Fighting Angels’ Stories

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I’ve enjoyed reading and looking at erotic fight literature for over 2 decades, and recently, I decided to introduce it using my flavour! My writing revolves around the world of Fighting Angels.

Fighting Angels is an interwoven world with many original characters, each deep with lore and multi-faceted storylines. What I enjoy most though is integrating Original Characters from other creators into my world, representing them in their truest form with my own flavour, capturing their character’s nuances, behaviours and abilities. 

I write full stories, short stories, and narrate panels as well, and I am excited to share some of my stories with you!  


This author may be contacted at: rt*******@gm***.com

Fighting Angels’ Stories

The project revolves around fighting promotion called League of Extraordinary Fighting Angels, or LEFA for short. The league is a semi-underground league, one of the worst-kept secrets among college campuses and alumni. The league enrolls girls who fit the bill in terms of look, skill and desire to fight and win. There are purses for winners and losers, so there is a monetary incentive for the fighters. There are also sponsors who will pay extra for how the fighters express themselves, and how many bonus milestones they hit in their fights.

All of the characters you will read about here, unless otherwise noted, are OC’s.

There is also a developmental promotion called the Fighting Angels Showcase Series, or FASS, that cater to up-and-coming fighters who are attempting to earn their spot in LEFA. In this league you will see less experienced fighters, who are more prone to making mistakes, but who are also willing to take bigger risks to catch the attention of the main roster and sponsors for the bigger purse. Special guests often appear in FASS such as lesser known fighting game characters who try and earn their spot in the LEFA.

Many girls have tried their hand, but only the most prestigious stick around and prove they have what it takes to become a member, and even more so, a dominant fighter in LEFA or FASS.

Join us, as the story unfolds!

Read Order: 1
Megan vs Trisha
The Prelude

“Vivian, don’t touch me ever again.” She said as she yanked the Asian beauty’s long straight raven-coloured hair and shoved her into a locker. Vivian let out a small yelp but otherwise did not make a move. “I’ll make an example out of your little ass.” Trisha scolded, as she pushed Vivian off into the locker again, dropping her to her knees.

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Read Order: 3
Treena vs Jenna
The Inaugural LEFA Match

The crowd was loving every moment of this. Both girls were putting on a clinic with no relenting in sight. Megan was especially proud as she observed the girls giving it their all. Her reffing gig gave her the closest seats in the house, and there was a lot to learn from each of these girls styles.

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Read Order: 5
Megan vs Nicole
The Friendly Spar

I continue blocking her barrage, her momentum pushing me into the rope. We embrace in a clinch, I can hear her panting from all the effort she put in. “You’re doing great kid, keep it up.” I whispered to her.

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Read Order: 2
Treena vs Shaia
The Descent

Both Treena and the other girl were quite evenly matched in terms of physique. I looked over at the other girl though, and she had that extra edge. She was just as perfect as people made her out to be…almost too perfect in fact; her blue hair tied in a pony tail which effortlessly shone and flowed, her gorgeously large deep blue eyes, and her tall, slender body with what I would say are perfect measurements. It’s no wonder a lot of people gravitated towards her. She was irresistibly gorgeous.

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Read Order: 4
Trisha vs Faye
Who’s Scouting Who

By the time Trisha got her bearings straight, the next thing she felt was her ribs getting crushed as Faye picked her up effortlessly and squeezed her like a tube of toothpaste. Trisha was a pretty fit, strong girl, but she could barely utter a word and she couldn’t believe how much more solid and fit Faye was. Martha, one of Trisha’s cronies yelled “Trisha!” out of fear as they both watched from outside the ring. “You’re not so mouthy now, are you, Trisha?” Faye scolded her, continuing her crippling crusher.

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Read Order: 6
Treena’s Recovery
Post Fight

“Girl, that’s great news.” Jenna said. “Doctors can only do so much, but the real recovery comes from you, and that timeline only confirms to me how much of a tough S.O.B. you are.” She sets down the gift basked and flowers on the table next to Treena’s head.

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