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This Site Contains Graphic, Violent, Sexual, and Mature Content Unsuitable for Those Under the Age of 18 Years Old.

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IF YOU ARE YOUNGER THAN 18, it means you should click the back button on your browser or close this tab. Even if you think you are mature — even if you think you’ve seen it all and that you can handle whatever lies beyond this splash page, you should still leave.

IF YOU ARE 18 OR OLDER, ask yourself how you feel about catfights? Sexfights? Titfights? Have you heard those terms before? Do they sound offensive or enticing — halting or hot?

Would you like to read stories about women fighting and competing with each other because of the thrill it brings them? Clashing and clawing at one another — their hearts filled with jealousy and hatred? How about a pair of star-crossed rivals fated to writhe, wrestle, and war until one has finally been conquered, punished, and humiliated?

If you aren’t already turned on by reading the above, do not enter this site.

This Site is a Labor of Love, Set Up for the Benefit of the Fem Fight Community. No Money is Generated in Any Way From the This Site or its Content. In Fact, This Site Costs Me (Rival's Rapture) Hundreds of Dollars A Month Just To Stay Online.