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Giannis’ Stories

About the Author

As long as I can remember, I have been a trib and sexfight fan. And after reading many of them, I decided to start writing some of my own.

As a reader, I prefer to read about sexfights between two consenting adults – with a lot of tribbing action and a lot of trash talk. The stories I enjoy have a nice plot, clever/humorous dialogue, a building erotic tension between the women who maintain prime roles, and – if possible, a twist. With all that being said, I am for hot, well-written sexfights, regardless of whether they are friendly or not. Though, the friendly sexfights are my cup of tea.    

You see, in a friendly sexfight, there is no real rivalry between the two women. The two women may be lovers, friends, neighbors, colleagues, or even two women who just met who feel an erotic tension building between them. Such women find a reason to consider themselves rivals, not a real reason, but just one that allows for their rivalry to grow. They use it in order to share some wild fucking moments together because of the heat of their contest. During their attempts at oufucking each other, they feel a certain passion that excites them. Their real feelings for each other (loving, friendly, tender feelings, whatever) return after the end of their sexfight match, and their “rivalry” is gone until their next sexfight.

As a writer, I prefer to write about anything that excites me. So… now that you have read my preferences as a reader, you have an idea as to what my stories are about and how they build. Not always, but often.

I love feedback and am open to criticism, as long as it isn’t offensive. 

Personal Quotes:

  1. Two women making love and two women to fucking each other’s brain out are two different things!
  2. A sexfight has to do with wild fucking (mostly trib) whether it is a friendly sexfight or not.
  3. A sexfight is (should be) a synonym for “competitive trib”.


If you’d like to contact Giannis, head over to his author’s forum!

Giannis’ Stories

The Prize

“And if I win…?”

“IF you win, your son will win be the fifth from his class who will travel to Europe. It’s a promise. I don’t want to do anything that makes you happy, but I have nothing against your son and I always keep my promises. Now bitch, did you heard enough to lock this door or are you afraid of the woman who stole your husband? A chicken even after all your clucking.”

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The Draw

“’I’ll fuck your brains out!’ she cried wildly, as she pushed her pussy against mine. When our clits touched again, I felt my body trembling. I had to do something before this bitch made me cum like mad!

“Let’s see who will fuck the other first!’ I said, pushing my whole lower body against hers as tightly as possible. She counter-attacked me the same way. We started a to and fro movement, like we were a man and woman couple. We rubbed our clits as hard as we could, we bit each other’s legs, we started the provocative dirty talking again. Just minutes ago, I had thought that we were going to fuck each other like two bitches in heat. I was wrong. We didn’t fuck each other LIKE two bitches in heat, in those moments WE REALLY WERE two bitches in heat!

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Walls Have Ears

“I think that you are right. It’s written for you and me. Of course, before I say definitely ‘yes’ I have to read all the script, we have to discuss about the director, the man who is going to have the leading male role… I’ll ask my manager about my reward…” 

“Fuck you Demi! We are going to see all these on the way! You know the story, are you in or  not? I don’t ask you to sign up now!” “Only one condition. I’ll be the woman who finally wins the sexfight!” For a few seconds John didn’t hear anything more. Then Sharon spoke again. Her voice sounded cold, but he could sense the hidden intensity. “What did you say my dear?” “I will be the woman who wins the sexfight. Or else I think that I’m wasting my time here!”

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A Sexfight Lesson

“YOU are my whore now! You are at my mercy!” Alice murmured stopping for a while. “Say it!”

“YES ! I AM YOUR WHORE NOW!” Mona cried as she bucked her hips against Alice’s face.

“DON’T STOP! I’M CLOSE!” she cried feeling Alice’s mouth and tongue attack her pussy again like a hungry wild animal. “I AM FUCKING CLOSE!”

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The Seduction

“The two women cleaned their bodies from the salt and the sand, chatting for a minute or two. They had turned their back to Mona as they watched the people around them.

“Come on guys! I also have showers in my house you know… Stop chatting and get ready to go. We have some shopping to do before to return home!”

Instinctively, Eldora and Penny turned around to see Mona. However, as they turned around their bare breasts were suddenly in touch.

Eldora and Penny. A stepmother with her stepdaughter or a “mommy” with her “baby girl” as they used to call each other. An accidental touch of their bare breasts.

Unintentionally, just for a couple of seconds. All OK then, right?

WRONG!! Let’s try again…

Eldora and Penny, a horny MILF lusting for a horny young adult woman and a horny young woman lusting for horny MILF. A red-haired and a black-haired sexfighter, both ready to reply to any challenge.

So, Eldora and Penny felt the touch of the other’s nipples on her own like a challenge. Instinctively, before they thought about it, they reacted the only way a sexfighter reacts when she thinks that a hot woman challenges her, pushing her breasts to her. They both pushed forwards so for a couple of seconds, their breasts and their nipples were pressed tightly together.”

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Sexfight in the Deep Dark

Gina started to step forward in the deep darkness. She could not see almost anything. Then she saw something which looked like a human body to get closer to her, “She must be Betty” she thought and she stopped a little before to touch her. Betty must had seen her too, because she did the same.

The two women stayed motionless for a minute or so, trying to see better each other in the deep dark. All they could see was that they were about the same height.

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