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Two New Sidekick Stories!

Let’s Party and A Social Affair!

New Chapter of JustLooking9000‘s The Duel Room Series!

-“Mmmpphfff-” Each muffle and plea for mercy was met with silence as the Chinese goddess began smothering the blonde, punishing her insolence by sealing her inside a bosomy tomb. Alan could only watch with awe as Cindy’s tits expanded and swelled up into epic proportions as they swayed back and forth, smothering his Jennifer into submission.

Before releasing her opponent, Cindy aggressively shoved her magnificent chest into Jennifer’s tits several times, drawing weak groans and yelps from the blonde. With fear in her eyes, Jennifer watched as her once proud tits were devoured by Cindy’s bountiful chest. Her stockings were torn with holes in them and the tension only made the tears stretch even further to the point where she was now completely naked. The blonde amazon tried to cry out for mercy, but each following shove knocked the breath out of her.

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Chapter 6 of Ahna Brown‘s Wild West Wildcats Series is Here!

When Maria hit Nettie with her body, the momentum sent the pair rolling together naked in the grass. Their massive tits were pressed so tightly together, it looked like to balloons about to pop. Hands fell into tangled and knotted hair as the mature voluptuous women went at it like cats. Maria rolled on top and grabbed Nettie by the throat and started to squeeze. The black woman coughed out and tried to buck the Mexican woman off of her. When that didn’t work, Nettie grabbed the swinging breasts and tried to crush them in her fingers. Still, Maria didn’t let go. Nettie was starting to see black but she reached down with her left hand and grabbed the thick black pubic mound of Maria and pulled. The Mexican screamed in agony and tried to get off the black women but Nettie held her tightly. They worked their way to their knees and Maria grabbed a handful of Nettie’s black bush as she pushed the black woman’s right breast to her mouth and she bit down.

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A New Chat-Log by ThePurpleVixen vs. MishRocks on FCF

In her debut on Fights.Sexy ThePurpleVixen proves she is one of the best writers in our entire community!

See the proof in her Fighty-Award-worthy performance in Chopped! with Mish! Each of whom bring the creativity, the humor, and the thunder (at least to each other) in a story you will never forget!

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Standing Catball Video — Yuuuummmm

Click to Watch – Warning: Has Sound

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