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The Preacher’s Wife by Diane Smith

Diamond Diane strolled thur the streets of Dry Gulch. A smile on her lips as she passed the towns folk. “Hello Diamond”, “Good day Ms Diamond” , “Nice to see you Ms Diane”.

She nodded and smiled at all. Dressed in a light blue frilly dress showing a little more than approved of breast, over her riding boots, A flowered hat perched just right on her done up dark brown hair, and a parasol to protect her delicate skin from the harsh western sun.

Diamond Diane entered the local Mercantile. “Morning Diamond”

“Good Morning Harold.”

“Can I interest you in anything particular today Diamond?”

“No thank you, Harold, I just thought I’d check out the new fabrics for sewing”

With that, Diane stepped to the rear only to be jostled aside by two young kids running and screaming as they made their merry way to the front door.

“My God…” Diane let out when another older youth shouldered past her.

“Harold, do you let these unruly children in here?”

“I’m sorry..” came a voice from behind her.

Diane spun around to face a woman of her own age. Blonde by the strands of hair peeking out from under the bonnet she wore. A pale gray dress, not form fitting so the woman must have a decent body as her breasts pushed out the front of the drab dress.

“My children are excited to be in town. We don’t get to come in here to many times”

“Well you should really have more control over them and you…” she spun to face the mercantile owner, “should not let unruly children run wild when there are decent paying customers in here”

“They are not unruly children” The woman said causing Diane to turn back to her looking her over.

“Well I’m sorry but I beg to differ.” Blurted Diamond

“Ahhh…..Diamond….” Harold interrupted.

“Hush Harold” Diane replied over her shoulder.

“You need to take more control of their behavior dear”

“Ahhh…….Diamond…” Harold said again.

“Harold……I am trying to teach this woman about the finer things of bringing up children…”

The woman stepped forward and bumped Diane chest to chest and looking her straight in the eye said, “I can bring up my children very well, Thank you., and if you have any problem with the way I do it you can come and see me at the Parsons homestead.” She shouldered past Diane pushing her aside and went out the door. Diane stood there looking after her. She had not been spoken to like that in quite a while. Diane looked at Harold.

“I tried to tell you, Diamond, that’s the new Preachers Wife Leeann”

“Well…she can’t just let her children run wild about the town and she sure as hell can’t tell me what to say or not to say”

Diane left the mercantile a slight smile on her lips. A new battle she thought. The Preachers wife, hmmmmm this could be interesting.

“Morning, Ms. Diamond”

“Yes it is isn’t it” she replied happily.

The next Sunday Diane requested her horse be saddled for her from the local livery. She arrived wearing a gray split riding skirt a frilly white button front blouse, her brown riding boots and a flat top Stetson. Her long dark hair pulled back in a long pony tail.

Thank you she said as she heeled the horse and took off out of town kicking up dust.

The Parsons homestead was about an hour’s ride. Diane took her time stopping by some shade trees to drink from her canteen. It was a brutally hot day and already she was sweating profusely. When she finally crested a hill and looked down upon a single low framed house, a corral to the side empty at the time, smoke coming from the chimney. Diane moved her horse slowly down the ridge towards the house. When she got close the door opened and a dog ran out barking and running circles around her horse. the horse was well tamed and did not pay any attention to the loud animal. Behind the dog came a woman. Leeann, her blonde hair piled on her head. A long drab colored dress, to the ground which hid whatever shoes she may be wearing or barefoot for all Diamond, could see. She wore an apron and was wiping her hands on the bottom of it. The sleeves of her dress were pushed up over her tanned arms.

“Thought you might be coming this way soon from everything I have heard about you in town” Leeann said.

Diane just sat in the saddle looking around the place. “Preacher here?” she asked.

Leeann looked back at the open door, “No he’s gone to Suffix County to do some preaching. They got hit by bad storms, doing whatever he can for them, just me and the youngens here.”

With that two of the rambunctious kids came running out of the house screaming and chasing each other. Diane’s horse was well mannered but the screaming kids caused it to move about. She pulled in tight on the reins to steady it.

“I see you haven’t corrected their wild behavior any” Diane sneered.

Leeann looked off to the distant hills, “I guess that’s why you’re here then, to teach me how to raise my children to be more like you if you can.”

Diamond nodded at the running children, “do you want them to witness this.”

Leeann turned her head slightly to the open front door, “Jacob” she called. The older of the children came out, “Yeah ma.”

He looked up at Diane and she didn’t know if he recognized her from the store or not.

Leeann’s eyes never left Diane’s, “Jacob, take your brother and sister down to the creek and let them play in the water a bit it’s a very hot day. Stay there. Don’t come back till I come for you. I won’t be long.”

The boy gathered the two younger ones and looking back at Diane herded them off towards the distant meadow. When they were out of sight, Leeann said, “are we going to do this or do I have to pull you off that there horse.”

Diamond swung down from the saddle letting the reins drop. The horse was well mannered enough to not go anywhere. It smelled the water in the trough by the corral and headed that way but not before Diane removed her Stetson and hung it on the pommel.

She unbuttoned her sleeves and rolled them up over her arms. Leeann took off her apron and tossed it back on the wooden porch. She spit in both hands and put her fists up waiting for Diane to approach.

“Back where I come from in the east a town called New York. I did a lot of fighting to survive.” Leeann said.

“Good” Diane said putting her own fists up, “then this should be interesting.”

The two women slowly circled each other. Leeann’s blonde thick hair was pinned up on her head as Diane had seen her in the mercantile so she had no idea as to the length of those golden locks her own dark brown hair hanging in a ponytail reaching the middle of her back when let down almost touching her waist. Her eyes caught sight of the blonde’s 38D breasts pushing the limits of the fabric of her off-color dress.

Diane’s own 36C’s bulging under the to tight blouse she wore. Leeann had at 5’5″ a 2 inch height over Diamonds 5’3″ stature but their weight seemed to be reasonably equal. When they finally got within striking distance after a parley of circling each other, fists flew. The sound of punches connecting with skin along with the grunting that accompanies it filled the air. They got to close and hands went for hair. Diane dug deep into the thick blonde hair grabbing good hand full’s. She felt the pins holding that long hair up and twisted letting the locks free. The long blonde hair fell down over her outstretched arms. Leeann grabbed Diane’s flowing ponytail like grabbing the udder on a cow and yanked the brunettes head straight back and down. Her fingers worked on the ribbon holding the tail in place and by the time they twisted each other and fell to the dirt the brunettes long hair was free. They collapsed in the dirt fighting, kicking up a small dust storm as legs and feet struggled to get around each other. Fingers clenched tight into hair yanking and tugging as they tumbled about.

“Oh you bitch you, I will rip yur hair out.”

“let go of my hair and I will knock you out you cow turd”

The two battling women turned each other over and over in the dirt getting covered in it. The heat of the sun and their sweat only made matters worse. Over and over they wrestled each other pulling hair and using an occasional punch to the side or stomach. Diane pulled on Leeann’s dress ripping the sleeve off the shoulder. Leeann shrugged out of the torn sleeve and tore open Diane’s top revealing her breasts and bodice.

“Oh you little whore you”

“Your the town girl whore from what I have heard bitch”

“You had better pray for help from your God cause I’m gonna beat you up”

They separated and got to their feet. Dust clinging to their hair and clothes. Leeann’s long blonde tresses now free hung down to her mid back. Diane’s own dark hair dust covered hung lower almost to her waist. As if on go they ran at one another colliding in a grunt. Fists swung but missed their mark taking both women back down in the dirt. Over and over they rolled struggling and straining to stay on top of each other. Legs kicked wildly at shins. Grunts and groans became louder. Separating again they got up a little slower. When they came together this time Diane’s punch knocked the blonde back onto the porch. Leeann scrambled up but Diane tackled her and the two women went thru the open doorway and down on the floor inside the house.

Both women groaning loudly Leeann wrestled the brunette over onto her back. Diane dug into the blondes hair yanking her head back. Leeann let out a howl and grabbed the brunette’s wrists.

They climbed to their feet as Diane drove the blonde back against the wall hard. She kicked at Leeann’s shins with her boots. Leeann kicked her back. She let go of her wrist holds and got her hands into he dirty dusty dark brown hair yanking hard. Now it was Diamond’s turn to cry out. She forced Diane backwards and onto the wooden table where the family gathered and ate their meals.

Diane pulled the blonde up on the table and they wrestled there rolling over twice before crashing off the edge onto one of the wooden chairs breaking it apart. A bit dazed on the floor Leeann swung a fist connecting with Diane’s lip blooding it. She got up and backed away as Diane rubbed the back of her hand across her split lip looking at the blood. Leeann stood a bit wobbly with her fists up. Her blonde hair a mess of dirt and tangles. She shook it out of her face.

“Come on get up. This is not over yet” she said to Diane. Diane wiped her lip again and slowly got up. Her own hair a mass of knots and tangles and the dark brown now a dusty gray. She took a stance and raised her fists. The two began slowly moving around each other. Behind them a fireplace with a large kettle hanging for cooking. Two wooden chairs with straw cushions on each side of the fireplace and 3 wooden stools between them. The two women slowly moved that way.

“I’m going to teach you a lesson” Diane spat out. “Ha” the blonde laughed, “there is nothing you can teach me about fighting that I haven’t already learned back east. I fought girls twice three times a day. ”

“Well this is one girl you haven’t had the chance to fight you whore of God”. Leeann’s eyes flew open wide and she came at Diane swinging, Diane stepped right into her and swung back. The sounds of a fist fight echoed around the room, till their arms getting weary they grabbed onto each other. Leeann now sported a cut under her eye. She held onto Diane tight trying to catch her breath.

Likewise, Diane hugged the blonde. Neither woman was going to give this up. Diane’s blouse was missing a whole sleeve it laying somewhere outside. Her blouse buttons gone the only thing holding her blouse around her was that it is tucked in her skirt waist. Leeann’s dress is also missing the front of it. Her once rolled up sleeves are hanging in dirty tatters around her dirty arms.

Getting their breath back somewhat the two women began to struggle again. Hands went back to each other’s messy hair grabbing great handfuls and pulling making both of them wince. They crashed into the fireplace wall hard. “Your the devils whore” Diane said. This talk seemed to make Leeann very angry.

“You shut your mouth you cow turd” the blonde said wrestling Diane against the wall. “Why don’t you try and make me Preacher whore” Diane rolled the blonde along the wall across the front of the fireplace.

“You cathouse tramp I will rip your hair out and make you unable to bear children” This last part caught Diane’s attention as to what the blonde may do to her in this fight. They fell onto one of the large chairs knocking it over and spilling them to the floor wrestling. With handfuls of each other’s hair they rolled over and over back and forth.

“You evil witch. God will punish you.”

“He may in fact do that but right now I am going to punish you”

The two women go to their feet struggling both a mess of knotted tangled hair dusty, dirty and ripped clothes. Diane swings a fist connecting to Leeann’s jaw sending the blonde back against the fireplace. Leeann holds her jaw and shakes the cobwebs from her head then grabs a bowl on the mantel and hurls it at the brunette. Diane ducks just in time but doesn’t recuperate in time to catch the blonde as she barrels into her. Diane stumbles backwards grabbing onto the blonde and hits against the dresser. Leeann Grabs the tangled dark hair pulling and yanking.


Diane grabs the now dirty blonde hair and yanks the head backwards. She catches Leeann’s eyes looking over her shoulder and before she can do anything the blonde grabs one of the hunting knives from its sheath on the wall behind Diane. Diane shoves her away. Leeann circles the brunette moving her away from the dresser and the other hunting knives. She twists the knife back and forth in her hand keeping her eyes on the brunette.

Diane backs up feeling behind her for anything that may obstruct her flee. Leeann lunges and Diane catches her wrist just in time. Diane’s other hand grabs the blondes top pulling tearing it more exposing more of the blondes massive breasts, however, she backs against the table and the blonde bends her backwards over it. Diane strains against the blonde’s wrist gripping it tight. She goes for it with her other hand but Leeann grabs her forearm. The two women struggle and strain against each other. Leeann leaning over Diane pressing the knife down, Diane trying to hold her back.


“You dog bitch.”

Lord forgive me for what I am about to do to you.

Hearing that Diane thrusts up and tackles the blonde to the floor. Locked together holding tight wrists and forearm they roll over and over towards the front door. The air fills with their grunts and groaning and the dust they kick up, plus the ripping of their remaining clothes.

They tumble over each other fighting over the knife and roll under the blanket hanging across the room. In the cramped space, the two women groaning pick each other up and fling one another onto the small bed. Their fight takes them off the other side in between the wall and the bed.

Diane picks them up and pushes them back onto the bed but the blonde rolls them over and off the other side to the floor. Leeann is on top of Diane and pressing hard on the knife. Diane struggles to grip tight to the blonde’s wrist. Her other hand gouging at the blondes face. Neither woman has anything to call fingernails

Leeann drives the knife down and digs into the floor just above Diane’s shoulder. The brunette slams a fist into the blondes cheek toppling her off. Keeping a tight grip on the knife hand Diane pulls them up them forces the blonde backwards against the wall.

Holding the knife wrist tight she slams it against the window, shattering the glass and making the blonde drop the weapon. Her hand bleeding Leeann swings and knocks Diane back onto eh floor. She goes to dive on top of her but the brunette gets her feet up and shoves the blonde backwards. Leeann stumbles back and hit the wall hard then slides down motionless. Diane gets wearily to her feet. She grabs the wall for support waiting to see if Leeann gets up. Wiping blood from her mouth she turns and stumbles to the door holding onto it for support.

Diane got a few steps out into the dirt when she was tackled from behind and taken down to the ground. Leeann rolled her over and clamped her hands around Diane’s throat.

“I’m not finished with you yet, you piece of hog dirt”

Diane got her hands up on the blondes throat choking her back. the two women fought kicking up dust but the fight was not as energetic as it was when they started. It took a minute or two but the brunette finally got the blonde over on her side. The women paused their fight as they both sucked in much-needed air.

Both looked as if they had been fighting in the dirt all day form their hair down to their boots. Their clothes torn and ripped. With a heave, Diane got the blonde over on her back and climbed on top of her. Both women were panting and breathing hard besides grunting and groaning. They struggled up to a sitting position before Diane toppled them over and back in the dirt.

Leeann wrestled the brunette over and got back on top of her Their hands tight around one another’s throats. Diane let go with one hand and grabbed the blondes half exposed breast. Leeann was so shocked at this and let up her pressure which allowed Diane to deliver a solid punch to her jaw.

Leeann toppled off and Diane got on top of the blonde as quick as she could. Diane grabbed a handful of dirty blonde hair and delivered another solid punch to the blondes face. Weary now afraid of losing conscious Leeann grabbed at the brunettes exposed breast, however it didn’t have the same effect as Diane was used to having her breasts grabbed, even in fights.

One more punch and the blonde was out cold. Diane rolled off her and laid there gasping for breath. She got to her knees then her feet and stagger more now towards her horse who searched for anything green or edible in the dirt. She grabbed reins and after three tries managed to climb on. Slumped over the horse’s mane she heeled it knowing that it would know the way home. The blonde lay sprawled in the dirt.

The End.

Thank you for reading! For more of Diane Smith’s Stories: Click Here!

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