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Wild West Wildcats Chapter 7.5 by Diane Smith

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Special Thanks and Additional Credit

This particular chapter was written by Fights.Sexy‘s own Diane Smith! Head on over to her page to see her other work!

Written by Ahna Brown: On a personal note, I want to thank Diane for being an inspiration and a wonder to work with. I hope you have enjoyed Diamond Diane in these chapters and once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart! I can’t wait to see what you have planned in your stories!

The Stranger Leaves Town

As told by Diane

The Soiled Dove, Silvertown

Katarina Stevens reined in her horse and slid from the saddle even before the animal came to a stop. She deftly looped the reins over the hitching rail and mounted the wooden walkway pushing open the batwing doors to the Soiled Dove Saloon.

Her western style hat sat at the back of her head covering the top of her red hair while the rest of the red mane trailed down over her back in a slight twist. A white button front long sleeve blouse with the sleeves rolled up her tanned arms to her forearms. A pair of tight tan pants and riding boots. The rig of a pistol rode high on her hip. The noise inside the saloon was much louder then out on Main Street. Not a tall girl but not short either she stood on her tiptoes to scan the crowd and it was a crowd.



“Ms Stevens when’s that lovely mother of yours going to come by”

Kat acknowledged as many of the hellos she could still scanning the crowd and moving thru it. Paula one of the call girls approached her. Paula like Kat was a teenager.

“Hey Kat…have some time for some fun?” Paula caressed the girl’s bare forearm.

“Sorry Paula not right now. Is Diamond Diane here?”

This made the call girl frown. “Older woman now honey?”

“Not like that Paula I just need to talk to her”

“Upstairs room number 2” Paula said nodding towards the balcony. She grabbed the red-haired girls arm as she moved by. “When you’re done maybe we can play?”

Kat felt a stirring. She looked the girl up and down and put her hand on the bare shoulder.

“Yeah I’d like that. Only this time I get to be the bank robber”

Paula gave the teenager a shove and laughed, “But I like being tied up”

“Well so do I Paula”

The girl wove her way thru the crowd to “Hi’s ” and, pats on the back and a couple of well-placed feels to her huge breasts. She mounted the short set of stairs to the landing and turned to the switch back stairs thattook her to the second floor. Striding along the hallway she stopped at room number 2, took a deep breath and knocked cringing feeling like it was harder and louder than necessary. She was about ready to knock again when Diamond Diane opened the door.

Diane’s long dark brown hair was in a French braid and over her left shoulder. She had on a black satin long sleeve shirt, puffy sleeves but tight at the wrist. Button front but three top buttons undone showing the tops of her 36C’s and deep cleavage. Her pants were tight jet black and black calf high leather riding boots.

The two stared at each other briefly.

“What are you doing here?”

“Ahhhh…I wanted to tell you that I was sorry for butting in on your fight with Sultry Sue but I didn’t want you to kill her”

“It was none of your business. You should not meddle in others affairs”

Kat snorted. “If I remember right someone butted in on my affair when I was fighting Ashley”

Diane thought for a moment then…… “That’s different you’re a young girl you could have gotten hurt.”

“But you interfered and that’s just what you just said I shouldn’t do. So we’re even”

“Goodbye Kat..” Diane started to shut the door but the teenager put her hand on it.

“No that’s not it. You cannot tell me I am wrong when you did the same thing. I saved you from going to jail.”

Diane let go of the door and stepped up to the girl in the hallway. “Get out of here.”

Kat took an involuntary step back but then held her ground. “I will not. Not until you say it’s the same and apologize”

The two stared at each other inches apart. Kats eyes went to Diane’s hand briefly and saw it hover over the Colt peacemaker strapped to her hip.

“Are you thinking of shooting me Diane?”

“Not at all Katarina” Diane said with a coy smile. Her hand came up and shoved the girl backwards. Kat stumbled back across the hall and hit the door opposite hard.

“What…?” she heard yelled form inside.

She sprang off the door at the brunette advancing on her. Diane ripped the hat form the girls head throwing it aside and tore into that long red hair, just like her mothers. Katarina only let out a short moan. She grabbed the older woman’s forearm and that long French braid and pulled. Her momentum drove Diamond Diane back into room number 2. The brunette fought back struggling with the teenager. She drew her fist back and swung hitting Kat in the face. Kat staggered backwards and Diane went after her. They collided and slammed into the opposite door again.

“I said hold on.” came from inside.

Katarina swung Diane around and landed a solid punch to the woman’s face knocking her down. She dove on top of her but the brunette got her boots up and into the girls stomach and tossed her over her head. Kat landed hard on her back but quickly scramble to her feet just in time to catch Diane by the upper arms. The older woman drove the teenager backwards and against the stairs railing bending her back over it. The door they slammed into flung open and a cowhand in his union suit and one of the call girls emerged. he held a six shooter in his hand. When they saw the woman fighting, they stood in awe.

From down on the saloon floor a shout went out and fingers pointed upwards.


All eyes fixed on the two battling cats. They had each other by the upper arms and Diane pressed her body on the younger girl leaning her way out over the railing. Down below cowhands and call girls moved just in case someone fell, or was pushed. Kat gripped Diane’s arms and hooked her leg around the brunettesleg and grunted as she heaved to the side rolling the woman over on the railing. Now Diamond Diane hung over the edge. Kat held her tight pushing and pushing. Diane now hooked the girl’s leg and heaved standing them up. Kat tossed her long red hair out of her face.

“You better know what you’re getting into Kat..”

“You better know who you’re dealing with Diane..”

Now Diane tossed her long dark hair back from her face. They gripped arms tight and moved one another around and around trying to force each other back against the railing. Yanking and tugging they misjudged their location and hit the edge of the steps tumbling down head over heels to the landing. A gasp came from all the saloon patrons. On the landing, Kat shook her head to clear the cobwebs. She saw Diane starting to get up and lunged at her wrapping both arms around the woman’s waist and driving her backwards into the railing. The wooden railing cried out and split apart sending both of the over the edge and down another 8 feet onto a table which splintered apart dumping the two fighters onto the floor.

Diane first now cleared her head. Standing up amid the broken table and stair railing. Then Kristina Blanchard, the madam of the Soiled Dove stepped in between the two women.

“Lose the steel, ladies,” she said with her hands out. “No one needs any gunplay in this fight.”

Slowly Katerina and Diane removed their gunbelts and handed them to Kristina.

“Paula,” Kristina said handing the girl the two rigs, “Take these behind the bar for safe keeping. You may proceed.”

Diane swung out with a right fist that connect with Kat’s cheek and knocked her to her shapely backside. Dianegrabbed the long red hair and pulled the teenager to her feet. Kat was still shaken and groggily allowed herself to be hauled up by her hair. Diane reared back and swung her fist connecting with the girls jaw. Katarina stumbled backwards and into the crowd, which formed a half, circle three deep around the fighting women. They caught Katarina and stood her upright. In most fights, a move like this would result in the crowd throwing the fighter back into the fracas. However, this was one of their own, fighting a stranger, so they held her to let her catch her breath they slowly released her. Kat ran her hands thru her now disheveled long red hair and pushed her sleeves up over her elbows. She put her fists up and advanced slowly on the brunette. Diane stepped out of the wreckage onto the sawdust covered saloon floor and spit into both her hands the put her fists up. The crowd moved with them in one big circle.

“Give it to her Kat”

“Knock the bitch out Stevens”

“You can best her Katarina”

Diane, her long dark hair hanging half in her face tossing it back, her black shirt and pants now dust coated took notice that not one patron mentioned her name of shouted any encouragement. That was not good. They circled each other slowly moving around tables and chairs pushing people out of the way taking a few swings that missed. More and more people entered the saloon hearing about the fight. They waded in swinging.

SOCK SOCK SOCK…and got close enough where punches no longer did damage so they grabbed each other’s long hair and began pulling.

“Fight her Katarina rip her hair out”


“Ohhhh you little tramp”

“Oh yeah you dried up old whore”

They went against the far wall Kat pinning Diane to it. Diane got a hand in Kat’s face. Neither female had anything near nails but Diane’s fingers gouged the girl’s cheek. Kat grabbed Diane’s wrist pulling tearing the black shirt at the cuff. She then grabbed the upper arm yanking and tore the stitching from the shoulder separating the sleeve from the shirt. Diane shook the torn sleeve from her arm baring it. Diane got her hand back into the girls face pushing.


Kat got her own hand in Diane’s face going for her eyes. Diane yanked the redhead backwards and grabbed her wrist. They bent over and went down in the sawdust wrestling. Holding tight to the girl’s wrist ad pulling the red hair she rolled on top of the teenager. Kat arched her back pulling Diane’s hair and wrestled her over climbing on top. They rolled and wrestled across the saloon floor collecting sawdust and dirt.

“Come on Stevens get on top of her.”

“Pin her down Kat”

Diane pushed the gripped arm over rolling on top of the girl and locked her legs together around Kats. Their crotches and breasts pressed tight together. Diane let go of the wrist and punched her in the face. Kat shook her head as much as she could with the brunettes grip in her hair and punched back. Diane hit her again and Kat followed with another punch to the face.


Even some of the cowhands winced at the punches the girls thru at each other. Struggling to their feet Kat let loose with a haymaker, that caught Diane in the mouth sending her wheeling backwards. She wiped her bared arm across her mouth and the dark hairs on her arm came away bloody. Kat smiled that she drew first blood. Diane rushed the girl grabbing her arms. Kat gripped the woman back as she was driven backwards against the bar the crowd scattering out of the way. Holding the girl against the bar Diane tore at her shirt ripping it open revealing the teenagers massive breasts. Not to out done Kat tore open the black shirt of Diane showing the huge 36C’s. Diane got her hands up around the girl’s throat choking her. She laid hard onto the girl’s chest her hands gripping the slender throat. Bent over the bar at such an awkward angle Kat thought she heard her back crack. She clawed at Diane’s face so the brunette buried her face on the girls shoulder in the long red hair. Kat pounded on Diane’s back and punched her in the ribs and head. Starting to gag now and slipping slowly off the bar her hand s reached out to the sides to grip the bar and stay upright. Her right hand touched a bottle of whiskey. She gripped the bottle and with her other hand yanked Diane’s hair pulling her head back and smashed the bottle on the side of Diane’s head. The brunettestaggered backwards hand to her head. It came away bloody. She let out a yell and charged the girl. Kat did the same and they smacked together hard swinging fists.


When they finally stepped back from one another both were bleeding from noses and mouths. Bare arms wiped faces smearing blood. Both were on shaky feet now having trouble standing in one place and both fighting for air to breathe. They sucked in air and went at one another again this time wrapping arms around one another and going down on the floor. Diane had the upper, pushed herself up on one arm, and started pummeling Kat in the face and chest. Her huge breasts swinging as she punched. Kat did the best she could to fight back and block some of the swings but she was taking a beating. Blood from Diane dripped down onto the redhead. The crowd began to murmur. RepeatedlyDiane rained blow after blow to Katarina. When the girl stopped trying to defend herself the crowd jumped in and pulled the brunette now in a frenzy off the girl. Diane shrugged free and all most fell down. She staggered left and right trying to keep her feet. Her bared breasts were smeared with blood mostly her own from her nose and mouth. Most eyes were on her and there was no friendliness in any of them. A few knelt down to the prone teenager. Diane moved on unsteady feet to the bar.

“Give me my rig”

The bartender did not move.

“My gun give me my dam gun”

Most hands went to their side arms as the bartender slid the holstered gun down the bar to the woman. Diane grabbed it. She did not put it on but hugged it to her breasts and put her hand on the butt her thumb on the hammer. She looked behind her and backed towards the batwing doors. The crowd parted to let her by. She backed out the doors and turned down the wooden walkway glancing back over her shoulder expecting to see two or three guns pointed her way. None was there. As she reached the corner, a body loomed to the right. The Colt Peace Maker swung up and pointed at the face of Marshal Lewin.

“Whoaaaa…easy there…”

He pushed the gun to the side taking in the bloody woman in front of him.

“Diamond? What the hell?”

“I just had it out with Katarina Stevens in the Soiled Dove. I’m expecting to get shot right soon for what I did to her.”

Marshal Lewin looked down the street at the saloon. The batwing doors opened and a cowhand stepped out. He saw the Marshall and Diane and backed into the saloon. Lewin took Diane’s gun from her tucked it in his waist and took her arm guiding her on unsteady feet towards his office.

“You arresting me Marshal”

“That depends on if Kat walks out of the saloon or the undertaker carries her out.”

“Well he won’t be carrying her out but I doubt she’s gonna walk out none too soon.”

At the office, he unlocked the door and led Diane into a cell helping her lay down on the bunk. He went back to the door and a young black girl skipped by.

“Tessie…go get a bucket of water and some bandages and tend to Ms Diane there and I’ll give you some coins.”

The girl looked around him at the laid out bloody woman. She held out her hand to which he plopped down a few coins and she took off running. Shortly she returned carrying a splashing bucket of water and some white cloths over her shoulder. He let her in and she began cleaning Diane up.

“Marshal…you better come. Ahna Stevens just rode hard into town and to the Soiled Dove and she looks none too happy.”

The messenger took off back to the saloon not wanting to miss anything.

“Tessie, you keep cleaning and tending to Ms. Diane. I am gonna lock this door. Don’t open it to anyone but me understand?”

The girl nodded her head and he left the office headed to the Dove. Ahna Stevens slid form the horse not bothering to tie it up. A messenger too had come to the ranch and informed her of the fight between Diane and Kat. She rode as fast as she could. Busting thru the batwing doors and seeing her bloody daughter now held up and leaning against the bar, she pulled her gun and yelled…

“Where you at Diamond Diane? You are going to pay for this”

“Mom…it was a fair fight’

“It was, it was a fair fight Ahna,” someone added.

“Yeah Ahna it was fair”

“And I started it mom. I provoked her into it. She got the best of me. She’s the better woman”

The batwing doors pushed open and Marshall Lewin stood in them. Ahna holstered her gun and pushed her sleeves up.

“Where is she Lucky? She and I have some fighting to do”

“You need to simmer down Ahna. Diane is in my office and Kat there did some good damage to her she is in no condition to fight you. Now you best take care of Kat for the time being”

“Ahna, Kats in no condition to travel right now we’ll take her upstairs and tend to her here.”

Ahna turned back to the Marshal.

“You let me know as soon as that cow turd walks out of your office. You hear me.” Ahna pushed some of the crowd aside so she could help carry Kat up the stairs to the rooms above.

“First drink is on the house…..” the call went out.

Diane left the Marshall’s office a day after her fight with Katarina Stevens at the Soiled Dove saloon. Marshal Lewin allowed her to recuperate there until she could at least walk. Diane and Ahna Stevens’s teenage daughter, Katarina had gotten into a wild catfight brawl at the saloon after Kat had gone to talk with Diane and explain the reason she had not allowed Diane to possibly kill Sultry Sue during a fight. Diane took offense to the girl being there and what she called “interfering in matters that were none of her business.” Kat however brought the point that Diane, upon their first meeting had interrupted a catfight between Kat and Ashley Simmons so it was the very same situation, and then the brawl broke out. After it was over Katarina had taken a pretty bad beating in front of the hometown crowd, which at this point was not to favorable towards the brunette stranger. Kat’s mother came seeking revenge but cooled down a bit when Kat convinced her that she and Diane had a fair fight and that she, Kat, had even started it.
Never the less Ahna Stevens was still going to have words or fists with Diamond Diane.

During the brawl in the saloon, Diane got the distinct feeling that the crowd was totally against her and when she nearly beat the young girl senseless felt very threatened and that it was time to leave Silvertown and head back home. She did want to at least say good-byeto Nettie the housekeeper and Maggie for their kindness. Therefore, after recovering for a week in an undisclosed place she loaded up her packhorse. Dressed in her Stetson, her long brown hair tied back, a tan long sleeve button front shirt, a gray split riding skirt and black leather calf high boots she headed for the Stevens ranch. Kat was still staying at the Soiled Dove and she assumed that Ahna would be there with her if only to visit or at the mercantile. So chances were good that the only people at the ranch would be Nettie and or Maggie. That however was totally not the case. She tied the two horses to the rail outside the main house and climbed the porch steps. She had an envelope with a note in at and had planned to askNettie to read it after she had left. Diane knocked on the door. Both she and Ahna gasped when Ahna opened the door.

“You have some nerve showing that face of yours of all places here.”

Ahna’s massive 36FF breasts heaved under her tight shirt. Her long fiery red hair was down over her shoulders. A tight white top and tan split skirt with riding boots.

“I came to say goodbye” she nodded towards the packhorse tied at the rail but did not offer that it was only Nettie and or Maggie she was seeking.

Ahna stepped back holding the door open not saying anything hoping the brunette would take the bait. She did. Diane stepped in. Ahna swung the door shut and walked around in front of Diane still not saying anything. Diane held the envelope out.

“Just a little appreciation for your hospitality”

“To which you beat my daughter almost to death”

Diane gazed down at the floor, then to the left and right.

“It was a fair fight Ahna”

“So I’ve heard. And you I understand are the better woman because of it. Maybe you would like to see if you’re the better woman against me?”

Diane looked the redhead in the eyes. Then slowly undid her rig taking it off and placing it on a settee’ near the door. Ahna unbuttoned her sleeves and started rolling them up but Diane her eyes still locked on the redhead began unbuttoning her shirt. Ahna smiled coyly and began unbuttoning her shirt. Diane removed her shirt and dropped it on the floor then reached behind her and undid her skirt letting it fall to the floor and stepping out of it. Her hands went on her hips as she stood in front of Ahna in crotchless pantaloons and her leather boots. A thick mass of dark hair protruded from the opening in her crotchlesspantaloons. While Ahna removed, her shirt and skirt in crotchless pantaloons with a mass of red hair visible in her crotch Diane undid the ties in her long brown hair.

Taking deep breaths the two women went at each other. They grabbed upper arms and began to fight. They swung each other around as they moved into the room long hair flying about. Ahna shoved the brunette down onto a sofa coming half on top of her. She had one foot on the floor and her other leg on the sofa straddling Diane. She let go of Diane’s arm and smacked her hard across the face.


Diane’s head rocked but her fist flew up connecting with Ahna and knocking her backwards onto the other end of the sofa. Diane wasted no time in diving on top of her and grabbing that red hair. Ahna dug into Diane brown hair and rolled them off the sofa to the floor. The two women rolled each other across the floor body to body until they hit up against a chair. Picking each other up by the hair, they went onto the overstuffed chair, which tipped over backwards spilling them both back onto the floor. The pantaloon top portions on both woman came down underneath their breasts exposing the four massive mounds of bouncing flesh. And both women had their eyes on those mounds of flesh. As they hit the floor behind the overturned chair, Diane let go of her hair hold and dug into the double F’s of Ahna.

“Ohhhh…you wicked witch you”

In turn, the redhead grabbed both of Diane’s smaller but large breasts and gripped.

“Ahhhhhhhh……….you bitch you”

Getting to their feet, again Diane swung a fist connecting on Ahna’s mouth splitting her lip open. Tasting blood the redhead swung back giving the brunette what was bound to be a black eye by morning. Not satisfied about not drawing blood she grabbed the brunette by her arms and flung her into the wall. Ahna threw herself onto the woman grabbing one wrist and pinning it to the wall. Her other hand went low and found the patch of exposed bush protruding from the crotch less pantaloons and grabbed. Diane winced and grabbed at the red heads wrist pulling but only succeeded in helping Ahna pull the hairs. Both women were still wearing boots and Diane stopped down on Ahna’s instep. Ahna howled in pain and let go hopping backward on one foot. Diane pushed off the wall and tackled the woman right into a cupboard where Nettie kept all of the Sunday good dishes and glassware. The cabinet toppled over with the two fighting females and most everything in it exploded in a shower of glass and china. Diane and Ahna rolled away from the mess unscathed although Ahna’s split lip dripped blood down on the brunette under her and also down over her massive 36 double F breasts. Once again, they got to their feet.


They traded punches back and forth to the face and head. Booted feet kicked at ankles, legs, and attempts at womanhoods. A solid punch by Diane sent the redhead into the wall. Diane now wiped blood from her nose. Ahna hit the wall hard stunning her and her jaw. Her hand flew out to stop the crash into the wall but failed. It did however fall upon her rig hanging on a post. In a sheath attached to the back of the belt was the large hunting knife just given to her as a gift. An evil glare crossed Ahna eyes as she withdrew the long knife from the sheath.

Diane was advancing on her but stopped seeing the blade pulled out and began to slowly backtrack looking around for a weapon of her own. She backed into the eating kitchen area alongside the large table. On the table was a wooden bowl of fruit. Diane grabbed an apple and hurled it at the advancing redhead. Ahna easily ducked it. Diane began tossing everything in the bowl at the redhead. When it emptied, Ahna lunged. The brunette caught the knife wrist and a handful of long tangled knotted red hair. She pulled Ahna around and onto the table climbing up and on top of her. Ahna grabbed the brunettes arm and pushed rolling her over on the table and throwing her leg over got on top of Diane. Their exposed bushes mashed together as well as their massive breasts.



The struggle over the knife was very strenuous. Ahna on top using her weight to push down on the arm with the knife. Diane under her gripping tight teeth clenched pushing the held wrist upward. Both women grunting groaning and moaning. Diane slowly managed to roll them over and get back on top. As she did she felt the hairs of her bush tangling with Ahna’s bush and snapping apart; the sensation was hypnotizing but she was in no position right now to expand on it. Ahna too felt the sensation and underneath the brunette she began pushing her hips up into Diane’s bush. Diane pushed the knife out over the edge of the table and tried to bend the wrist holding it backwards in an effort to make her drop it.


Her wrist bent backwards Ahna let the blade drop to the floor. Her other fist connected with Diane’s head stunning the brunette. Ahna rolled form under her but Diane got her from behind. They reared up onto he knees onto he t able Diane behind the redhead and reaching around grabbing as much as she could of those massive breasts.


Diane rubbed and squeezed and clawed and pushed and pulled on the huge tits. Ahna pulled at the brunettes hands trying to dislodge them from her breasts. She flung her head backwards connecting with Diane’s nose, whichinstantly made her release her tit hold and immediately spurted blood down the back of Ahna’s pantaloons. Before Ahna could do, anything Diane jumped on her wrapping her arms around the woman’s neck from the back and taking her down on the table. They rolled off the edge onto a chair, which broke under their combined weight and sent them to the floor. Getting up slowly both exhausted and their fronts covered in blood, breathing heavy they grabbed upper arms and began a slow struggle twisting each other back and forth moving slowly about the eating area. Banging into wooden counters, they knocked over a large bucket of cleaning water, which drenches their lower pantaloons and the exposed bushes. Getting each other in ahead lock, they go down on the wet floor wrestling. Back and forth, they struggling half rolling each other over. Their long knotted hair dragging in the water. Diane’s hand went back to one huge massive tit grabbing it tight and clawing. Ahna gritted her teeth against the pain but grabbed Diane’s 36C and mauled it.



Their rolling back and forth pushed their wet bushes together. The rubbing began to have an effect on them both as they both began to grind pussies into each other. Legs locked together tight. Ahna reached down between them and grabbed Diane’s pantaloons and tore the opening bigger. She needed no help from Diane as she ripped open her own pantaloons. Now fully exposed cuntspressed hard into each other. With an arm around each other’s neck and the other arm around their bodies, they rolled back and forth both trying to remain on top. Diane hips gyrated into Ahna’s in a slow circle tangling the wet pubic hairs making them snap and pull. With each snap of a hair, both women gasped. Ahna got on top of Diane and used her massive tits to smother Diane’s smaller ones. The hard erect nipples form the 4 mounds pressing and stabbing into each other making them both moan. Hips now gyrated harder up and down and in wider circles rubbing pressing. Diane on top Ahna on top Diane on top. Diane’s arms wrapped around the redhead tighten. She paused in her grinding and Ahna felt the wetness run over her. When Diane stopped pulsing Ahna turned her over getting on top and began grinding as hard as she could. Although spent the brunette raised her hips to meet the redheads down thrust, In seconds Ahna stiffened and now Diane felt the wetness run over her.

No words were spoken as they rolled off each other. Blood and cum covered, they laid on their backs. Diane moved first, got up on weak legs and stumbled back into the living room where she donned her skirt and shirt. The redhead was still prone on the floor an arm over her eyes. Her massive FF’s rising and falling. Diane grabbed her rig and Stetson and pushed out the door. She untied the horse and with great effort climbed into the saddle. She gave a last look around the Stevens ranch before pulling the reins and heeling the horse towards the dirt road and home.

This particular tale is to be continued as a part of Diane’s stories.

But to move on with the series, head through to Chapter 8!

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  1. Giannis says:

    A great finale for Diane in Ahna’s novel. Well written, good plot, catfights that turn to p@ssy to p@ssy f@cking…
    Bravo Diane !! Your synonymous heroine will go on with her personal adventurous story so i look forward for more chapters like this one !!


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