Sexfight in the Deep Dark by Giannis

A sexfight story with a twisting end to surprise you. Read it then then choose the option your fantasy prefers about what may happen next… . 

This story is for adult people who do not feel annoyed by very explicit erotic scenes between two women. 

The plot is fictional. Any resemblance to any real person is purely incidental.

Before the story to start, I let you know that English is not my native language. I am sorry but you may find some grammar/phrasal errors.  


Gina (not her real name of course, you do not participate in a sexfight tournament using your real name) looked at her clock as she was driving her red Chevrolet the faster she could. The tournament may had already started and she was still in the street, because of an accident that had happened to the car in front of her. 

Gina was a rather tall beautiful woman with natural long black curly hair. When she was a teen she had taken quite some lessons of wrestling and self-defense, she still did some gym exercises whenever she had time for it. So, despite her 42 years, she had a hot and sexy body that could easily belong to a much younger woman. She had nice long legs, a tight ass, big round tits and a flat stomach. Her beautiful black eyes and her full lips completed the look of a desirable MILF. 

“At last” Gina said as after a sharp bend of the road she saw the lights of the big modern building in front of her. She rode fast to the parking area where many cars were already parked. A minute later she crossed furiously a revolving door, then she entered to a hall where two women were sitting in front of their lap tops.

“May I help you ?” one of the women asked her. She was a middle aged blond woman who although she was getting mature she did not lost a lot of the beauty she might had years ago. “But I look better” Gina thought. 

“I am here for the sexfight in the deep dark tournament” she said, without to feel any hesitation. “A car accident happened in front of me and I lost some time waiting there. Am I too late ?”

“No you aren’t” The other woman said as she smiled to Gina. She was a brown haired MILF, probably a few years younger than the other one. Her eyes looked all of the hot beauty in front of her without to try to hide it. “Ten minutes later it would be late but you are lucky. And a good fast driver I can add ! Your name please ?”. 

Gina gave her name and the brown haired MILF looked at the screen of her lap top. “Yes… here you are… Nick name Gina X. The photo you sent is obviously very recent. Let me see… You have paid your ticket, your yesterday medical exams were OK… you are a consented adult of course, or else you would not be here… all the rest personal details we have asked you to send to us were checked and they are OK… Yes ! Welcome to the second sexfight in the deep dark tournament !” 

“Thanks ! Now… where to go ? I also want to ask some questions, the document was not so descriptive”. 

“The document could not have a lot of details, we must be cautious…” said the blond woman. “Sometimes devil is not hidden in the details, as the saying goes, it may be in the minds of those who may read the document by mistake or not… I hope you understand… Follow me please, I will reply to all the questions you may have” she added as she got up, closing her laptop. “By the way… my name is Tara. She is Lily” she said showing the brown haired MILF.  

“I am Gina, but I guess you already know that” said Gina smiling at them. “I hope to see you again Lily” she said to the brown-haired MILF, glancing in a flirty way at her.

“I want that too” replied the brown-haired MILF, same way.   

Gina followed Tara, hoping that the blonde was not annoyed because she and Lily kept her out of the short flirting scene.   

Tara opened a door and she entered to another room. Gina followed her. It was a room with a big massage bed in the center of it and a shower in a corner. 

“Take a shower at first.   Then I will answer to your questions while I will give a massage to you. The disinfectant soap you will use has not a perfume. You will be perfumed by me during the massage. Use this plastic bag for all your clothes. You will get them again after your match”.  

Gina took off all of her clothes and she put them in a dark blue  plastic bag. She did not hesitate to take them off. It was not the time to be ashamed to be nude in front of Tara who admired her body without to hide it. She noticed that the bag had a number on it, a 152 with big red letters. 

“The tournament must have a lot of sexfighters” she said as she entered to the shower. 

“You can bet” Tara said as she opened a small door behind her, tossing the bag there. “We have almost the triple women than last year. However the number is not in ascending order, it is randomly chosen”.  

“We may be not a very big town” Gina said, opening the hot water. “but we have a lot of hot bitches here, that’s for sure”

Ten minutes later Gina had finished her shower and she let Tara to help her to wipe her body and her hair. Then, following Tara’s hint she laid on her belly on the massage table. 

“Well…” she started as she felt Tara’s fingers on her neck, “how this sexfight starts ?”

“When I will have finished your preparation, you will stay full nude. Then you will only wear a red domino, covering all of your body and your face. Only two holes to see through” said Tara as she let quite some oil of an intensive perfume to fall on Gina’s back making her to shiver. “You will have two well placed by me small ear-phones to play a specific noise which will not be heard by you. You will listen anything, it will only inhibit you to listen the real voice of your competitor. The same of course will happen to her. So, if you are a trash talker… call her names and talk dirty as much as you like”  Tara went on with a laugh. “Do not worry, these earphones may harm you if you use them more than 4 to 5 hours. Your match will last about 1,5 hour, 2 hours maximum, so… Believe me we did a meticulous check up, we do not like troubles and sues…”

“…Your usual perfume will not be used…” Tara went on “…you will see almost nothing in the deep dark, all the women’s hair are covered by a wig if they have long hairs like you. We also use extensions if their hairs are short. So…you will not recognize your competitor during the match, you may also meet each other tomorrow in public, nothing will happen. Especially if you have not met before. However, you must take some risk… The only thing we can not guarantee 100% is that you will not recognize each other. It is very difficult though, literally speaking it is a sexfight in the deep dark. As far as we know, after last year’s tournament none of the sexfighters found out who their competitor was. Unless they wanted so but this is something that has not to do with us”.  

“Last year the competitors were much less than now so this year it is more probably a not wanted recognition to happen. We are a lot of hot biches in this town but not so many a risk to can be totally avoided” 

“True… As I said… it is up to you baby. If you do not want any risk at all… I can stop” 

“No, go on, it’s fine. When I will take off the red domino ?” 

“You will not ! You will meet your competitor in the center of a dark room. You will take each other’s domino’s off. This will be the first touch you will have with your competitor’s flesh. It is an exciting process, especially if you are good in preliminary erotic games. You may do it slowly in a sensuous way or in a fast and furious way, it is up to you. Same goes for her”. 

“…All the room can be used as a ring” Tara went on while she massaged Gina, “… the floor is covered by a foam-rubber mattress. You will enter to the ring, I will close the door behind you. Your competitor will enter from the other side of the ring. You will stay with your back on the wall next to the door. In silence. Your competitor will do the same… There are two air conditions for fresh air on the ceiling and two other women in the room. They will stay far away of you two, watching you two using special glasses with ultra-red abilities to see you two clearly in the deep dark. Yes, like those all the military groups use in order to see better at night, if not better as these glasses are very expensive. The two women will not interfere unless they feel that something bad and serious may happen. During a sexfight match things may go out of control sometimes, so these women they will be there to stop in time anything harmful. They will see you, you will not see them. These two will be your invisible referees. Lay on your back now”

“Will I know who these invisible referees are ?” Gina asked as she changed position, showing her firm breasts and her erect nipples to Tara. Then she moaned as the blonde’s fingers started to massage her breasts. Her body was full of that aromatic oil now, Tara’s devilish fingers were everywhere on her body, exciting her. 

“No” Tara replied lightly squeezing her nipples. 

“To turn me on may be a part of my preparation” Gina thought enjoying the caresses that Tara’s expert fingers were giving to her. 

“…It is strictly forbidden…”, Tara went on, “…unless something bad will happen. The least you know about your competitor and the two referees, the better for all”.

“So… the two referees…”

“…they will tell us who the winner was. No record will be kept though, it is prohibited as well. After the match we forget all about the sexfight, we also delete all the personal data you have given to us. That’s the way we work, that’s why so many women trust us”.

 “I could find a competitor for a sexfight match, without all that money and trouble”

“Yes you could. You can hire a call girl and to go in a hotel’s dark room. You can play that game with your female lover too. That’s true… But you know who these women are from the very beginning… Though, in this tournament, your competitor may be a neighbor, a college or a working girl, the wife or the daughter of a celebrity, or a celebrity by herself ! All are welcome as long as they can prove their good health. Being between 20-45 years old, also being able to pay the needed money to unleash their sexfight lust in this tournament. That’s the thrill you pay for ! You will never know but when you see one of them you will think… “maybe I have fucked her brains’ out or she has fucked mine. The fact that you do not know your competitor protects you, your family, your career, your reputation… Same for them. That’s why all the sexfighters here are eager to face one another in a sexfight match, trying to fuck each other’s brain out !” 

“You know who I am, isn’t it ?”

“I KNEW it, you can bet, but I do not know now I prepare you for the match. I have a sudden memory loss… “

Gina laughed. “So, these two invisible referees, will only monitor at us ?”  

“Most of the time. “They will also give you the domino after the match and the will lead you here again for all the rest. To take your clothes, to have a shower if you want…” 

“You know that Gina is not my real name, isn’t it ?”

“Really ? Never crossed from my mind” Tara said with an obviously fake surprised voice. “I am not blind my dear… I can read magazines and newspapers, I can watch TV news… But as I said… my memory loss… Loosen up my dear…” Tara added changing the tone of her voice while she was caressing Gina’s breasts. ”…a black mail scandal, if this is what you are afraid of, will cost a lot of money to us, plus a not so comfortable cell in a jail. Not the best for a so promising job… Besides… most of you have useful friendships. Police officers, lawyers, you can also find all the needed people for a dirty job against us if necessary… No… we prefer to keep a low profile without all the complications a blackmail will bring… Yes, you take some risk, that’s true. You cannot avoid it, you may do not want to believe me. But that’s what we offer honey… You can still take it or leave it”.

“No, no, it’s OK” Gina replied. “I just had to ask”. 

 “I understand… You are not the only one who is wondering for these details.” 

“And the money ?”

“You have already paid two tickets. If you will be beaten by your competitor, we will keep all that money from you. If you will beat your competitor though, you will pay nothing, we will keep the two tickets from her, we will return all the money to you. Plus a dollar, to remember the match !”

“If we have a tie…”

“It is rare, but yes, it may happen. If there is not a winner in 1,5-2 hours, meaning that none of you two accepts that she has lost, then the two referees decide. If they disagree then it is a real tie. Each of you will finally pay only for your ticket. We will return the cost of the other woman’s ticket to you. No winning dollar to any of you as well”.

Gina had not any other questions. Last minutes Tara’s expert fingers travelled all over her body massaging, squeezing, caressing, lighting small fires to every part of her. When Tara finished her massage Gina felt active, all fresh, in perfect mood  and… most of all she felt excited. 

Then Tara placed two very small earphones to Gina’s ears and she turned them on using a small device like a TV control. Then she chose a light brown short-haired wig  to cover all her hairs. She carefully placed the wig on Gina’s head, fastening it up. Then she gave a mirror to Gina.

“Well ?” she asked. Gina felt surprised, she clearly heard Tara’s voice but it sounded very different. She looked at the mirror. She also looked different with the wig Tara gave to her. She preferred how she was before but the change of her hairs did not bothered her. 

“OK, I think” she said, being surprised again. It felt so weird to speak with another tone of voice. “Yes, I look and I sound different” she added. “Good job Tara. You do all these to all the competitors ?”

“No. To some women we do less changes, for example to some women we only add earphones. The women must not know if their competitors have changed comp, hair’s color or not. We also examine them for any physical imperfection which can be felt by another woman during the sexfight. It is not allowed a woman to compete having one”

“Yes, you really do your best to keep our anonymity” 

“We do… Now, the last thing…I am going to add a tattoo at the inner part of your right arm, a little lower than your armpit. This is your identity number. When you will finish the sexfight, you will take a shower and you will wipe your arm well till to remove it. It is quite easy. It is optional to do it later at home but I highly recommend to all the competitors to do it right after their sexfight. It is like a sign for someone who knows about this tournament to understand that you also were here competing. Some women prefer to keep it, like a reminder of their sexfight here. Especially if they won. I strongly recommend to remove it either you win or not. Or else… it’s your own risk” 

“I understand. I will do it” Gina said. Tara raised Gina’s right arm and she expertly added a tattoo with the black number “152” on it.

“Now you are ready honey” Tara said when she finished. “Take on your kimono and follow me”. 


Five minutes later Gina was left alone, leaning on the wall of a dark room. She felt alone but she knew she was not. Her competitor was also there, the two referees were also there. The room was not very big, as Gina saw the moment she opened the door to come in, but it was more big than enough to be used as a ring. Gina followed Tara’s instructions and she left her shoes next to the door as she came into the room. Now she was bare footed, she felt the thick foam-rubber mattress to her feet. 

“The dark is deep but not terrifying deep” she thought. “Besides if any of us had a problem with the deep dark, she would not be here” True is that she said all these to encourage herself to not be afraid. Deep dark was a little terrifying for her but she knew she could get used of it. 

“Welcome to the sexfight in the deep dark tournament” a female voice sounded in the dark room. I am Roxie, one of your referees, the other one is Kelly. Nick names of course”. 

“Welcome to the sexfight tournament” another female voice sounded from the other side of the room. 

“Betty, Gina”, Roxie went on,  “you will sexfight one another”. 

Your sexfight opponent may be your neighbor, your colleague, your friend, a star you have seen in TV, or – as in most of the cases happen – a woman you do not know at all. That’s the magic of this tournament, you two have nothing to settle but in a few minutes you will fuck each other like two wild animals. There is no reason for this sexfight except your desire to sexually overpower your competitor, proving you are better than her in sex. Also, to satisfy your deep need for a wild fuck under these circumstances. 

…The real identity of your competitor is well hidden from each of you. The deep dark, the earphones you wear, the wig you may wear, a change of your usual perfume… they all help to this. Thanks to the special binoculars with ultra-red lens we use, we can watch you two very well”

“The rules are well explained to you…”. Roxie went on, “…If there is no winner during 1.5-2 hours we will decide who was the better sexfighter between you two. You know the rules… Winner of the match will be the one who will make her competitor to come to an orgasm more times or to be too exhausted to go on. Scratches, pussy or tit mauling, hits on face, anything that can cause bleeding or a lot of pain is not permitted. You are here to sexfight, not to catfight. If any of you violates these rules, she will lose the sexfight. No warning, not a second chance”.   

“Betty” is that clear ? Kelly’s voice sounded this time. 

“Clear” ! A female voice opposite to Gina sounded. Gina did not pay attention at her voice, she knew that she could not hear the real voice of her competitor. 

Betty was a tall brown-haired woman with big breasts and a slender body that could not be unnoticed by anyone. Gina could not see her but Roxie and Kelly could admire her fabulous body. 

“Gina is that clear” ? Kelly asked again. 

“Clear !” Gina replied.  

“OK… Then you can move straight ahead until you meet each other. The sexfight is on !”

Gina started to step forward in the deep darkness. She could not see almost anything. “Gina, try to step a little to the right” she heard Roxie’s voice, “Betty, do the same. That’s it, now better”. 

Gina walked a few steps forwards following the instructions without to see anything. Then she saw something which looked like a human body to get closer to her, “She must be Betty” she thought and she stopped a little before to touch her. Betty must had seen her too, because she did the same. 

The two women stayed motionless for a minute or so, trying to see better each other in the deep dark. All they could see was that they were about the same height. 

Then Betty did the first move. She raised her right hand and she touched Gina’s face over her domino. Gina felt Betty’s fingers to find her cheeks, then her lips, to lightly caress her. At the same time Betty came closer to her, now their covered by the domino breasts were in a light touch. A light but thrilling touch… 

“Hello Gina…” her competitor said in a low husky voice. “I am Betty, your sweetest and wildest nightmare till to surrender”

The complete dark, the touch of Betty’s hands on her kimono covered breasts, her provocative and challenging talk had a thrilling effect on Gina. She already felt hot and excited. She returned the light caresses on her competitor’s covered face. Her other hand searched for Betty’s body, she found her waist and she lightly hugged her in a clumsy way.  

“Hello Betty…” she replied in an also low voice, dragging her competitor closer to her. “I have no plan to surrender to you. I will make you to come and to come again till your pussy to be a big dry nothing”

“We will see…” Betty murmured angrily in a louder voice. Her hands were on Gina’s waist but not to hug her this time. She raised Gina’s domino up, and then as Gina had no reason to resist, she took all of it over Gina’s head and she tossed it away. Gina let her, next second she did the same… 

Now the two women were completely naked. Two figures in the dark who immediately drug each other in a tight hug. An excited moan escaped from their semi opened mouths as their nipples touched. After an almost instant search, one of their hands were on each other’s hairs. Not to hair pull each other but to drag one other’s heads close. Next second their mouths were fully opened, then they sealed together, while their tongues started to wrestle. 

The two women groaned as their hardened breasts crushed tightly together, nipple pecking nipple, then rubbing together in a slow and sensual rubbing motion. They both tangled their hands to the other’s hair, pulling each other closer, making their open mouthed kisses to be more intense. They kissed each other furiously that way for quite some minutes, fighting to out-kiss each other. 

“I thought that this was a sexfight tournament in deep dark” Betty groaned breaking their kiss, “though, if you want to add some of this kiss-fight and tit-fight action, my pleasure to give you a lesson to that field as well” 

“A kiss-fight and some of breast to breast rubbing is often used in a sexfight” Gina replied hugging her opponent tighter. “It’s a heating up action, a foreplay for the pussy to pussy fucking that will follow. Maybe to go back to a sexfight school in order to attend some essential sexfight lessons ?”

“I do not need any lesson as you will find out soon. My tits will mash yours” moaned Betty while her tongue left Gina’s mouth. Next second Betty’s tongue followed an exciting path till to nest under Gina’s right ear.  

“Not possible ! My breasts will squash yours first ! Then your pussy will follow !!” the dark-haired beauty replied hugging her sexfight opponent harder, pushing her nipples to Betty’s more intensely. 

Betty groaned as a determined to win Gina attacked to her nipples again and again with her own. She started to quiver and to moan louder but she counterattacked grinding her tits to Gina’s. 

The two women pressed their breasts tightly together as they tit-fight each other for quite some time. Big, firm and hardened tits rubbed together or they pressed together as each of the  two sexfighters tried to push her opponent’s tits back. Erected nipples pushed tip to tip, turning the two sexfighters hotter. 

At the same time Gina and Betty were in a tight hug, their tongues wrestling intensely, invading to each other mouths, twirling together. The two amazons also pressed their hips together from time to time, their pussies temporarily feeling each other, their legs in touch, their thighs rubbing wildly to each other’s crotches.  

“Your tits are big enough and quite hard, I give you that” Gina said. “However my tits are bigger and harder, they will crush yours soon”   

“This can’t be happen, my tits are better” Betty replied. “But It’s time our pussies to fight !” Placing her right feet behind Gina’s left she pushed hard using a known Judo trick which caught the dark-haired sexfighter by surprise. Next second Gina was on her back on the thick carpet and Betty was on top of her. 

“Come on, you bitch!” Betty hissed. “Show me what a lesbian whore you really are ! My pussy can’t wait to destroy yours !” 

“My pussy will destroy yours !” Gina screamed trying to get rid of Betty in order to gain the advantageous on top position. The two women wrestled for as few minutes rolling across the carpet. They wrestled each other body to body moaning and cursing at each other. Betty was on top, then Gina was on top, their hands slapping and clutching each other’s firm buttocks, their tits rubbing together, their hardened nipples stabbing into each other’s dense tits. 

Finally, Gina pinned Betty to the carpet… “Now I’ve got you bitch!” she moaned. “I am going to fuck you like you have never been fucked before!”
“I will fuck you that way slut. I swear I will !” was Betty’s instant reply.  



With their huge tits mushrooming and sliding against each other and their hands on each other’s backs and buttocks Gina and Betty began to wrestle using their legs, each woman pushing a thigh against her rival’s pussy. Then Gina managed to get both of her legs between Betty’s legs and she began to rub her hot and wet pussy up and down against Betty’s hot and wet pussy. Their pussy lips were clinging, their hard swollen clits were fencing, wildly fighting one another like two angry snakes.  

Gina and Betty began to moan again and to gasp with sexual pleasure.

“I will fuck you till you scream, you will beg me to stop” Betty whispered as she bucked her hips up, grinding her pussy against Gina’s wet pussy even harder. 

“My pussy will fuck your pussy till to surrender you fucking bitch, it’s a promise !” Gina gasped as she lowered her face down toward Betty’s face. Next second their opened mouths collided again and their tongues started to fight like before. 

They both moaned as they shared a deep long kiss, their mouths pushing hard together, their tongues trying to force the rival tongue back into her mouth. Their kiss lasted several minutes, then Betty drew her face away for a few seconds in order to take a deeper breath. .
“You dirty whore!” Betty moaned then she plastered her mouth tightly to Gina’s, her tongue invading into her rival’s mouth again. Their tongue fight began again, the two amazons’ tongues twisting together in another long kiss. Their cunts were grinding, their fleshy little swords were pressing against each other, fencing each other hard, their nipples were also rubbing and sliding against each other. 

Many minutes passed that way, each of them turning the two women hotter than before.  Then Gina hugged Betty’s body tighter, pressing their grinding pussies even harder and she started again to slide her pussy on Betty’s with forceful down thrusts, causing her hardened swollen clit to rub wildly to  Betty’s hardened swollen clit. She was close to her own orgasm, she was feeling it, so she was determined to make Betty to come first.  She rocked her hips, grinding and fucking her sexual opponent harder than before. 

Betty felt her orgasm to approach, she also felt Gina’s tries, so she fought back with all her might. She lifted her hips, meeting each downward thrust of Gina’s hips with her own upward thrust. Their pussies were making a squishing noise as they met again and again, their breaths turned to faster, their nipples were temporarily twitching together. The time for the highest peak of their sexual pleasure was getting closer, the two amazons were also ready to welcome the sexual relief that was accompanying it. 

“It’s time to cum Betty” Gina said. “let yourself to fully enjoy the orgasm you want so much” .“Not before you !”Betty moaned.  
Gina felt that despite the fact they were both close to a heavy orgasm, her rival had not started to sexually surrender, she could still fight back and she was doing so very good.  

She had to try another trick. She stopped the grinding motion of her pussy to Betty’s pussy and she adjusted her hips in order their throbbing clits to be head to head. Then she started to grind their clits that way. She thrusted her hips downwards, pushing their clits together very hard, keeping the position they were now. 

Betty started to moan then to moan louder. The feeling of the heads of their clits to rub, to fight each other that way was so fucking hot… She started to thrust her hips upwards wilder, trying to keep that sensation which drove her wild.
“Cum now Betty !” Gina whispered “Cum hard ! Cum like a whore that you are !” 

“Fuck you!” Betty replied moaning, but her pussy was sending strong signals that her orgasm was very close. 

“Cum for good you whore! Let me feel your big cuming !!” Gina repeated as she pushed their clits together harder.
“You bitch ! Nooooo” Betty hissed trying to counter attack with her still hard and swollen clit. “You first…. Ohhh You…. Noooooo” she moaned as their clits began to jerk violently together. “Unnnn…. You bitch… Nooooooo”
“Yes yes yessss!” Gina moaned like ordering her.
Betty’s clit jerked hard against Gina’s clit one more time… “FUCK!! Cummmmming!” she cried as her pussy surrendered letting her juices to flow against Gina’s hot pussy. Her hips were jerking. “Cummming! Betty moaned louder as all of her body was quivering. “I can’t stand no more… Yesss Yesss Cummmmmming!”
Betty’s orgasm was more than enough to push Gina over the edge. Her nipples, her pussy, her clit, all her body was on fire, she was also very close to her own orgasm. Her clit jerked one more time then her own juices started to flow into her rival’s pussy.

“Ohhh Yes! Yessss !! Cummming!” Gina let her cry to fill the dark room. “Cummmmmming!” 

For a few minutes the two sex warriors kept their fucking tempo, filling the room by lower moans and cries. Then Gina let her body to fall on the thick carpet next to Betty’s.  Now both women were side by side, trying to catch their breaths.

“You came first” said Gina. Betty remained silent, breathing hard.  

“Betty came first” said also Roxie to Kelly using a microphone which the two sexfighters could not listen. Roxie was a brownhaired woman in her late 20s with big breasts. “You lost our bet, not a big surprise for me”. The two referees had a bet about who of the two sexfighters will win the match. Roxie had bet for Gina and Kelly for Betty, so Roxie now teased her friend.  

“I am not that sure” Kelly, a MILF in her early 30s replied. She was a woman with short blond hairs and big firm breasts. “Looks like the match has not finished yet”.  

Kelly was right. All of a sudden Betty started her counter attack. She turned to her side and she climbed up on Gina laying down on top of her, in a 69 position. “You won only a round bitch” she hissed as her tongue started to play with Gina’s clit. “All the rest are mine” 

“All the rounds are mine slut” Gina replied as she grabbed Betty’s tight buttocks pulling her rival’s pussy to her open mouth. Next second her tongue started to also lick Betty’s pussy while her fingers played with her rival’s clit.  

Next twenty minutes the dark room was filled with moans and sloppy sucking sounds. The two sex amazons licked each other’s pussies while their fingers were busy on each other’s clits or they used their fingers to invade to each other pussies while their tongues were playing with each other’s clits. 

Then, considering that the top position let her more options to turn Betty wild, Gina managed to turn their bodies so she was on top. Next second her face was on Betty’s pussy again, licking up and down on her sexual opponent’s wet slit, pushing two of her fingers inside Betty’s pussy. Her tongue was playing with her rival’s hardened clit, licking, sucking, even lightly biting it while two of her fingers were busy invading into Betty’s wet pussy. 

“Ohhhhh you bitch” Betty loudly moaned and Gina thought that her rival was close to come again. 

She was wrong. Betty was an experienced sexfighter and a hard to be beaten opponent. She started to suck Gina’s hardened and swollen clit the best she would, keeping her face locked on Gina’s pussy. Then keeping her tongue on Gina’s clit she let enough space to the fingers of her left land in order to start an attack invading on Gina’s cunt. One of the fingers of her right hand found its way caressing Gina’s buttocks, slightly separating them, finally invading into her rear gate.  Next second Gina had Betty’s two fingers into her pussy to move fast to and fro deep inside her, one finger in her ass hole to do the same and a sucking tongue on her clit.  

“Ohhhh you….. Ohhhhhhhh” Gina moaned. She tried to counter attack but it was too late. Pushing Betty under her was her big mistake. Betty had the advantage to also play with her ass while Gina could not return that specific compliment. Gina tried to turn to her side but her experienced sexfight opponent did not let her, pleasantly tormenting her with her tongue and both her hands. 

“Ohhhh… you bitch… you fucking slut” Gina moaned again, louder this time. The flames of an upcoming orgasm were already burning her even more. Then the burning flames were all over her as now three of Betty’s fingers started to move faster into her pussy, two fingers to be into her ass and Betty’s mouth to furiously suck her clit.  

“Yessssss !! Ohhhh you fucking lesbo… yessssssssss” Gina’s cries filled the dark room. “Cumming…. Oh yessssss Cummmming !”

she cried even louder with her body to  tremble. 

A moment later It was the time for Betty to also come. Gina’s fingers were forcefully moving into her cunt, Gina’s tongue was on her ready to burst clit, she could not keep away her own burning flames any longer. Besides, her rival had clearly cum first, she had won this round.  

“Cumming too” Betty cried… “Cummmming ! oh yes cummmmmming” she cried trembling all over.

“A tie ?” Roxie asked Kelly using their private phone. “Betty came almost right after Gina”. 

“Do not cheat my girl !” Kelly replied. “Gina came first, it was clear. Betty felt it, so she let herself to also come. Betty won this round and the score is 1-1. OK ?”

“OK… OK” replied Roxie… But I will win the bet, you will see”

For a few minutes the two sexfighters were laid on their backs, deeply breathing. Then Betty raised the upper half of her body, sitting on the carpet. 

“Score is now 1-1 bitch” she proudly said. “I can’t wait to finish you for good and I intend to do it write now. How about a scissors fuck this time ? Unless you have not the needed stamina to sexfight with me any longer”

“I am much more than ready whore” Gina replied as she also raised her body, sitting on the carpet like Betty. “I plan to face you all the times needed till you will start begging me to stop”. Completing her phrase she opened her legs, moving toward Gina.. 

“Bring it on, fucking bitch!” Betty hissed as she also opened her legs coming closer to her sexfight opponent.  “I will fuck you for good this time !”

The two women could not clearly see one another. However their already touching legs made them to feel that their pussies were a few inches apart. They pushed themselves forward again until they felt that their legs had started to scissor, the right leg of Gina placing on top of the left leg of Betty and her left one underneath Betty’s right leg. 

The two sex warriors kept approaching one another, sliding against each other until their thighs were in touch, their sex hungry pussies getting even closer. They felt that the moment of truth was coming. They could not see their pussies but they could feel that their pussies were more than ready for the decisive battle. 

Both women stopped there for a few seconds, trying to feel what they could not see, each of them being determined to sexually beat the other. They tried to see one another in the deep dark, it was not possible, all they could see was a dark form of a body, opposing to their own. The two referees who watched them, Kelly and Roxie, also kept their breath, being more than excited, their pussies also being wet. 

Only very few seconds followed, the two amazons one opposite of the other, in silence, their firm erected breasts to slowly move as they were breathing, their warm and wet pussies expecting the moment their pussy lips will meet, their throbbing clits hardly waiting to start fencing again.   

“Let’s fuck slut” said Betty as she slowly approached her rival even more. 

“Let’s fuck whore” said Gina almost at the same time, as she also moved toward Betty till to feel her pussy to meet her rival’s pussy. 

Gina and Betty extended their left arm out to their sides, slightly behind their upper bodies, supporting their weight. Each of them placed her right hand on her rival’s left thigh pulling each other close. They both turned a little to their right side. The time for a wild fuck had come. 

Gina humped her hips forward one more time. “Ohhhh” she gasped as she felt their wet pussies to touch each other tighter. Opposing to her Betty slightly lifted her buttocks and she also pushed forward, till their pussy lips to be entwined in an even more tight touch. They both pushed forward again, until to feel their pussy lips to spread against each other, then, after one more mutual push accompanied by moans, they felt their vaginas to start pressing  together. 

“You nasty whore” hissed Gina, “my pussy will suck yours till to let it beaten and dry !”

“Fucking slut” Betty hissed back, “my pussy will destroy yours, this time for good !” 

They began to rotate their hips, grinding their pussies  together, their vaginas slurping, their swollen hardened clits furiously fencing when they met. 

“Take this, you lesbo bitch !”

“Take that, you lesbo whore!”

The two women were very excited now, so their “pussy fucking pussy” fiesta went on for quite long. They pushed their pussies together, banging or grinding them together in a devilish rhythm, their throbbing clits welded together or wildly fencing like each of the two amazons was trying to invade with her clit between her rival’s pussy lips the more possible. Their erected big tits jiggled on their chests, their pelvises were pushed together. The two women fucked each other like there was no tomorrow, sighing, gasping, on and on. They could not see each other’s face for clear but they glare at each other like they could. 

“You whore ! I will fuck the shit out of you” Gina yelled as she pushed hard against Betty’s cunt.

“You fucking bitch-whore!” Betty screamed at Gina as she ground their sensitive clits together for one more time. “My horny pussy will turn your dirty pussy more pathetic than it is already !”

Their pussy fight went on… Gina’s and Betty’s pussies were throbbing with lust, their nipples were swollen and erect, moving up and down on their trembling tits as they furiously fucked one another. They were breathing deeply, glaring at each other in the deep dark without to be able to see one another’s face, two hot bitches in heat, full of lust, full of desire to sexually overpower one another, changeling, cursing each other. 

They kept pussy fucking that way for thirty more minutes. They were furiously fucking one another wildly grinding their pussies and their clits together, then grinding their pussies and their clits together again, then again. They let moans and gasps which turned to louder, they were calling each other names, giving and receiving a lot of pleasure. Gina and Betty were using all of their will power to prolong their need for an orgasm, then, when that was not possible anymore, they desperately tried to delay their upcoming huge orgasms, the more possible. 

They tried, they tried hard but after so hot moments they had shared fucking one another it became very difficult. Each of the two sex amazons felt that the other was getting close to cum but she also felt that she was getting close as well. Their pussies wanted to explode so much, their clit wanted to jerk with pleasure. Both women felt that the end of their sexual battle was near, they could not stop it. Only question was who of them will come first. 

Gina laid down on her back so she could push harder with her hips, then she felt Betty to mimic her.  

“Cum for me you lesbo bitch! Let me feel your cunt to squirt!”

“Cum for me you fucking whore! Let me feel you cumming on my victorious pussy!”

“Cum for me!”

“No ! You wil cum for me. Now !”

Finally Betty’s body tensed and her clit began to jerk wildly as she started to cum…  Ohhhhhh fuck!” she moaned. 

Gina feeling that her rival started to cum she fucked her faster and wilder like her life was depending on it. “Yesssss !” she screamed.  “Cum for me bitch !”

“Fuck ! No !! No !! So hot… so fucking exciting…. Yessss  Cumming…. Yesssssss !!” Betty moaned with mixed feelings. A tremendous orgasm which shook every inch of her body, the shame of her humiliation at the same time… “Ohhhh yesss !! Cummmming !!” she cried as their pussies pressed together one more time, Gina’s victorious clit grounding on her defeated clit as hard as Gina could.   

“Yessssssssssssssssss yes!” Gina yelled as she felt Betty’s clit to jerk hard against her clit. 

“Ahhhhh ahhhhhhhhh Cummmmmming!” Betty cried louder as she kept was cumming hard.

“Yessssssssss you fucking whore!!! Keep on cumming till your pussy to turn dry !” 

“Cummmmmmming!” Betty’s moaned while her pussy was  flooding Gina’s pussy with her hot juices.

Gina was unable to keep her orgasm away for any longer. Giant orgasmic waves shook all of her body which started to tremble. 

“Cuming too ! Cummming” was Gina’s turn to loudly cry as her building pleasure explode in every pore of her body. “Ohhhhhh yessssss ! Cummming” she cried again enjoying her sexual relief.   

Some minor orgasms follow as the two women kept their position for awhile, some fading tries to take the most from each other before to stop.  Then the two sexfighters fall exhausted on their backs catching their breaths. 

After a minute Gina changed her position, lying down next to Betty. “Is it over ?” she asked her defeated sexfight opponent turning to her side in order to face her.  

Betty delayed her reply for awhile, she hated the reply she was ready to spit.

“It’s over”, she finally said in a low voice. “You won”. “But I want something”, she said as she also turned to her side to face Gina, moving her mouth close to Gina’s. 

“OK… what is all about ?” Gina asked her. 

“You are good. Very good I dare to say now that our mach is over. We had a very exciting fucking. One of my very best” she whispered on Gina’s ear. 

“Same feelings honey. No reason to not return the compliment, it is real. We were sexfight rivals, not enemies. Now it’s over. So, what you want ?”

“I still believe that I am better. Give me a chance to prove it next time or to enjoy this tribbing storm again”.

“No problem. I like your idea. How we can do this ?”

“Give me your name. I will find you”

Gina looked at her. She was ready to accept but a second thought came to her mind. She did not know anything about Betty, she should be cautious. 

“No honey. If you want a rematch that much…  give me your name and I will find you. I promise”

“What are you murmuring to each other ?” Roxie’s voice interrupted them. “Betty you lost that round. Are you going to continue, even if the time is very limited… Or you quit?”

“I quit” replied Betty.

“OK… Gina won 2-1. Congrats to Gina”

“Congrats to Gina” the two women heard Kelly to repeat. “Now you two get up and walk toward the door behind you. A woman will wait each of you there”.”   

“Looks like we do not trust each other” Betty whispered quickly on Gina’s ear. “My number which is on my right arm like a tatoo is 71. I will keep it without to not raise it for a month or so. What’s yours ?”

“152” Gina replied was Gina’s immediate reply. Betty had trusted her in a way, she wanted to do the same, to play fair with her.     

“Our town is not that big” Betty whispered as she got up. “If we are lucky… we may meet” she completed her phrase whispering on Gina’s ear again, like they were two friends, hugging her for a good bye. 

“Then we will fuck each other’s brain out again” said Gina on Betty’s ear, also hugging her, enjoying Betty’s nude body in touch with her own.  

“That’s for sure” said Betty “whoever the winner is. Bye Gina. I hope to be lucky and to meet you again”. 

“Bye Betty. I hope this as much as you”

“Come on you two ! You talk to much !! Move to the door behind you” Roxie’s voice filled again the dark room. 

The two women separated, each of them trying to walk in the deep dark toward the door behind her. 

“These two talked a lot after their sexfight” said Kelly using their private microphone. “I will not be surprised if they want to meet again for a rematch” 

“This rarely happens but it can happen” Roxie replied. “Not our problem sweetie”

“Certainly not. We try to protect their private lives but If they want to meet again we can not stop them. It is up to them”

“Anyway… I won the bet !” said Roxie. 

“Yes Roxie, but Betty was better.”

“Gina was better Kelly. I insist ! Fuck ! I am feeling so hot…” 

“No, Roxie, Betty was better ! I also insist ! I am feeling very hot too…”

“Then… we must settle this dispute Kelly. The sooner possible !” Roxie’s voice sounded exciting as she was. 

“Yes we must Roxie ! Your bedroom or mine ?”

“My home is near. I can’t wait for long. My house in an hour or so. OK ?”

“Fine bitch ! Be ready for the pussy fight of your life ! My clit will drive your pussy wild ! ”

“Fine slut ! My pussy can hardly wait to tame yours !” 


Thirty minutes later Claire (the real name of Gina) was driving back to her home. She was happy and a little richer as she had won the match. She had a great fuck, she had changed phone numbers with Lily, the hot woman on the tournaments reception room… “If I am lucky I will meet Betty again, that hot bitch…” she thought as she parked at the parking of her home.   

Five minutes later Claire was in her living room. She was welcomed by Tina, her daughter, a beautiful woman 25 y.o. who shared their apartment after she broke a relationship she had for three years. Dona, Claire’s sister who was a hot woman two years younger than Claire was also there for her weekly visit. Fay, Claire’s friend, a beautiful woman almost same age with Claire was also there, waiting for her. 

“Give me 10 minutes ladies” Claire said smiling to them. “I return from my gym, I want a warm shower all over me. I will come to you soon !”

“Take all your time honey” her daughter Tina replied. I will prepare our dinner, Fay and aunt Donna will help me”

After 20 minutes Claire, dressed casually entered to the dining room to meet her daughter, her sister and her friend. The dinner was ready. They had started to fill their dishes and  Claire did the same. 

Until she froze…     

The weather was quite hot, one of the women who were sitting around the table had only a red blouse on her. In her right arm, a little below her armpit, was the number 71 like a tatoo… 

“I just did a tattoo” the woman with the number 71 said as she noticed a very surprised and shocked Claire to watch her. “I had never a tattoo until now, I told myself to try it for a while”

The End

A More Than Needed Epilogue

OK, my readers… what happened in that story ? Gina, now Claire, sexfought with Betty whose real name was…  

  • “Tina, was Betty her daughter ?”
  • “Dona, was Betty her sister ?”
  • “Fay, was Betty her friend ?”

Or all this drama was a coincidence ?

You, my readers have to decide. Pick up a reply to fit to your taste… Then, only then, you may think what will happen next… 

NOTICE : As always any comment will be welcomed. If you want to write in public or in private who you think that Betty was, please do it. Then… maybe… just maybe, it is NOT a promise, I may write one more part of the story, staring Claire (Gina) and the person you will prefer to be Betty. I already have a few 1-2 tempting ideas in my mind for each of the options I mentioned before.


Thank you for reading! For more of Giannis’ Stories: Click Here!

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