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Hi, this is Sidekick – you know, not the hero, not the villain, just the sidekick. I’m a boomer who’s been fascinated by female fighting my whole life. I remember hiding a cartoon I discovered when just a young boy. It showed two female characters captured by some primitive tribe in the Amazon being made to fight each other while the whole tribe watched. They enjoyed it. I was hooked.

I had many fantasies of my mother wrestling and fighting other moms when I was still young. In those years it was very hard to come across any girl fight material. Of course the gypsy fight in front of James Bond in “From Russia with Love” was a classic turn on. Later there were a few special magazines. Cavalier specialized in catfight material back in the day. And the Internet was a godsend to all of us with this fetish.

I began to experiment with my own dirty stories many years ago. I first shared them tentatively and found other people enjoyed them. This still amazes and gratifies me. My best seem to tumble out of my brain like a waterfall. It comes all at once. I feel the story, more than just write it. They are my own dearest fantasies. And as I published, it was great to find fans to confide in and share with who were just as crazed about this stuff as I am.

I love the uninhibited release of primitive violent emotions in a fight. It’s not sex, but similar, in that the two people are totally into what turns them on, ignoring everything and concentrating on each other. I love the voyeurism and exhibitionism angles of people enjoying a good fight. I love women who fight just because they want to. And I love them to do it again and again and . . . and for long, long struggles. I hate the mention of a ring. Rings are for sporting events. A fight is erotic, forbidden hedonism, not a sporting event.

So here you will find the stories I’ve written which make me hard and give me endless pleasure.

Please enjoy them and share that enjoyment with me.

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Sidekick’s Stories

Eleanor felt the blood rushing through her veins. Her heart was beating faster as she stood on her balcony in the mid-morning summer heat. She could hardly believe she was doing this. 

How long it had been, she couldn’t say. It seemed like a very long time. The sweat began to run down her arms and chest. She was motionless, staring across the narrow alley separating the adjacent apartment buildings. 

And on the balcony exactly opposite her was another woman in the same position. They had been staring at each other for quite a while; unsmiling, unapologetic, challenging. Eleanor could not explain her behavior nor bring herself to stop it.

The two began this installment of their staring contest right after breakfast on this Sunday morning. It actually began a couple of weekends ago when they stared only for a few seconds. But those seconds seemed tantalizingly long – longer than they should have been. And rather than smile as if to greet a new acquaintance, they glared as if to say, “go away”.

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Doris felt the butterflies rise in her stomach, but she was angry and determined to confront Bad Girl. She nervously dialed the phone; making a couple of attempts as her hands were shaking so much. Finally she heard a voice at the other end answer, “Hello”.

“Now what do you have to say bitch? You want to call me names? Go ahead.”, blurted Doris. 

“Ooooh, I’m officially impressed, slut.” replied Bad Girl sarcastically. 

“Did your fat fingers get sweaty dialing the number?” Doris was breathing harder as she became angrier. They argued childishly back and forth. 

“Fuck you”. “Fuck YOU”. “Slut”. “Bitch”. “Dyke”. “Whore”. “Cunt”, “Cow”. Doris was panting as she spat out each curse. 

“You wanna fight, you bitch?” Bad Girl asked. Doris had no hesitation at all. 

“Yeah, I’d love to pull your hair out and bash your face in, you fucking whore”. 

“Well come one, let’s pull hair, if you have the guts”. Doris heard a static rising on the line. Bad girl said something else that she couldn’t quite hear. Then the static took over the line and they were cut off.

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They brought their faces nose to nose.  Each could feel the other’s breath and they immediately grabbed two fists full of each other’s hair.  They pulled and jerked their hair gently and stared into each other’s eyes.  The pushed their bodies into each other and felt their breasts rubbing back and forth.  They moaned now said the first words since the lunch meeting began.  “Bitch”, “Dyke”, “cunt”, “asshole”, “skank”, “whore”, “fuck you”, “fuck YOU”, “let’s fight”, “yeah, let’s fight”.

The women took one hand from their hair and began to slowly punch each other’s sides and back and stomach.  They smacked their bodies against one another.  Tina loved the sounds of their fists hitting each other’s flesh. Her pussy was dripping as the fight escalated.  Their punched became harder and they groaned as they both tried to hurt each other.

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The pace of punching slowed and slowed until they were just too tired to punch anymore. Finally dropping their fists, the women melted together in a violent embrace. They stumbled and then fell while securing the claws into each other. Legs wrapped up tightly, hands were secured in hair, nails were dug into soft flesh wherever they could be. It was a tight little catball. Their every muscle was straining against each other. Marsha could feel her skin being scratched raw around the back of her neck and the pain in her scalp from Viki’s hand in her hair.

They lay there, sweating and groaning in pain and pleasure. Marsha’s pussy was dripping. ” God, I love this”, she thought. “I’m going to fight this bitch til I cum. And then we’ll fight in the sweat and the cum. And we’ll just fight and fight. 

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They slapped their bodies together and grabbed each other tightly with their arms. Then they began raining punches onto each other’s back and stumbling around the middle of the room. 

Quickly they grabbed hair with one hand and for a good two minutes they jerked each other’s hair viciously and flung wild punches into each other anywhere and everywhere. They were twirling and stumbling around; brawling like two whores in a bar competing for the same John.

Presently their legs tangled and they fell to the floor with a thump. And never resting for second, they began thrashing and wrestling and rolling from one wall to the other and back. They knocked over an end table which brought a lamp crashing to the floor. But the two women never took notice. They were intent on hurting each other.

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In spite of spending the last 30 minutes trying to hurt each other, Maria felt the wetness of her pussy and could not deny that she wanted this very much. She stepped toward Maggie and while staring each other down, they wrapped their arms around each other in a tight embrace. Their breasts mashed together and their faces were only inches apart as they squeezed and slowly wrestled in this standing position.

They thrust their legs between each other’s and circled and stumbled around. They dug their nails into each other. They resumed their cursing and felt each other’s hot breath on their faces. Maria now felt her pussy literally dripping. They were spiting their curses at each other as they took one hand and began to jerk their hair from behind.

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Laura loved the sticky feel of the mud as their bodies struggled. They could scarcely hold each other anymore. And after several futile minutes of wrestling they rolled away from each other and tried to catch their breath. All Laura could see was a human female form covered in mud from head to toe. But in just a minute that form struggled to slip and slide to its feet. Laura also got up and they two began to advance on each other once again. They both put up their fists and held a challenging pose for a few seconds. Then they cautiously began to throw well aimed and careful punches at each other. They were having trouble keeping their balance if they punched to hard. But they stayed close and worked each other’s stomachs, breasts and sides. Occasionally one would go for the head, usually missing.

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There was complete silence between them for a minute or so as they continued to stare intently at each other. Natalie was becoming more confident by the minute. She was falling into her former persona and it felt very comfortable. Again she spoke, “Do you know someplace private we could go? You know, to TALK.” Then in a few seconds Natalie added to the tension by silently mouthing the words “fuck you.” And that did it. “All right honey.” retorted the other woman. “If you want to play, let’s go somewhere and play. IF you think you have what it takes.” “Try me bitch.” answered Natalie, relieved that this was working. “Oh I’ll do more than try.” was the reply. “Come on.” And Natalie followed her out of the bar with the excitement building with every step.

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12:27 am:  Elizabeth stifles a scream as she feels her sister’s nails scratch her pussy.  She jerks her hair and squeezes her tit in retaliation. She and Julie have always fought since they were little girls.  But in the last few months, they have been quietly jumping into one bed in their shared bedroom after their parents are asleep.  With arms and legs locked together, they fight by punching, scratching and pulling hair until they are too tired to continue. 

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