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For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by the idea of two women in any kind of sexual and/or adversarial situation.

Several years ago, with the advent of the internet, I discovered lesbian sex/sexfight stories.

Many of these stories were so poorly written that I thought I might try my hand at writing a few…I’m not ashamed to admit that early A.Penman was also quite bad…embarrassingly bad.

Then one day, I ran across an author named JB57. (and one or two more). As I read with utter fascination, I thought to myself, “This is the gold standard! This is what you should strive for!”

Not to imitate, but emulate, using your own ideas and developing your own style.

Although I have written a couple of fights, my style is more “friendly sexfight.” I prefer my characters to match bodies, whether for ego satisfaction or just plain pleasure. Pardon my crudeness, but I love the smacking and squashing of breasts and bellies, and the squishing and slurping of pussies with a heapin’ helpin’ of trash talk.

My goals as a writer in this genre:

  1. Try to give my characters as much personality as possible.
  2. Bring the element of humor to a genre that is, in my humble opinion, pretty humorless. If my “girls” can crack wise with each other, to me, that just adds dimension to their personalities.
  3. Try to make each sexfight as unique as possible, or at least try to add elements to each encounter which set it apart from the one in the previous story (or chapter).
  4. I have a clandestine goal, which is to write a girl/girl encounter that is so blisteringly hot and erotic, that the actual physical confrontation is not necessary, not included and/or can be imagined in the reader’s mind.

I’ve yet to succeed at this…

Contact: This author can be contacted at apenman871@gmail.com .

A.Penman’s Stories

“Well, heavy breathing notwithstanding, we sort of came to our senses and stopped.  Neither of us said anything, we just kind of fidgeted nervously.  Then, I got up to leave.  She stood up too.  I told her I’d see myself out, but she insisted on walking with me.  Then, when we got to the door we hugged, really hard.  There could be no mistake that our intent was to crush our big tits arduously into each other.”

“A woman to woman challenge?”  I asked as my voice rasped. 

“Well, I’m not sure…perhaps…an intimate challenge.”

I thought about the scenario for a second.  “Actually, to me it sounds more like a mutual agreement was reached.”

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Eyes closed as tits smacked and crushed. Womanly hips pumped in synchronous movement. As into-each-other as they now were, the two women suddenly found the darkrooms of their closed eyes slowly developing imagery of two naked daughters between their respective thighs. A shiver of sudden awareness, laced with a sprinkle of guilt jolted them. Both sets of eyes opened. They kept themselves cheek to cheek, in order to avoid any eye contact that might prove uncomfortable or incriminating.

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Jane, it seemed, was doing well…perhaps giving the tough Marine chick more than she bargained for. But as this scrumptious labia lock continued, it became apparent that, despite her bravado, Anna was not the least bit interested in a quick victory over Jane. She was enjoying the oiled inosculation of their thick cunts far too much. The pleasure induced contortions of her beautiful face were a dead giveaway. As for Jane, she was riding a wave of hedonistic delight like she had never known. She did not want it to end…or at least, not end quickly.

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The two women stood up and faced each other. Son-of-a-bitch! I hadn’t noticed it before, but neither woman was wearing a bra! And I swear, as Jehovah’s my Witness, it appeared that both women’s breasts had swollen at least a cup size!!! Wow! Their breasts aimed directly at each other, proud and firm and so large. Erect nipples could no longer hide from view. And then the two close friends melted into each other’s arms. Joseph’s wife and my girl came together in such a warm, loving embrace! You could see their big, full breasts crushing together, kind of wrestling with each other. It must have been a really good hug because you could hear both women moan.

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