knew it too and was playing her.

“Not sure we’re going to find her there. She doesn’t know I’m in these parts. It was just a last minute idea to stop and say hello”
The blonde didn’t reply. The ranch house got closer and closer with no signs of any activity. Ahna pulled up to the front hitching post. Leeann got down first and walked by.

“Hey Diane. You about…..?”

Ahna leapt from the wagon onto the blonde taking her to the ground. The shot gun wound up pressed between them. Ahna grabbed onto it. Leeann wrestled her over getting on top of the redhead. Ahna rolled the blonde over getting back on top of her they grunted as they struggled over the gun. She chanced letting go with one hand and grabbed the piled up blonde hair pulling. It fell apart down over the dusty ground. Leeann grabbed the red hair yanking. Now with both women having just one hand on the shotgun, Ahna pulled it up between them and tossed it over their heads away from them. Both women now dug into one another’s hair with both hands and began rolling over and over each other. Their boots kicking up a dust storm. They wrestled under the wagon coming out the other side. the blondes white top taking on a dusty dirty color to it now as was Ahna’s red hair. Picking each other up by their long hair Leeann swung a fist hitting the redhead on the jaw sending her backwards against the side of the wagon. Ahna kept a grip on the blondes sleeve tearing it off from the shoulder down. Leeann rushed forward only to be caught in the stomach by one of Ahna’s boots and shoved back on the ground. Ahna dove down on top of her getting her hands on the blondes throat. Leeann grabbed the redheads wrists then her throat choking her back. She put one hand under Ahna’s chin pushing her head back further and further till the redhead rolled off her breaking her choking hold. Leeann got up and went towards the wagon but was shoved face first down on the ground from behind. Ahna ran around the back of the wagon while the blonde crawled under it. Just as Leeann got to her feet Ahna picked up the shotgun.

Leeann froze. Both women panting out of breath and covered with dust. Ahna’s shirt open showing her massive breasts now dust covered also. the blondes white top minus a sleeve also dirty in dust her long blonde hair half hanging in her face.
“I’m not the killing type especially a Preachers wife but you don’t want to make any sudden moves. Our little wrestling match there has my finger twitching on the trigger here. You knew Diane wasn’t here what for did you bring us all the way out here.”
“You knew she wasn’t here too. Why didn’t you say so. Are you hiding from her?”

“I’m not hiding from anything but I have places I need to be. Sit down there against that wagon wheel.”

Leeann lowered herself down leaning back against the wheel. Ahna took the wagon reins and tied one of Leeann’s hands up. Then pulled the reins thru the spokes and tied her other hand so her arms were spread out wide. Her huge breasts strained against the dirty white blouse.

“You just sit tight now. You spook these horses and they’re going to drag you to hell”

The redhead untied her horse from the back and mounted it.

“Because of you I’m going to lose time having to go back to that pond and fetch my gun.”

She heeled the horse and it took off back in the direction they had come from. Leeann twisted and pulled on her tied hands her long blonde hair half covering her face. Her husband had the children in Dry Gulch. They wouldn’t be home for a bit. She could only hope that Diamond Diane came back soon. Not that she wanted to see the brunette.

The End.

Thank you for reading! For more of Diane Smith’s Stories: Click Here!

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