The Exorcism by Claire Bear

“The man is a pervert,” Annie’s mother said into the phone. “I told you the day I met him, I said ‘Annie, the man is a pervert,’ didn’t I tell you that?”

“Yes, Mother.” Annie said.

“And you said, ‘Oh Mother, he isn’t a pervert,’ and I said, ‘Oh yes he is. He is a pervert.’”

“Yes, Mother.” Annie said.

It was her mantra when she spoke with her mother; disagreement would only lead to guilt trips, a hang up and eventually a forced apology.

That’ll teach you, Annie thought to herself. Asking for a sympathetic ear from your mother. You should know better by now.

“Are you listening to me?” Mother’s voice screeched.

“Yes, but I gotta go, Ma. “School’s letting out and–”

“School? But it’s a Saturday!”

“I know. Bye.” Annie hung up, slammed her phone down and slid it across the counter. She buried her face in her hands and tried not to freak out again. It was almost three thirty; Jerry would be home soon and if she broke down now, he wouldn’t take her seriously.

Has he ever taken you seriously?

Annie knew the answer to that; Of course he had. He loved her and she love him. But that didn’t change the fact that he had lied…and that was unacceptable.

She had caught wind of the story this morning at the grocery store; Wilma Bates had been in the produce aisle gossiping with Trinity Evers and she couldn’t help but listen in.

“…well it’s not like she could keep them nice and perky forever.” Trinity said. “I say it’s about time she was deposed.”

“You make it sound like an episode of A Game of Thrones.” Wilma laughed. “Personally, I’d prefer her to that Renee girl. She’s a maneater if ever I met one, And I have. I wouldn’t be surprised if she blew Jerry to–”

Annie dropped the cantaloupe she had been holding. Caught being an interloper, the ladies disbanded and went about their business. She stood there, alone as she had been in this town since they moved here. She picked the melon off the ground and put it in her cart.

Later, she did a bit of snooping and learned from Trinity’s facebook account, (as a lurker of course because her friend request hadn’t been accepted yet) and saw a conversation between her and a young, busty girl named Renee. After that, it was only a matter of time until she got the whole picture.

They were in my house, she thought. Sarah and Renee came into my house and seduced my husband. Forced him to watch them–

But she knew that wasn’t the truth. Not really. Jerry had always been very quiet about his opinions when it came to erotic combat. There were a few times, she remembered, early in their relationship when he had joked about watching her fight another woman for him. At first she had laughed it off, but when the joke hadn’t been funny anymore she had shut it down.

Was it ever a joke for him, though?

She thought harder and realized with growing horror that every time she had ever gone off about the latest sexfight in the news or the most recent titfight on the block he had responded with his own mantra; he would look at her with blank eyes, smile, and repeat his own peacekeeping phrase.


She lifted her head up from her hands, her mouth hanging open.

Have I become my mother? Have I really become such a nagging, killjoy?

Then another memory struck her; the night following the titfight between Sarah and Renee, she had been complaining to him about some lady at church. He had rolled over and joked…no, suggested that she challenge her to a titfight.

“Oh, grow up Jerry.” She had said.

“Yes, dear.” He had said.

Oh, God. I am my mother.

Suddenly, Jerry came through the door.

“Hello, sweetie.” He said, giving her an endearing hug and kiss on the forehead. He paused and looked at her closely. “Are you alright?”

She considered exploding at him. She imagined shoving him away from her and really letting him have it. But then she looked into his eyes and saw a light there that she wanted to kindle, not kill. She bit back her anger and smiled.

“Just a long day. Just got off the phone with Mom.”

“Ooooh,” he said, releasing her and going to the liquor cabinet. “Say no more, my little chickadee.” He poured her a dry martini and as she sipped it, she decided to put off the discussion till tomorrow.

That night, she couldn’t sleep. She got out of bed and went into the bathroom. She locked the door, pulled off her nightgown, and stared at her breasts.

They had gotten bigger when she had nursed Peter but they had also gotten softer. They were a small D-cup, with large, puffy nipples. She had always been self conscious about her nipples but Jerry said he loved them. He was sweet, but it wasn’t enough for her to forget the trauma she’d suffered in high school.

Staring at herself in the mirror, she thought back to that horrible time in her life. Back to Jenean Blitz and the party at Alice Babbitt’s.

It was going to be a kegger; Alice’s older brother John was coming in from out of town and in exchange for the keg, he was hoping to meet some of Alice’s high school girlfriends. Annie decided that she was going to lose her virginity to him.

She admired herself in the mirror in her room; her blond hair was permed and teased up, her top was off her shoulders, and her ass looked mighty fine in her leather pants. She hopped in her car and took off, feeling like the queen of the world, Madonna blasting on the radio. But when she got to the party, she saw that she was not the only one who planned to take John Babbitt to bed.

Jenean Blitz, the rich bitch of the school was there beside him, feeling up his muscles, pressing her large breasts against him. When Annie came up to the keg for a drink, Jenean gave her a nasty look.

“I didn’t know they let you out after dark.” Jenean said.

Annie didn’t respond. Instead she looked at John.

“Thanks for the keg, John.” She said, letting her top slip off her left shoulder, revealing that she wasn’t wearing a bra. John took notice and she felt a warm glowing beneath her belly.

“Are you seriously trying to win him over with those?” Jenean said. Then she hoisted her own, large breasts up with her arms. She was wearing red suspenders that accentuated the supple curves of her tits. Annie felt the blood flush into her cheeks as she downed her beer and went for another.

“Aw, don’t let her get to you.” John said. “I like blondes with perky tits.”

Jenean, a raven haired exotic looking senior made a disgusted sound.

Annie looked at her and winked.

That had been a bad move. Girl’s like Jenean never took insults to their status lightly. She had reached out and jerked the sleeve of Annie’s shirt down, exposing her left breast for all the party goers to see.

“What about a bitch with puffy nipples like that?” Jenean spat. Annie dropped her beer and tried to cover herself. “Even she’s fucking embarrassed!”

“Ladies, ladies.” John said, stepping in. “I think this calls for a titfight…don’t you?”

Before she knew it, she and Jenean were standing face to face in the living room, their tops off, and a bunch of boys cheering them on. John lifted his arm and brought it down between them.

“Go!” He said.

Jenean grabbed Annie by the waist and slammed her chest into hers. Annie screamed in pain, not prepared for the blow, not knowing what was to come. She wrapped her arms around Jenean’s waist, and pushed forward, but the weight of Jenean’s breasts was impressive, and she felt that the bitch would break her back if she tried to lift any higher.

She may have also had too many beers for her young, inexperienced body to handle. Soon, the room had started swimming and the next thing she knew, Jenean was on top of her, pressing her tits into her face as John sprayed them both with the keg. Jeers and insults hit her like one hundred needles burying into her skin.

She didn’t remember driving home.

She didn’t remember crying till she got sick in the bathroom.

She didn’t remember the pain in her tits.

But she did remember the humiliation.

Now she stood in front of the mirror holding her breasts up, looking herself over like a young girl seeing the woman she might become. Tears stood in her eyes as her memory came to an end and anger filled her. Anger at her husband, yes. But also at Jenean. At John.

At herself.

She went back to bed knowing exactly what she had to do.

The next few weeks she spent her free time surfing the web, watching titfight videos. A lot of them were just the ridiculous, trashy porno movies where the bimbos had no idea what they were doing other than getting paid. And as she continued her search, she began to get disheartened.

But then she got a call from Denise, and everything changed after that.

“Thank’s for coming by,” Annie said pouring Denise a glass of wine. “I know we could have talked over the phone, but…”

“Jesus,” Denise said. “Any reason I can find to get out of the house is a God send.”

Annie swallowed her pride and explained everything; Jerry, Jeneane, everything. And when she was done, she was almost in tears. Denise embraced her, pressing her chest against hers and holding her for what seemed a very long time. She was about to pull away when Denise did it for her.

“Well, you got the goods.” She said, looking down at Annie’s chest. “And I just so happen to know a thing or two…”

It turned out that even though Denise was not very high up on the food chain in the neighborhood, she was no novice when it came to erotic combat.

“Just outside of town, there’s a place called Gina’s.”

“Oh, the restaurant?” Annie knew it well. It was owned by a lovely couple the same age as her and Jerry.

“Yeah, well, at night after hours, it becomes The Cunterdome.”

Annie nearly spit her wine all over Denise.

“The Cunterdome?”

“Stupid, I know. But I’m known as Minerva Moans,” she said with a wink. “Minerva’s a bit of a superhero type. She wears a mask…well, we all wear masks.”

“Why masks?”

“Well,” Denise said, “The thing is,when people use combat like this to settle disputes and power struggles, it isn’t kosher to be the kind of person who enjoys it. When you like smashing tits and grinding cunt and you have the added bonus of having a limp dick husband, you have to take your kicks where you can get ‘em.”

“I had no idea…” Annie said.

“Good.” Denise said. “And if you keep quiet about it, maybe I’ll teach you a few things…”

And she did.

Jerry woke up two weeks later to find Annie watching him from the edge of the bed. The first thing he noticed was that she was dressed in a long rain coat. The second, and more concerning thing was that she had teased her hair.

“Well hello, Madonna.” He said.

“Hello yourself, Jerry.” She said back.

Jerry blinked stupidly at her and looked at his bedside clock.

“Aren’t you going to church today?”

Annie smiled. Her lips were bright red and her eyes were lined with black pencil.

“I sent Peter over to a friends today. I figured one week won’t undo a life of teetotaling.”

Jerry gave an uneasy smile at that. He had often joked with her about how serious she was when it came to church but it had always been in good fun. He sat up and cocked his head like a little puppy.

“Where is this coming from?” he asked. “Is this because–”

“You lied to my, Jerry.” She said. She stood up and walked over to his side of the bed. “I know about Sarah and Renee.”

Annie had been waiting to see that look on his face for weeks; it was the face of a man caught with his dick out. She held her smile back as best she could by pushing her lips together; her anger with him had drained away almost entirely but that was no reason to let him off the hook that easily.

“Oh, Annie. I can explain. Nothing happened–”

“Shut. Up.” She said. She grabbed his face roughly in her hand and pushed his head against the headboard. Never in her life had she been rough with him and this well rehearsed move of hers sent a warm pulse into the pit of her stomach. She looked down and was sure she had noticed a slight rise in the sheets above his crotch.  “I’m talking. You’re listening.”

He nodded.

She released him.

“You didn’t fuck either of them. If you did, i’d know. And you know that would be the end of us, right?”

He nodded violently, a panicked light in his eyes.

“Good. But i’m sure that little slut, Renee tried, didn’t she? Did she try to fuck you?”

Jerry shook his head.

Annie reconsidered.

“Suck you?”

Jerry hesitated, then nodded.

“But she didn’t?”

He shook his head again.

“And was it her idea? Or was it her penance for challenging Sarah? Were those the stakes?”

Jerry began to nod but then looked at Annie as if she had just changed into some other strange creature.

Perhaps he’s not too far off.

“How do you know about stakes?” Jerry asked.

“Did I give you permission to speak?” Annie hissed. She reached down and grabbed his cock. She held back a gasp when she found it hard and ready. She hadn’t been able to get him that hard so quickly in years.

He shook his head.

“So Sarah was going to make it happen.” She said. She leaned toward her husband, her lips an inch from his. “That fucking cunt.”

Jerry’s eyes went wide, his mouth fell open. She knew he had never heard that word come out of her mouth.It felt good, rolling off of the tongue.

“Oh, come on, Jerry. Did you think I had turned into my mother already?”

His hesitation to respond told her all she needed to know. Thank God she had taken a sharp turn off of that path. Who knows how long their marriage would have lasted.

“Get up.” She said. “I have something I want to show you.

Jerry, confused, worried, and perhaps a little scared, followed Annie down the stairs. When he got there he was shocked to find another woman sitting on the sofa. A woman he knew all too well.

Denise Smith was the mother of Peter’s best friend Kyle; she and Annie very similar in build and style, but that was where the similarities ended. She ran in the same circles as Sarah, Trinity, and all the rest, but she was also the closest thing Annie had to a friend in the neighborhood.

Then he was struck by another realization; she was also wearing a raincoat and her own long blonde hair was teased up as well. Suddenly his mind began to piece things together and he had to grab the railing to keep himself from falling down the stairs.

“Denise and I have had a disagreement, Jerry.” Annie said. “Neither of us want to drive the boys to scouts this year. She tried to saddle me with it…again…but I told her we needed to sort this out.

“It’s about time too,” Denise said, crossing her arms. “I was wondering when she would just accept her lot in life.” She was studying Jerry with a look of interest that prickled the hair on the back of Annie’s head. She had expected as much from Denise, but she would let it slide…for the moment.

“What was it you said I should do, Jerry?” Annie asked. “To that bitch who tossed my cookies out at church?”

Jerry tried to answer, but it looked as if he didn’t have enough blood for both his cock and his brain, so she answered it for him.

“Titfight.” She said.

Then she dropped her raincoat to the floor.

Jerry realized it had been years since the two of them had made love in the light of the day. He hadn’t seen her naked like this in years. Her breasts were full and heavy, her ass was lovely and round…

My God, she’s beautiful.

Even the puffy nipples she was so ashamed of, were such a turn on to see. And what was even more of a turn on was the fact that she wasn’t hiding them anymore. Her nipples were even a little hard, almost the size of the tip of his pinky finger.

Vicious weapons in a titfight.

Then Denise stood up and dropped her coat and his eyes shot to her.

Her breasts sat a little higher on her chest and her nipples were smaller, but the rest of her was almost identical to Annie. He took them both in together; their pale skin, their teased blonde hair, their red lips…

Then Annie walked up to Denise and gave her chest a shove with her own.

“I see you looking at him, bitch.” Annie said. “Don’t get any bright ideas.”

Denise gave Annie a venom filled smile and shoved her back with her own breasts.

“Try and stop me, prude.” Denise said.

And then it began.

Annie pushed all thoughts of her last fight, to the back of her mind; she had asked Denise to tease her hair because she wanted to give Jerry an 80’s/90’s themed titfight, like in the retro porns she had found online. But really, it was to have a second chance at that first fight. Now in her mind, it was happening real time. And this time she would win.

She went up to Denise and swung her left tit into Denise’s right. It made a nice *thwack* sound and she smiled at the twitch on Denise’s smile. Denise threw her tit into Annie’s reminding her this was a fight and not a stupid teenager’s game. The pain was light, but warned of what was to come.

“Think you got what it takes, bitch?” Denise said, pressing her tits into Annie’s and grinding. Annie pushed back hard and started to grind away as well. She looked into Denises eyes and in that moment she had a strong desire to grab her by the throat and throttle her; the bitch was looking at her husband.

“Keep your eyes off, slut.” Annie hissed.

Denise’s eyes rolled back at Annie and she smiled.

“But he’s just so fucking cute.” Denise said.

Annie rushed forward, slamming Denise into the wall, knocking a picture of Annie’s Mother to the floor. Her breasts mashed into Denise’s harder forcing her to cry out in pain.

“UGH! You bitch!” Denise spat. She wrapped her arms around Annie’s waist and back and began to squeeze.Annie moaned as Denise’s sharp little nipples poked into her breasts. She could tell that her own, larger nipples were hurting the bitch as well, giving her some consolation.

As she pressed the bitch against the wall, she looked up at Jerry who had not moved from the stairs. The only part of that had moved had been his cock; it had slipped through the flap of his boxer shorts and was now standing at attention.

No wonder she can’t keep her eyes off of him.

“Sit down and enjoy the show, Jerry.” She said, winking at him. As she did, Denise pushed off of the wall with one foot and drove her across the room and into the opposite wall. She screamed as her tits were suddenly forced up over Denise’s, rendering her own attacks useless.

“You should have just stayed quiet, bitch.” Denise hissed. “But meek little Annie had to go and grow a pair.”

“You fucking cunt.” Annie moaned. She wrapped her arms around Denise and kicked off the wall, driving Denise into her wall. She hadn’t managed to drop her tits though, so the shock of the impact sent more pain into the base of her breasts, forcing her to loosen her hold.

“You giving already, bitch?” Denise asked, pressing up with her breasts, digging her nipples into Annie’s chest.

“Fuck you.” Annie replied. She pulled back just enough to let her breasts fall, then slammed them into Denise. This time, Annie’s nipples were fully erect and seemed to take a lot of the wind out of Denise’s sails. Her rival actually screamed when Annie slammed into her again.

Denise tried to push off the wall again, but Annie was ready for her. She planted her feet and when Denise pushed off, Annie let Denise push only to one side, taking her off balance and falling to the ground on her back with Annie’s sharp nipples slamming into her tit.

“OOOW! FUCK!” Denise screamed. It was music to Annie’s ears. She could imagine Jenean beneath her with her fucking perfect tits, screaming in pain and Annie felt wetness between her legs. It was an orgasmic feeling. It was–

Then Denise rolled them over and began to grind her tits up and down over her own. Annie clenched her teeth, holding back a  cry of pain. Denise had told her they wouldn’t need to oil themselves beforehand and now she realized the bitch had known how bad it would hurt. But she was used to it where Annie wasn’t.

“Don’t ever trust a bitch you’re about to fight,” Denise groaned as she dragged her tits downward, grimacing at the pain.

“You fucking slut,” Annie gasped. She squeezed her arms tighter, using them to break Denise’s progress. Denise fought it, but found she couldn’t move. So once again the two began to press into each other, their tits ballooning outward as they pressed closer and closer.

Jerry had started to beat his cock like a redheaded stepchild; memories of the fantasies he had about Annie fighting other women rushed back to him and it was like being twenty again. In that moment, he wanted nothing more than to stand over them both and shoot his load. But he held off, knowing that as much as this was for his benefit, Annie was fighting some of her own demons as well.

Instead, he sat back and enjoyed the show for as long as he could.

Annie had managed to get them rolling again, and it didn’t feel like they were going to stop; their legs were entwined, their arms were locked around one another and they were pissed.

“You saggy titted bitch,” Annie hissed.

“Better than yours, cunt.” Denise hissed back.

“You fucking wish.” Annie spat.

They rolled until they collided with Jerry’s legs and came to an abrupt halt on their sides. Annie looked up to see Jerry with his cock in hand and knew that if she didn’t finish this bitch soon, he would explode. Denise looked up too and licked her lips.

“Bet he could use a good titfuck,” she moaned. “Maybe I can–”

“Fuck off, cunt!” Annie screamed. She leaned back and managed to pull Denise onto her knees with her. They began to slap their tits against the other’s with a vicious force. It was almost as if they were using their open hands on each other; red welts began to appear as they rained blows down on the other with their tits.

“Give up, whore!” Annie hissed. “Fucking give.”

“Fuck you!” Denise hissed back.

Then, she did the unthinkable.

Annie watched as the fucking bitch reached up and grabbed Jerry’s cock. Jerry’s mouth fell open and he tried to pull away as Denise actually began to stroke his throbbing dick.

“Give it to me, baby.” Denise moaned.

“YOU CUNT!” Annie screamed. She grabbed Denise’s wrist and pulled her hand away from Jerry’s dick. Then she twisted and pushed forward, slamming Denise to the floor again. She pried Denise’s other hand from her back and held both wrists over the slut’s head.Then she began to slam her tits down hard and with each slam, her diamond hard nipples dug into Denise like rubber bullets from a gun.

Denise began to scream in agony and the more she writhed and tried to escape, the more flesh Annie’s nipples found.

“Touch my man? He’s my man, bitch! Mine!”

“STOP!” Denise screamed. “I GIVE!”

“He’s fucking mine, Jenean. MINE!”

She slammed down one final time before slamming her tits into Denise’s face. She lifted her ass in the air and looked up at Jerry.

“FUCK ME!” She screamed.

Jerry did not hesitate. He got to his knees, grabbed his wife’s ass, and shoved his cock deep into her warm, waiting pussy. And as he fucked her, his wife humiliated Denise with her tits.

“I fucking beat you, whore. These fucking tits beat you!” Annie knew the woman beneath her tits was not really Jenean, even in that moment when she had called out her name. But in this moment, while her husband plowed her from behind and she smothered this rival with her tits, she needed to clear this block once and for all.

“How do you fucking like it, Jenean? How do you fucking like it? Huh? HUUAAAAAHHH!”

She came at the same moment Jerry did. It was explosive and powerful enough for her to collapse fully on top of Denise. Her energy was gone yet she felt extremely light. It was as if some demon had been exorcised from her.  Perhaps that wasn’t far from the truth.

Denise wrapped her arms around Annie and gently rolled her to the side.

“You did it, Ann.” Denise said. “I had my doubts, but you did it.”

“You touched his cock.” Annie said, not angry. Just stating a fact.

“Yeah, well.” Denise looked at Jerry who was still on his knees, dumbfounded and covered in cum. “It seemed to seal the deal.”

For a moment, Annie thought about smack in her. But then she smiled and gave her a warm kiss on the lips.

“Thank you.” she said. And meant it with all her heart.

They fucked three more times after Denise left. And when they were finished, she held him in her arms, his head resting on her tits. She stroked his hair absentmindedly for a while and was interrupted by a phone call.

The screen said, MOM.

She silenced it.

“Hey, Jerry.” Annie said.

“Yeah?” He answered.

“How about you and I go out to dinner tonight…maybe Gina’s? It’s weird…i’ve got a craving and I think they have exactly what I need…”

The End.

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